lustre drops


It is easy to drop things.
We drop pens and pencils,

We drop our dreams, ambitions
and we drop conversations
with people we love.

And sometimes, things fall out of our reach,
can’t be picked up. We leave
them behind.
And that isn’t always the end
of the world.

we drop anchor
and that allows us to weather the storm.

Your wedding day is the time to be in the spotlight, so don’t let your make-up overwhelm your natural beauty. But if you want a bit of oomph, a matte blue red lip is gorgeous for a fall or summer wedding.

Wedding make-up is something I don’t normally carry out however for family & friends I get such pleasure making them feel & look wonderful for their big day. Jemma has been my lip model for many years now so I felt honoured to be asked to do her wedding make-up! I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to pull of the matte vintage red lip on their wedding day.

My wedding make-up essentials:

Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Mattifier
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream
Temptu 2.0 Bridal Kit (using a mixture of natural foundation tones, blushers and bronzers from the Airpod system)
Laura Mercier concealer
Mac lustre drops
Temptu 053 highlighter
Jane Iredale powder
MAC Painterly paint pot
Peaches make-up loose pigment in peaches cream
Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Brow palette
Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet applied with Karla Cosmetics lip brushes
Ben Nye eyeshadows
Origins mascara


tope-tea  asked:

What are the best mac highlighters? :)

MAC actually has a few different types of highlighting products! From cream, liquid to powder they all give off different finishes and level of glow. I’ll tell you a little about all of them so you can choose which one will work best for you :)

Powder Highlighters give a more shimmery, almost metallic finish. MAC has a few mineralized skinfinishes which are baked powder highlighters. My personal favorites are Lightscapade, Soft and Gentle and Gold Deposit. 

  • Lightscapade is great for those with more fair skin or if you want a more natural looking highlight. Lightscapade isnt as glittery or shimmery as the other shades. 

  • Soft and Gentle is a more intense highlight. It’s very shimmery and pigmented but is a little more wearable because it’s not too pale of a shade it’s more beige and golden.

Cream Highligters give more of a wet, dewy look. They don’t have as much glitter they give the skin more of a sheen.

  • MAC has a few cream color bases the most popular shades being Pearl, Hush and Shell. Some are more pinky while some are more golden and usually the more fair you are you go for something more pink and the more tan you are you go for something more golden but it’s really up to you :)

Liquid Highlighters are great for mixing into foundation or using on top of foundation for a more wet, dewy look similar to cream highlighters. Mixing these into foundation will give your entire face an all over glow.

  • MAC Strobe Cream can be used under foundation sort of like a lotion or a primer, it will just give a little glow to the skin so the sheen can shine through under the foundation. Or you can mix it with foundation!

  • MAC Lustre Drops can also be used mixed into foundation or on top of foundation. 

letitbrigold  asked:

Hi I absolutely loooovvveee the glowy/dewy skin look like karrueche and j lo but I can never find products to create the look. I tried bars sheer glow in Tahoe (didn't work) and I tried numerous highlighters that somewhat worked but not how I expected. Do you know of any foundations or highlighters that truly create a glow or dewy look?

I love Karrueche’s glowing skin!

I think for the look you’re going for you’d like liquid illuminators! You can mix them with foundation on the back of your hand to create a really luminous, dewy foundation. They give your face an all over glow. You can mix in as little or as much liquid illuminator depending on how dewy you want to look :)

Some great liquid illuminators to mix with foundation are

MAC Lustre Drops

Josie Maran Argan Luminizer

Revlon Photoready Skin Lights

Loreal True Match Lumi Primer

raquellazy-deactivated20160221  asked:

Do you think adding a illuminator in a matte foundation will defeat the purpose ? If it doesn't can you recommend some drugstore illuminator and foundation? Thank you :) btw I looove loooove your blog !

Thanks babe! <3

Mixing a liquid/cream highlighter or even a moisturizer will add a glow (depending on how much liquid shimmer you mix in) to the foundation so it will no longer be completely matte. But it won’t affect the longevity of the foundation! Good if you want a long wearing foundation but not the matte look :)

You can do two things

  1. Mix liquid/cream illumination into the foundation to give the foundation a glow
  2. Use a illuminating primer under makeup for a “glow from within” look

Mixing a little liquid illuminator with your long wearing foundation on the back of your hand is great for keeping your makeup on all day without the matte, flat finish some long wearing foundations can have. Using an illuminating/shimmery primer under your foundation will look like your skin is “glowing from within” without having the shimmer in the actual foundation.

You can mix in some liquid cream highlighters like MAC Lustre Drops, ELF Shimmery Facial Whip, Revlon Photoready Skinlights or Benefit High Beam.

Loreal True Match Lumi Light Infusing Primer

MAC Strobe Cream

Dior Glow Maximizer Primer

carpediemthatish  asked:

I have combination skin (oily tzone and dry patches around my nose and cheeks) and I'm looking into purchasing a new foundation that's light to medium coverage and offers a kind of glowy look while still maybe keeping oils at bay? Can you recommend a higher end and drugstore alternative?

I have oily/combination skin and I want a subtle glow while keeping shine free too!

Unfortunately many “glowing” foundations arent long wearing so I make sure to use an oil controlling moisturizer and oil controlling primer so my skin won’t product as much oils and I can still get away with wearing a more dewy foundation. Check out my post on oily skin here

You could also mix some moisturizer or liquid highlighter to a long wearing, matte foundation on the back of your hand then apply for a more dewy look but still having that long lasting foundation. Loreal’s Magic Lumi primer or MAC Lustre Drops are great liquid highlighters!

Orrr you can apply powder or cream highlighter on your cheek bones, down the bridge of your nose, any anywhere else you want to have a glow. A lot of oily skin gals like this method because you can add shine where you want it while still looking matte in other places. 

Also, try translucent powder! It’s less matte than traditional powders yet is amazing at controlling shine. It sets your makeup but still lets the foundation finish shine through. Apply a thin layer all over or in your t zone :)

Some foundations i’d recommend for the look youre going for are

  • Loreal True Match Magic Lumi foundation
  • Garnier BB Cream for oily/combination skin (has the best coverage out of pretty much all drugstore bb creams)
  • Urban Decay Naked foundation
  • Lancome Tient Miracle
  • MAC Matchmaster
  • Makeup Forever Face & Body foundation

All these foundations have a light to medium coverage and a more satin/luminous finish but arent too dewy :)