lustful intent

Braids and Confessions

Summary: You finally convince Sam to let you braid his hair.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: mentions hair kink, interrupted make out session

A/N: duude, that gif gets my every time this has been sitting in my drafts for agess. Enjoy some Sammy lovin’, guys! xx


“Can I braid your hair?”

Sam looked over at you from across the table, a mixture of amusement and confusion on his face at your question.



He raised his eyebrow at you, the puppy eyes you were giving him gradually breaking the wall. “What’s it worth?” He queried, taking his attention off of the book in front of him and onto you instead.

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anonymous asked:

To me the Lust arc is very big IH scene. Althought, Hollow saved and turned Ichigo into monster, we can deny that his desire to save her and his will to fighting for her gave his inner hollow the opportunity to take over completely. So that's why this arc is called "The Lust Arc". His desire made him commit sin. That's what I think, so can you tell me your opinion in the lust arc. Thank for reading! Btw, I love your posts about Bleach, you truly understand it more than anyone I've met.

Thank you very much it really makes me happy to hear that ! 

For the Lust arc there is 2  theories out there . With one being much more probable than the other . 

Either ichigo , hearing Orihime’s cries , turned into a monster to protect her . 

Either the hollow inside Ichigo was anyway programmed to save Ichigo in case he got hurt real bad and his awakening coincided with Orihime’s cries . 

I think the second theory is the one in the real because of this : 

And this works just as good for Ichihime than the first theory actually  . This post words it perfectly but to sum it up in a few words : 

The hollow woke up , saved ichigo and defeated Ulquiorra . Only instinct was at play here because ichigo’s hollow is pure instinct . 

But the goal of the hollow was to protect ichigo , only ichigo . He did not care about Ishida or Orihime ( zangetsu/ hollow mixed said to ichigo “ the things you want to protect and what I want to protect are different things” before ichigo turned into Mugetsu . Meaning Ichigo wants to protect those he cares for but his powers want to protect only ichigo ) . 

So how come ichigo says this while he turns into a hollow ? 

We know the hollow doesn’t care at all about Orihime . So the person thinking this is Ichigo himself and not his hollow . Meaning that while he was dead the only part of humanity remaining in him was his desire to protect Orihime . Fucks me up every time 

Maybe , as you said his desire to protect Orihime helped to trigger his transformation into a hollow but I don’t think that’s it . I think his desire to protect Orihime is what helped to trigger his transformation into a dead boy . 

And that brings me to the most important idea which you brought up in your message. His desire to protect Orihime as a sin . 

The thing is that Ichigo and Orihime are both people with very good intentions and their very good intentions turned their reality into a nightmare during the lust arc . 

Like when he went into Hueco Mundo Ichigo’s only motivation was his desire to protect Orihime . He affronted Dordonni and Ulquiorra and grimmjow and then Ulquiorra again because he wanted to bring Orihime back home  . 

Wanting to protect someone you love is a good thing right ? 

And Orihime , since she met Ichigo her faith in him was unwavering . She would always be there to support him , she would watch him from afar even if it’s killing her not being able to help ( see : Orihime having to physically restrain herself to stay back during ichigo’s fight with Byakuya ) because she believes in him . 

////A lot of people have twisted this faith in him into a bad thing but it isn’t presented by the narrative as such . And it’s making me so angry to see that when the doctor says about Rose “Well, I’ve seen a lot of this universe. I’ve seen fake gods and bad gods and demi-gods and would-be gods. I’ve had the whole pantheon. But if I believe in one thing… just one thing… I believe in her!” It’s seen as so romantic and amazing but when Orihime expresses the exact same feelings through her actions then this is bad for her and her love for ichigo is toxic ( I’ve always been baffled by this fandom tendency to infantilize Orihime ) . ////

So just before the lust arc you have ichigo motivated by his desire to protect Orihime and Orihime believing in Ichigo with all her being . 

They’re both good people with good intentions and good motivations . Then why did it turn so bad ? Why is the Lust arc so tragic ? 

To me it was Kubo’s way to show to Orihime and Ichigo that they were  humans and not characters . 

It feels funny to write that but that’s exactly what happened . In Shonen usually the good intentions of the protagonist is often enough to give them unlimited amount of powers and a guarantee to beat their opponent . 

Not in Bleach . When Ulquiorra invoked his second resurrection we knew ichigo was fucked . We knew that no matter how strong he had gotten he wouldn’t be able to beat Ulquiorra . But he was the hero so surely something would happen to help him beat Ulquiorra . He is the hero he cannot die trying to save his friend . 

And yet he dies . I think that is something that is not often reflected upon . Ichigo was dead . It was over . He wasn’t strong enough . 

He went to such terrible length to protect Orihime that he died . His good , pure desire to protect Orihime got him dead . 

And same for Orihime . 

Her feelings which were pure and true pushed her to cry for the help of a dead boy . ( I’ll fucking fight you if you try to see this in a negative light . Orihime’s depression which premises we are shown in the Vizards arc just went worse and worse during the Hueco Mundo and in the lust arc she just snapped . She was no longer herself when she called for him . She never believed in herself , always thought she was useless and completely disregarded her own life but she believed in Ichigo  . He was her pillar and now he is dead on the ground . She doesn’t know what to do , she sees Ishida’s arm being tore off from his body , she is desperately trying to heal ichigo but she can’t do it so she just turns for ichigo , for his guidance for his help . She doesn’t do it consciously she just snaps and is not herself anymore when she calls for his help ) . God this scene is so powerful , the lust arc is really the peak of Bleach . 

So here it is . Two kids who have the best motivations are confronted with realities . 

They are both 16 here , very young and this moment is what will turn them into adults ( I am convinced that without the lust arc the whole arc about ichigo giving up his powers to defeat aizen would have gone differently ) . 

They are both selfless and both have the flaw to completley disregard themselves and ALWAYS , ALWAYS put other’s people needs and wishes before their own . 

During the lust arc they went to terrible lengths to protect the other . Lengths nobody should ever go . And while doing so they completely disregarded their own lives  . 

Ichigo died for Orihime and Orihime constantly throughout all the Hueco Mundo arc showed a total disregard to her own life and well being . She let herself be beaten by Loly and Menoly ( because she was sure she deserved it because her friends got hurt getting in Hueco Mundo trying to save her ) , she let herself be strangled by Grimmjow because she did not want to heal ichigo to have him be even more hurt by grimmjow 

And during the lust arc she is healing ichigo and protecting ishida with her shield while herself remains completely unprotected ( she already did that during the fight against Nnoitorra shielding Yachiru and healing nell while she remained in the open completely unprotected ) . 

The lust arc is what made them grow up . What made them understand that good intentions often aren’t enough in the real world and no matter how much they want to protect the other , how much they believe in the other sometimes they just won’t be strong enough . 

To Orihime the growth triggered by the lust arc is clear as day . 

Here we have everything . Orihime understands that Ichigo is human and no matter how much she believes in him he will sometimes fail . She also understands that , in order for him to get up she would have to be strong . She does not think she is useless and weak anymore , she does not think her own life is worthless . 

She grew up . She understood that both her and Ichigo were human . She got out of the vicious circle of self loathing . All of that because she saw him died . 

As for ichigo I think the Lust arc , along with learning the truth about his mother and making peace with his powers is what made him understand he had to rely on his friends during battle . He cannot shoulder it all alone . Sometimes he’ll need the help of his friends in order to win . His desire to protect them is strong , he cares for them very much and wish to be able to shoulder the burden on his own . But he cannot . He realizes he needed his friends help in order to win and that is why this : 

( along with him trusting Ishida and then Ganju and Chad to affront their opponents alone ) is one of ichigo’s biggest character development . We all know how over protective he is with Orihime ( certainly because he is in love with her ) but having him bring her voluntarily into the battlefield  is completely at odds with the dynamic they had before where he asked orihime to stay behind while he protected her ( see all the vizards and Hueco mundo arc ) . Here he understand that his desire to protect her should not cloud his judgment and that he would need her shielding / healing abilities against an opponent as strong as Ywach especially because he needed someone to protect him while he awoke his hybrid powers . This , coupled with the realization that Orihime trained so hard to be able to fight alongside him that he discovered during the fullbring arc is what brought up this character development . 

So in summary the lust arc is a story of two selfless kids with such good intentions and such love for the other that pushed them to go to terrible lengths for the other . Lengths no one should ever go to and living this nightmare is in part what shaped them into the wonderful adults they became . 

So sorry this answer is not exactly answering to your ask I talked more about the consequences of the lust arc and its implications than of the lust arc itself . The point you made was good and from a narrative standpoint the transformation of ichigo into full hollow seems to be triggered at least in part by Orihime’s cries so I think you’re right there isn’t nothing there but even if indeed it had nothing to do with orihime the lust arc is still one of the greatest ichihime moment and the one with the heaviest implication of Ichigo–> Orihime which had been later proved by canon . Their relationship was actually unbalanced before the lust arc ( Orihime relying too much on ichigo and Ichigo being too over protective of Orihime ) but this had been changed by the lust arc . It allows them to become more mature , including in the way they act upon the feelings they have for each other . It allows their relationship to evolve to become one of the most healthy in the history of shonen mangas. 

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Could you help me explain why reading smut and looking at porn is a sin? Please?

Hi friend,

“But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” - Matthew 5:28

Here is an article on what the Bible says about lust. 

All my love,


Gabriel’s Wings

(gif is not mine)

Title: Gabriel’s Wings

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word count: 1,268

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: It’s Sweet Treat Saturday!! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 This was requested by @piertotumlocomotor22: Can I request a Gabriel fic where the reader is cold so Gabriel wraps his wings around them?

It was a cold winter night and you were stuck in your car.  It was just your luck that your car would break down in the middle of nowhere on a cold night.  The gusts of wind slightly rocked your parked car.  The temperature of the car was dropping at a moderate rate.  You didn’t even have a blanket to keep you warm.  You were unprepared for this kind of situation.  

You shivered, hugging your arms around your chest.  Your teeth started to chatter as you let out a long sigh.  You weren’t sure how much longer you could wait for Sam and Dean to come to your rescue.  

There was a sudden knock on your car window.  It startled you, making you flinch in your seat.  You were relieved to see a familiar face.  You could have had a run in with anyone or anything, but here Gabriel was, outside your car door.  

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Show Me What Love Is (Vic Fuentes - Pierce the Veil)

Word Count: 1,572


The tour had kicked off a couple of months ago, and your band was supporting Pierce the Veil because you’d personally known the guys since high school. There had been lots of laughs and embarrassing drunk moments that for a second made you forget what was waiting for you when you eventually went home.

There was a week left of tour and already you were dreading seeing your ‘boyfriend’ again. y/bf/n was a gentleman when you first met him at a bar but the relationship soon turned sour when he accused you of cheating with your best friend Vic. He use to treasure your body but now he sexually abused you daily, you’d given up trying to say no because that made him beat you on top of the non consensual sex.

Every day while on tour he’d send you explicit messages about how he was going to rape you into submission, because he hated that you had a life outside of your apartment. He didn’t approve of your music or your friendships with Pierce the Veil and other bands, he wanted to own you and you were scared that when you went back this time there would be no escape.

Vic had always been the member you were closest with and you could tell that he’d been watching you extra carefully during the last week of tour. He was the only one who knew about the abuse and it hurt him when you talked him out of going to the police. Your boyfriend had friends who were equally violent and sometimes you feared for your life.

So on the second to last night of the tour while your band mates and Pierce the Veil went out to get drunk Vic persuaded you to stay behind with him because he wanted to talk. You chewed your lip and twiddled your thumbs as you lay with your head on his chest as you both watched whatever was on TV.

y/bf/n had sent you a message earlier that had chilled you to the bone, it mentioned him having friends over who were going to take it in turns to rape you and then they were going to film it and use it as blackmail against you. The thought made you feel sick but you put on a fake smile in front of Vic.


y/n was keeping something from me, yes she had her secrets but I knew the majority because I was the only other person she trusted. The bright eyed fun loving girl I’d witnessed all tour had slowly been shying away over the last week and I was going to get to the bottom of her problem. That bastard didn’t deserve someone like her, he treated her like shit and y/n was too scared to press charges because she feared for her life.

We were watching some rom com that had come on TV and y/n was lying against my chest with her eyes shut as I stroked her hair. I took the opportunity to pick up her phone which she’d discarded on the floor and scrolled through her recent messages. What I saw made me want to punch something, there were hundreds of explicit messages from y/bf/n about rape and the most recent one talked about gang raping y/n and filming it.

The guys and I had known y/n since the first week of high school and we hit it off, she was Mike’s age and we all kind of acted protective around her when it came to high school boys. However as we grew up y/n learned to defend for herself but I never stopped looking out for her.

She couldn’t see that the boy she grew up with was madly in love with her, maybe I’d been too shy when I was younger but these last couple of months reminded me how much I wanted to make y/n mine. I needed to show her that what y/bf/n was doing to her was wrong and she needed to report him, but a part of me was worried that this relationship had broken her to the point where she couldn’t trust another guy again.

y/n stirred and I quickly put the phone back where I found it.

‘Vic what do you think it’s like to have someone who’s willing to cross the country and drop all their plans just to confess their love?’

She pointed at the TV screen, the man had realised he loved the girl and had flown to New York to win her back from a snobby fiancé who didn’t deserve her. It was ironic how much this was like our situation, y/n would be going back to New York where she lived and I was heading back to San Diego not to see her for a really long time.

‘I’ve only ever been in love with one girl and I let her get away y/n.’

y/n sat up and threw her arms around me.

‘I’m sorry Vic you deserve to be happy.’

I hugged her back, how could she be so oblivious to that fact that the girl was her. Hell even the guys had been dropping not so subtle hints the entire tour but they went over y/n’s head.

‘I saw the message y/n. I can’t let you go back to that monster it’s not healthy for you. He doesn’t know how to love you.’


Your whole body tensed in Vic’s arms, he’d seen the messages. He probably thought you were a little slut because you kept going back to the abuse. You pull away from Vic in hopes of escaping to your bunk for the rest of the night but he keeps a firm grip on your arms.

‘Can you show me what it’s like to have someone who cares and loves you Vic? You let the girl go so…’

You were cut off by his lips crashing down on yours silencing you before you could say something you regretted. The kiss wasn’t like any your boyfriend had ever given you; they were full of lust and cruel intent while Vic’s were soft and gentle as if he was going slow because he knew your past.

You should have been scared of another man touching you but you felt safe in Vic’s arms, he was your best friend and also the guy you’d had a crush on during high school but had never said anything. Only his brother Mike knew.

You parted your lips and let Vic’s tongue enter you, you found yourself wrapping your arms around the back of his neck pulling him closer to you. His hands found your hair and tangled his fingers making sure you couldn’t get away.

The kiss went on for a few minutes; Vic didn’t try anything else with you which you were grateful for. The two of you pulled away at the same time both your breathing heavy. You smiled weakly at Vic and he pecked your nose before the two of you reassumed the same position you were in before while watching the movie.

‘Who was the girl Vic?’

His hands stopped playing with your hair for a fraction of the second.

‘You were the girl y/n.’

Your heart fluttered in your chest, Vic liked you. He liked you maybe a little more than you liked him but he still liked you. You thought you’d done something wrong in your life that led you to an abusive relationship, but you were blind as to what was in front of you this whole time.

‘Err say something y/n.’

Vic shuffled behind you and you giggled realising you’d left him on a cliff hanger. You glanced up and met his eyes.

‘I love you Vic. But how am I supposed to get away from him?’


y/n just said she loved me. That kiss was something else and I was worried she’d reject me. I said I was going to make her mine but now I had to get her away from that abusive boyfriend, an idea formed in my head.

‘y/n has y/bf/n ever met a Mexican?’

She quirked an eyebrow in my direction.

‘What are you talking about Vic?’

‘I think it’s about time Tony went all Mexican on him, hell we’ll even get Mike and Jaime to scare him shitless. He won’t think of ever coming near you again.’

y/n burst into laughter.

‘Turtle couldn’t hurt a fly Vic but I would love to see y/bf/n’s face when the three of them turn up on his doorstep.’

‘And while they are scaring him we’ll get your things and then you’re moving in with me and Mike in San Diego.’

y/n nodded and smiled, her smile held relief that she was finally getting the opportunity to get away from the abuse and start a new relationship with someone who actually loved her.

We soon settled back in to watch the end of the film. I moved my fingers from her hair and down to her stomach; she jerked under me and sent me a glare. I knew y/n was extremely ticklish.

‘Don’t even think about it Fuentes.’

I smirked and traced my fingers along her stomach.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about y/n.’

I leant down and kissed her on top of the head. She snuggled against me more and this is how I wanted to stay forever.

Silent Type

Anonononon asked: Could you do smut with exo xiumin is a quiet bestfruend of yours, being jealous because some guys flirting with you and end up forcing you to do ‘it’ with him. Thankyou and i love your sweet blog ;)

So I changed this to more a dom! Thing because “forcing it” seems a little…like rape. I hope you enjoy! I changed the scenario a little.

Summary: The nerdy girl doesn’t get the hot guy

Idol: Xiumin/ Kim Minseok

Genre: Smut 

Word Count: 2,807 (I might’ve gotten carried away lmao)

Originally posted by xiu-angel

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Dream a little Dream - Lustful Intentions

Characters: Reader, Cas

Pairings: Cas x Reader

Warnings: Implied Smut, fluff

Word Count: 700 (Sorry it is kind of short!)

Summary: You have loved Cas from the moment he brought your brother Dean back from Hell. You have a dream about Cas and end up calling out his name. Cas comes to check on you and ends up taking care of you in the process.

Things to know: This is for the wonderful @bloodysideofhell and her “Week Of Writing” writing challenge. The challenge includes a prompt, in italics and bolded, and a 7 deadly sin. Today was Lust. Inspired by the lovely @loveitsallineed. After she shipped me with Cas and gave us a back story, I couldn’t help myself. 

“Castiel,” you muttered in your sleep. You tossed and turned dreaming f the angel that had changed your life. He had brought back one of the most important people in your life, your brother Dean. 

“Oh Cas,” you sighed and you startled yourself awake. You could feel the pool between your thighs and thought of the dream trying desperately to hold on to every detail breathing heavily.

You felt the bed sink in next to you  and you reached for your gun. “Y/N?” came Castiel’s deep raspy voice. His hand tentatively touched your shoulder and gave it a squeeze. You inhaled slowly trying to calm yourself. Ever since you laid eyes on Cas, you had gone weak in the knees any time you were around him. His blue eyes and lopsided grin. The way he looked confused when he didn’t understand. It was all sexy as hell.

You rolled over and looked at the Angel. He was staring at you, his eyes clouded in concern. “I heard you calling me,” he said. “Are you alright, Y/N?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

You couldn’t help but laugh. “Cas, I’m more than alright now that you’re here,” you smiled as you ran your hand up his arm. “I was just having a dream.”

“I don’t understand,” he said confused. “You were shouting my name.”

You laughed again and looked into his eyes. He really was as clueless as he seemed. “I was dreaming of you, Cas,” you laughed again.

“Was I in danger?” he replied with concern.

“No, you were taking care of me,” you said with a wink. He looked at you, his face contorted in confusion. 

“Then why were you shouting?” he asked then his eyes widened. “Oh!” he managed with sudden understanding.

You placed your hand on his leg and ran it up the length of his thigh. You stopped at the top and slowly slid your hand to his inner thigh. A low groan escaped his throat and he looked at you with a question in his eyes.

You swung a leg over his lap and rested your knee on the other side of him. His breaths were slow and collected. He slowly brought his hands to cup your face. He closed the gap slowly, gently kissing you as if he were asking if It was okay. You ran your fingers through his dark hair as you parted your lips to let him in. 

He lifted you off of him and guided you to lay on the bed, not once breaking the kiss. His hands made their way to your hips, and he ran them along your sides, drawing a moan from you. 

“I’m here now. I can take care of you if you want,” he said, his breath hot on your lips. You crashed your lips to his, and he slowly bucked against your pelvis. The pool between your legs was growing.

“What do you need, Y/N?” How can I care for you best?” he asked, desperate to please you. 

“I want you to taste how wet you make me,” you begged. He kissed you fiercely then worked his way down your body. You lifted your hips so he could removed your panties. He settled between your legs and smiled up at you. You were finally getting your angel. Your heart raced as Cas’ warm breath hovered over your heat. You moaned as Cas took care of you. Your angel wanted you as bad as you wanted him. That made your world complete at least for tonight

How EXO would kiss their girlfriend (analysis)

Hi! Awww, that’s sweet of you to say! TT.TT I’m glad you like my writing style. :) Thank you so much for your sweet words anon, it’s very much appreciated. <3 

UPDATE: Our game will be happening soon!! So be sure to keep up with this blog for our game! I think you all will enjoy it! :) 

*written with the boys initiating the kiss. Also written as though it is their first time kissing their gf. 

Kris: This would come very naturally with Kris. I have said before that I think he’s adept with handling things in the realm of courtship and intimacy. He wouldn’t have planned for it–it would all just happen in the moment. The kiss would transpire in the midst of a cuddling session or hand holding; some form of intimacy would have to occur in order for the kiss to happen. While he’s holding her in an affectionate embrace, Kris would merely peer towards her, hand cupping her chin as he pulls her closer to him for a zealous kiss. And when I say zealous, I really mean it would be passionate. The kiss would be prolonged and immensely sensual, almost something straight out of a romance film. Kris would want this to be memorable, therefore, naturally an ample amount of amour would be input into this kiss. Afterwards, he wouldn’t say much aside from smirking suavely while still holding his girlfriend. “I couldn’t help myself babe.” 

Kai: Somewhat similar to Kris, Kai wouldn’t have preplanned for this to transpire. It would all just happen and come rather naturally to him. He would also be very sensual and passionate when kissing his girlfriend, even for the first time. Instead of some form of skinship happening to trigger the kiss, I think Jongin’s sheer infatuation for his girlfriend is what would drive him to initiate a kiss. They would be merely conversing and he would just gaze into her with lucid captivation, intaking all of her features: her shimmering eyes, her alluring locks, and her beckoning lips. Nearly engulfed in fervor, even as she’s talking he would swiftly lean towards her capturing her lips with his. Again, the kiss would be elongated and teeming with pruriency. It would be nearly impeccable, as if Kai has practiced on many others just to perfect this moment. Before things can get too lustful, they would finally part, and oh how timid Jongin would suddenly get! He can’t believe that that just happened. He would be adorably awkward and shy afterwards, looking down as he’s murmuring. “Um…yeah…I-I just…yeah…”

Suho: He’d kiss his girlfriend very cutely and playfully. He may plan for it, he may not. But, whatever the case is, Suho would still be very cute and slightly cheesy with kissing his girlfriend for the first time. I see it transpiring during an affectionate exchange between the two. Joonmyun would be cuddling with his girlfriend, holding her close to him tightly, prompting her to exchange a few swift kisses to the cheek. She may also poke him cutely on the side of his face, much to Suho’s amusement. Smiling brightly, he would murmur to her: “I’ve got something better in mind.” As she waits, eyes widened with curiosity, he would lean towards her for a very brief, but incredibly loving kiss to her lips. He would be flustered but at the same time proud of himself for initiating the kiss. “What? You did start it after all!” he would remark cutely as they both exchange bashful laughs, succeeding the kiss. 

Chen: Jongdae would be very smooth when initiating a kiss for the first time with his girlfriend. He would have a solid idea of how he would go about kissing her, and would seize the opportunity once it presents itself. Jongdae would carefully watch his girlfriend as she’s taking small sips from her latte, whip cream still present atop of the beverage. Chuckling softly, he would find her most adorable like this, that it would be the perfect time to initiate a kiss. He would lightly poke her cheeks and murmur, “Jagi, I think you got something…right there,” pointing to her lips, he would offer to clean it. “Let me help you with that babe~” even if there’s no cream lingering upon her lips, he would still kiss her fervidly. Leaning towards her, Chen would peck her squarely upon the lips, slightly elongating the kiss before retreating. Snickering, he would feel fulfilled, finding her flushed expression adorable. “Mm, tastes great~” 

Sehun: He’s been teasing for this moment since they started going out. Up until recent events, Sehun would be granting his girlfriend quick kisses to her cheek or her forehead as signs of affection. Sometimes, he’ll even lean towards her as if he’s going to kiss her, however, something will always stop him from doing so as a way to keep her anticipated. Eventually, once Sehun feels he’s played around with her enough, he’ll initiate the kiss for real. It will transpire when his girlfriend least expects it; at a place and time she wouldn’t be braced for. Since Sehun is a straight forward person, the kiss would happen abruptly and without much context. He would take his girlfriend out somewhere really picturesque and teeming with rustic majesty, for all sightseers to behold. While his girlfriend is admiring the beauty of the pastoral scenery, without warning, he would turn her to face him, immediately capturing her lips within his for a prolonged amount of time. Eventually retreating, Sehun would smirk at her surprised yet satisfied expression as he comments softly: “did you enjoy that? I’m sure you did with the way you didn’t pull back.”  

Chanyeol: Similar to Sehun, Chanyeol would go about this in a very spontaneous manner. Except, it would be spontaneous in a playful way, within a convivial context. Chanyeol would have also planned for this moment, but he wouldn’t go through with his original methods, instead just opting for the sudden method. I can see him even asking some of the other members for their inputs on the matter. But, as I said, this would all transpire so quickly, yet cutely. He would take his girlfriend out somewhere like an amusement park–somewhere with lots of festivity. Nearing the end of the date, they would be walking hand in hand out of the area, and, in a state of sheer infatuation, I can see Yeol taking his girlfriend in his arms, with her leaning backwards; very movie-esque. And in an instant, shelving all those plans away, he would lean towards her, capturing her in a briefly, rapturous kiss. It would be quick, but still potent in terms of passion. He would be completely adorable yet awkward afterwards. “Ha! Well! That…just happened…maybe we could…do it again?” 

Lay: Yixing is the one members I see putting the most preparation and consideration into this matter. He has always struck me as someone who is inclined towards the idea of love and romance; essentially a hopeless romantic. So, the first kiss in a relationship is a crucial detail for Yixing. He would invite her out to a nearby park and the two would just relax languidly upon a bench, with Lay’s handy guitar leaned against the bench. He would strum a few melodies and tunes from his guitar methodically, each note bearing some sort of meaning. After a few songs, he may award his girlfriend with a scarlet rose; most quintessential in the realm of romance. And, while she’s admiring the flora’s striking beauty, he would slowly lean towards her, granting her a kiss, most soft and gentle. It would be a sustained kiss, however, bearing no lustful intents…just simple yet loving. Afterwards, Yixing would smile warmly to his lady, affectionately stroking the side of her face. “You mean the world to me baobei.” 

Luhan: Luhan is very smooth and suave with things of this nature. Similar to Lay, he has traits of a hopeless romantic, however, rather than going about this in a cliche manner, he would just go for the kiss. He wouldn’t need to prepare for it, and would just commence the kiss in an unexpected yet fun loving manner. While he and his girlfriend are out with each other, Luhan would seize the opportunity to commence their first kiss, by leaving some subtle signs alluding to this notion. Hand around her waist securely or her hand in his, Luhan would eventually get her attention by pointing behind her as if some spectacle is unfolding before the two. His girlfriend would turn to where he’s pointing at, in search of whatever it is he’s referring to only to turn back to him where he would instantly lean towards her for a swift yet passionate kiss. Slightly taken aback, his girlfriend would be rendered speechless, much to Luhan’s amusement. “You look surprised baobei. Should I do that again since you love surprises so much?” he would tease playfully, running a hand down the side of her face. 

Baekhyun: Easily the most playful of all the members, Baekhyun would make sure that this kiss is memorable yet fun loving. I can see him using the pocky game for a first kiss with his girlfriend. He would implore to his girlfriend to start eating the stick of pocky he already has. Most excited when she agrees to this, Baek would watch carefully as she nibbles her way towards his face, maintaining steady eye contact as she inches near him. Once she finally reaches him, he would instinctively cup her face, capturing her lips in his, fervidly. It would be a romantic kiss bordering on rapturous but not quite reaching that level of intimacy. Retreating from the kiss, Baek would chuckle at his girlfriend’s flushing expression now cutely whining to continue playing the game. “Please babeee? We have so much pocky left over!” Alternatively, Baek might just play around with her and while she keeps the stick of pocky in her mouth, he may pull it out, and lean for the kiss immediately, much to her surprise.  

Xiumin: Minseok would go about this in a sudden yet cutsey manner. Similar to various other members, the kiss would transpire all so suddenly without much arrangement beforehand. Since Minseok is a very touchy/cuddly lover, I see the kiss occurring during some cuddle session amongst Xiumin and his girlfriend–this is something that is expected with any relationship Xiumin has with someone special. While his girlfriend is cozied up to him securely, he would be prompted to playfully poke the sides of her cheeks, ensuing an adorable retaliation from his girlfriend. Just as animated, she would poke him back in response. As a cute poking war commences, in the midst of it, I see Minseok initiating the kiss with his girlfriend, somewhere near the end when his girlfriend delivers one final poke to his face, he would lean towards her for the kiss, much to both of their surprises. It would be a brief kiss, very ‘first kiss like’ if you will. Inwardly, he would be flustered, but would be adept at concealing it. Outwardly, he would chuckle somewhat offhandedly as his girlfriend is rendered speechless. “I guess I win?” he would murmur softly, with amusement enlaced within his tone. 

D.O: Kyungsoo would go about this congruous to Yixing’s methods. He bears similar “hopeless romantic” traits or “in love with love” attributes. So, he would be highly meticulous when planning out for this. Rather than cliche, I see the whole atmosphere being more amorous/sentimental. Kyungsoo would take his girlfriend out to a park or a plaza of some sort, just traipsing the area around with her, hand in hand. Eventually, he’ll take her to a specific region, maybe one where there’s most decorations and enrichments, where he’ll hold her tightly. While his girlfriend is admiring the sights and various flourishes, Kyungsoo would gently turn her towards him for an intense, impassioned kiss. It would be a sustained kiss, allowing for the ravishment to consume them both. He’ll be sure to grant his girlfriend myriads of compliments afterwards. “My jagi…you’re perfect.” Alternativly, Kyungsoo may opt to keep the kiss secluded and only amongst the two. While his girlfriend is next to him, he would commence in singing soft melodies to her, lulling her to a soporific state while gently leaning towards her for a kiss.

Tao: Tao would also be playful when going about this. He has a good idea of how he’s going to go about it, rather than allowing for it to transpire suddenly. Tao would take his girlfriend out for the day, most likely to shop and scour for gifts and confections–it would be a date for her to enjoy specifically. While she’s shopping, he would be brimming with excitement for the kiss he desires to grant her. Once she’s finished her shopping and other errands, he would request for a few selfies together. As they’re posing cutely for various selfies, he would ask for ‘one more,’ and while his girlfriend is posing for the picture, Tao would cup her chin, pulling her closer to him, where he would capture her lips, swiftly hitting the button to take the picture while he’s still kissing her. It wouldn’t be elongated, but the kiss also wouldn’t be brief; just sufficient. He would relish in the surprise yet satisfaction that lingers upon his girlfriend’s features. Finding the picture, he would continue raving on it to his girlfriend, setting it as his new wallpaper. “What? We look cute together! You can’t deny that!” 

Be sure to send me your requests lovelies. I do enjoy fulfilling your fantasies. 


s i l l a g e | pt. six

Pairing: Reader / Jeon Jeongguk.

Genre: Soulmate!AU where soulmates are drawn to one another by the infliction of physical touch, whether it be pain or pleasure. But it is only initiated once the two people somewhat interact.

Count: 7,802 words.

Warnings: So much fluff I am seriously cringing. Pain and puking warning. Foreplay smut. All with a sprinkle of angst. Dinner is served.

Jeongguk is not used to waking up in his own bed with another laying beside him, but he certainly thinks he can get used to it.

She is already awake, sitting up with crossed legs, bent over her phone that she balances in one hand, her other used to prop her chin up on her knee. He wonders how she can appear so effortlessly gorgeous doing something that simple, his sweater swallowing her smaller frame, pooled in a sea of black cotton in her lap. Jeongguk stretches with his eyes screwed tightly shut, making a pleasant groan that cracks into something a little higher as a bone in his spine pops satisfyingly, and she perks up at the movement just in time for him to loop an arm around her waist and pull her back down into the duvet with a squeak. He presses his face into her hair, moaning while nuzzling deep into the strands, inhaling her delicious lavender shampoo.

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EXO’s Reaction to You Dancing Sexily In Your Lingerie

I’m honestly so terrible in making titles for some of these requests, I apologize. Also, I hope you enjoy this one, my little Anon!♥

Baekhyun: Baekhyun’s eyes would be on your body the moment he walked through the front door and saw you dancing in the living room, sporting very little clothing. This would likely be one of the very rare moments that this adorable beagle would be struck speechless.

Chanyeol: Chanyeol would be overwhelmingly flattered, figuring that since you were so scantily-clad you must be dancing specifically for him.

Chen: This little shit would likely not even acknowledge the fact that you were trying to be sexy for him. Instead, Chen would probably break out his own (oh-so-alluring) dance moves, trying to show you “how the pros do it.”

D.O: Despite the fact that Kyungsoo felt extremely comfortable with you by this point in your relationship, surprising things like this would still force him to retreat into a flustered state. He’d blush and try to avoid staring at you too much, likely without much success.

Kai: Kai would be a little shocked and just a bit bashful at the sight of you dancing in so little clothing, but he’d want you to know that he enjoyed it. He’d quietly cheer you on and ask you to continue dancing for him, all while a faint blush graced his cheeks.

Kris: Kris would watch your swaying hips for several moments, before promptly proceeding to grip you by your waist and pull you towards his body, his face set in a lustful stare, making his intentions quite clear.

Lay: Lay would want to remained unnoticed for as long as possible, so he could simply watch the routine unfolding before him. He would be nibbling on his bottom lip as his hungry gaze remained locked on your body as you perfected each body roll, hip sway, and booty shake.

Luhan: Luhan would have the worst time trying to control himself as an inner battle raged inside of him. He had always thought he had a cute, innocent girlfriend, but seeing you move in such ways poked and prodded at his inner-most desires.

Sehun: Sehun would be more surprised by your dancing ability than anything else. He had no idea you had such sexy flare hidden away inside of you and he may get a little flustered watching you, but he’d be amazed and enthralled by your performance nonetheless.

Suho: Another hungry wolf whose gaze would be fixed on every movement, every muscle twitch, and every twist and turn of your body. “What exactly are you trying to do to me, Jagi-ya?”

Tao: Tao would sit back and enjoy your little show for a little while before opening up his arms and beckoning you towards him with a small smirk gracing his lips. “Come here, Y/N. I want a closer look at some of those moves you’ve got.”

Xiumin: Xiumin would waste no time in trying to tug your body towards his own, but every time he took a step towards you, you’d twirl a little farther away from him in an attempt to tease the poor boy. He’d be persistent, though, getting playfully frustrated each time you spun out of his grasp.


Making Breakfast...

Imagine making Breakfast with Robb Stark…

Based on

((Hehe, I added some humor at the very end cause…well cause I could ;D ))

((Word Count: 2,102)), 

((Warning: Smut…NSFW))

“Rise and shine,” the light scruff on Robb’s face tickled your neck as he leaned over you, peppering your skin with small kisses. “Come on Baby Girl, I’m starving.” He chuckled into your ear, his hands sliding up your sides.

You groaned. Why had you agreed to Sundays being “make breakfast together” day? Especially when you already had to get up early to get to church, but you had to get up extra early to cook breakfast and then clear it all up. “Robbie, no, please just go eat cereal or something.” You had been working nonstop trying to get everything ready for your and Robb’s wedding in a month, combine that with working a full time job and finishing up your last year of college and you were barely able to get more than five hours of sleep a night. Sunday was supposed to be your lazy day, but of course Robb Stark just couldn’t have that.

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Giving EXO a blowjob (analysis)

—Requested by two lovely anons. Note: I received the ‘waking EXO up with a blowjob’ request while I was writing out this analysis…so I just combined the two asks. To be honest, I think in either situation, not much would be different. The same events would transpire in either scenario. Nonetheless, thanks for your support! Enjoy honeybees!


Let’s just say…all of them would LOVE this. 

Kris: Oh our dear sex god. Kris will be expecting a blowjob for each sex session you commence with him, and of course you would comply to his desires, which would just maximize his dominance. As you sensually run your tongue from the base of his length to the tip, he would emit a low, guttural growl in satisfaction. He would guide your head carefully, prompting you to engulf his member wholly. Your mouth would encase his length exquisitely, sending him into a euphoric trance. As you bob your head up and down his throbbing length, his hands would traverse to your hair, gripping a fistful of your hair, slightly pulling your filaments back. In a response to his lustful antics, you would moan into his member while delicately sucking, transmitting delicious vibrations to his length, increasing his arousal tenfold. 

Kris will emit myriads of grunts and growls with each sucking motion you make with your mouth erotically. He would unleash the most lascivious dirty talking upon you as you’re sucking him off…as I’ve said before, Kris would be for name calling: “Fuck yes. Look up at me my sweet whore.” “Don’t fucking stop ‘till I say baby.” He wouldn’t want to cum in your mouth…he’d want to be inside you when he cums. Once he feels he’s aroused enough, he would extract his length from your mouth and fuck you roughly. However, if you’ve impressed him with your skills, he may just end up rewarding his “sweet whore” with some more oral fun.

Kai: This boy is going to get a kick out of you using only your mouth to arouse him. He would expect it somewhat…he isn’t as demanding as Kris but inwardly he would like to be. He would be moaning interminably before you actually suck him off. You would only have to delicately trace the outline of his protruding member through his trousers to get him gasping and breathlessly moaning aloud at the mercy of your intrusive touches. You would tease him by placing soft kisses from the base to the tip of his length, to which he would allow without hesitation. As you intake his member into your mouth, hollowing your cheeks in a ‘sucking’ motion skillfully, he would be immersed in a state of ecstasy. As I’ve said before, Kai is a ‘touchy’ lover, so while you’re sucking him off, you would find his hands finding way to your head, to guide you in a sensual ascent and descent upon his length, grasping lightly onto your fringes instinctively. 

He won’t say much…your ears would just be enveloped in the sound of his desirous moans with each suck, lick, and kiss you permit his member. Depending on how turned on he is, Jongin will either want this erotic foreplay to end one of two ways: either with him extracting himself from your mouth and into your core and cumming inside of you, or with him releasing onto your body (which I’ll go in depth on). As you continue to bob your head on his member, occasionally releasing your tongue to graze his length, you would take note of the way his groans are becoming more strident and straggled—perfectly illustrating his impending climax. He would watch through hooded eyes as you extract his member from your mouth and begin to pump it with immense rapidity between your breasts. He would emit a groan of rapture as his milky essence paints your breasts erotically. After his high recedes, he would kiss you thanking you…perhaps even getting to work on you. 

Suho: He will find this surprisingly pleasant, since Suho isn’t exactly a demanding lover and is rather a gentleman in bed (unless he’s feeling particularly kinky…) It would all be a slight blur for him since he’s used to tending to you in bed. Like all your other sessions, it would start out with fervid kissing as his hands softly caress your sides with delicacy. He would love when you trail soft yet sensual kisses down his defined abdomen towards his most erogenous regions. He would softly gasp and moan, barely audible, at the way your fingertips dance deftly over his clothed member. Eventually, you would grasp onto his length trailing kisses on it’s entirety. This would cause him to moan softly while murmuring your name at the lustful sensations elicited from your rousing actions. 

As you lick a long strip from the base to the tip of his length, he may reach out to entangle his digits within your hair, as an instinctive reaction to the pleasure. This would prompt you to continue, finally taking in his member wholly, bobbing with delicacy, much to his satisfaction. Your hands would enclose around his member, moving up and down, while accompanied by your bobbing. His enraptured moans and groans would become more resounding as his high approaches gradually. Joonmyun won’t say much while you’re sucking him off, due to being ensnared within a euphoric trance. Similar to Kris, he would want to realase while being within you. But he would be very turned on, to the point of his ‘rougher’ side manifesting in the form of him extracting his length from your mouth and hurriedly entering you with slight roughness. 

Chen: This would be a nice surprise for Jongdae, since it is mostly him teasing you and building you up and down constantly. You don’t really get to tease him in an analogous manner, hence, this would be a pleasant revelation. However, if he was feeling extra kinky, then a blowjob would be expectant. But, under conventional circumstances, this would be welcomed with surprise. He would snicker to himself, observing you lustfully as you swirl your tongue around the tip of his member. Just to tease him playfully, rather than engulfing his member whole, you would trail soft kisses down to the base and lick a delicate stripe up to the tip, repeating the process, much to his satisfaction. Finally, you would intake his member, eliciting soft chuckles and shallowing breathing from Chen. You would feel his hands gripping your head pushing you further down his member…his hands would assist you in adeptly bobbing. In between his shallow breathes and smirks, you would hear him murmur “just like that babe,” a myriad of times, in tune with your sucks and licks. 

Rather spontaneously, his hips would thrust upwards moderately to meet with your mouth, furthering his imminent high. He would greatly enjoy cumming on your face, it would be one of the ultimate turn-ons for Jongdae…but of course, you would perform this task. As your hands come to grip onto the base of his length, pumping fervidly, your mouth would set to work rapidly on the tip, with your tongue swirling around the tip. Eventually, as his breathy pants become more strident, you would extract his member from your mouth, still pumping rapidly with your mouth ajar, awaiting his euphoric high to materialize. Once his climax overtakes him, you would willingly take his essence, beaded along your face erotically. Jongdae would want you to taste his desire, just to turn him on more. He would snicker as you lap some of the pearly substance off of your digits. He wouldn’t help but comment on how much “you love your late night snacks.” 

Sehun: A blowjob is merely an expectation with this boy, honestly. With pretty much any intimate session with Sehun, he’ll be anticipating you to suck him off. But to go in depth on this: since it’s been well established that he expects a blowjob, you wouldn’t waste any time in getting to that, considering that Sehun isn’t into foreplay and buildups. As he stands proudly, watching you intently through lustful eyes, he would smirk softly to himself at how efficient you are when setting to work on him. Casting away all hesitation, you would grasp his considerable length stably, commencing in engulfing his length adroitly. You would proceed to bob on his member with remarkable rapidity, much to his satisfaction. Sehun would groan lowly with each suck you effortlessly perform while muttering strings of low profanities. As you moan into his member, delivering bouts of desirous vibrations in the process, he would begin his lascivious, snide dirty talking: “Fuck yes baby, you like my dick in your mouth huh?” he would smirk as he begins to thrust into your mouth moderately; allowing you a mouthful of his length, “how about it baby? You want me to fuck your mouth? I’m sure you do…let’s see how much of me you can handle.” 

Much to your pleasure, you would feel Sehun grasp the back of your head firmly, as he rolls his hips into your mouth erotically, allowing you to intake an ample amount of his member. As you swirl your tongue around the base of his length, his groans would become more guttural, indicating he is close. I can see him then extracting his member from your mouth and beginning to promptly jerk himself off with the tip of his length touching your tongue. Eventually, you would hear his resonating groan, and soon after, his opaque essence would fill your wanting mouth, glistening proudly. “Swallow,” he would command you while smirking, to which you would comply to gladly. “Tell me how good that was baby.” 

Chanyeol: Yeol will practically fuck your mouth while you’re sucking him off. He would be pretty rough and just slip into the lust that the stimulation administers to him. He would be very grabby and ‘hands on’ during the whole session. You and him have already established you desire to get to things as quickly as possible, so you’ll be on your knees in no time; with striking timing. Yeol would utter a low groan as your adept hands set to work on his length, jerking him off at a moderate pace. You would continue with this while permitting the tip of his length small, teasing licks, just to humor him. Eventually, your mouth would dive for his member exquisitely, while he watches, eyeing you desirously. As you bob your head, sucking in your cheeks in a sucking motion, you would feel his hand ghost to your head, pushing you further down slightly. Once more, he would emit husky groans with each bob you grant. He wouldn’t speak much, in general, when he’s really into sex he won’t say much. 

His guttural groans of satisfaction would be the only thing to resonate from him while you’re sucking him off. When he has wholly succumbed to the immense libido, he would thrust into your mouth rather instinctively, with his hands still encompassing your head. You would gladly go along, still sucking, your teeth lightly…ever so lightly grazing his member. (That would really turn him on) At this point, Yeol has already surrendered himself to this surging ecstasy, so he would thrust into your mouth swiftly, desperately wanting to reach a euphoric high. Finally, you would hear him groan his loudest groan yet, while allowing his essence to expel into your mouth erotically. Grinning, you would extract him from your mouth as he pants heavily, while watching you swallow. He would smirk at this, a naughty glimmer would pass over his eyes, as he ponders on what to do with you in return. 

Lay: This would be a refreshing treat to Yixing. He is mostly the giver during sex rather than the receiver, since his ultimate goal is to please you sweetly. Hence, the refreshing aspect. Yixing wouldn’t do much as you’re sucking him off…he’ll just lay back calmly, relishing in the sight and feel of you. His eyes would widen slightly in surprise as he watches you make your way below his waist. Once he realizes what is ensuing, he’ll relax and watch you intently, anticipating your next move. He would moan rather melodiously at each lustful touch you grant him. As you take his length in your grasp, gingerly stroking him, you would allow the rapturous moans he emits to envelop your ears delicately: “Mm, feels good baobei…” “So perfect baobei…” That would be your indication to lick along his member, from the base to the tip erotically, eliciting soft moans and saccharine compliments from him. 

Once you intake him into your mouth, slowly bobbing up and down, he wouldn’t be able to formulate coherent sentences due to the overwhelming titillation; by now, his body has submitted wholly to the libido. As you continue to bob your head along his length, generating a lustful friction, you would feel his wandering hands entangle within your fringes, desirously urging you to continue. Even though I make out Lay to be a vanilla lover, at this point, since he would be drowned in ecstasy, it wouldn’t faze him where he releases: whether it’s on your face, in your mouth, somewhere on your body, or inside of you, he would still be pleasantly satisfied with your overall work. Once he’s climaxed, he’ll pull you in for a zealous kiss, thanking you with genuine gratitude. He will be sure to return the favor to you…it may not be right then and there, but he will return it. 

I’m thinking about the song “Lu” as I’m about to write Luhan’s scenario…”now blow it like a flute.”

Luhan: This would be somewhat expected with Luhan. Although he is generally a sensual and giving partner, who is a foreplay god, he can be a needy lover at times. So, although giving him a blowjob isn’t something you would do during every sex session, occasionally, it would be expected. Needless to say, he’ll be greatly pleased with you sucking him off fervidly. With a satisfied glimmer passing over his eyes, he would watch as you fall to your knees, taking his length in hand, stroking him with skillfully flicks of your wrist. Soft chuckles and elongated moans would erupt from him at this. As you swirl your tongue against the tip of his member, placing light kisses upon it, you might feel him rocking his hips into your mouth almost like a reflex to the stimulation. Like Jongin, Luhan won’t say much, if anything, during the whole session…you would just hear heavy breathing and sustained moans emitted from him with each lick you permit him. 

Once you intake his length, he would stop thrusting into your mouth, and just allow you to do as you please, immersing himself within the aphrodisia. He would relish in each bob you permit his member, while stroking him from the base to your mouth adeptly. What Luhan would love most is if you were to moan into his member, allowing the euphoric vibrations to ravage his member, much to his pleasure. Similar to Jongin, a blowjob with Han would end one of two ways: if you’ve sucked him off to the point of him losing himself within the ecstasy, he’ll probably cum in your mouth, savoring the way you swallow his milky essence so willingly, lucidly enjoying the taste. Or, he’ll want to be inside you when he climaxes. He still retains a traditional mindset with sex, so if his senses are still intact and not disarrayed from the pleasure, he’ll enter you roughly and begin to thrust into you rapidly, wanting to finish both of you off like the manly man he is. 

Baekhyun: Kinky boy, he’ll be expecting this! Similar to Sehun, a blowjob is pretty much a requirement with Baek. No matter when or how, a blowjob is guaranteed to ensue. He would love if you are to commence this session, relishing in the way you desirously eye his length, already aroused at the mere thought. He would chuckle at this: “So needy for me, aren’t you kitten? Naughty girl~” at his dirty talking, you would be prompted to take a taste for yourself. You would grasp his member excitedly, jerking him off for a bit with skillful hands, much to his satisfaction. “Ah~ Fuck yes baby, don’t stop~” he would whine amorously with each stroke you grant him. Experimentally, you would lick the tip delicately, allowing yourself samplings of pre cum, much to his excitement. Once you’ve teased him enough with your kitten-like licks, you would begin to engulf his length, eliciting ardent moans and slight cries from Baek at the way your mouth impeccably encases him. 

Hollowing your cheeks around his length, you begin to bob your head up and down his member, granting him bouts of sizzling euphoria. “…babe…ah~” he chants once you speed your bobbing gradually. He’ll reach for your head, urging you to intake more of him, while thrusting upwards into your mouth slightly. His calls for you would cease, morphing into sensual pants, indicating his high is nearing. With this in mind, you would remove him from your mouth, now stroking his length rapidly as you eye him seductively with your mouth ajar. As Baek emits a straggled cry of pleasure from his high, you would zealously allow his essence to paint your face and mouth as proof of his desire. “Swallow,” he would command in between his pants, to which you would comply willingly. Once his high recedes, he would kiss you briefly, with a naughty glimmer in his eyes as he murmurs: “my turn,” setting to work on you.  (Expect some 69 in the future) 

Xiumin: You would definitely catch Minseok off guard with a blowjob; he would be elated inwardly at this. Of course, since Minseok is incredibly compliant, as you’re making your way below his waist, he would writhe around slightly, while asking: “J-jagi, are you sure?” Since he’s always on the giving end, he wouldn’t be accustomed to being on the receiving end, prompting him to question you. The seductive shimmer in your eyes would put him at ease however, as he relaxes watching you carefully. He would groan stridently with each rousing touch you grant him. You begin by taking his length in hand, lightly permitting the tip small licks, relishing in the taste of the pre cum that flows from the tip. He would softly groan your name with each amorous kiss and lick you permit his member. “J-jagi…” he would call out airily, writhing slightly in response to the pleasure. 

As you slowly intake his length, gradually making your way to the base, his writhing would begin to increase. He may start to thrust upwards into your mouth instinctively, to which you would gladly allow. His moans would become more resonant, indicating his high is nearing. Just to tease him, you would extract him from your mouth, proceeding to place delicate kisses upon his length from the base to the tip. Once you feel you’ve delayed his climax enough, you would briefly engulf him once more, sucking vigorously. Eventually,  you would begin to jerk him off while your mouth still encases his member. As his satisfied groan resounds stridently, you would gladly take his pearly essence in your mouth, swallowing the ample dose gleefully. Xiumin would thank you, setting to work on you. “That was great baby, let me taste you next.” 

D.O: Kyungsoo is similar to Luhan in the aspect that a blowjob wouldn’t always be routine during sex sessions. However, unlike Luhan, Kyungsoo isn’t a needy partner, so this would a bit of a pleasant treat. He would gladly allow you to do as you please, while lying back, watching through amorous eyes. As you take his length in your grasp, this would elicit soft moans and heavy breathes from him with each lustful stroke you permit his member. He won’t say much aside from small, affectionate compliments on occasions: “So perfect jagiya…” As you continue to stroke his length, trailing delicate kisses from the base upwards, you would feel his hands softly encompass your head, entangling his digits within your filaments. You would slowly engulf his length, proceeding to make sucking motions against his member. His hands would begin to gently push you downwards, assisting you in intaking his length. Of course if you were to feel discomfort, Kyungsoo would be sure to release his grip of you, like the gentleman he is. He would relish in the feel of you moaning melodiously into his member, granting him exquisite vibrations to revel in. 

You would relish in the sound of his moans increasing in volume, indicating his high is near. Similar to Luhan and Kai, depending on how far into the euphoria he is in, Kyungsoo will either want to be inside you once he climaxes or upon your body. In the instance that he will release upon your body, you would continue bobbing your head sensually, until you feel he is close. Once you’ve received that indication, you would extract him and begin to stoke him rapidly. I feel like he would get incredibly turned on with cumming on your collarbone/neck/anything near your breasts. He would moan harmoniously once he reaches his high, emitting his essence erotically upon your collarbone, painting you impeccably. He would lean towards you for an enraptured kiss, wanting to return the favor to you. 

Tao: Ah, the two sides of Tao. It wouldn’t matter what faze he is in, a blowjob is a requirement with him…no way around it. He’ll probably be the one to urge it rather than you. “Come on baobei, if you want me, you’ll have to satisfy me first,” he would order, tempting you greatly. You would comply to his desires, in order to attain your own pleasure. He would guide you somewhat, urging you below his waist, as well as already having his hands enmeshed with your fringes, highly anticipant for you. With two hands, you would efficiently stroke him with quick flicks of your wrists, eventually taking him into your mouth while stroking him. He would emit low groans and growls of satisfaction if he’s in that rough, dominant faze of his. If not, he would cry aloud with small whines of amour at your skillful techniques.

Your bobs would be in synch with your strokes, which would be all too sensual for Tao. You would feel him begin to thrust into your mouth with vigor, since he wants to achieve his high soon. Now, your bobbing and sucking would be in tune with not only your strokes, but now his thrusts. His whines would take a higher pitch once his high nears. If he’s in his rough state, you would feel his thrusting quickening as he mutters low obscenities. Either way, since he promised you, he would fulfill his agreement with you diligently. He would roughly extract himself from your mouth, beginning to roughly enter you, now commencing in fucking you hard, his mind clouded with nothing more than lust and need. 

The thirst is real dear readers. 

Have some sprite everyone to quench your thrists. *hands out sprite cans* 

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Business and Pleasure (M)

Request- HI! How about a fluff with Hoseok in which the reader is a new manager in big hit? I’d really appreciate it. 

Hey, I hope you don’t mind but I put smut into the storey. I’m sorry if that’s not what you wanted, but I felt it went along with the storey line. If you really don’t like it message me and I’ll re-write it. Feed back is always appreciated. Also, thank you so much for requesting x 

This scenario contains sexual content. You have been warned! 

Originally posted by kths

Tonight you were going out to celebrate! You had just got a job, being one of the managers in BigHit Entertainment. You had been living in Korea for quite some time, studying at Seoul university. Now, you were finally getting a job, one that you only dreamed of. But you worked really hard in college and got company recruited. This was all new and very exciting for you. You thought you were going to have to look for jobs back home, but fortunately for you, you were able to stay in Korea. Which you had made your home away from home. 

Tonight, you and some close friends were going to go to a club down town. It was your last weekend till you were starting your job. One last time to just let go. You had gotten all dressed up, You wore your favourite dress. Which hugged your curves beautifully. You straighten your hair and applied some make up, making your eyes look amazing. You had to say you looked gooooood! 

You walk out of your bathroom to your best friend appealing her make up. “God, Y/N you look amazing. Someone’s getting some tonight.” She says with a giggle. 

“You too! Now can we get going, I’m not waiting at the door all night to get in.” You say, while putting your shoes on. 

“What? When you’re wearing that, we wont even have to wait in line!” She says winking at you. 

She was right though. When you got to the club the bouncer let you both right in. You felt for the other people waiting in line, but bad enough to do anything about it. You make a b-line to the bar. You order your usual and down it in one swing, wanting to get this night started. 

Throughout the night, you danced, drank and did some flirting. You were sitting at the bar in need of a drink, after all your dancing. You sat on the stole and was looking around the club at the mess of some people. When you looked in the VIP section of the club, your eyes caught with an extremely handsome man. He smiled at you, he had finally got your attention. And that he did, you couldn’t take your eyes off him. You just wanted to know his name, anything about him. His gaze was intoxicating. 

Shit he was getting up, was he making his way towards you? You turned back to the barman. You finished off your drink, you hopped off the stole, making your way to find your friends. When your wrist was grabbed. You swing around to come face to face with the handsome man from the VIP section. 

“Where are you going? Let me buy you a drink.” He smiled at you. Holy mother off fuck, his smile was amazing. Who was this guy? His smile gave you butterfly’s. 

“Eh, no thank you. I’m just going to find my friends.” You say, giving him a shy smile. 

“I don’t mean for this to be weird, but the moment you walked into here… I’ve been watching you, I just can’t seem to take my eyes off of you. Just have one drink with me and I won’t bother you again.” he asks. You really want to give in say yes, but you weren’t really looking for a one night stand. You just wanted a bit of fun. Ah what the fuck, one drink won’t hurt. 

“Okay, just one though, and then I have to go find my friends.” You give in to the handsome man before you, finally looking into his eyes. Which were gorgeous and mesmerising, to say the least. 

You both sit at a quite end of the bar. He orders you both a drink. 

“So, what’s your name?” He asks, sipping on his drink. 

“Y/N, and you?” 

“Hoseok”, he says giving you a beautiful smile, you can’t help but smile back. He was sexy, yet he had such a happy aura about him. “I’ve never since you here before.” He says bluntly.

“Oh, it’s my first time here actually. I’m celebrating, I got a new job!” You tell him, taking a gulp of your drink. 

“Ohhh, really? Where are you working?” He asks, but all you are thinking about is his lips on yours and those hands… He could put them anywhere he saw fit. “Y/N” He shakes you out of your daydream. 

“Shit, sorry. I’m going to working at BigHit Entertainment.” You say a little flustered that he may have saw you staring at his lips so intently. 

“BigHit, really… Well that’s interesting.” He smiles almost to himself. 

“How so?” You ask, not sure what he meant by it. 

“Oh, I know someone who works there too.” He smirks. 

You must have been talking to Hoseok for hours, it felt like minutes. He was so interesting, he made you laugh like never before. He really was something else. You were so captured in the conversation you didn’t even notice the club was nearly empty. 

“Kids, it’s time to go. We’re closing” A middle aged man in a black suit, comes over to you both. You and Hoseok look at each other and smile. 

“Do you want to get out of here and go someone…. more private.” He says running his hand up your thigh. How could you say no? You nod eagerly. 

He grabs your hand and you both head out to the street. He hails a taxi and turns to you. 

“Are you sure about this?” He asks. 

“Yes, my apartment isn’t that far.” 

“Perfect!” He opens the taxi door for you. You both get in and you tell the driver your address. You couldn’t wait to just have him, his hand were just teasing you, rubbing circles into your thigh. 

The taxi finally comes to a halt in front of your apartment. He pays the fare and you both make your way into the building. As soon as the doors to the elevator closes, he as you pinned against the wall. One of his hands holds up both of your hands over your head, he’s looking at you intently with lust filled eyes. He inhales your scent, as his free hand brings you closer, on the small of your back. He doesn’t kiss you though, that’s all you want in this moment in time. He just continues to stare into your eyes intently. It was so pure, so innocent, so intimate.. No one had ever stared at you the way he was right now. You just wished you both could stay like that forever. 

The elevator finally reaches your floor, he lets go of your hands and pulls away from you. You feel at a loss, with the intimate moment over. You lead the way to your apartment, opening the door. Inviting him in. He walks in and you feel a little awkward, not knowing what to do. 

“Emm, so…?” You say trying to avoid awkwardness, but your just welcoming it. He smirks at you. 

“No need to feel awkward, babe.” The nickname nearly has your knees giving out. He takes two long strides towards you and picks you up. You wrap your legs around him. His hands squeeze your ass, you just giggle. “You’re so beautiful!” He says. He finally presses his lips to yours. Its exhilarating. You silently direct him to your room. 

Once your reach your room, he sets you down on the the floor. You kick off your heels. He disposes of his shirt… Well fuck, look at those shoulders. Ugh, he was perfect. You suddenly felt insecure, putting your arms over your stomach. 

“Hey, stop that! You’re beautiful.” He tries to reassure you. He unzips your dress and it falls to your ankles. You are so happy you went with your sexy panties and bra today. He takes in your form. 

“So beautiful, babe. You don’t even release that every guy in that club tonight wanted where I am right now.” He says smirking down at you. 

“Then have me.” You say feeling bold. You just wanted him. With your comment your back is one the bed and he is hovering over you. He starts to kiss you, your hands reach for his hair. You start to play with the strands. His tongue swipes over your bottom lip, you part your lips to let him in. His tongue plays with yours, you can’t help but moan out his name. 

He reaches behind you to unclasp your bra, you arch your back to make it easier for him. He tosses your bra somewhere on the floor in your room. He pulls back looking at you. “So fucking beautiful.” He murmurs. His hands fondly with your breasts, making you moan his name. He then puts your nipple in his hot mouth. He takes the nipple in between his teeth and pulls. He does the same to your other breast. He begins to kiss down your torso. He reaches the hem of your panties. 

“You look great in these, but I think you’ll look better without them.” He slowly pulls down your panties, keeping eye contact with you the whole time. He finally takes them off, throwing them behind him. “I knew it! You look way better without them.” He says positioning himself in between your legs. 

He kisses up you thigh, sucking on the flesh, leaving purple and blue marks in his wake. He finally gets to where you need him. He puts his tongue flat against your core, making you moan out. He starts to lick up your slit, in puts two fingers into without warning making you gasp. He starts to thrust his fingers in and out of you, opening you up. 

“Fuck, your so wet already. I think your ready for me.” He says, but you don’t care you just don’t want the pleasure to stop. He removes his fingers from you, you pout at him and he chuckles at your neediness. He unbuckles his trousers and pulls them down along with his boxers. His member springs free. Fuck he was big. 

He climbs back on to the bed and hovers over you. He kisses down your neck and your jaw. Hoseok finally starts to ease himself into your core. It was euphoric, he was stretching you out wonderfully. He starts to thrust in and out of you. You can’t help the moans that slip form your lips. He started to pick up the speed, fucking you amazingly. He was hitting that spot inside you over and over again. It had you moaning his name like a mantra. 

He starts to mark you has his, stilling fucking you into the bed. It was overwhelming, you could feel yourself getting closer and closer to release. “Ho-hoseok, I’m c-coming.” You breathlessly. 

“Then come for me, baby.” You start to tighten around him. His moans and chants of your name, had your orgasm coming poring down on you. He pulls out of you and comes on your stomach. He flips down beside you, both you are breathing heavily. 

He gets up from the bed and walks into to your bathroom. He comes back with a damp cloth, he cleans you up. Hoseok gets back on the bed, pulling the covers over the both of you. 

“That was amazing, babe.” He says pulling you into him and nuzzles himself into your neck. 

“That it was.” You’re still coming down from your high. You both fall into a peaceful sleep wrapped up in each other. 

You wake up the next morning, he’s gone. You turn to find a note of your bedside table. That read- Y/N, I know this looks really shitty, but I had work. We will be definitely be seeing one another soon - Hoseok x You were still a little sad that he was gone and you would most likely not see him again. 

Today was the first day at your new job. A manager at BigHit, you were nervous yet excited. This would open so many new doors for you. You walk through the doors at BigHit and is greeted by a small women. She guides you around the company, showing you everything you need to know.

She gives you a schedule of meeting you had today. You had already meet the team of managers, but not the talent you are in charge of. You walk into the bored meeting and sit next to the oder manager you will be working with. 

Seven boys walk into the room, they take seats on the opposite side to the table from you. They all stand up and introduce themselves. The last boy stands up. You finally look at him. Well fuck… It was Hoseok. 

“Hi, I’m Hoseok. I’m really excited to work with you!” He gives you a wink. Your faces heats up. What the fuck am I going to do? I fucked the man I have to manage, not even three days ago.. I’m fucked. 

The meeting goes painfully slow. It’s finally over and you can leave this hell. You thought you were going to have a nice time here, but no the world obviously doesn’t want you to be happy. You gather your things and make your way out of the building. You get into the elevator and push the button down to the parking garage. The elevator doors begin to shut, until a hand stops them. It’s Hoseok. You honestly want to dig a hole and live in it. 

“Hey, why are you in such a hurry to leave.” He asks putting his hands on your hips. You gasp. 

“Look Hoseok, now that I’m managing you and your group… I don’t think it’s a good idea to take this any farther.” You say not able to meet his gaze. He sighs. 

“Y/N, I really like you. I do. And I don’t want to be working with you while others boys are thinking dirty things about you, if I can’t be doing them.” He puts his hand under your chin to make you look at him. “We don’t have to tell anyone, this can be just our secret. You can’t deny how amazing it felt the other night. I know you felt it and it wasn’t just me.” 

“It wasn’t just you.” You say finally looking at him properly. 

“Than come on. I can’t help but feel that this is the real thing. I’ve never felt this way about someone before. Please just let me take you out, we’ll spend the day together. No one will find out, okay? I just don’t want to give up and regret not taking the chance to be happy when I had it,” He puts his forehead against yours, looking into your eyes. 

“I don’t want to either.” 

“The other night wasn’t just a random fling, I felt something. So let’s just not give up, okay?” 

“Okay” you say smiling up at him. He picks you up and twirls you around. 

This could either be amazing or it could end shitty for you. But in the moment you can’t help it. You couldn’t give up on something that could have been the best thing to happen to you and to finally find love. To not try and regret it later. You were always told life is to short to not do what you want. Well, you wanted Hoseok…. Why couldn’t you be happy. This is your moment and your going to take it. The sneaking around could be fun, especially with Hoseok. 

A/N- It’s 5am, so I’m not going to edit this bad boy till tomorrow… So sorry for any mistakes. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. Feed back would be most appreciated! Oh, Happy New Year xx

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2) Fight or Flight- J-Hope(Smut)

Part One

An empty dorm and a horny Hoseok. This should be fun. 

Req: Could you please do hobi and you hanging out at the dorm when no one else is home and taking advantage of the empty dorm ;)

A/N: The highly anticipated second part to the series. Hope you enjoy and much love!

You wait for what feels like forever, stripping out of your shirt and kneeling on the bed, waiting for him to come and relieve the aching pulse between your thighs. You can feel wetness slipping down your legs to stain his sheets and you know that once he gets you up he’d only tease you at the puddle under your legs.

You can hear them talking outside, Hoseok trying to sneak away and not finding a reprieve as the boys hound him for locking the door and asking him what was going on. Their voices become too hushed for you to hear down the hall and you pout, whimpering lightly before getting tired of waiting.

Laying back against his mountain of pillows, you open your legs, moaning as your folds spread apart with a wet sound. “Hobi.” You whine quietly, moving a finger down the valley between your breasts and towards your aching core, closing your eyes so you can pretend it’s him. So you can pretend his breath is hot against your ear, so you can pretend he’s putting inch by inch of his weight on you and teasing you as his hand slips further and further south of the equator.  

You bite your lower lip in attempt to keep the moans in as you feel the entirety of how worked up you are, sliding around your lower lips so easily. One of your fingers circles your swollen clit while the other begins to fondle the hard, rosy tip of your nipple, twisting it and tugging it just like Hobi does, your body ripping apart and stuffed with intense pleasure as you groan his name again.    

“Fuck I thought they’d never let me leave-” He starts, stopping short as he sees you, naked and masturbating on his bed, one finger along my breasts and the other buried inside of me, instantly darkening and shutting the door.

“Baby girl…” His voice is low and feral and you don’t know how you didn’t notice him slip through the door but you didn’t, finding his eyes hooded with lust and naughty intentions as he stalks towards you. “You couldn’t wait?”

You swallow, shaking your head and continuing to drown your finger in erotic wetness as he watches you. Getting up on the bed he doesn’t stop you like you think he’s going to, all he does is sit and observe, watching you touch yourself with parted lips and a growing bulge as he throws his shirt over his head.

“Hobi…” You groan, arching your back as you slip a finger into yourself.

He curses, standing so he can push his clothes down and reveal himself to you. Long and hard and thick, his cock is standing up to attention against his stomach. Your throat works and mouth waters at the sight of it, wanting it everywhere inside of you at once, wanting to taste it, to feel it, to hold it…

Hoseok resumes his position at the end of the bed, taking his length in his hands and pumping himself to the time of your fingering, watching you with a sultry stare. “Go faster.” The words leave your mouth as you watch him, eyebrows furrowing in euphoria as you add a second finger into your tight entrance and move faster, rubbing against your walls in a delicious friction that has your head spinning.

He obliges to your wish, moving his hand faster down his shaft and groaning at the feeling. “I’m getting close.” He says, breathless and husky. “I need to feel you.”

Removing your fingers from yourself he gets over your weak frame, using his hands to support his weight as he moves into you in one long roll of his hips, feeling you explode around him in erotic waves. Ecstasy threatens to overtake every one of your senses, so wet and dripping that everytime he moves you can hear yourself, heightening the experience as you watch him watch himself disappear then reappear from the euphoric tunnel of your pussy.

“So wet and so tight.” He groans, eyes traveling up your body to meet yours. “So beautiful.”

You can feel your body begging for release and you don’t know whether to fight it or to indulge, legs shaking around Hoseok as he thrusts faster. “Are you close?’ You gasp out, begging for him to say yes.

He puts his sweat slicked forehead against yours, nodding and squeezing his eyes shut as you listen to the bed shake and creak from his intense, fast paced movement. Your back arches into him, nipples brushing against his hard chest, causing you to moan in pleasure at the extra friction and stimulation it gives you.

“Hoseok!” You moan, a little too loudly.

He gives you a smirk, but a warning raise of his eyebrows, capturing your lips in a kiss as you begin to cum around him, clenching around his cock in hard, unsynchronized contractions that have him releasing sounds, letting you swallow them whole and unfiltered.

You don’t want him to pull out, moaning as you wish to feel his warm seed shoot into you, but inevitable he does, instead releasing himself along your stomach and breasts, loving how the thick liquid dries along your nipples.

Hobi watches you come down, taking note of each furrow of your eyebrows, each bob of your throat, each parting of your lips as his leave them. He watches your eyes open and if he had any drawing skill, he’d kill to keep you like this so he could sketch the lines of your face, expression exhausted from pleasure. From something only he can give you. From something he’s done to you.

A knock sounds at the door and Hobi has to break from watching you, agitating him. “What?” He snaps.

Namjoon chuckles. “If you guys are done breaking the bed frame, Jin-hyung made food for us.”

You bury your face in your hands, Hoseok laughing at you and mumbling about how cute you are before pecking your forehead. He gives you a smile as you peek through your fingers to look at him, shrugging as if getting caught having sex is nothing. “They’ll get over it.”   

Whoop whoop, hope you enjoyed the ending. Much love~~

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Originally posted by eatjin

Title: Game

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word count: 1270

A/N: Drabble game request - request more drabbles here; guidelines here!

To all intents and purposes, Seokjin looks very clean cut and innocent. He’s a fine example of manners and, above all, a gentleman. Despite him being wilder in the bedroom than his image might suggest, outside of the bedroom he’s soft spoken and collected.

Therefore, before dating Seokjin you had expected little in terms of PDA. Maybe a quick peck on the cheek, some light hand holding - and maybe, if he was feeling particularly expressive that day, a back hug.

What you don’t think to expect is the way he lays his hand on your upper thigh at dinner with the boys, and traces patterns higher and higher into the soft skin until you’re biting your lip hard as not to moan. You don’t think to expect him to press up against you and wrap delicate fingers around your throat in mimicry of the pervious night’s activities when you’re shopping for groceries.

And, now, you certainly don’t expect Seokjin’s hand slipping into your back pocket, squeezing firmly at the swell of your ass cheek.

Keep reading

EXO going down on you (analysis)

Hello lovely readers, here’s another smutty analysis for you all. The thirst is real here…

Happy ‘sexual’ Thursday! Enjoy!


Kris: Kris would definitely relish in going down on you. The idea of him being able to send you into an enraptured state with just his mouth would be incredibly gratifying for him. The thought would drive him into a desirous state for you, therefore he would go down on you in a heartbeat, tearing your panties off with immense rapidity. Spreading your legs, he would delve for your core hungrily. Flattening his tongue against your clit, he would grant you long, lavish licks from your clit to your entrance, not leaving an inch of your core unnoticed. Your eyes would roll back as your back arches at the prolonged pleasure his gradual lapping would confer to you. He would smirk against your core as he murmurs how much he “loves the way you taste.” Kris is the type to finger you while eating you out…inserting two or three digits within you, just to increase your enjoyment, as you pant his name breathlessly. He won’t let you climax just yet though, he would rather have you orgasm while he is embedded within you, holding you in his arms as you cry out for him. 

Kai: This boy would absolutely glorify your body, as if it is on a sacramental eminence. He would take his sweet time in building you up to a rapturous climax. He would lavish your breasts by gently fondling them before trailing  passionate kisses from your breasts to your abdomen, causing you to squirm in anticipation. Your breathing would deepen as he centralizes his attention on your wanting core. He would spread your legs apart, beginning to place soft kisses on both your inner thighs. Jongin would be a bit cautious when going down on you, so he would experimentally peck (kiss) your womanhood a few times, just enough to ensure he is not causing you discomfort. The way you gasp aloud and toss your head back in profuse pleasure would be his signal to continue. He would run his tongue over your entrance to your clit, finally taking the sensitive nub into his mouth, sucking onto it lustfully as you moan stridently, eventually allowing your peak to ravage your body erotically. 

Suho: Suho would be a bit modest when going down on you. I see sex in general with Joonmyun being very vanilla and straight-forward…therefore, he would only go down on you willingly when he’s feeling rather adventurous/kinky. He’d still be blushing slightly as he aligns himself between your legs. Carefully removing your undergarments, he’d start by fervidly sucking on your clit with slight caution. Your amorous whimpers caused by the blazing pleasure that sears throughout your body would incite him to keep going. Occasionally he might ask if you’re doing alright as well as throwing in a few affectionate compliments: “You’re perfect jagi. I love you so much,” he would murmur against your entrance, stimulating you further. As he gets more into it, he would switch off between kissing and lavishly licking your dampened folds. Similar to Yifan, but in a less frenzied manner, he’d build your climax up enough, until finally he would enter himself into you and commence a zealous love-making session. 

Chen: Oh dear, Jongdae would be a huge tease when going down on you. What would turn him on the most is your frustrated groans as he leaves you in need of a euphoric orgasm. He’d start with your panties still intact…kissing the outlines of your entrance, gently nipping at the fabric of your undergarments, chuckling to himself at how soaked you’ve already become. He wouldn’t remove your panties until you beg for him to. Once you’ve expressed your need for him, he would finally remove your panties, only to experimentally run a finger up and down your slick folds. You’d mewl in satisfaction as he inserts his fingers within you, coating his digits in your arousal. Placing his fingers in your mouth, he’d allow you to taste yourself, wanting you to know how “good you taste.” He’d softly nip and kiss your clit, setting you up for an intense climax. “God you taste amazing,” Jongdae would say smoothly as he proceeds to suck on your clit, humming a tune against the nub, allowing the vibrations to traverse your body, channeling bundles of ecstasy to your body. Of course, in true Chen fashion, once he’s gotten you close to climaxing, he’ll cease licking and sucking, just to get you to implore to him shamelessly. Chuckling smugly, he’d murmur: “isn’t it amazing how you can get like this with just a little foreplay?” Depending on how kinky he’s feeling, he may just end up denying you your climax multiple times, but eventually once he’s squeezed enough fun out of you, he’ll allow you to ride your orgasm out against his tongue, as he laps at your clit with great rapidity. 

Sehun: He’d be cocky as always, even when going down on you. He’d also be a bit sloppy and hasty when eating you out, but it would feel amazing in it’s own unique way. Sehun isn’t exactly the ‘romantic’ type in bed, but more so the rough, ‘down ‘n dirty’ type. So, he wouldn’t waste anytime tearing your panties off and briefly fingering you roughly to start. You’d writhe as spontaneous bouts of pleasure channel throughout your body, causing you to moan lucidly with lust. He’d smirk to himself at how aroused he can get you with just his fingers. He’d then extract his digits from your core, replacing them with his mouth. You would cry out in ecstasy as you feel his tongue traverse from your clit to your entrance, ensuing a delicious friction. Of course, he’d dirty talk in between licks: “that’s right, moan for me baby,” “you like it when I fuck you with my mouth? Hmm?” “Say my name baby. Say it loud. Let the world know how well I fuck you.” You would finally reach your climax once he begins to suck on your clit harshly, as if attempting to draw out all the savory flavors it has to offer. His teeth would lightly, ever so lightly graze the nub absorbed in nerves, causing abrupt euphoria to surge throughout your body. Once your orgasm recedes, you’d better be prepared to suck him off, ‘cause he’ll be expecting it. 

Chanyeol: Yeol would definitely be into leaving marks and hickeys upon your thighs as he’s eating you out. He’d be skillful, but rough, very much like Sehun. With your undergarments still intact, he’d lightly bite and suck on the skin of your inner thighs, causing your senses to heighten as you whimper in pleasure at each little mark he imprints upon you. Finally, once he’s marked your thighs, he’d merely peel your panties to the side, already driven over the edge. He would roughly suck on your clit, resulting in you throwing your head back and gasping out strings of obscenities at the profound pleasure. Lapping at your entrance, he would probably prod at you with his tongue in an attempt to enter you. He would moan against your core, allowing the vibrations to course your body, sending your nerves into a euphoric state. He would love if you gripped onto his hair, while your orgasm transmits you to a state of sheer ecstasy…climaxing upon his wandering tongue, blissfully. 

Lay: Though I have stated that I make out Yixing to be a very vanilla partner, similar to Joonmyun, I see him using oral sex regularly. (especially with you on the receiving end) He’d be incredibly gentle and loving with you. While gently kneading your breasts, he leave a path of delicate kisses down from your abdomen to your wanting womanhood. Gently spreading your legs and removing your panties, he’d softly kiss your folds, as you softly gasp in satisfaction at the way his mouth molds impeccably against your core. As his tongue works up to your clit, lightly flicking the nub, Yixing would want to make sure you’re doing alright. Once you’ve signaled that you’re enjoying yourself, he would continue to delicately graze his tongue against your clit, sending you into an exhalted state at the immense stimulation delivered with just minuscule licks. While he’s kissing your folds, he would use one hand to softly fondle one of your breasts, doubling the stimulation, eventually causing your peak to engulf your body wholly in one exquisite bout. He’d greatly enjoy watching you as you toss your head back immersed in pleasure, gasping his name, riding out your orgasm enchantingly. 

Luhan: Luhan would be incredibly romantic when going down on you. He’d want to make you feel like a deity of immense divinity and grace. He would kiss your inner thighs lightly, while murmuring little compliments into your skin, causing you to tremor with anticipation. Finally, his mouth would reach your core. He would commence by kissing your clit with lustful passion. You’d cry out in pleasure at how good his soft, pliable lips feel against your sensitive folds. You would gasp rapturously as his tongue traces the structure of your libidinous nub. His mouth would eventually reach your entrance, making soft sucking motions to intake all your effeminate secretions. He would probably begin to draw circles upon your clit with his thumb as his mouth remains fastened to your entrance. Luhan would love it if you were to thread your fingers within his hair, pulling him closer to your core, as you call his name out with each motion he permits your womanhood. Through eyes darkened with lust, he would observe intently as your orgasm consumes you sublimely, becoming aroused at the sight of your back arched and your face contorted with palpable registration of the euphoria. He might ask you to tend to him by sucking him off afterwards. 

Baekhyun: This would be a regular form of foreplay with Baek. He’d definitely have the most fun going down on you. Just fathom the things he could do with those pretty fingers of his…he’d be hasty in starting off, disrobing you with rapidity due to his need for you. He would teasingly run one or two fingers up and down your slit arousing immensely. You’d pant amorously at the way he temptingly moves his fingers at your entrance. He would chuckle to himself, amused by your reactions: “Naughty girl, I haven’t even gotten started and already you’re wet? You must really want me~” Finally, his digits would enter you, as he pumps within you with remarkable timing, hitting all your erogenous spots perfectly. Gasping his name aloud, this would signal for him to increase the intimacy. While fingering you, he would press his mouth against your clit, running his tongue all over your pearl, causing your senses to disarray as well as your nerves to set ablaze at the ecstasy his mouth grants you. The way you chant his name and moan clearly enraptured would convince him to continue lapping on you. Baek would love it once your body writhes in unalloyed pleasure; riding out your orgasm against his tongue. Once your high subsides, he would extract his fingers from within you, lapping off your arousal, with a smug smirk. “Baby tastes good~ it would be selfish of me not to share,” he would then kiss you fervidly, allowing a sampling of your savory nectar. (For future reference, expect some 69.)

Xiumin: Oh this boy would absolutely love pleasuring you with his mouth and tongue. Particularly in a face-sitting position. As I’ve said before, Minseok strikes me as the submissive/kinky type, so you towering above him, as he laps at your dewy folds, drawing out as much of your saccharine honey as possible would be incredibly arousing to him. As you lie upon his face, he would grip your sides firmly, releasing his tongue to flick rapidly against your clit. Moaning audibly at the swift movements his tongue showcases, he would switch to more slow and sensual licks, a great contrast from his previously quick and unpredictable flicks. This would be a reoccurring theme with Minseok: switching from fast paced stimulation to slower, delicate licks. He would love when your climax is nearing, causing you to grind against his mouth zealously. He would switch from sucking on your clit to your entrance, taking in all the nectar you have to offer. This would elicit moans of satisfaction from you as his lips mold against your folds, making sucking motions, drawing out your piquant arousal. Of course, in true Xiumin fashion, he would ask you consistently if he’s doing okay: “Jagi, you like this right?” “Is this how you like it Jagi?” Once you’ve assured him that you’re enjoying his techniques, he’d continue, bent on making you climax. Eventually, as he’s lapping at your folds, preparing to engulf your clit, you would tremble above him, tossing your head back, groaning aloud as you allow your climax to course throughout your body. Even while you’re climaxing, Xiumin would still lap at your core, completely enamored with the way you taste. 

D.O: Kyungsoo goes all out for your sake when going down on you. He’ll do everything in his power to satisfy you because he wouldn’t want you to feel unfulfilled. He’d be gentle, but have enough power to have you squirming at each motion he makes with his tongue. He would suck your clit delicately, watching you gasp stridently, while gripping the bed sheets tightly, through hooded eyes, relishing in the sight. As you chant his name consistently, Kyungsoo would than release your clit, beginning to draw teasing circles upon your sensitive pearl. He would prod a finger or two through your dewy entrance, embedding his digits within you. As euphoria channels throughout your body, moans of exhalation would escape your lips as you intake the combo of his tongue brushing your clit and his fingers thrusting into you at a moderate speed, further arousing you. He won’t say much, with the exception of a few affectionate compliments like how ‘perfect you are’ or ‘how much he loves you.’ You would tremble pleasurably against his words as they tickle your impressionable folds. Eventually, as your walls tighten around his digits, indicating an impending climax, he would go back to sucking on your nub to drive you over the edge. He would greatly enjoy you clenching onto his hair as you ride out your high. Once your senses return to their previous scope prior to your climax, you would feel him looming above you, planting an affectionate kiss upon your lips, as he murmurs: “God you’re perfect.” 

Tao: During sex in general, Tao has two sides to him: his adorable and affectionate side, and his rough and dominant side. When he’s being romantic, he would love going down on you. What he would love most is your reactions to him going down on you…it would embolden him to continue. He would kiss and nip at your folds, eliciting soft whimpers from you with each kiss he permits you. He’d chuckle light heartedly at your reactions: “you’re so cute like this you know that baobei?” He’d permit your clit small kitten licks just to evoke more moans from you. Eventually, after he gives your clit a few strong sucks, your body would be conquered by a rippling orgasm, much to his amusement. He would giggle amused, as you ride out your climx. He would then climb atop of you, kissing your face as he comments on how cute you can be. If Tao is in his dominant mode, he would have to be extremely needy for you in order to go down on you. Tearing your panties off of you with lust coated eyes, he would proceed to nip and bite at your clit, just enough to make you squirm and gasp breathlessly, absorbed in sheer libido. He would embed two or three fingers within your core, stretching you out, much to your pleasure. Thrusting into you harshly, he’d continue to nip and suck roughly on your clit, blinded by his desire for you. At this point his need for you is profound, so he would break away from your core, wanting you to suck him off. You’ll get your much deserved high eventually, once you’ve tended to his needs first. 

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rwfl-deactivated20160606  asked:

I was going to use another member, but I decided to go straight for my bias haha. Just like I promised, some random words. So Jungkook, fluff, heater, shoes, and hair. I honestly don't know 😶

It was love when Jungkook picked you up on a Saturday night, car lights dimming through the powerful drops that rained down from the blackened sky. The sound of the engine dying to a purr was what alerted you of his presence, the car door opening, and a blurry figure in a green raincoat running towards you with his arms stretched out wide.

“You’re going to catch a cold, idiot! Why are you not waiting inside for me?”

Heated hands envelop your frame, lips pressed to your cheeks as he warms you up the best he can, simultaneously getting soaked through each layer of clothing in the process. Small droplets of water drip from his now flattened fringe all the way down his nose, your eyes watching with regard as he licks them away as they reach his lips. He searches your gaze with a curiosity of his own.

“You’re not frozen are you? Let’s get you in the car, come on.”

He guides you to the seat, reaching over your shivering frame to buckle you in place. His large hands cup your cheeks afterwards, bringing your face to his and rewarding you with a kiss that warms you from head to toe, despite the tremors that still shook through your body.

“Thanks for picking me up.” You whispered against the corner of his mouth, his thumb drawing small patterns on your cheek.

“Anytime Y/N.”

It was love when Jungkook sat you in front of the small space heater of your shared apartment, hands stripping off each article of sopping clothing until you were completely bare before him. His eyes roamed only your own, no hidden lust or intentions in his actions as he draped you in his favorite blanket, the soft material feeling heavenly against your chilled skin.

He had already dressed in dry clothes beforehand, the simple black sweats hanging low on his hips with his over sized white shirt to complete his usual weekend attire. He guided you to the couch, wrapping you up in his hold while the warmth of the heater radiated onto your face and slowly returned your body to a normal temperature. You could feel the even breaths through his chest, arms placed around your middle as you sat half on his lap, half on the couch.

“You still feel freezing.”

The frown on his face made you lean in to kiss it away, hands escaping the blanket to wrap around his neck and bring him closer to you. He smelled of cinnamon and rain, his hair still damp as small droplets fell onto your face as he kissed away the cold within you.

“I love you.”

The words surrounded Jungkook, closing in on him until he was pulling away from you with a look of disbelief and wonderment in his eyes.

“Do you really?”

His confirmation was you laying your head on his chest, lips pressing a quick kiss to his throat while your arms moved down to wrap around his waist. You were encased around him like a vine, holding onto every edge of him as if he would disappear from you within a glance. Jungkook only felt his heart grow a size too big at the sight of you clinging on with all you had, and as he pushed away the hair to get a better view of your face, he took a mental image to remember this moment forever, you at your most vulnerable and equally most beautiful.

“I love you too.”

Your mouth turned up in a smile, his arms tightening their grip on you as you both basked in the warmth of each other and a new found love that was just beginning to blossom into something great.

“Our shoes are completely soaked you know?”

“Yeah, I know.”

It was love.