Survivor - Season 34, Game Changers
The Second Member of the Jury: Ozzy Lusth

i was rooting so hard for a Cirie, Ozzy, and Andrea alliance to take out the majority and you guys, it was so good in my head, it was perfect, this was the season I wanted, to make up for all of my favorites going out so early, and then Zeke had to go and mess it all up.
(also, this is the first time I’ve drawn Ozzy? feels weird as this is his fourth go but here we are)

On Tonight's Survivor:

I am a transgender woman, only out to a couple family members and all of you online. I’m pre-transition but about to start, which is to say that I have not yet begun to know the struggles I will likely go through in life to be myself.

On tonight’s episode of Survivor: Game Changers (Season 34!), a closeted trans-man named Zeke was outed, both publicly and on the show, by a fellow contestant at Tribal Council. This contestant, Jeff Varner, was likely to be eliminated from the game and announced to the tribe that Zeke was trans, ostensibly as a ploy to make people distrust Zeke.

The initial response by both Zeke’s fellow tribemates and the host Jeff Probst was stunned silence followed by intense anger and sadness directed at Varner. All five tribemates lambasted Varner as Zeke sat in shock.

My reaction was the same as Zeke’s. I couldn’t believe that someone I had watched on my local news for years, someone who I had loved on two previous seasons, someone who was an openly gay man, could do something so mindlessly cruel to another person. I expect those type of comments from ignorant assholes and spineless politicians, but certainly not from someone like Jeff Varner. I also realize that Varner surely regretted saying it once the words actually came out, but that doesn’t undo his actions. I know I have said stupid things in my life, but I can’t say I’ve ever stooped that low as an adult.

Despite all of this, somehow the overall feeling I have tonight is joy. Something so tragic could’ve left me feeling shaken and sad, but the way Zeke turned the moment into a beautiful one amazes me the more I think about it.

After regaining his composure at Tribal Council, Zeke found the strength to say this:

“Being trans and transitioning, it’s a long process, it’s a very difficult process, and there are people who know. But then I sort of got to the point where I stopped telling people, because when people know that about you, that’s sort of who you are. There are questions people ask, people who want to know about your life, they want to know about this and that, and it sort of overwhelms everything else that they know about you. You’re no longer Zeke, you’re ‘the trans person’.

I think I’ve been fortunate to play Survivor as long as I’ve been playing it and not have that label, and one of the reasons I didn’t want to lead with that is that I didn’t want to be ‘the Trans Survivor Player’, I wanted to be Zeke, the Survivor player. And I feel like I am! So I’m okay. I knew someone might pick up on it or it might be revealed, so I am prepared to talk about it, to have it be a part of my Survivor experience. It’s kind of crappy the way it’s happened, but, you know.

'Metamorphosis’ is the word of the episode, and I feel like I’ve seen such a metamorphosis of myself over the past 52 days I’ve played Survivor. I don’t know if the scared kid who hit the mat in the marooning of (Season) 33 would be as calm as I am right now, but I’ve started two fires with just bamboo, I’ve won challenges, I’ve been part of blindsides, I’ve done all kinds of crazy stuff and I am a changed, stronger, better man today than I was then. So you know what Varner, it was really not cool, but you know, I’m fine.

You know Jeff, I’m certainly not anyone who should be a role model for anybody else, but maybe there’s someone who’s a Survivor fan, and me being out on the show helps him, or helps her, or helps someone else, and so maybe this will lead to a greater good.”

As incredible as it was to hear these words delivered so eloquently by Zeke, and on national television no less, it was the words from another tribemate that amazed me the most.

Sarah, a conservative cop on the tribe, was the most reserved person at Tribal Council while the chaos caused by Varner’s words unfolded behind her, sitting deep in contemplation. What she finally said blew me away.

“I’m just thankful that I got to know Zeke for who Zeke is. I’ve been with him for the last eighteen days, and he’s, like, super kick-ass. I’m from the Midwest and I come from a very conservative background, so it’s not very diverse when it comes to a lot of gay and lesbian and transgender things like that. So I’m not as exposed to it as much as most of these people are, and the fact that I can love this guy so much, and it doesn’t change anything for me, it makes me realize that I’ve grown huge as a person.

Of course we want to come away with the million dollars, but the metamorphosis that I’ve even made as a person that I didn’t realize until this minute is invaluable. I’m sorry it came out that way, but I’m glad it did. I’m so glad I got to know you for Zeke, and not for what you were afraid of us knowing you as, and I’ll never look at you that way.”

Seeing someone who has obviously never had to confront feelings like this so directly, and quickly realizing that she still loved Zeke for Zeke, with his being transgender not changing anything, gives me hope. It makes me realize that most people, when given the opportunity, will treat you with kindness and compassion. And maybe what they need to explore these feelings is to have a personal moment of realization like Sarah did. Zeke, and Varner I suppose, gave millions of people the opportunity that Sarah had tonight.

Some people will hold onto their prejudices regardless and demonize Zeke to fit their worldview. Perhaps they’ll never become accepting of LGBTQ people, or maybe it will take someone directly in their life coming out to change. But I know that some people watching tonight, who rooted for Zeke every week not knowing he was trans, are spending tonight reconsidering their values. That’s progress. And what a beautiful thing it is.

On a personal level, the handling of this moment by both Jeff Probst and the producers/editors involved in it make me proud to be a “superfan” of this show. It could have gone haywire and turned into a purely rotten situation, but instead became a truly important focus on what it means to be true to yourself in this world. I have always wanted to be on this show, roughing it in the rain with people scheming against me, trying miserably to untie knots underwater because I want to be treated to Adam Sandler’s latest film, feeling the euphoria of making it onto the jury, and even the slim possibility of winning a million dollars. I had never truly thought I could make it onto the show, and coming out as transgender initially made me think that I had even less of a chance.

Zeke changed that for me.

I want to make an audition tape now. I feel like if he can do it, and do it so well, then why the hell cant I? I know millions of people have had that same thought, but I’ve never once felt this sense of drive in my young life. I owe that to Survivor first and foremost, but also to Zeke and the, dare I say it, heroism he showed on tonight’s episode.

Maybe you’ll see me on a future season of Survivor, maybe not. But I know that I got something life-changing out of the show tonight, and I’m sure I’m not alone. If eight year old me, sitting there enthralled by the very first season of Survivor, could know just how big an effect this show would have on her, she wouldn’t believe it. Mostly because she was eight and didn’t know anything about anything, but still.

Tonight, send your love to Zeke Smith for bravely confronting what could have been ruinous and transforming it into something worth celebrating. Send your love to Sarah Lacina, Ozzy Lusth, Tai Trang, Andrea Boehlke, and Debbie Wanner for speaking up on Zeke’s behalf, being true allies to trans people everywhere, and showing that there will always be people in this world who will have your back when the bullies try to knock you down. And send your love to Jeff Varner, who made a terrible mistake, and has by all accounts suffered ten times over for it. Allow him to learn from this and become a better person as a result. He will be most capable of doing this with your love and support. Do not excuse his actions and similar actions of others worldwide, but fight to turn the negatives into positives whenever possible.

We can do this.

Love always,

anonymous asked:

agh!! dylan making love to you bullet point?? <3

  • you two would probably be in a long term relationship first
  • you would have a conversation like a week before about how you both felt you were ready
  • “I love you so much y/n, and I want to be close to you, and make you feel good”
  • he didn’t wanna plan it too much because it would ruin the spontaneity, but when he invited you over to his house without his parents, you knew it would be happening
  • It would start out with you two play wrestling on his bed, and tiny pecks through the laughter
  • the pecks would become more passionate, Dylan slipping his tongue in your mouth because he loved the way you tasted
  • you’d start tugging at each other’s clothes and slowly pull off the first layer
  • you’d both pull away and look at each other, Dylans eyes would be full with so much love, but so much lust
  • he would suddenly look down and you’d see blush creeping on his cheeks
  • “what is it?”
  • “I…I bought condoms the other day in case uh…in case this happened”
  • you’d smile all cheesy and he’d hop off the bed and go to his closet, where he’d pull out a grocery bag
  • your heart would start to pound because you’d never had sex, Dylan would be your first, and he would notice your change in demeanor
  • “hey, what’s up y/n??”
  • “I”m just, kinda afraid it’ll hurt or, I don’t know, I’m being silly”
  • “hey hey, it’s okay. I’ll make sure you’re okay”
  • “I know Dyl, I’m just overthinking.”
  • he’d lean into your ear and in a throaty whisper he’d say “Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel real good y/n”
  • you’d get chills and watch him roll the condom on while shakily pulling your underwear and bra off
  • he’d crawl on top of you and his hair would be wild, falling in his face, you two would laugh
  • he’d push it out of his face and lean down to kiss you gently
  • “I love you y/n”
  • he’d slowly push into your wetness, filling you up 
  • your eyes would flutter closed and he’d ask if you were okay
  • “y-yeah, I’m good Dyl” you’d smile
  • he’d start thrusting, but slowly, and softly, as if you could break any second
  • you’d whimper and ask for faster, and he’d comply, letting out his first throaty moan of the night
  • a thin layer of sweat began to form between your bodies, making everything slick
  • your hard nipples would occasionally graze against his sweaty chest every time he pushed into you
  • “y/n, you feel so, fucking good”
  • one of his hands would be gripping your hip, and he’d raise the other hand to his mouth, getting it wet with spit
  • his hand would slide down your body, and you’d gasp when you felt his long slender fingers on your clit
  • he’d tease you, rubbing you at the same rhythm of his thrusts
  • you’d groan, “I love you, Dylan. I love you.”
  • “I’m getting close y/n”
  • his thrusts would lose the sense of rhythm that had previously been there, and your muscles would tighten as you neared your climax
  • he would give one final pound into you and let out a stream of expletives, moaning your name into your ear
  • his hand wouldn’t stop touching you, and you’d feel the familiar pooling in your lower abdomen
  • he’d collapse on top of you, and you would lose all your senses except the feeling of bliss as you came
  • you’d both dissolve into pleasure lying with each other, burning the memory into your head of this very moment 
IkéSen Imagines: Cuddling with the Warlords | Uesugi-Takeda Forces + Kennyo

Part 2, with my beautiful baby Kenshin and fab Shingen’s forces~ this assumes you maintain a permanent residence with the K-T Forces, so just flip the story around; you saved Kenshin the first day you were here, not Nobunaga.

Uesugi-Takeda Forces

Kenshin (My bias may be seeping through just a little…)

  • Busy as Shit Quintet member three; beware, cuddles are rare!
  • A lot of these cuddles are started by you because he’s honestly so preoccupied and focused on work
  • Taking down old Oda is hard, ya know?
  • You’ll wait until he’s finished with his work to go and visit him because he’ll usually be quite tired despite his permanent blood-lust
  • He doesn’t react much other than a very mildly amused smile, but on the inside he’s grateful as hell that you’re there
  • As soon as you’re in proximity of him, he’ll be tugging you down and onto him so you’re straddling him, keeping you as close as possible
  • He’ll simply just hold you against him and nuzzle his face into your collarbone, breathing you in and feeling the warmth coming from you
  • He’s never felt it with anyone else, but it fascinates him to hold you because he doesn’t want to kill you and it’s so odd for him
  • This freaks you out when he first tells you, but then you remember that this is Kenshin and that you would be more worried if he didn’t tell you that
  • Anyways, you always make sure to ask him if he’s okay and if anything’s happened that you missed, and he’ll run through it while he trails his hands up and down your back and legs, watching you shiver from the touch
  • He won’t directly ask about your day, because he’s a bit too prideful, but he’ll more just murmur into your throat, “I trust you had a pleasant day.”
  • And then you can tell him if you did, or didn’t, and if it’s the latter, he takes a mental - or sometimes vocal - note to eradicate kill end deal with whoever or whatever has caused you to be unhappy
  • Unless he’s tired, at this point, his not-so-bloody lust will come out to play
  • The way I see it, he’s a 1000% dom, so he’ll throw you back on the floor and kiss the shit out of you before you even realise what’s happening
  • He will literally kiss, lick, bite and suck on every inch of your skin he can find
  • Does this even qualify as cuddles tho or am I cheating
  • It gets intense and hot and heavy very quickly and then it’s not cuddles anymore ;))))) he needs stress relief and you’re it ;DDDDDD
  • But on days when he comes back from a battle, he’s usually still hyped up from fighting and he’s never had anyone to bring him down from that, but now you do
  • So when he’s still got that killer look in his eyes, you sit him down, then coax his head onto your lap and stroke his hair, telling him to remember who he is and what he’s fighting for
  • You stroke his jaw, hair, cheeks and eyes, instructing him to close the latter and breathe because he knows he’s still in his dangerous mind and you’re not leaving until his rational side has returned


  • Okay, so cuddles with this one are just pure fluff
  • They can be literally anywhere, and Sasuke will go wherever you want as long as it’s safe
  • You want to chill in a tree in the gardens? Done. In his room? Sorted. In the middle of a field somewhere because it looks nice? Don’t even worry, Sasuke’s got it covered.
  • Loads of talking about your old lives and the differences between them
  • Sometimes reminiscing about things you both miss, things you don’t miss, things you wish you would have changed before coming here
  • You’ll sit side by side most of the time, but Sasuke will idly slip his hand into yours, staring off into the distance and not even noticing.
  • It kills you inside because it’s so nice and he’s so warm and the way he plays with your fingers is just gahhhh
  • You drop your head onto his shoulder after a bit, and he rests his cheek against it, occasionally dropping kisses against your hair
  • He’s blushing a bit but he’s safe since you can’t see him
  • Oh shit you looked up cue Sasuke.Panic
  • He’s a bit hesitant with kisses and stuff because he’s so respectful, so you lean up and kiss him first most of the time
  • But then once you start it, there’s no stopping him
  • He loves to hold you against his side and cup your face, brushing your hair back and tucking it behind your ear
  • He’ll pause in kissing your lips to do it with your face instead, murmuring how glad he is to have you with him even though you didn’t choose it at first
  • You usually end up nudging his glasses moving your head and you both just break into endless giggles. Like, you cannot have cuddles with Sasuke without laughing at some point, but he’s so sweet about it
  • He also loves to have you laying on his chest just relaxing, because then he can stroke your hair and enjoy the sensation of having you close to him
  • But he really doesn’t mind if you’re under him and he’s smothering you with affection either that’s cool too
  • You’re both the type to lie on your sides next to each other, doing silly little things like poking each other’s cheeks or noses and laughing about the randomest things
  • Conclusion: Sasuke.Cuddles are the epitome of adorableness


  • Prepare to be worshipped in every way shape and form, people, because Shingen’s got 2,000 words, two hands, a set of gorgeous lips and a silver tongue and they’re all for you
  • This one is just so smooth, like he could breathe and you just melt into his cuddles because you can’t physically not
  • He almost always comes to you; even when you try to find him or plan to go to him first, he usually seeks you out unless he’s mega busy with war or nation-wide domination or whatever
  • Shingen’s cuddles can happen anywhere, though; standing, sitting, lying down, up a fucking tree like Sasuke… impossible is a word Shingen deleted from his dictionary a long time ago
  • Anyways, he’ll often catch you in the halls, very frequently by surprise, and whisk you into his arms in a tight hug, usually whispering how he’s missed his goddess and wishes he could spend the day with her in his arms
  • But even so, he’ll stroke your hair and embrace you for ages just savouring you being there until he has to go
  • He’ll make it up later on ;)))))
  • He prefers cuddles in his room though because then he can do whatever the hell he wants and just shower you with affection
  • Basically, you’ll spend the entire time kissing him, and you’ll either be straddling him or under him on the floor
  • Every time, though, his hands are all over you. He just can’t not -w-
  • There is a legit 87.42% chance he’ll end up at least shirtless
  • “I’m hot, of course. How can I not be in the presence of such a heavenly flame?”
  • Yeah right
  • Your lips will be raw when he’s done with you; he can’t get enough of kissing you
  • He does have calmer days though, if he’s feeling down, something’s happened or he’s been in battle, or if you’re having a bad day in the slightest.
  • If you’re unhappy in the slightest, do not even try and hide it, because as soon as he starts to cuddle you, you’ll be under interrogation and the source of your unhappiness will very swiftly mind itself lacking its existence
  • Moving on, if he’s having a bad day, you’ll lie back and let him drape himself over you, resting his head on your chest and listening to your heartbeat
  • It’s so soothing to him, to hear the sound of his other half’s life source thumping away
  • You’ll stroke his hair and whisper to him sweet nothings, assuring him that whatever went wrong can be fixed, and that it wasn’t his fault if he’s blaming himself wrongly, and that you’ll be by his side the whole way there


  • Busy as Shit Quintet member four: this boy’s got stuff to take care of 24/7
  • Ah, look, another tsundere… we all know how this is going to go
  • He will not start it, unless you make it a challenge. Dare him to make you blush or hug you or hold you for a certain period of time, and his pride will make him physically incapable of refusing
  • He’ll be grumbling out hatred the entire time, but that’s okay because he’s a tomato by the end of it and you know he secretly likes it anyway
  • But like, he adores it when you hug him from behind and just cuddle him like that, regardless of if he’s standing or sitting
  • He’ll subtly hold your hands against his stomach, feeling your head against his back where his heart is
  • You’ll mumble into his clothes, asking how he is, and he’ll answer neutrally most of the time since it’ll be about work or the war
  • But he’ll know if something’s up with you by this point since you’ll still ask him if you’re feeling down yourself, but then you’ll just make noises instead of acknowledging him properly
  • So when he realises this he turns around and collects you in his arms, sitting you on his knee sideward on and hiding his burning face in your hair
  • He’ll ask what’s up and why you’re acting weird, and if you tell him, he’ll assure you that he’ll take care of whatever it is
  • If you refuse to tell him, God help you and bless your poor soul
  • He’ll be kissing you before you know it, leaning you back and draping you on the floor
  • He will literally leave you breathless under him, pinning your hands down, hovering over you, until he tells you to tell him what’s wrong
  • You can’t say no. You couldn’t if you tried
  • Also, play fights are a regular occurrence with you two during cuddles, in which he will literally destroy you and beat you in seconds and then tease you relentlessly for it
  • But then if you end up pouting because you lost he’ll kiss you until you smile he adores your smile it makes his heart go yay
  • If he’s having a bad day himself, after a long, tiring, unsuccessful or particularly dreadful battle or something has gone wrong, you’ll sit in front of him and hold his face, whispering that it’ll pass and that he’s so strong, but everyone needs to break down every now and again
  • You’ll rest your forehead against his, and he’ll listen to your breathing, focusing on the warmth telling him he’s still alive and so are you, and that you’re there and it’ll get better
  • These are the days that he’ll curl up in your lap and fall asleep, one hand gripping yours even when he falls into the dark



In which you’re on his side in all of this, despite moral codes and self-preservation etc…

Also, if you have issue with Kennyo being included because he’s likely quite old and the MC would be comparatively young, that’s fine, but you have to understand that he’s a potential suitor in the game and so I will acknowledge him as such on this blog.

I personally have little interest in him, but I set that aside for those who might have interest, and would ask that you do as well.

  • Busy as Shit Quintet member five; excuse him while he tries to avenge his temple.
  • Anyway, cuddles with Kennyo are really, really, really rare
  • He’s got so many responsibilities and duties with managing his make-do army that he barely has any time to spare
  • But that’s okay to you because you understand his reasons and love him all the same
  • You just make sure to savour them even more when you have moments with him
  • He’ll usually return late in the day tired, stressed out and sometimes injured, and it kills you because you know it’s taking its toll on him
  • But you don’t want to push him because he can be easily angered, so you go with what’s safe and sit behind him, resting your head against his back once he’s sat down in his room
  • He immediately relaxes when he feels you there, and it’s a blessing when he feels you start to rub his shoulders, massaging them gently
  • You do this every time you know he’s had a rough day and he would never say it but oh my God does he appreciate it
  • Like this is all that gets him through the day when things are bad or difficult
  • You always ask if he wants to talk about it, and if he does, you’ll listen to everything that happened, nodding into his back to show you’re paying attention
  • It helps so much, being able to vent out his frustrations to you, and when he’s done he feels ten times better
  • He tugs you around once he feels better, sitting you on his knee and smirking down at you, but it’s a kind one just for you
  • He’ll muse about how you’re far too pure for someone like him, but you’ll always dismiss it, reaffirming that no one’s perfect
  • He’s not the biggest on affection but he’ll often tip your head back and ravage your neck with kisses and bites bc he’s hell in human form
  • He knows exactly how to make you squirm, and he’s a sadist, so expect to end up a pile of mush every time you cuddle him
  • He also has quite a lewd mouth… just warning ya. He ain’t for the innocent ears -w-

Wading In Scarlet Lust

He turned in every direction until he faced the path once again and there Kyungsoo stood. Within his palm was an opulent bouquet of red roses, the number no less than two dozen. “What satisfaction canst thou have tonight?”

Jongin smiled. “For you to walk with me…” In less than a second, Kyungsoo was beside him, and he gently handed over the bouquet which Jongin also accepted warmly. They began to walk again, this time with Kyungsoo beside him, his fingers interlaced behind his back.

Inspired by the GoldenExoFest Round 1- Royalty fic Wading In Scarlet Lust