lusty eyes

The evolution of Destiel

Season 4:

Castiel: Sorry but Dean you have to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. Duty before emotions.

Dean: Screw you. Lusty eye fucking and dick jokes.

Season 12:

Cas: I won’t let you sacrifice yourself, you mean too much to me, to everything, I love you, I love all of you, I will sacrifice myself for you and I won’t regret it, I’m doing this for you, you are my Human Weakness….

Dean: trusts him to find Sam, just wants him to stay with him, married bickering and constant worrying for Cas, romantic gifting, not caring what it sounds like when he tells Sam that Cas came to his room, played him and took the colt from under his pillow, defending Cas even when he is hurt by him, devastated at his loss…

Tell You Later

Warnings: lots of nsfw, cursing, will give u tom feels

Summary: you and thomas have been best friends with benefits for almost a year now, however he want’s it to be more and can’t find the moment to tell you that.  My first smut so bear 🐻 with me.  ft. slightly sub!tom

concept by Lili (@osterfieldz) story by Zara (@tomsleftbrow)

word count:  2358

key: the first part is toms perspective, flashback,  __________ denotes perspective change

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Sunday Funday (Finn Balor x Reader fluffy smut)

Alrighty, people! This is my first ever fanfic that I’m posting here! Hooray! Extra thanks and love to my girls @imagines–assemble and @alexispoo for helping me with this. Check them out!

Summary/idea - Maybe I could make a lazy sunday like fic with finn and reader but it eventually leads to sweet smut. A Sunday that he’s home and it’s all chill and stuff? Maybe like he makes you breakfast in bed just bc. And you repay him. In sex lmao idk

Originally posted by finnfuckingbalor

Finn yawned, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as a ray of sun peeked through the blinds. He grumbled, sitting up only to glance to his right with a smile. There you were, fast asleep beside him in one of his old New Japan shirts. You lightly snored, your arm loosely draped around his hips and Finn couldn’t help his endearing smile as you curled closer to him in your sleep.

“Good mornin’, love…” Finn whispered, sweetly kissing your forehead while you slept. He admired your peaceful features, stroking your cheek with his thumb and you remained none the wiser.

Not wanting to disturb your slumber, Finn gingerly removed your arm and stealthily slinked out of bed. As much as he wanted to stay in bed all day, someone had to make breakfast and besides…What better surprise than breakfast in bed?

Clad in a loose vest and his boxers, Finn quietly left the room. He eased down the hallway to your kitchen to get some pancakes going. He washed his hands and dried them off before opening the fridge to get the batter. He took out a skillet from the cupboard and set out two plates on the island of the kitchen.

“Hmm… Why isn’t Y/n up yet?”, Finn wondered, turning on the stove and putting the skillet over the burner. The clock ticked away above his head from its place on the wall. 9:17 AM.

“Y/n?” he called, before grabbing the nearby spatula. “Y/n, time to get up, love!” Finn grinned as he heard you somehow manage to knock something over. “Guess breakfast will have to wait.” he mumbled as he turned the stove off and put the batter back in the fridge.

“I know she’s a heavy sleeper but this woman could sleep through the apocalypse…” Finn chuckled as he left the kitchen and walked back to your shared room.

You were still in bed but you’d turned in your sleep, shuffling over to Finn’s side of the mattress. It seemed that, while you moved around, you’d knocked the unsuspecting alarm clock off the bedside table.

Finn smiled fondly as you hugged his pillow. You’d managed to kick off the sheets in your tossing and Finn couldn’t help but notice how sexy you looked all rumpled and sleepy on his side of the bed. The “Prince is Dead” shirt you sported, from Finn’s days as Prince Devitt, had ridden up on you and Finn licked his lips. He drank you in, glancing from your exposed thighs and skimpy pajama shorts up to your hips, which peeked from where his shirt had ridden up, before moving to your peaceful features. Finn hummed, toeing off his slippers before crawling in behind you.

“Time to get up, baby…” he mumbled, kissing your neck as his hands trailed up your bare thighs. You made an incoherent sound as Finn’s warm fingers slipped under the shirt and splayed on your stomach. He chuckled when you squirmed and he nibbled on your pulse point, making all attempts to rouse you. You were still fast asleep, however, Finn’s actions were affecting your dream as you moaned when he began to rub your shoulders.

You were having a pretty uneventful dream, to your surprise, but enjoying said dream wasn’t in the cards as something kept trying to pull you from your sleep. You mumbled lowly, curling up to try and shy away from that incessant nudging.

“Mmn, Finnyyy…Don’t wanna wake up…” you slurred tiredly, trying to ignore Finn’s sweet words and soft kisses as his fingers worked their magic along your skin.

For all intents and purposes…you were fighting a losing battle.

‘Fuck, she’s so sexy…’ he kept thinking as his hands drifted towards the place where both of you wanted them to be. The kisses down your lower back and spine seemed to go on forever as his lips dragged down your body and towards the waistband of your pajama shorts. Your endless moans seemed to fuel him to keep going and, seeing as you were in a state of half-consciousness during this, you thought this was probably your most realistic wet dream ever. You didn’t really mind, though.

“Mmmn…Finn…Keep going, please…”, you whined as his hands came into contact with your wet folds, finally. As your hips started grinding into his hand, he chuckled.

“Awww, my darlin’s so wet for me now, isn’t she? Don’t worry…I’ll give you exactly what you need…”

He slid his hand out of your shorts and maneuvered you onto your back. The frustrated groan that came from your mouth was the only thing Finn needed to continue and soon, you felt a warm tongue glide between your legs with a beard scratching your thighs. You moaned, stirring enough to grasp at the hairs on his head which urged him to keep going. To Finn’s credit, you were barely coherent so most of your responses were out of you thinking this was all a dream.

Not that he was complaining.

Finn groaned at the feeling of you tugging on his hair, knowing that this was one of his few weaknesses. After a few seconds of administering his delicious torture on you, he used his left index and middle fingers to spread your folds open before he slid his right index finger inside of you, and then added his middle digit.

You jerked awake, opening your eyes to be welcomed with a glorious sight; your lover on his stomach, eyes fully trained on you and fingers working to only pleasure you. The pace he set was just right, and you could feel that coil in your body becoming tighter and tighter as he continued.

“God, Finn…You’re so good at this…”, you whined as you gave a rougher pull on his hair with an even firmer grip to keep him right where he was. His thick fingers skimmed over that one spot inside of you that made your back arch and had you releasing an erotic moan. “Please, Finny…Please make me cum. I really want to…” You were so close to reaching that ultimate bliss, to riding that wave of immense pleasure. You just needed one last push… 

Now, Finn wanted to really drag this out. He wanted to savour this lazy morning with you so, all of a sudden, the blissful sensations that his hands and mouth were causing ceased.

‘What the…What happened?’

You pried open your eyes to see a smug-looking Finn, licking the remnants of your essence off of his fingers and his lips.

“Finn!” you frowned. You were so close and he just…stopped. “You tease…I was almost…” you pouted at your Irishman, not taking his chuckles lightly as you rubbed the sleep from your eyes. “I admit it was a great way to wake up and all, Finn, but don’t just leave me hanging…”  

“Sorry, love but I’ve gotta finish makin’ breakfast for us. Those pancakes don’t just make themselves, y’know…”, Finn smirked, looking you right in the eyes as you squirmed around in your rumpled sheets. He climbed off of the bed ever so slowly and made his way towards the door.

‘That smug looking bastard! How could he?’

Your brows narrowed as you bunched your sheets in your hands ‘Okay. Two can play at this game!’ you thought. “Finn, you better get your ass back here and finish what you started or else I’ll finish off myself and make you watch!” Now you sported a smirk of your own, rather pleased with your ultimatum of sorts as Finn stared with an unreadable expression. He licked his lips, letting his gaze roam over your mostly covered form and you shivered under the intensity of his stare. He slowly walked back to the bed and stood at the foot of it.

“Well…I gotta say that does sound tempting, Y/n…” he trailed his finger along your exposed calf. “Sounds like a hell of a show.”

You flushed, realizing your bluff had backfired tremendously. ‘Well, shit. What’s he going to do now?’ Your body shivered at the thought of all the sinfully sweet things he could do to you throughout the entirety of the day.

He looked at you and drank in your appearance. Even though you had tousled hair, lust-blown eyes and were panting slightly, Finn loved you all the same. His movements in your direction contained his love for you, and the way he looked into your eyes as he straddled your legs had your mouth going dry. His hands moved up your body and cupped your jaw as he drew his lips to yours.

“Love, you’re gonna be the death of me one day, lookin’ all sexy an’ innocent like that. Makes me wonder how you got stuck with me in the first place…”, he says against your bottom lip as he lays you both down on the bed. He leans up onto his knees and starts to slip off his own pajama pants.

“Stop being such a sweety, Finnabon…You’re making me blush…” your voice was muffled from covering your already red face from his lusty and loving eyes. ‘He really loves me that much, doesn’t he?’ His next actions proved you right. So very right.

He grasped your slightly trembling hands and took them away from your still blushing face. You opened your eyes and looked down to see Finn’s already hard cock standing tall against his stomach. The tip was already a violent shade of red and oozing pre-cum down the shaft.

“I want you to know how much you mean to me, darlin’. I want to be the only one to bring you over that edge you so desperately crave.”, he growled in your ear, rubbing his dick in between your folds and against your clit. “You wanna cum right now, don’t you? You want me to make you feel good and make you cum all over my cock?”

“Yes, Finn, make love to me. I’m ready. Please, I need it.”

“Alright, darlin’. Anythin’ for you.”, Finn said as he slowly slid the head of his cock between your wet folds. You both moaned at the feeling; you at the feeling of his thickness, and him at the feeling of your tightness. He slid out of you until just his tip remained, and then slammed back up to the hilt. The pace that he set was slow, but you were urging him to go faster.

“Finn, baby, go faster. Please.”, you pleaded while yanking on his hair once again. He groaned yet again when this happened, but maintained his slow thrusting.

“Not yet, love,”, he spoke lustfully in your ear as he leaned down. “I’m gonna savour this, this morning and so are you.”

You whimpered when your lover said this, but let him continue his torturous acts. Finn lifted your legs onto his shoulders and kept on bottoming out inside of you. Your moans and scratches along his torso gave him permission to keep going. All the while, he continued to whisper sweet nothings into your ears.

“You feel that, darlin’? This is one of the reasons why I love you. You’re always so ready for me. We fit so perfectly together, it makes me realize how much I need you everyday. In my life, in our bed, I don’t care. I just crave you.”

You blushed yet again as you tried to turn your head away from Finn’s loving words and burning gaze. You could feel the coil in your lower abdomen tighten more and more. You wanted to hold off your orgasm until the right time, but that wasn’t helping. He saw what you were doing and immediately dropped a hand to start rubbing your sensitive clit.

“Oh no, Y/n. I’m not gonna have any of that today. We’re gonna cum, and we’re gonna do it together. I want to feel you. I need to. So please, do me a favor darlin, and look at me’. Cum with me…Do it now.”

You slowly removed your still red face from the pillows and looked your lover in the eye one final time. You saw love and adoration in his blown-out blue irises, and that was all you needed to let go. You moaned and arched your back as that coil inside of you snapped and your fluids dripped onto Finn’s cock. His whole body shuddered when he came inside of you, warmth quickly spreading throughout your body.

Finn removed his hand from your now over-sensitive clit and his softening cock out of your cunt. The feeling of being empty inside made you whimper, but his warm embrace surrounded you as he laid down next to you. Your bodies were a mess of entangled limbs and the room smelt of sweat and sex. It felt like you were home. You were at home with Finn but you quickly remembered something.

“Finn, baby. The pancakes are still downstairs and you still need to finish them.” you accentuated this with a gently poke to his chest. “Don’t want them to go to waste now, do we?”, you asked as you moved away from him and towards the door.

“Darlin’, you’re not going anywhere for the rest of the mornin’.” Finn smirked. “You better get your sexy ass back in this bed before I drag you back here.”, he said as he made his way to you. He picked you up and dropped you back onto the bed. “Now go back to sleep…”. You could hear his breathing slowly pan out from behind your back and his arms slowly slid around your waist as he slid closer to you. You smiled at your cuddly lover, who was wrapped around you this morning.

‘Best morning ever.’, you thought to yourself as your eyes closed, and you and Finn both drifted towards a wondrous sleep.


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[GOT7 Reacts] to you wearing this dress

requests open

He is about to take you out to a fancy restaurant when you answer the door you are wearing this… 

Mark: When you open the door his mouth would be open wide and just stare at you slightly biting his lip, not believing that this goddess in front of him was his girlfriend. “You are the most beautiful person on this planet” he would say as you grab his arm.Then he would tuck your hair behind your ears and hold your face between his hand and plant a heavy, hot kiss. 

JB: As soon as the door opens Jaebum’s mouth spreads into a dark smile and looks at you with lusty eyes. He pulls you forward firm but gently, and kisses you holding you by the waist. “The only way you could look better is if you weren’t wearing anything at all.” He purrs into your ear almost looking to pull you into your apartment rather than out of it.

Jackson: He wouldn’t even be able to contain his excitement when you step out he picks you up into a hug and twirls you around. He would be yelling “This is my girlfriend, everyone please look at her!” A few people in the hallway would smile and acknowledge your beauty “Ya you! don’t look at her too long, MY girlfriend” 

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I’ll give it a go! @jandjsalmon

They sat in the soft pleather booth of Pops, tangled up in each other for what felt like hours. Careful touches and gentle kisses were the only thing keeping the two troubled teens grounded, The safety they felt in each other’s arms was all they had for now, but in the afterglow of a terrible night filled with insecurities and revelations, just being there was enough.

“It’s getting late.” Betty whispered, her voice hoarse from her crying and her movements sluggish, she felt defeated, embarrassed. She wanted to stay here in Jugheads arms for as long as possible but she knew her mother would be worried. “I have to get home.” She sighed softly, pulling away and dropping a slow kiss to his cheek, her lips lingering for longer than necessary. “I’ll see you at school on Monday.” She slid from the booth and began her walk to the door.

Betty was still hurt, sure they had talked it through, but having him tell her just how little he thought of their relationship, how simple he thought she was? It weighed on her heart. She just wanted to make him happy. She had been trying to make everyone happy for so long and she had been failing. She failed every single time.

Suddenly she felt her arm being tugged and her body being shoved into a solid object, said objects lips dropping down to her own.


Jughead had a steady grip on her hips as he wildly attacked her lips, she could feel the passion he was trying to push through, he wanted her to know he cared, wanted her to know she mattered to him. This was his version of an apology. They boy with the vocabulary of a dictionary was reduced to a puddle of kisses in her presence. Betty slowly ran her hands up his back and finally into his wavy dark hair. As soon as her fingertips touched the smooth locks, she pulled back abruptly, eliciting a muffled groan from the boy.

“Juggie. I think you forgot something.” She whispered, the hint of a smile toying on her face.

He looked up at her with confused eyes and raised a brow.

“What did I forget?” He asked absently, eyes still lusty from their heated moment. Betty giggled and tapped her head, making her fingers into a crown. Jugheads eyes widened comically as he realized he had forgotten his beanie on the table at Pops. “I’ll be right back! Don’t move!” He shouted, tripping over his feet in pursuit of his prized possession.

Rolling her eyes, Betty watched through the window as he raced to the table quickly snatching the hat up and running back to her.

“Sorry..I..” he panted looking helplessly at his hat, he wanted to explain why it meant so much to him, wanted her to know that it wasn’t that he was uncomfortable with her, he just needed the hat, but he couldn’t form words, he couldn’t tell her. He felt the hat being taken out of his hands by a pair of tinier fingers, Betty wordlessly lifted the hat from his hands and gently placed it into his head, tugging until it fit right.

“I get it.” She whispered with a soft smile, quickly adjusting her ponytail and shrugging her shoulders.

He felt himself relax almost instantly, quickly taking her hand in his as they headed home. Jughead wrapped an arm around her as she shivered, the night air was cold and she was only wearing a sweater, Jughead quickly took off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders.

Betty looked up at him and frowned
“Oh no Jughead I’m fine. You’ll freeze.” She tried to take the denim jacket off before he placed His hands on her shoulders, securing its place.

“As much as I hate to cover up that ridiculously silly sweater, you’re much smaller then me I’m fairly certain it’s you who will freeze. Speaking of sweaters. Where did you get that crown one from?” He smirked at her blushing cheeks

“I made it.” She said smiling shyly “I made it last night. I figured, you don’t really have a letterman jacket like the football players and this isn’t the 1950s and you don’t have a class ring for me to wear. I just wanted everyone to know I was your girl I guess. I mean atleast for your birthday. It is pretty silly isn’t it?” She looked down, playing with the hem of her sweater.

Jughead abruptly stopped, moving to stand in front of her he took her hands
“No.” he whispered, catching her eyes as she looked up “I was wrong. That’s not silly at all.” He dropped a quick kiss to her lips, his fingers tracing the crown on her chest “I like it. A lot. Crowns suit you.” He smirked, moving back to her side, he could see her house in the distance.

Betty blushed again before smiling cockily
“Well I am a princess after all am I not?” She raised a brow as he stood before her in her front porch.

“Sure thing Juliet.” He rolled his eyes affectionately, looking at her front door.

“You got that right mister.” She walked toward him wrapping her arms around his center as he buried his face in her neck, inhaling the sugary strawberry scent of her hair. This was his home, right here on this front porch wrapped up in Betty Coopers arms.
“Where are you staying tonight?” He heard her whisper into his chest.

“Figure I’ll sleep in Fred’s room tonight, it’ll be nice to have an actual bed for once, gotta keep an eye on Arch, kid can’t hold his alcohol.” Pulling away he dropped a gentle kiss to her forehead, tucking his fingers under her chin to catch her eyes.

“We’re okay aren’t we?” He asked his tone slightly scared.

Betty smiled softly and placed a lingering kiss on his lips

“We’re okay.” She smiled before squeezing his fingers and heading inside.

“We’re okay.” He mumbled to himself, his shoulders slumping with relief as he braced himself for the war zone that was bound to be Archie’s house.

Imagine: finding Loki at a ball

Originally posted by but-who-saves-you

You shifted slowly on your feet as your eyes scanned the grand hall, seeking out the black hair and pale skin that softened your heart.  Green fabric clung to your figure, glittering with accents of gold.  Wary and lusty eyes followed you, knowing very well who you were.  You slowly stepped through the hall, picking up murmurs from other Asgardians.

“The young prince’s mistress…”

“Lady [Y/N] is here…”

“I didn’t think she would be present…”

You kept a cold expression as you listened, not giving them the satisfaction of altering your mood.  Rumors spread quickly once your relationship with Loki became public, and though you had the support of the crown prince and queen, others were not so keen.  Odin himself disapproved, and much of Asgard suspected that the two of you were destined for trouble.  Both of you possessed magic proficiency, and though Loki was known for mischief, you were known for dominance.  You held a strong air of power, and could fairly combat the Warriors Three and lady Sif.  However, despite public beliefs, you and Sif had bonded over your strength, and said warrior had already started working towards you through the hall.

Sif’s hand gripped your elbow, drawing your attention.  You smiled lightly at her, greeting her courteously.  The two of you conversed as you walked the hall, glancing at dancing pairs, while you kept your eye out for Loki.

“My friend, you know the words that pass…” Sif spoke in a hushed tone, the words for you, alone.  “Are you sure this is what you want?  The words grow harsher with the passing stars.”  She warned, knowing all too well what people said about you.  You turned to face her, but at last, you caught those beloved green eyes that shone like the Midgardian seas.  You smiled, and broke from her hold.

“Lady Sif, I could ask for nothing more.” You stated softly, before sauntering towards the second prince of Asgard.  Sif watched you with worried eyes, but smiled despite herself.  She knew how you cared for Loki, and how despite your histories and behaviors, you brought out the best in one another.

The murmurs hushed as you and Loki met, while he took your hands and kissed your knuckles.  You were slightly surprised by the immediate public affection, but it warmed your heart.  He wrapped one arm around your waist and lead you into a dance, drowning out the world with your movements.

The queen of Asgard watched from a distance, smiling at the picture before her.  She tried to quell the rumors around you two, and even though she had yet to be largely successful, she knew the public opinion mattered little.  Neither you nor Loki were considered normal amongst others, but you both had found a rare comfort in your shared oddness.  She watched as you let your powerful air soften, and Loki let you warm his chilly heart.  It was a power the public had yet to understand, but she could see as clear as the stars surrounding the kingdom.  The judgement fell away, replaced with understanding and care.  You were a salve to Loki’s wounds, as he was to you.  

As the two of you moved gracefully, twirling and gliding like a unified soul, the world looked on.  Some eyes were wary and doubtful, but a select few knew the depth of the bond you shared.  Not even the finest healers could have become what you were to each other.  The shadowed prince found someone who treated him like the stars, beloved and bright.  You, the lady who stood alone, found someone who lifted the weight you carried, and reminded you that no path had to be walked in solitude.

Open Wide (Doyoung x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) Aloha, guys!! I’m back with some super tasty Doyoung smut, requested by an anon who understands that we. need. more. Doyoung! This scenario is where you’re just casually watching a movie when…uh oh, Doyoungie is a bit touchy! Also. I DON’T KNOW WHY IT TURNED INTO A DADDY KINK SCENARIO, BUT IT DID AND I’M EMBRACING IT. Enjoy!

Originally posted by taesyong

The winter storm warning alert you had received on your phone earlier that day certainly wasn’t wrong, nor did it disappoint. The ground was already completely covered in white and the darkening sky was blocked out with puffy grey clouds that shed snowflakes the size of dinner plates. Luckily for you, you were currently snuggled underneath your favorite blanket in your cozy living room while your boyfriend prepared dinner diligently in the kitchen.

You could hear Doyoung humming softly to himself as you stood up from your blanket cacoon to see what he was close to finished. You loved watching your boyfriend in the kitchen, his broad shoulders shifting underneath his red long sleeve shirt as he carefully tasted the soup. He wasn’t surprised to find you barely hovering behind him, a smirk on his face as he held out the spoon to you, “Open wide.”

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anonymous asked:

can you do rfa + v & saeran react to a flat-chested mc? also i love your blog sm~ ^^

Thank you for the kind words, anon! It always makes me feel better to hear that people like my blog :)

I kept this request predominately SFW, but V has hints of NSFW (not enough to tag this as NSFW though) because of the big news. If it’s not his route, then I’m going to take the excuse that he deserves a ton of love! 

I hope you enjoy this request! And as always, ⭐my requests are open!⭐


·         When he saw you for the first time he didn’t even notice you had a flat chest, he could only stare into your eyes because that calmed his nerves. In fact, he didn’t even notice your chest until your third date, and that was only because you had decided to not wear a baggy sweater for a change.

·         To him, it isn’t a big deal, because it’s just another part of you – besides, there’s many other things he adores about you!

·         The size of your chest doesn’t matter, because so long as you don’t have a chest that’s as hard as a rock when he wants to hug you and rest his head on your chest, he’s super happy! He loves that your chest is squishy, yet he can still hear the sound of your heartbeat.

·         To be honest he probably has nightmares of being smothered by big boobs lol

·         If anyone at his uni says really rude things like “why are you dating a guy?? They can’t be a girl if they don’t have a chest!” he’ll get so mad that you have to drag him away from the assholes. He gets super passionate about defending you and thinks you don’t deserve horrible comments like that.

·         On days when you feel insecure and wish you had a bigger bust, he’s going to point out all the things that make you an awesome person. He isn’t going to leave you, and doesn’t want you to change yourself to please others!


·         Lets just remember the time Echo Girl tried to get him to fondle her DD breasts in this route like wtf

·         He finds out about your chest when he shows you the dress he wants you to wear at the RFA party. He’s confused when you act really uneasy about it, but when you explain that you can’t wear it because you don’t have the right figure, he sets about proving your assumption wrong.

·         “Who said you can’t wear it? I thought of you when I saw it

·         When you tried the dress on and showed him how you looked, he nearly fainted because of how amazing it looked on you. You were owning it! He was so proud that he could tell the world that you were his, wearing a dress that made you looked more beautiful than you already were.

·         He really doesn’t want you to feel insecure and think about changing your breast size just because the majority of his female co-workers are busty. You stood out to him because of how kind and humble you were, not because of the way you looked.

·         In his own words: “Don’t hate the body that I love, okay?”

·         In a way, he’s relieved that you have a small chest because it means most other men won’t look at you with lusty eyes and try to steal you from him.

·         It doesn’t change the fact that he finds it difficult to contain The Beast. The Beast isn’t just released by how your breasts look…


·         Admittedly, you felt insecure in comparison to her. She was beautiful; her hair was silky soft, her skin was supple, her figure was beautiful, and her damn boobs were incredible! You felt less than average in comparison to her.

·         You try everything to make your breasts seem bigger; buying a push-up bra, using cheap silicone cutlets, even stuffing your bra with balled-up socks.

·         When she finds out that you’re doing this, she tells you that you really don’t need to – after all, the size of your bust really doesn’t matter to her. She finds you attractive in many other ways.

·         Deep down, she thinks that you look better than her anyway, so she’s surprised to hear that you would think that.

·         She tells you aaalllll the disadvantages of having bigger boobs, and how she wishes she could have a smaller chest. Also, she hates all the unwanted attention from disgusting perverts.

·         She’ll also warn you that wearing the wrong bra size or stuffing a bra to the brim cannot only ruin your bra, but can also damage your breasts.

·         However, if you’re really insistent that you want to give the illusion of bigger breasts, she gives you tips – contouring your chest, wearing horizontal stripes, and having an upright posture.


·         He literally only notices it when Sarah points out your flat chest, ranting about how you’re so average when she sees you in the flat with Jumin. He notices that when she’s gone, you look upset. When you tell him that some of her words got to you, he tells you that you should ignore her because she was jealous and clutching at straws to try and make him leave you. And she failed.

·         He doesn’t like women who flaunt their bodies for his attention, especially when they make a huge deal about how big their breasts are. He likes you, because not only are you flaunting yourself, you also don’t draw attention to your chest. Also, Elizabeth 3rd approves, so what a bonus.

·         Tbh it was probably never his favourite part of a woman anyway. I think he would only see them as serving a biological purpose and just… really swollen fatty tissue. Because that’s what breasts are fundamentally.

·         If anyone says anything horrible about you, he’ll probably give them some harsh words and a death glare for having the audacity to comment on how you look. If they kept harassing and being horrible to you… he’ll be on the phone to his lawyer.

·         Sometimes you feel bad because even though he buys you gorgeous outfits, you feel like you can’t pull them off. He reminds you that you’ll look amazing in anything he buys you, because it’s you. However, he does note what your fashion preferences are and which parts of your body you’re more confident about so he can buy outfits which can show them off. Even if it’s something ridiculous like your rib cage, and imagine the poor tailor having to come up with something to satisfy his request…

·         If you really want breast enhancement surgery, he’ll pay for it for your happiness, but he reminds you that he loves you the way you are. He fell in love with YOU, not your tits.


·         He finds out some time after Saeran is beginning his recovery. Like one time you’re cooking and he gets really confident and sneaks up on you, then grabbing your boobs and scaring you. And then he’s really confused because they’re barely there. Is your sweater so baggy that it’s hiding them? Then he actually realises that they’re small lol.

·         He really isn’t going to care. You changed him for the better and pretty much saved his brother and the RFA, and you think he’s going to be pissed because of your chest? He’s probably more annoyed that you think he would be offended by something like that.

·         However, he totally understands how you feel, because he has insecurities about his body too. Yet he doesn’t want you to be insecure since he thinks you’re perfect!

·         He’ll remind you of everything he loves about you, highlighting that your breasts aren’t that significant to him.

·         He’s happy though because he can fit them comfortably in his hands, and when you find out you try not to throw the nearest object at him.

·         In your sleep, he probably draws a smiley face on your boobs, with 10/10 emblazoned on them. The 0s are represented by the nipples 😉

·         “Don’t change them, MC! They’re my breast friends!”



·         In all seriousness, he doesn’t care about the size. He finds that they just add to your beauty, even if they’re small! And it relieves him that he won’t accidentally brush against them or anything.

·         His favourite thing to do when you two are intimate is to shower them in kisses. He loves them so much, especially since they’re so soft and squishy.

·         If you feel insecure, he’s going to spend as long as possible pointing out everything he loves about you, and damn does it take a long time. He’ll worship your body when you two are intimate, making sure that you know how much he loves every other part of you, even your spleen.

·         He really wants to do a nude photo shoot, because he wants you to learn to love what he loves. And he’s not going to airbrush or add filters to the photos. He wants you to see you for who you are.

·         However, don’t think he’s totally innocent. He’s still really proud of the time when he said your shirt had braille on it and he ran a hand over your chest, feeling your nipples like braille. You have never been so flustered in your entire life.


·         I mean he’s been in a cult for nearly half his life, so he probably doesn’t care about breasts. He just sees you as the only one who truly understands him, and tbh he probably doesn’t care about your appearance either. It’s your kindness and personality that touches him.

·         Seriously, he has no idea of what cup sizes mean. If you tell him that you xA, he isn’t going to understand.

·         “____, isn’t that some sort of video quality setting…?”

·         Sometimes you get catcalled, and the catcallers always remark how you would be perfect if you had bigger boobs. When he hears them as he walks home with you from the ice cream parlour, he’s LIVID.

·         Like sure, mock him all you want for not looking manly enough or still being in an emo phase, but you? You did nothing to attract that attention and you sure as hell don’t deserve it! It takes all your energy to get him to calm down and leave them alone.

·         Whenever he feels stressed he has a habit of squeezing your breasts like a stress ball. They might be too small to fit in his hands, but it always makes him feel better and you damn horny.

·         You accepted him for all his flaws, so he’s amazed that you think he wouldn’t accept you because of your chest size. He just doesn’t get it.

Favors (Part 1) - Min Yoongi x Reader (smut)

indirectly requested by @bangtaanvines (thanks for the idea; I’m a big fan)

Group : BTS

Member : Min Yoongi (aka AgustD)

Genre : Oral, Best Friend!AU  

Word Count : 1792                                                            

Description : You wanted to know, how giving a blowjob would feel like since you were quite inexperienced in it. So why not use your best friend Yoongi as a test object?  

part II | part III

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a bughead pregnancy fluffy thing? Or them with a new born? I love the idea of them being all cute and domestic 💖💖💖💖

Baby bugheads are so cute! I’ll give it a go!

He walked through the door, instantly smiling when the smell of Betty’s homemade lasagna hit his nose. There were many things he loved about being married to his beautiful wife but one of his absolute favorites was her cooking. When they moved in together Betty had sat him down at their dining room table and declared that they would be having atleast one meal a day together, from that moment on he had never gone to bed with an empty stomach, a steady change to his youth when he would go days without a solid meal.

Dropping his bag on the floor by her neat row of heels, he made his way into the dining room, fully expecting to see the blonde beauty waiting at the kitchen table with a mischievous smirk, ready to tease him for being late. What he didn’t expect was to see a plate of food in his designated spot and his wife nowhere to be found.

“Bets?” He called out, peeking his head in the kitchen.

“I’m in the living room.” He heard her sniffle.

Was she crying? Wait why was she crying?! He practically sprinted to her, tripping over his shoes. He stopped dead in the door frame, staring at the vision in front of him.

Betty was sitting cross legged on the couch in nothing but a sports bra and a pair of tiny grey shorts, her extended belly exposed and her long silky blonde hair in a messy bun, strands falling into her eyes. She was holding a tub of vanilla ice cream and her eyes were filled with tears. He hated to see her cry but damn if she wasn’t the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“Bets?” He asked again, quieter this time as he slowly walked over to her, cautiously.

“Hi juggie.” She hiccuped, her lip quivering.

That was all it took, Jughead instantly sat beside her and wrapped her up in arms, rubbing his hands up and down her bare back soothingly. She instantly broke into sobs as he whispered into her hair “What’s the matter love?”

Pulling away and looking up at him with her stuffy red nose, she took a deep breathe

“I got called fat today!” She exclaimed, rushing the sentence out and placing her head in her hands.

Jughead instantly tensed up. What the fuck? Who would call his six month pregnant wife fat?
“Who called you fat?” He practically growled.

Betty mumbled into her hands
“Tommy Jenkins.”

Jughead stopped his movements on her back and barked out a laugh. Tommy Jenkins was a six year old in her first grade class at Riverdale elementary.

Hearing him laugh, Betty snapped her head up ripping herself out of his hold
“I’m glad you think it’s funny Forsythe, I’m glad you think me being upset is funny.” She attempted to cross her arms over chest but her belly made it a little bit difficult, causing him to laugh even harder as he tried to control himself looking up at her narrowed eyes.

“I’m sorry! It’s just… he’s six Bets. He doesn’t know what being pregnant is. You look amazing, you know that. I know that. Don’t worry about what.. Tommy Jenkins thinks.” He wiped his eyes, the smile a permanent feature on his face.

As Betty continued to stare at his goofy face she couldn’t help the small smile that crept into hers
“Okay. I guess it is silly. I can’t help it, it’s these damn hormones.” She pouted playfully.

Jughead gently lifted her on his lap

“You’re carrying our baby in their Betty. It’s amazing. You’re amazing. You have never looked more beautiful.” He whispered against her neck, dropping a kiss to her pulse point.

Betty shivered, bending her neck a little
“There is no way you’re attracted to me right now, I’m a mess!”

Jughead smiled wickedly, licking a streak ice cream off the side of her mouth.

“ah, but Mrs.Jones, that’s where you’re very wrong.” His eyes were lusty as he ran his hands over her belly before scooping her into his arms as she shrieked and giggled.

“What about dinner?!” She laughed over his shoulder

“Lasagna was meant to be a dessert food!” He growled, running up the stairs.

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Subaru Sakamaki (heaven 2) ~translation/traducción~

this translation was made by @vampiretsuki (THANK U!)

Heaven 1, heaven 2, heaven 3

Place: Subaru’s room

Subaru: …Hey
Yui: What is it Subaru-kun?
Subaru: Well…. play with me a game.
Yui: A game you say, what type of game is it?
Subaru: It’s a competition where the one who spends the most time without looking away wins.
Yui: Eh…?
Subaru: I-It’s not like I wanted to play it!
Subaru: Raito said it was a popular game, and he wanted me to look like an idiot since i don’t know it…

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The Firefighter (Part 3)

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Summary: Dean and reader get a little intimate…

Part 1 Part 2

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,000ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: A little wrap up of firefighter Dean…

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Conor Maynard Imagine - Crazy (SMUT)

It wasn’t until you were right in front of your wardrobe than you realized you had actually nothing to wear. You had just finished filming some kind of weird, fun challenge with Conor in your flat, and while he cleaned up all the mess in your living room, you were stressing out about what to wear to that goddamn date.

Suddenly, Conor’s head popped from behind your door “Y/N” he called, and seeing that you were fully clothed and just standing there, chewing your nail nervously, he walked in “Hey, what’s the nervousness all about?”

He gave you a side hug and a tender kiss on top of your head. You leaned against him, considering that maybe that black cocktail dress in front of you wasn’t a bad idea at all.

“I’m just stressing over my outfit” you told him, releasing yourself from his touch to grab the dress “Nothing new” you held the piece of clothing in front of you and showed it to him “Opinions?”

Conor’s mind flirted with the idea of actually seeing you in that dress. Every time you wore something like that, you always caught him giving you a look from head to toes, admiring how the fabric hugged your curves. But you ignored him, as you weren’t supposed to notice his lusty stares.

Your relationship with him was rather strange. Sure, he was one of your best friends. Yet he wasn’t like Josh or Oli; you actually wouldn’t mind banging Conor if you had the chance. 

You were playful with one another. Any time you could, your hands would travel to each other’s body, half of the time in a soft, friendly way. But the other half of the time, you could actually feel his fingers burning on your skin, his grip tightening around your waist in the roughest way you had ever seen. But you liked it.

“Why would you need to wear that for?” he asked, and you realized you hadn’t told him about your date.

The truth was, even if your heart ached for him in ways you would have never imagined, you weren’t made of stone. He never made a move, never let it slip that he actually wanted to be more than friends. So when this cute boy hit on you through Tinder, you weren’t going to say no.

“Tinder date tonight” you simply said, turning back to the pile of clothes you had behind you.

You bent over to grab a white blouse, and Conor’s eyes couldn’t help but wander towards your hips and downwards. He licked his lips. 

Conor wasn’t the ladies type of man, at least not as intensely as his brother. Sure, he had brought this and that girl home for some night fun, but he kept it all for himself. Every time he was with you, his insides melted. You were his only girl friend after all, and as time passed by, his friendly feelings towards you increased until he found out they weren’t so friendly anymore.

The first time he looked at you with different eyes, you were celebrating Joe’s 25th birthday. You were wearing a simple tight black skirt with ankle boots and a white blouse with stripes. Yet every time he landed his eyes on you, all he wanted to do was to pull you closer and never let go. He realized he wanted to protect you, to see your smile every day, to hold you while you slept. He drank to ease the unexpected pain of seeing you dance with another guy.

The second stage overcame him not soon afterwards. It happened while you were alone at his flat, watching some silly cartoon movie which always made you laugh, because you were on your period and all you wanted to do was to die.

But when he saw you in those ridiculously short pyjama pants and a loose t-shirt that once belonged to him, which also accidentaly revealed that you had no bra on, he had to control himself. Having you all cuddled up against his side wasn’t helping either. While the silly little chicken on TV was running around, all he could think of was how hot you’d look if he pinned you up against a wall and thrusted into you until your throat couldn’t take more screaming. He took a cold shower afterwards.

“Oh, alright” you heard him say as you stood back up again. His tone made you raise an eyebrow “Have fun then”

You turned back to him, frowning “Is there any problem with it?” you asked him, but you immediately noticed he wasn’t looking at you. Well, he was, but more specifically he was looking at your uncovered stomach and how bad he wanted to uncover the rest of it.

“Earth to Conor” you called him, waving a hand in front of you.

He snapped his eyes back up to look at you “Nothing’s wrong” he said, as if nothing had happened.

Still not convinced, you turned around again, getting on your tiptoes to reach the top shelf “Shit” you mumbled, not being capable of reaching it whatsoever. Suddenly, you felt a pair of cold hands on your bare skin, lifting you up. With no effort, you grabbed the bag you were looking for.

“Thanks, Con” you said once your feet touched the ground again. But his hands, now warmer, were still on your waist “You c-” before you could finish, you felt Conor’s lips on your neck, making you drop the bag with a loud bang.

His grip tightened around you. You moved your hands on top of his, suddenly wanting to feel his touch more than ever. You tilted your head back as he sucked on your neck, working his way up and down. You didn’t know what was going on, but you sure weren’t going to stop it.

Eventually, you turned around to meet Conor’s lusty eyes staring right back at yours. You licked your lips before attacking his heatedly, not even waiting to slip your tongue in. His hands travelled to your bum, squeezing it as you jumped and wrapped your legs around his torso. You sucked behind his ear, making him groan.

“Someone was jealous after all” you managed to breathe out as he kissed your neck again. You thought he was bound to leave a mark.

He hit that spot behind your ear, and you let out a small moan as your grip on his waist tightened, your legs unconciously pushing against his hips “Fuck” he whispered, and you thought it was the sexiest you had ever seen it.

He pushed you against the wall, a knee pressed between your legs to hold you as he rapidly took your top and your bra off. You felt the warmth of his mouth on your chest, and it was making your lower parts ache with anticipation.

You took his jumper off and attempted to remove his belt when he grabbed your hand and put it above your head “And to think that you were about to go out with that idiot” he breathed on your ear “When I can make you feel ten times better” he finished, and you smashed your lips against his again.

His hand roamed the elastic of your jeans until they made their way inside them and under your underwear. Conor stuck his middle finger inside you, the sudden feeling of something inside you making you groan “You’re so fucking wet already” Conor whispered, indroducing yet another finger inside you. You let out a high-pitched scream as he thrusted in and out quickly “I’m gonna have to dry you up”

Before you could blink, your jeans and underwear were flying across the room. Conor held your hips and pressed your body against he wall as he kneeled down in front of your entrance. You pushed at his hair once his tongue filled you, your legs tembling on his shoulders. 

“Fuck, Conor” you shouted, hoping the neighbours were not at home or it’d be extremely embarrassing to run into them ever again. You screamed his name again as you felt your high approaching, not being able to hold yourself back.

Seconds before you were about to come, Conor’s mouth left your lower parts, making you groan in annoyance “Conor, I swear to god” you mid-screamed “I can’t take it anymore”

He sucked on your neck again, his favourite spot of yours “What do you want me to do, baby?” he asked on your ear. Your hips pulled against his even more.

“Just fuck me already, Conor” you groaned, and before you knew it, his pants followed yours as he pulled himself inside you. You whined. He didn’t give you any time to adjust to his width, as he started banging you against the wall roughly, something you had never imagined he was capable of. He always looked so sweet and inoccent. The thought of him being rough and dominant just to you turned you on even more.

He groaned in pleasure as your walls clentched around his member, only making him pound you faster and faster. You were a screaming mess. Your bodies were sweating as you held to one another, making each other feel as if nothing else in the world mattered besides what was happening on that wall.

You came seconds before he did, the sloppiness making you feel dirtier than ever. When Conor rode out his high, he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into a hug like the ones he always gave you. Only this time, he was also inside you.

“That was…” you said as you tried to catch your breath “Something else”

His head was on your shoulder as you rubbed his hair “I fucking loved that, Y/N” he spoke, rising his head to give you a soft kiss on the lips.

“I guess I’m not going to any dates tonight” you smiled, brushing your finger against his sweaty cheek as he smiled back at you.

“You are” he said “But with me”

You smiled again, kissing his fully lips as if it were the first time you tasted them “You’re crazy” you said.

His lips went to your jaw. He kissed it sweetly, making the butterflies of your stomach go insane “That’s why I like you” he said “Because you’re fucking crazier”


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Ivar x reader

Warnings: dubcon

Words: 2,393

(Rate my smut =)))))))) Yeah so I was inspired to write some terrible Ivar smut after that fucking amazing trailer so here it is and I hope it doesn’t suck too hard because I am kinda new to this writing smut thing. Feedback would be greatly appreciated if any sisters can spare it. Enjoy!)

There he was; all the way across the hall, brooding atop his great throne. His chin resting lightly upon his hand as his fingers traced idly along his lips in a more seductive manner than he intended while lost in his deep, dark thoughts. He was glowering in your direction, like he always did. You found yourself quickly glancing away from the hold his dark and fiery eyes had on you. You always had a deep fascination with people’s eyes and Ivar’s wild, deep, ocean blue ones were among the most fascinating to you.

All of the terrors and bloodlust, torture and dark tendencies Ivar’s world held; those eyes had seen it all. They were stained with his own sadistic, mad and lustful thoughts; corrupted by whatever blackness had seeped into them from his calculating and tormented mind. And those same eyes now burned dangerously into the back of your head.

He had always thrown those same daggers at you with his eyes and you had not a clue why. You had made it very clear that you supported him; in every bold decision he made and every new war he would start. In fact, you made it very clear that you had eyes only for him. You would always touch his arm lightly and talk sweetly and seductively his way; you made it very clear that you wanted him. Your feared, dangerous, calculating and triumphant viking King. How could you have resisted?

You had done all you could have to shown your devotion and adoration and pure want for him and he treated you as if you were his worst and most despised enemy. You couldn’t understand it. You hated it.

“(Y/N)!” His sharp, authoritative voice called out your name; cutting through the noise of the small feast raging on around you; bringing you quickly out of your fleeting thoughts. You looked back his way. You thought you had imagined his sweet voice calling out to you but you changed your mind when you saw Ivar actually motioning for you to come over to him now. You stood there in a trance before quickly bringing yourself back into reality and rushing over to your King.

You approached him cautiously when you neared his throne. Everything about him intimidated you; a powerful aura seemed to naturally surround him. He wore a dark, hooded cloak that hid most of his face from his crowd of warriors enjoying the feast in front of him. His expressively dark eyes were the only things visible to you now; the left one much more hidden than the right due to being completely bloodshot from his recent time in battle. The dark blue mixed with the veiny crimson red only furthered your intrigue of him.

The Boneless looked you up and down, slowly. His eyes growing more and more hungry and predatory rather than hate filled as always when he looked your way. “Y-yes? King Ivar?” You stuttered your words out and mentally kicked yourself for sounding like some scared, little mouse. You quickly averted your eyes to the ground after the pathetic display. “Won’t you join me, (Y/N)?” His sweetly, sly voice inquired and your gaze shot up to meet his then. He was smirking at you under the hood but his eyes refused to match his playful grin; they still remained dark and lusty; swimming with even darker ideas that filled his mind to the brim. You could only nod before pulling your gaze away from his to spot the throne right next to his own. You began to cautiously walk towards it when you heard Ivar tsk. You looked at him to see he was shaking his head in disapproval while still grinning madly at you. “No, sit here.” He said; his voice growing dark as he lightly patted his own lap.

You were immediately taken aback by his request; you stood there, frozen. His grin disappeared just as quickly as it had formed on his face as you stood unmoving, continuing to gawk at him. “Incase you couldn’t tell, that was a command, not a suggestion, (Y/N). Obey.” This was absurd and you were confused as to why he was treating you like this all of a sudden. Was it the severe amount of mead he had consumed while perched upon his throne perhaps? Your continued lack of movement and words began to irk him and his hand then shot out to roughly grab ahold of your arm; making you cry out before pulling you onto his lap forcefully. You froze yet again and gasped when you felt his half erect length beneath the fabric of his pants under you. Some of his men turned to eye you both curiously now; some cheered in response to their King now openly feeling you up.

His rapid breaths were hot on your neck and then on your delicate ear as he leant in close to whisper something to you. “I am your King now, stupid woman. That means you must do everything I say, not stand there gawking at me like a fucking idiot at my commands. Don’t worry, i’m sure you will learn in due time.” You whimpered and felt your own breaths grow heavy as his large hand reached into the top of your dress to continue fondling your breasts. “I-Ivar, please!” You began to shakily plead with him to let you go as you weakly struggled beneath his wandering hands, but he quickly silenced you as he reached his other hand under the thin fabric of your dress to shove two thick fingers deep inside your already very wet and slick cunt.

You gasped and moaned quietly as he began pumping his fingers in and out of you all while laughing darkly into the back of your neck. His lips moved to your ear once again. “I know this is what you want, (Y/N). The way you tease me with your sweet words in front of my men and the fucking pathetically evident lust you try so desperately to conceal in your eyes whenever you look over at me.” He chuckled again as he continued to speak. “Just look at how wet you are for me already. Do you like being teased in front of all my men like this, do you? You do? fucking whore.” You squirmed and moaned even louder now as he breathlessly insulted you; his unrelenting fingers continuing to forcibly fuck you.

All of the viking warriors’ attentions were now on you. They continued to cheer and whistle and laugh at your heated predicament. “Ivar. Ivaaar, pleeease!” You tried to beg him to release you through your arousal but it only sounded like you were praising him and egging him on which caused him to pump in and out of you even faster. All of the men’s own lusty eyes were on you now as your cunt was continuously fucked by your King’s intrusive fingers; it was humiliating and wrong, but at the same time, the pleasure was overwhelming you. “Shh.” Ivar shushed you soothingly. “Who does this cunt belong to now, (Y/N)?” He pushed his two fingers further into you and held them there as he asked the question and you could only moan out his name. Ivar’s other hand quickly removed itself from your cleavage to lift up your skirts even more and smack your bare ass with brutal force. You yelped in response as tears began to well up in your eyes. “Say it properly, bitch. Say ‘my cunt belongs to my King, my cunt belongs to King Ivar.’” You opened your mouth to breathlessly speak again. “My cunt belongs to my King, my cunt belongs to King Ivar.” You echoed his words with a moan. Ivar seemed to echo your own moan then too in response to your submissive words.

“You are mine.” He moaned again through his words as he began thrusting into you.
Ivar then suddenly pulled his hand out from under your skirts, making you whine and fucking hate yourself for wanting this public debasement to actually continue on. “Open that pretty mouth of yours, (Y/N).” Despite everything, you obeyed your King; under his mind numbing power completely now.

Ivar pushed his two fingers into your mouth this time; letting you taste yourself mixed with the taste of the calloused, salty skin of his own fingertips. “Good. You’re learning. Very good.” He breathlessly praised you as his erect cock only became more pronounced under you in response to your obedience, making your eyes roll back. You moaned behind his fingers in your mouth. “Suck.” Ivar commanded and you obeyed. Sucking his fingers dry of your wetness. He soon forced a third one into your mouth and you continued to lick and suck on all three digits; completely overcome with your arousal now; it was like no one else was in the room, just you and Ivar, in this moment. “How cute, (Y/N) has probably touched herself many times while dreaming of finally choking on my cock.” Ivar announced in a mocking voice to the men in the room as you continued to submissively suck on his fingers. They all laughed in response and you could feel your face reddening from the shame and the realisation that you and Ivar were in fact not the only ones in the room.

You pulled away from his digits then and gained enough courage from your sudden rage to spit directly in his face. He immediately stopped laughing along with them all and growled as he pushed you harshly off of his lap and onto the floor. Wiping away the spit now in his eyes, he looked down at you with that same fire once again. “Now you are right where you belong, (Y/N). At my feet, on the floor like a good little pet.” He concluded with another grin and a dangerously sweet expression before quickly returning back to that same glare; taking the chance to spit down into your own face. They all laughed again as you desperately tried to wipe his spit from your face. “Fuck you!” You screamed up at him now, enraged. “Be good, and I might just fuck you, pet.” The laughter only grew louder; ringing in your ears. Tears continued to form in your eyes.

Ivar stopped laughing then before giving you yet another command in a dark voice still laced heavily with lust. “Crawl between my legs and take my cock like a good bitch now. It is your King’s command.” You hated how the debasing order seemed to turn you on even more. He was treating you lower than a fucking dog; you should have hated him and instead, you were a shaking, aroused, hot mess for him. “Don’t make me ask again.” Ivar growled down at you. His intense, hungry and bloodshot eyes dared you to even think about disobeying under the blackness of the hood. You refused to move until he lunged forward and roughly grabbed ahold of your hair, making you cry out as he forced you to crawl on all fours towards the enticing looking bulge in his pants. He carelessly undid the braces around his legs while still tightly holding a fistful of your hair; holding you in place. You whimpered and hated the now growing, sharp pain in the back of your head from his hold on you.

Ivar threw the braces to the side of his throne and began to undo his pants next; breathing heavily and cursing under his breath as he fought to undo his belt with one hand, through his own arousal. Finally undoing it, throwing it also to the side and forcing his pants down enough to just expose his fully erect cock to you, he continued to pull you in then, right onto his member. He forced his length all the way into your mouth; hitting the back of your throat without warning and making you gag and sputter around him. His hand remained tangled in your now matted hair as he forced your head upright to stare into his lust filled, dangerous eyes. You moaned behind his cock and let your tongue begin to glide up and down his length a bit. “Don’t you dare take your eyes off of mine.” Ivar growled before beginning to thrust in his chair into you; fucking your mouth violently.

Tears streamed down your face as he kept fucking your throat; grunting and growling like an animal all the while. His now almost black eyes threatened to roll back into his head at any moment as he continued to stare intensely into your own eyes as if it were the most important thing in the world; to hold your gaze. A huge, predatory smile was plastered on his face all the while. He was close; you prayed this overly harsh treatment of your throat would end soon. Your eyes blurred his image above you as tears continued to fill them. Ivar leant down and used his other hand to harshly grab ahold of your jaw, pulling you closer to his face, and his eyes. “Don’t take your eyes off of me!” He warned again, breathless and crazed looking. You obeyed. And soon enough, he released his warm seed directly into your mouth.

He pulled out and removed the hand at the back of your head to cover your mouth. “Swallow it.” He commanded and you obeyed. Swallowing down his salty seed. You felt it travel down the inside of your throat, taking place deep inside your stomach. You moaned and closed your eyes as his hands still held your face. Your hot breaths were heavy and you longed for your own release. “Very good. Good bitch.” Ivar praised you before releasing your jaw and mouth from his rough grip and doing his pants up again. He reached down, grabbed both your arms and pulled you up into his lap for a second time; cradling you now in his own arms. His face was real close to yours as he continued to seemingly stare into your own soul. This time, his hand soothingly petted your hair as he leant in to whisper in your ear again. “Go wait for me. I’m not even fucking close to being finished with you.”

ireblogstuff-andineedalife  asked:

Prompt: one where everyone thinks punk!Dan is top cause Phil is all soft and stuff and then people r like "Dan's a top" or whatever and Dan goes along with it and then Phil ends up showing Dan who is the real top (this can be as kinky as u desire) (but daddy kink please) :)

thank you, for this, I love this


Dan had always been the more protective boyfriend. He was grumpy, and glared at anyone who looked his and Phil’s way. He was a punk for heaven’s sake! In every meaning of the word. He beat others up if they deserved it, his fringe was died red, his lip was pierced, his ears covered in metal, eyes lined with liner, tattoos covered his arms, and he had some badass clothes to go along with his badass lifestyle.

And Phil? Well, Phil was the total opposite. He dressed in light blue jeans, sometimes midnight blue if he was feeling it, and a pastel green shirt to match. He wore flower crowns and white shoes and giggled while cherry blossoms floated down peacefully around him. But, Phil definitely showed his protectiveness in a different way.


Phil was currently held under Dan’s arm around his shoulder, the couple eating at a picnic table outside of the school for lunch. Dan’s friends surrounded them, all yelling and throwing food. When a crisp landed atop Phil’s head, Dan growled, his friend staring in shock with his mouth agape.


A chorus of ‘oh’s echoed around the table, and Dan looked at his boyfriend, carefully taking the crisp from his hair, fixing his flower crown, and then promptly looking at his friend who was profusely apologizing.

“Keep your nasty, chemically produced, wheat, away from my boyfriend.” Dan warned.

“Don’t get your boyfriend’s panties in a twist, Dan, or is it too late for that?” His friend, Jess, joked, the table erupting in laughs as Phil’s cheeks flushed at the assumption.

“Do they not know you have your own panties?” Phil whispered quietly into Dan’s ear, a small smirk playing at his lips. Dan choked on his drink, eyes looking wildly around the table to see if anyone had heard.

“Phil!” He scolded.

“Oh, it looks like Phil’s ass is in for it tonight!” Another friend, Al, said. “Don’t worry, Phil, I’m sure Dan will take good care of you.”

“I’m sure he will.” Phil said quietly enough that only Dan heard him, the younger’s heart beating a little faster.

“Maybe we should get ready for class.” Dan said, taking Phil’s hand, who giggled as all his friends implied that Phil was getting fucked.


“Well, that was something.” Phil said as he and Dan made it to his room. Dan plopped down on Phil’s pale blue sheets, toeing off his black boots.

“If you’re referring to lunch, then agreed.” Dan sighed. “I didn’t tell them anything, just so you know. I don’t care what they think.”

“As long as it’s not you getting fucked, right?” Phil smirked, crawling onto the bed and straddling Dan’s waist.

“I mean,” Dan shrugged, “It keeps up my rep.”

“Oh, and what about mine, Mr. ‘Top’”? Phil teased, fingers already digging into the top of Dan’s pants, resting there tauntingly.

“But you’re so cute, I don’t think anyone could think about you explicitly without feeling like they’re sinning and need to cleansed.” Dan said, his own thumbs coming to his pants to push them down his hips, underwear sliding down too. Phil pulled them the rest of the way off, taking Dan’s socks with them.

“Oh yeah? What about you, silly boy?” Phil presses, taking his shirt off, flower crown already on his dresses.

“God, you make me sin, Phil, of course I need to be cleansed.” Dan said, crawling on top of Phil, bottom half bare.

“Now, now, baby boy, use your words.” Phil reprimanded, hands on Dan’s naked hips, fingers crawling up his shirt. Dan chuckled, a small blush coming to his cheeks. God, if his friends could see him now. He bit his lip ring, the words on his tongue making him hesitate.

“Sorry, Daddy, been desperate to be on you.” He said, his own fingers on Phil’s chest as he leaned down to kiss him.

Phil nipped at Dan’s lip, the piercing cool against his warm mouth. When he pulled away, Dan chased him, a laugh leaving Phil’s mouth.

“You’ve been a little naughty, Dan.” Phil said, grabbing handfuls of Dan’s plump bottom. Dan groaned, pushing back into Phil’s hands.

“Just been needy, Daddy, sorry.” Dan explained.

“Then you won’t mind that pretty mouth be put to better use, huh?” Phil asked, his fingers pulling Dan’s chin up so he looked at him, Phil’s finger tugging on Dan’s lip.

“Uh-uh, Daddy, I don’t mind. Love your cock.” Dan responded, slowly crawling down Phil’s body, placing small kisses on his torso.

Phil admired the tattoos on Dan’s skin, the pale contrast to the dark symbols and figures a beautiful sight. He looked at Dan’s ass in the air as the latter worked on getting his pants down, and his cock twitched.

“So pretty for Daddy, aren’t you, baby boy?” Phil cooed, his hand running through Dan’s hair.

Dan hummed distractedly as he took Phil’s cock in hand, lips opening up to suck on the tip, trying to get his Daddy to full hardness.

“So good, Dan, so good.” Phil praised and Dan moaned, taking Phil further. He pulled off and ran his tongue all around Phil’s length to get him wet, and then took Phil in his mouth almost completely. “Give me your fingers.” Phil ordered, and Dan did as he was told, his hand coming up to Phil as the older sucked them in his mouth, his spit coating three of Dan’s digits, before taking them out “Finger yourself, baby boy.”

Dan panted around Phil’s cock at the order, his hand going to his entrance and easing a finger into his hole as Phil watched, his fingers laced in Dan’s hair, eyes firmly on his lips taking Phil’s cock and Dan’s ass taking his fingers.

“So full, aren’t you, Dan? What would your friends say? Seeing you choke on my cock? Seeing you take your own fingers so…desperately. You look so good, Dan, feel so good.” Phil tipped his head back as Dan sucked him deeper, and moaned when he looked back at Dan slipping his fingers in and out of himself.

Dan moaned when he added his third finger into himself, the feeling of fullness coming over him and he all but drooled on Phil’s cock, making wet noises as he slurped and sucked around him. He caught Phil’s eyes and didn’t look away as he opened his throat and sunk down on Phil’s length, making him moan and clutch his head as he dragged himself in and out of Dan’s mouth slowly, sensuously.

“Gonna cum, baby boy, you can come, too.” Dan quickened his pace with his fingers and mouth, shoving his digits in himself so that he hit his prostate. He licked around Phil’s cockhead, collecting the ever-growing precum and Phil’s hips stuttered before Dan sped up, going down to the hilt of Phil’s cock and then back up to lick the slit.

Phil felt his abdomen tighten as heat gathered in his groin, and with a moan of Dan’s name he was coming down his throat. Dan sucked him through it, licking the slit one last time to get all his cum before he pulled off, panting.

Dan stood on his knees, fingers still thrusting into himself, and his hand, no longer holding him up, went around to tug and pull at his needy cock.

Phil watched with a smile and still-lusty eyes as Dan whimpered. He sat up on his own knees, going to Dan. He replaced Dan’s hand with his own and smeared precum along his cock. He kissed up Dan’s neck and the latter moaned, his fingers speeding up inside him.

“I’m gonna cum, Daddy, oh, feels so good!” He whined, and Phil kissed him right on the lips as he moaned and whined, his orgasm splitting through him, Dan’s cum spilling over Phil’s hand. “Fuck, Daddy.” He moaned as Phil kept tugging in his spent cock. “I’m-I’m, it hurts, Daddy.”

Phil laughed, finally removing his hand from Dan. “You were so good for me, Dan, made me feel so good.” He praised.

Dan smiled happily, hands reaching up to tug Phil’s hair to bring him into a lazy, sleepy kiss.

“God, if my friends knew what a babe you are, I think they’d cum in their pants.”

“Shut up!” Phil blushed, giggling into the kiss.

“Although, I think I came in my pants when–”


“Okay, okay, sorry.”

1 am

Genre: Kim Taehyung x reader smut
Word count: 1.6k
“Teaser”: Your boyfriend that’s currently touring the world with his band-members, unexpectedly calls you in the middle of the night with a “problem” ;-).
Author’s note: Heyyyyyy guys! I haven’t been around lately, cause I’ve been busy living my life. Tests, friends, obligations etc. got in the way of me and this blog - pretty much life has made it hard to post things. I’ve been writing up quite a few scenarios, but I just haven’t finished any of them. This is just a random idea that came to mind and I just went with the flow. I hope you guys like it, since quite a few have been asking me for a V smut…. so here you Tae-lovers go! I tried to proof read it, but it’s so late and I probably read over some of the typos! Sorry about that! I’m tired af! Enjoy hanas!

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Maggie (OC) × Jimin

Word count: 1,658

Genre: smut, fluff, daddy kink, oneshot

Proof readed by: @randomlazymusiclover

Summary: Jimin got home from work, when he got home he saw you watching movie while eating banana and you wearing his sweater and boxers, looking at you turns him on.

Disclaimer: hey guys im just a wannabe haha english is not my first language so bare with me and my broke english story i just want to try something and i want this to be one shot cause im just trying something and im not that good at elaborating things so yes please bare with me :)

“Hey Maggie I’m home!” Jimin walked in the apartment and found you sitting on the couch munching on a banana while watching a movie. You didn’t hear him and continued to watch the movie intensely. Jimin got turn on when he saw you open your mouth and bite into the banana while your eyes were focused on the TV screen. His gaze drifted down to your comfy outfit which added to the fuel of his lust for you. He saw you wearing his sweater with a pair of his boxers.

He couldn’t believe how sexy you were by just wearing his clothes. He want to bend you on the coffee table and fuck you until you couldn’t walk but he control his desire and repeat what he said now a little louder for you to hear him “Hey baby I said I’m home” you tear your eyes away from the screen when you heard him and you sprint towards him. Jimin was taken back when you wrapped your arms and legs around his body. He can feel your chest pressing against him. He could feel how bare you were behind the sweater. Jimin knew how much you loved to roam around the apartment without wearing a bra so now he can feel your harden nipples.

You unconsciously grind against him which made Jimin stiffen and his breath shallow. You felt him stiffen beneath your touch so you smirk and grind again purposely this time. Jimin came back to his senses and finally realized you were teasing him on purpose and it added to his desire. You were shocked when he laid you on the couch suddenly and pressed your body on the couch with him on top of you. You look at Jimin with wide eyes and that’s when it hits you, Jimin was looking down at you with a smirk on his lips and his irises were blown with lust

“So this is how you’re going to greet me huh? Did you purposely do all of this? Sitting on this goddamn sofa while eating some banana seductively and then grind on me? Do you really want me to punish you again?”

He never liked it when he would ask you a question and you wouldn’t answer him, so now wouldn’t be any different.He never liked to tolerate these type of attitudes so he remove his tie.You were shocked when he dragged you by your waist and then tied both of your hands to the couch post, You gasp when he tied it so tight to the point that you couldn’t feel your blood circulating to your hands so it became numb. ‘Did you really just turn him on to the point that he wanted to do stuff like this?

For you it was just an innocent act and out of instincts. But oh boy you really work him up, here you are, hands tied up and you couldn’t even move an inch also your boyfriend on top of you staring at you, contemplating what he would do next.You tried to tug your tied hands again because it was starting to feel sore.

You calm yourself before calling him, you didn’t want to stutter to prove to him that he didn’t affect you in that way. “Jimin..” he looks at you immediately with sharp lusty eyes making you stiffen in fear when you saw him looking at you like you would be his dinner tonight. Jimin stared at you and said “What did you just call me?” His words were filled with venom. You try to speak again but you knew that your voice would betray you “J-jimin?” He chuckled darkly full of amusement. ‘Did you just dig your own grave?’

“So you think you can call me Jimin after seeing you wearing revealing clothes and sitting on this goddamn sofa eating a banana seductively, while having the fucking decency to grind against me and still address me as Jimin” you stared at him wide eyes like a gold fish inside of a fishbowl You repeat it on yourself again ‘Did I really just dig my own grave?’

“You’re making me laugh baby girl you know what you just did to me?! Those were some dirty hits below the belt don’t you think? Did you forget our agreement about how you will address me when you do something wrong?” His hands roam at your waist before sliding his hands up to your belly and drew a few patterns before slowly lowering his hands again and lifted your sweater slowly, which made your breath hitch and shallow until your sweater rested just below your chin so now your breasts were exposed,making your nipples harden from the cold air. You squeak when he started to leave feathery kisses along your waist slowly trailing down to your tummy.

You squirm when he purposely avoided your hard nipples and kissed the side of your breasts, then the valley in between your breast, to your collar bone area but he still wouldn’t give your nipples attention. He started to suck on your collar leaving a few purpleish spots around your neck.. You try to speak again and forgot to address him right “Jimin.”

You caught his attention but felt electricity run down your spine when you saw his reaction. He was not amused, not at all. You got shook and screamed his name when he bit your right nipple hard making you arch your back. You feel him tug your nipples with his teeth. He look at you again “I thought I make myself clear here baby? It’s daddy for you not Jimin. So tying you up still hasn’t taught you your lesson? You still don’t get it huh? Still not enough? It’s your fault that you’re in this position, so now you are going to take every pleasurable thing that daddy is going to give you okay?”

He ripped off the boxers you were wearing and was shocked to see you bare underneath, not even panties “Really?! Your face keeps on insisting that everything before was just an just a innocent act? But it wasn’t an innocent act was it baby? You prepared all of this and look how wet you are” he raised the boxers in the air and he was damn right. You could see the evident wet spot on the boxers you were wearing. He did turn you on, damn he won again this time.

You didn’t notice that he had removed his clothes at lightning speed and was now in all his glory. You finally come back to your senses when he thrusted into you without any warning. You screamed his name while he was thrusting into you with a fast speed “You really are a bad girl aren’t you? Still screaming my name instead?” He thrusted faster. God how can he be going this fast?! Is he even a human?! You scream again this time addressing him right “D-daddy!” He look down at you and smirked “That’s right baby scream it.I want the neighbors to hear who’s making you feel good” His dirty talk was adding fuel to the knot in your stomach.

You clench on him involuntary. He groaned from how you clench on him deliciously “Fuck baby aren’t you a bit too early to be cumming? I just started to fuck your tight and warm pussy and you already clenching on me like you’re about to cum. I won’t be able to last long if you keep on doing that” But you were too focused on your high, not giving him any attention. You feel your high, the knot in your stomach about to break.

When he angled himself a little he hit that certain spot that erupted everything deep inside you “Y-yes da-ddy right there please faster don’t stop!” You gave him a reason to never stop and go faster than before and then you finally feel it, the knot on your stomach finally snapped and floods of pleasure engulfed you. You scream his name this time not caring enough to addressing him right but still Jimin feel offended so he keeps on thrusting, giving no thoughts to see that you were overstimulating, you disobeyed him again and he wanted to reach his high too.

You call him again to try to make him stop cause it was starting to hurt. You tug your hands and you felt like your hands were going to fall off and soon enough he felt his high too. That delicious feeling engulfed him you felt him release inside you but it was starting to really fucking hurt but he keep on thrusting just to milk himself even more. He came back from his high when he heard you cry out “Oh god Jimin please stop I can’t take it anymore it hurts too much please!” you sob.

He finally stopped and rolled onto his side. You were still tied to the post so you call his attention again “Can you please untie me I can’t feel my hands and I don’t think my blood can flow to my hands.” Jimin cursed himself for forgetting that he tied you up “Oh fuck I’m so sorry Maggie.” He quickly untied you and pull you onto his lap to snuggled up on you “Sorry if I’m too hard on you baby I got carried away” He kissed you while he was apologizing.“Its okay but I was serious when I said I didn’t do this on purpose believe me. But I still can’t believe I turned you on that much!” Jimin looked at you and smiled “Yeah you really did turn me on with your simple acts of innocents or vice versa all of it turns me on.”

You smiled and kiss him again but told him something before you did. “Okay maybe the grinding part I did it on purpose 😏.“ Jimin looks at you and smiled “Yeah i know that baby.”

Drabble: The Shower

I got the idea for this Drabble while texting with @avenger-nerd-mom this morning. It quickly got out of hand haha this may eventually become something longer but I enjoy writing this “anything goes” drabbles.. so here we go! If it goes to plan, it will get smutty It 100% got smutty 😘 and long.. so putting it under a keep reading

It is day three of your family vacation and with ten people staying in a four bedroom house on the coast, there isn’t much privacy. Especially with young nieces running around and throwing open bedroom doors at unexpected times. 

Right now, however, you and your husband, Chris Evans, have the house to yourselves. He’d had a business call this morning so you’d both stayed at the house while the others went to the next town over to do some shopping at the outlet mall.

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Jealousy - Slash

Originally posted by siaadrose

Pairing: Slash x Reader

Words: 1.500+

Request: Hey, i love your imagines, if you are taking requests at the moment could i please have a Slash x reader where slash gets jelly of axl cause the reader hangs out with him alot? Again i love your work! Xxx

Warning: Reader gets tied up.

Category: Smut.

A/N: I found out, I am horrible at titles, enjoy.

Slash’s blood boiled as you, once again, laughed at something the ginger said. The two of you hadn’t separated in the whole day, leaving Slash third wheeling.

He tried not to worry too much, he trusted you, and he trusted Axl too, despite how often you and him had been hanging out lately. He knew that you weren’t going to cheat on him, but deep down Slash worried if maybe, just maybe, you and the singer had something going on.

Sighing, he ordered another shot, not taking his eyes from you and him, drinking his shot before standing up and making his way across the bar to you. The sound of you voice, once again, laughing and the smile on Axl’s face making his nose crunch up. He wrapped his arms around your shoulder and you lifted your gaze from Axl to him, smiling as he finally joined you.

“What’ya talking about?” Slash asked, and with a smile, you shook your head, “Nothing too important babe, just joking around”, Slash looked at Axl, he was nodding, agreeing with her.

A few hours later, you started to grow tired and let Axl know that you were going home, Slash mentally cheering, standing for the bar stool and holding you by the waist, determined to leave with you, but just as you were kissing his cheek goodbye, Axl had the best idea, he thought he should leave with you guys, which you had no problem with, and Slash nodded, showing his I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude.

During the ride back home, Slash didn’t say a word, not that you or Axl would notice, since the two of you were really into your conversation, leaving Slash out of it.

You weren’t doing it on purpose, obviously, you just didn’t notice you were leaving him out of it.

Axl, or Ginger, as you called him, had gotten close over the last days. As it turns out, the two of you had more in common than you though, and you guys were determined on finding out more things.

As the taxi stopped at the entrance of Axl’s house, he paid and waved goodbye to Slash, him only nodding, while he kissed your cheek and made sure to tell you to have a goodnight.

Slash rolled his eyes at the action, and didn’t say anything for the rest of the car ride, making you furrow your eyebrows, but didn’t mention it.

You took your heels off when you entered your place, Slash closing the door as he stared at you.

“Okay, what’s up with you?” you questioned with you hand on your hip and your eyebrow raised.

“Nothing” he said, already making his way into your bedroom, leaving his shoes behind.

“You barely said anything today!” you exclaimed, following him, “And don’t you think I didn’t see you rolling your eyes earlier”

“Oh no, don’t worry about it, it’s not important” he said, taking his tank-top off.

You scoffed and started undressing too, “I mean, you could always ask Axl, he might know” he added.

You smirked at his comment and looked at him, “What?” he asked, already sitting at the edge of the bed.

“Could it be, I don’t know, that maybe, you’re jealous of Axl” you smiled and walked towards him, he laughed, “Yeah right” he mumbled.

You stood up in between his legs while in your underwear, and took his face in your hands, making him look at your face, “There’s no need to be jealous baby” you said and giggled and sat on his thigh, pecking his lips.

“I’m not” he said, “He’s your friend, and mine, I trust you” he added. You smiled and nodded, kissing his lips again.

“By the way, he invited me over to his place tomorrow” you lied, wanting him to admit that he was lying.

“He did?” he raised his eyebrow, you nodded again, “Something about, having a good time” you added.

“You planning on going?” he asked, his hand tracing your thigh.

“Yeah” you replied.

At your answer, he snapped, throwing you to the bed, yours hands pinned above your head by one of his, while the other pressed against your core, making you whine.

“You think he can give you a good time?” he growled, his lips against your neck, roughly biting and sucking, leaving hickies all over and your hips buckled against his fingers, looking for friction.

He laughed darkly, “You want ‘em?” he asked, you nodded frantically, “beg” he said.

You stared at him in disbelief, “I’m not gonna beg” you stated, to which he simply pulled his fingers away from you, and you whimpered at the loss of contact.

“You want ‘em?” he asked again.

“Please Slash, I need them” you started, and he smirked at the sudden power he had over you.

“What do you need?” he asked, ripping your panties off.

“You, I want you, and your fingers” you begged, “baby please”

He started tracing slow circles on your clit, making you sigh and the pleased sensation, “Oh Slash” you moaned.

His eyes lit at the sudden idea, quickly standing up, making you whine. Going through your drawers he found what he was looking for, a scarf.

He came back and tied your hands, “Hope you don’t mind” he said, tying both your wrists on the headboard.

“Now, were where we?” he asked, “Your hand was on my pussy” you said, opening your legs and letting him have a good look as you bit you lip.

His boxers suddenly becoming tighter at the sight of your wet pussy. He palmed himself through his boxers, getting some friction his dick desperately needed.

“You gonna do something?” you asked, his lusty eyes meeting yours.

Hovering over you, he slid one finger inside of you, slowly pumping it in and out, causing you to moan, he added another one and made sure to hit your sweet spot every time.

Your moans became louder as you felt your climax approaching, clenching your walls around him, desperately wanting to touch him.

And just as you going to orgasm, his slit his fingers out, making you groan.

“You thought you were gonna cum just yet?” he teased, “I want to have to fun too” he said, pulling his boxers off.

Sitting on his knees, he spits into his hand and his took his cock, moving his wrists up and down, tracing his thumb over the tip, low moans leaving his lips.

You got wetter at the sight, closing your legs tight, getting little friction, “You like what you see?” he said, his hand moving faster and his hips involuntary trusted upwards.

“Slash, please” you whined.

“You want something?” he asked, his movements coming to a stop.

“Yes, fuck Slash, I want you”

“What do you want from me?” he said, already hovering over you.

“I want you to fuck me”

His tip was already at you entrance, “baby please” you pleaded.

He slammed himself inside you and you moaned, he groaned “oh you feel so good around me babe” he moaned as he began trusting.

“So tight and wet for me” he whispered in your ear, causing you to whimper.

You moaned, “I bet he can’t make you feel like this” he said, his trusts becoming harder, “tell me” he said.

“No, Fuck! Only you can make me feel like this Slash” you moaned.

“What’s my name?” he said, “Who’s making you feel this way?” he asked.

“You, fuck, Slash”

“Wrong name sweetheart” he said trusting harder.


“That’ right baby”

You once again clenched around him, shutting your eyes close as you felt them get teary, your body tensing, “Babe I’m so close” you moaned, “I know babe, I can feel it” he groaned, “Cum y/n, cum for me baby” he groaned, his dick focusing on making you climax.

When your back separated from the mattress, and a loud yell of his name came rolling out of your tongue, Slash felt satisfied with himself, but didn’t stop trusting, riding your orgasm out as your whimpered and moaned, his dick twitching at the pressure and becoming undone inside, cursing and moaning.

Rolling off of you he sighed, trying to catch his breath, “I love you y/n” he said.

“I love you too Slash, but, will you untie me?” you laughed, causing him to chuckle too as he untied your wrists, laying down again, opening his arms, silently telling you to join him, which you did.

“You know, I was just messing with you about the whole Axl inviting me over thing” you admitted.

“Why?” he asked.

“Just wanted to prove something” you answered.

“What were you trying to prove?”

“just the fact that you are jealous of Axl”

“I am not” he defended himself.

“Totally” you laughed.