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Astrology chart basics overview

Sun sign = the essence of a person, the potential & ideal personality

Moon sign = the inner core of a person, private feelings, subconscious habits and attitudes

Ascendant sign = (aka rising sign) the outer layer, mask, the first impression a person gives to others

Planets (represent energies; what is taking place):

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Spring Time Legends & Lore


The Easter Bunny is of German origin. He shows up in 16th century literature as a deliverer of eggs, in his own way a springtime St. Nicholas bent on rewarding the good.

In Celtic mythology and folklore the hare has links to the mysterious Otherworld of the supernatural.

The Celts believed that the goddess Eostre’s favourite animal and attendant spirit was the hare.

Many Buddhist and Hindu texts describe the hare as a creature of fire, but not just any fire, the same consuming sacrificial fire of the phoenix, then to rise again out of the ashes.

To the Romans, the hare is an emblem of fertility, abundance, sexuality, lust, rampant growth and excess.


Eggs have forever been associated with spring time. Ancient Egyptians, Persians, Romans, Gauls, and Chinese all embraced the egg as a symbol of the universe. 

Druids buried eggs dyed red, the color of menstrual blood, in freshly plowed fields to draw the goddess of spring from her slumber and to ensure abundance and fertility for the year.  

In Egypt and Persia eggs were decorated at the beginning of the year. The decorated eggs were exchanged at the equinox, the eggs symbolizing creation and fertility. 

Early humans thought the return of the sun from winter darkness was an annual miracle, and saw the egg as a natural wonder and proof of the renewal of life.

As Christianity spread, the egg was adopted as a symbol of Christ’s resurrection from the tomb. Hardboiled eggs were dyed red in memory of Christ’s blood, then given to children as a talisman to preserve their health over the ensuing twelve months.  

Pace eggs are kept year-round in British households for luck.

The protective qualities of the scarlet-dyed egg are still invoked in parts of Europe to guard fields and vineyards from lightning and hail, one is usually buried on the property for that purpose

According to European superstition, once an egg is consumed, its shell must be broken up lest a witch use it to gain power over the person who ate from it. A witch might also make a boat from an intact shell, then set sail in it and wreck ships at sea. Discarded eggshells should never be burned because doing so will cause the hens to cease to lay. 

Spring Deities

Anglo-Saxons worshiped Eostre, the moon Goddess of spring and fertility. 

The Druids worshiped Blodeuwedd, the Goddess of fertility, magick, and dawn.

In Roman mythology, Flora is the goddess of flowers and of the season of spring.

The Ancient Greek goddess Persephone is associated with spring.  

The celtic Goddess Brigit is honored at the festival of Imbolc which celebrates the first stirrings of Spring.

Freya is the Nordic fertility Goddess associated with spring growth and flowers. 

Spring Flora

Clover and other three-leaved plants were once considered spring gifts from the fairies to protect us and bring us luck.

Easter Lilies symbolize purity and spring time.

Other Wives tales

An old wives tale says  a wind that blows on Easter Day will continue to blow throughout the year, and that a shower of rain promises a good crop of grass but little hay. 

Children born on Easter Day are deemed especially fortunate. Those born on Good Friday, however, are doomed to be unlucky. 


May the moon light your path!

Moonlight Academy



“Why does tragedy exist?/Because you are full of rage/Why are you full of rage?/Because you are full of grief” -Anne Carson

“Craving, not having, is the mother of a reckless giving of oneself.” - Eric Hoffer

Because good intentions pave the way to hell. Sins don’t need to come from selfish origins

Happy two year fic anniversary! @the-flame-and-hawks-eye I really can’t thank you enough for writing this fic


Given below is the Ruling Hierarchy of Hell, the Devil and His true Demonic Legion  -I-  it is a Hierarchy founded upon the roots of Classical Demonolgy, and is the very Core of Creation, the Heart of Abyss of Creative Emanation  -I-  in this Hierarchy it must be said - as in the Grimoire itself - the Demons are not regarded as Fallen Angels but as ancient forces which existed long before the concept of God and Angels  -I-  forces which have been given names and clothed in guises over the centuries through the cultural and religious beliefs of humans  -I-  some such as Moloch, Adramalech and Baal have been worshipped as Pagan Gods, the Devil at its apex merged with the Fallen Angel Satan of Biblical writings and honoured at the Black Sabbat of the Ancient Witches  -I-  their guises and names are Legion, for they are indeed many, I have seen them in their true forms, their veiled forms and in the guises at times conceived by humankind … all manifestations of true ineffable power  -I-  some known to many such as Azazel, Raniel, Gadriel and Azaziel are omitted here, such Spirits are Fallen Angels and not Demons but reside in a neutral zone between the Angels and the Demons, this spoken of by the Demon Beelzeboul to me in Communion  -I-  learn well of the Demons put forth here, they are of great power and the Spirits which will guide you on your journeys upon the path Infernal!


THE DEVIL/SATAN ~ LORD OF THE INFERNAL KINGDOM (m) Knowledge, Power, Occult Wisdom, Black Arts, Seduction, Learning, Creation, Infernal Communion, Authority, Destiny.

LILITH ~ DARK QUEEN OF HELL (f) Seduction of Men, Infertility, Infant Death, Seership, Black Arts, Incubi, Succubi, Vampiric Attack, Hexcraft, Cunning, Black Magick, Spellcraft.

BEELZEBOUL ~ LORD OF THE HOUSE (m) Power, Authority, Wisdom, Strength, Command, Rulership, Bravery, Conflict, Victory, Protection, Commerce, Courage, Protection, Compulsion.

ABADDON ~ THE PRINCE OF MISERY (m) Death, Destruction, Misery, Hatred, Perversion, Torture, Violence, Violation, Sadness, Deviation, Sacrifice, Cursing, Chaos, Transformation.

ASMODEUS ~ LORD OF THE CARNAL HOUSE (m) Lust, Wisdom, Seduction, Sexual Possession, Protection, Ouija Conjuring, Magickal Knowledge, Infidelity, Adultery, Wanton Sex, Desire.

AGALIAREPT ~ KEEPER OF GATEWAYS (m) Gateways, Portals, Divination, Initiation, Knowledge, Study, Seership, Black Magick Teachings, Mysteries, Isolation, Guideance.

ASHTAROT ~ BRINGER OF LOVE (f) Love, Seduction, Friendship, Alliances, Reconciliation, Bonds, Pacts, Egregores, Psychogones, Homunculi, Golems, Affairs, Romance, Beauty.

LUCIFUGE ROFOCALE ~ PAYMASTER OF HELL (m) Wealth, Finances, Promotion, Prosperity, Inheritance, Success, Employment, Riches, Chance, Daring, Security.

BELPHEGOR ~ DEMON OF INVENTION (a) Love, Seduction, Love Bindings, Invention, Creativity, Inspiration, Ideas, Imagination.


ADRAMALECH (m) Plague, Disease, Malady, Destruction, Blood Sacrifice, Chaos, Possession, Wounds, Virus, Illness.

MAMMON (m) Wealth, Greed, Money Lending, Avarice, Management, Riches, Power.

BEHEMOTH (a) Greed, Sloth, Avarice, Obsession, Compulsion, Luxury, Immorality, Sin, Decadence, Debauchery, Gluttony.

EURYNOME (m) Death, Hate, Discord, Tears, Misery, Sadness, Destruction, Depression, Melancholy, Apathy, Loss.

NAAMAH (f) Seducing Men, Fornication, Seduction, Fertility, Lust, Debauchery, Desire. 

MEPHISTO (m) Pacts, Death, Revenge, Empowerment, Magickal Knowledge, Protection, Conjuring, Justice, Trade, Cunning, Charm, Etiquette.

ARIOCH (m) Revenge, Retribution, Wrath, Justice, Vengeance, Reprisals, Truth, Karma, Atavism, Memory, Death.

ALASTOR (m) Death, Destruction, Assassination, Execution, Torture, Termination, Slow Death, Pain, Hatred, Discord.

UNSERE (f) Childbirth, Fertility, Beauty, Feminine Beauty, Nature, Healing, Child Protection, Safe Childbirth, Potency.

RIMMON (a) Healing, Medicine, Health, Pharmacists, Science, Vanquishing Disease, Exploration, Experimentation, Psychology.

BALTHAZAR (m) Cruelty, Death, Punishment, Torture, Perversion, Sexual Deviation, Destruction Of Love Ones, Charm, Influence.

SATANACHIA (a) Protection, Astral Protection, Travel By Air, Magickal Protection, Seducing Women, Magick, Safe Travel, Astral Projection, Protection In Sleep, Transport.

SARGATANAS (a) Psychic Self Defence, War Strategy, Protection, Banishings, Lust, Power, Sealings, Victory, Defence 

MINOSON (a) Gambling, Victory In Sports, Games, Chance, Luck.

MULCIBER (a) Architecture, Invention, Creativity, Plans, Study, Mastery, Skill, Craftsmanship, Work, Buildings, Fortresses, Defences, Learning.

ASAFOETIDA (f) Love, Lust, Compassion, Relationships, Peace, Reconciliation, Arbitration, Seduction, Coital Union.

BAAL (m) Wisdom, Knowledge, Power, Magickal Knowledge, Command, Authority, Learning, Leadership, Death, Loyalty.Knowledge.

UKOBACH (a) Fire, Pyromancy, Death By Burning, Immunity To Burning, Flames, Sulphur, Alchemy.

LEONARD (m) Black Magick, Voodoo, Africa, Death, Hexes, Curses, Military Success.

NYBASS (f) Nightmares, Insanity, Illusions, Spellcraft, Visions, Portents, Augury, Destroying Will, Hexes, Prophecy, Paranormal, Ghosts.

HARISTUM (a) Protection From Fire, Protection, Safety, Summoning Fire.

PICOLLUS (m) Blood Sacrifice, Necromancy, Mediumship, Oracles, Death, Passing, Mourning, Grief, Revenge.

RAHOVART (a) Miserliness, Hate, Immorality, Temptation, Communication, Trickery, Possession, Deviation, Debauchery. Sin.

RIBESAL (a) Storms, Lightning, Weather Manipulation, Snow, Defends Paupers, Guardian, Successful Alliances, Direction.

XAPHAN (m) Destructive Fire, Catastrophe, Invention, Creativity, Inspiration, Rebellion, Anarchy, Revolution.

ABYZOU (f) Infertility, Infant Death, Possession, Psychic Attack, Vampirism, Altering Mindstates, Influence, Illness, Causes Strokes, Illusions, Paranoia.

VERDELET (m) Astral Projection, Pathworking, Insanity, Possession, Delirium, Confusion, Memory Loss, Mental Disorders.

PYTHIUS (a) Tortures, Deceit, Servitors, Cunning, Influence, Power, Familiars

ARPHAXAT (m) Possession, Violation, Sexual Violation, Torture, Deviation, Sodomy.

GRESSIL (a) Luxury, Indulgence, Sloth, Excess, Wanton Lust, Extremity.

BAALZEPHON (a) Knowledge, Wisdom, Authority, Power, Dictatorship, Wealth, Command, Punishment, Management.

SHABIRI (f) Inflicts Blindness, Insanity, Mental Fatigue, Hexes, Deafness, Loss Of Senses.

SUCCORBEMOTH (f) Jealousy, Envy, Possessions, Miserliness, Vendettas, Punishment, Hatred, Possessiveness, Influence.

DELIPITORAE (f) Seducing Men, Adultery, Fascination, Enchantment, Temptation, Tempting Spouses, Immorality.

LUITHIAN (m) Teaching, Learning, Study, Scholarship, Literary Skills, Literature, Occult Knowledge, Writing, Poetry, Verse.

VERRINE (f) Healing, Health, Medicine, Vanquishing Malady, Cures, Fertility, Resurgence, Well Being, Curative Medicines.

PROCULO (a) Sleep, Dreams, Rest, Comfort, Healing, Dream Prophecy, Tiredness, Lethargy.

ROSIER (a) Obsession, Possessiveness, Fixation, Obsessive Love, Enchantment, Brutality, Imprisonment, Conflict.

CAMBION (a) Incubi, Succubi, Infernal Offspring, Psychogones, Paranormal Activity, Phantoms, Spirits, Magickal Children.

CARNIVEAN (a) Obscenity, Shame, Depravity, Temptation, Decadence, Wanton Behaviour, Nymphomania, Lust, Exhibitionism.

CRESSIL (a) Impurity, Laziness, Slovenliness, Sorcery, Sloth, Apathy, Lethargy, Vice.

VERRIER (a) Herbalism, Healing Others, Health, Vanquishing Disease, Healing, Medication, Rest, Recuperation, Vitality.

ELELOGAP (a) Water, Sailing, Sea, Hydromancy, Journeys By Sea.

BALBAN (m) Delusion, Illusion, Phenomena, Mirages, Apparitions, Mental Illness. 

ANCITIF (a)Possession, Sin, Depravity, Decadence, Blasphemy, Inversion, Adversity.

SONNEILLON (f) Hatred, Discord, War, Wrath, Division, Separation, Dividing Lovers, Wickedness, Conflict, Revenge, Grudges.

OEILLET (a) Cruelty, Temptation, Greed, Excess, Lust, Sin, Sexual Virility.

JEZEBETH (f) Lies, Friction, Dishonesty,  Falsehoods, Injustice, Fallacy.

MULLIN (m) Military Tactics, Cunning, Warfare, Strategic Battles, Hexes.

ORTHON (a) Possession, Altering Mind State, Blasphemy, Inversion.

AGRAMON (a) Fear, Terror, Nightmares, Hauntings, Insecurity, Anxiety, Pressure.

AGLASIS (a)Transport, Travel, Communication, Cargo, Journeys, Safe Travel.

BRULEFER (a) Love, Induces Love, Forms Relationships, Incites Passion.

KEY … (a) Androgynous … (f) Female/Demoness … (m) Male/Demon

© August2017 Brother Scriniarii

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The Hug and the Sexy Discretion Shot

Thank you to @what-left-unspoken​ for posting about this and making me realize I was not going crazy. I had idea going since I saw the episode, I screamed when if faded to black and it had an establishing shot. This is just insane. This is the original post. Go look at it. 

Let me humor you for a minute.

We saw Mycroft and Lady Smallwood alone, in a room (not a bedroom though). They put on their coats. She invites him for drinks. Mycroft is confused.This is coded. This is two people, a man and a woman, getting dressed. Everyone is taking this as code.

And we saw this:

They hold. Fade to black. Establishing shot from outside 221B (with a camera panning from the sky to the fucking window, I cant). They are putting on their coat. They talk for a while. John invites Sherlock to eat cake. He says yes.

“You never see anything anyway. They always, uh, turn the camera, and… play music and… y'know, the wind blows and then the curtain moves. You don’t see anything."— Frustrated viewer, The Truman Show (from tvtropes)

This is called a Sexy Discretion Shot:

Two characters have been talking, talking has turned to kissing, and as kissing starts to turn to… other things (and clothes start coming off), the camera suddenly decides to look elsewhere. The view pans away as itfades to black or rests upon an intimate but innocuous object like a burning candle, the curtains of the open window or the door being closed. (x)

Now. I’m not saying they had a shag on the living room floor. But it was CODED that way. It’s way more sexually coded than with Mycroft and Smallwood. They are hugging (Mycroft and Smallwood didn’t even TOUCH). There is a fade to black and an establishing shot. Why? We don’t need an establishing shot. We KNOW WHERE WE ARE. This is how they do in movies that can’t show sex. Kissing, fade to black, stablishing shot and get on with their day.   Honestly, if this was on the 40s/50s/60s it would be enough to assume they have had sex. Well, everyone is assuming Mycroft and Smallwood might have and THEY WERE JUST PUTTING THEIR COATS ON!!!! 

But it’s the 21st century, so I’m not saying it is what happened. But it is supposed to evoke that. Its supposed to take us to that mindset subconsciously. This is a romantic relationship. 

Is this not enough for you? Oh, please, keep reading

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During the days of the strictly implemented production code it was stated that; ”excessive and lustful kissing, lustful embraces, suggestive postures and gestures, are not to be shown.” The unofficial rule of thumb was that screen kisses were not allowed to last for more than 3 seconds. Alfred Hitchcock circumvented said rule countless times by having his actors kiss, break apart kiss a cheek then kiss again multiple times during prolonged scenes. 

anonymous asked:

What of the seven sins and the seven virtues would each BTS member be?



Originally posted by baebsaes

I think he would be Lust (excessive sexual appetites). I mean look at him he’s walking sex.


Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

We all know that Jin would be Gluttony (over-indulgence). I mean this boy has his own eating show.


He would be  Greed (avarice) simply because he always takes food from the members. If you didn’t already noticed lol.


Originally posted by yoongi-min

Let’s be real he would be Sloth (laziness/idleness). He himself said that he wants to live like a rock.


Originally posted by hoseoh

I don’t know why but I think he would be Wrath (anger) just because i feel like he always holds everything in so he can be the happy hobi we all know.

Rap Monster

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

I feel like he would be  Envy (jealousy). He often said himself how lonly he feels for example whalien 52 and many fan cafe posts. Maybe he envies the people who don’t know the feeling of loneliness because he also wants to know how it feels like. i don’t even know maybe it’s just me who thinks like this.


Originally posted by taehyungifs

I think he also would be  Gluttony (over-indulgence) becuase i don’t think any of the members would be  Pride (vanity). Also he loves to eat soo.



Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Chastity (purity): He’s shy around girls, also shy around new people I think  and often looks like a lost baby bun. 


Originally posted by eatjin

 Temperance (self-restraint) 


Originally posted by jeonsshi

Charity (giving): I feel like hobi always try to make the members and the fans laugh also make them feel better whenever they’re feeling down even tho maybe he also feels down sometimes.


Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Diligence (zeal/integrity/Labor): Even tho I said that he’s lazy before maybe it’s just because he works so hard on producing new music  for his fans but still  always worries that it’s not enough what he tries to give back to his fans. Maybe the laziness is just pure exhaustion.

Originally posted by eatjin

Forgiveness (composure): when many people critizises him about something or the members annoy him sometimes, he always stays calm, doesn’t act on impulse but rather acts maturely(most of the time).


Originally posted by jiminstrash

Kindness (admiration)

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Humility (humbleness): even tho many people always compliment him he always tries to deny the things they say about him and get’s all shy and adorable.

On the nature of Chaos in 40k

Games Workshop has stopped talking about this so much, but it’s important to realize that Chaos is not, per se, evil.  The powers of Chaos in the 40K universe derive their power and nature from the essence of life itself, and especially sapient life.  If they are evil, it is because life is, because we are.  We notice, and fight against, the parts that are inimical to what we desire to be, but Chaos is a mirror.

Sapient life cannot destroy Chaos, for it is born of sapient life.  Chaos cannot destroy everything outside itself, either, because we are that upon which it feeds, that which provides it with its very nature.

The Chaos Gods are not only the Gods of the bad parts.

Khorne is the god of War, and bloodshed; but he is also the god of struggle, of heroism, of sacrifice in both good and bad.  He is the god of striving to better oneself through physical feats.  He is the god of proving oneself, and one’s kind.

The very act of fighting Khorne is worship to him.

Nurgle is the god of disease and decay, but he is also the god of life, of fertility, of renewal, of rebirth, of evolution in a sense (shared with Tzeentch).  All growing things.  Of the natural cycles.  Of reproduction.

Merely being life is worship to him.

Tzeentch is the god of change.  The good ones and the bad ones.  He’s the dice of randomness that allows new and surprising things.  He is the god of learning, of knowledge.  Of ideas.  Of intellect.  His domain is the sweeping away of the old to welcome in the new.  His very nature ensures that nothing lasts, neither bad nor good.

Striving to change the universe is worship to him.

Slaanesh is the god of excess, of lust, of pleasure in all things.  Sexual desire is his, but so is romantic love.  His domain encompasses art, beauty, sensuality, delight.  The urge to make life more than purely functional is part of his world.  Craftsmen, artists, musicians work within his realm.

Enjoying life is worship to him.

It’s also worth remembering that part of why Chaos fights the Imperium is because the Emperor is encroaching upon their domain, upon the Warp.  The Emperor is, fundamentally, becoming a being of the Warp.  A Chaos God.  When his body finally ceases physical life he will reside entirely there; it will be his apotheosis in a quite literal sense.

What is he the god of?

I would suggest Faith.