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im super excited for your store opening i really love your stuff!! i plan to spend a lot to get the free shipping o/ but i was wondering what the kirishima origin poster was printed on? like is it a clear file type of material, fabric, or is it simply laminated? thank you!

Ahh Thank you so much! 

The Kirishima: Origin poster is printed on luster photo paper! Unlike most photo paper which has a high gloss finish, this paper has a more subdued semi-gloss finish.  

BTW Every print i sell has what material it’s printed on included in its description box. 

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Hi! I'm attending my first event, and printing at home! What are the standards for poundage/gsm on art prints, and where would you recommend buying it? I was planning on using 28lb/105 gsm Georgia Pacific paper. Is that good?

Heidi: This is a bit of a complicated question, because paper weights are complicated.

First, understand that paper poundage (lb) is not consistent and depends on the size of the uncut original paper and the type of paper, among other things.  Its a weird system that involves a lot of different factors and the explanation is not super relevant.  GSM is more reliable as it is literally grams per square meter for a paper, and doesn’t vary depending on the paper type.  For more on paper weights, see this:

That being said, there’s two factors to consider on making prints.  First is personal preference: what would you be happy paying your price for and receiving?  If you want to make low-quality prints, then don’t charge much for them.  Keep in mind, though, that many people use professional printing services such as CatPrint, which use high-quality papers.

Personally, I find it kind of sad and even insulting when I buy art from an artist and it’s on super flimsy paper.  I generally like a lightweight cardstock for my own work, which is durable enough to stand up to some abuse and feels like a professional poster, but still lightweight enough to easily ship or carry to conventions.

Second, consider the overall quality and longevity of the printed image.  If you are using a printer that has good, waterproof pigment inks and printing in high resolution, you probably want a paper to match.  In that case, consider professional-quality photo papers or art print papers.  These papers are more expensive, but give a better image.  Please pay attention to what is actually professional quality, as some photo papers are actually very cheap and the photo coating will peel off or the inks will begin to feather/halo/bleed after only a year or two.  

Epson paper is generally very good/professional quality and has positive properties like being acid-free.  I use Epson Premium Presentation Paper (matte) and Premium Photo Paper (Luster), as well as their watercolor paper.  Be sure to get the Premium paper, as it is much higher quality than the other papers.

Kiriska:  28lb/105 gsm sounds like regular printer paper. Definitely do not recommend for art prints. Personally, I think prints should be at minimum 80 lb cover stock or 100 lb text stock, keeping in mind above-mentioned caveats about paper weight.

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Supporting your favorite fandom artists! - (&a guided review through Redbubble)

Addiction of the day: thy name is art prints.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an insatiable need to own art. Anything that visually appealed to me, I innately wanted to have it in some form or fashion. It started with comic books, then manga, then art books, to lithographs & by the time I stepped into my first artist alley: I was beyond doomed. A chronic (1st world) problem I have is figuring out where to hang stuff & what to rotate out.

My first real job was even a photolab where I sat & color corrected photos & then printed them on everything from standard glossy 4x6 prints to huge vinyl billboards. Later I stumbled into my photographing hobby & found I still loved working with different printing companies to see what they were pressing out.

So today - I’m going to cover some of Red Bubble’s photofinishing, in hopes that you, you lovely fandom art lovers & hoarders, will have a print that you’re 100% happy with & thus begin the downward spiral of your own art addiction while helping out some viciously talented people.

Here is my most recent haul: a variety of 3 different formats that RB offers.

Now when you’ve created the wall space or simply have the desire to treat yourself & would like something bigger then stickers, Red Bubble offers 5 different ways you can own this delicious artwork for yourselves: Here I’ll be going over the most popular 3:

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Sassan Behnam Bakhtiar - The Real Me series

First row: Baradaraneh Man / My Brothers - 2014 (Luster photo paper 270 gsm - Edition of 3: 130 x 100 cm & Edition of 7: 70 x 50 cm)

Second row: Corso Como - 2014 (Luster photo paper 270 gsm - Edition of 3: 130 x 97 cm & Edition of 7: 68 x 50 cm)

Third row Left: Cap-Ferrat - 2014 (Luster photo paper 270 gsm - Edition of 3: 95 x 95 cm & Edition of 7: 50 x 50 cm)

Third row Right: Paloma Beach - 2014 (Luster photo paper 270 gsm - Edition of 3: 95 x 95 cm & Edition of 7: 50 x 50 cm)

Fourth row Left: Corvette 1953 - 2014 (Luster photo paper 270 gsm - Edition of 3: 95 x 95 cm & Edition of 7: 50 x 50 cm)

Fourth row Right: Mayfair - 2014 (Luster photo paper 270 gsm - Edition of 3: 95 x 95 cm & Edition of 7: 50 x 50 cm)

Fifth row: Monaco - 2014 (Luster photo paper 270 gsm - Edition of 3: 128 x 97 cm & Edition of 7: 68 x 50 cm)

Last one: Abyaneh - 2014 (Luster photo paper 270 gsm - Edition of 3: 130 x 100 cm & Edition of 7: 70 x 50 cm)

Prints for sale!
If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@theebouffants) then you know I’ve put these prints of my glitter/sequin illustrations up for sale. I have only a few left of each design and they are $10 plus shipping each. They are 5x5" luster finish photo prints.

IMPORTANT INFO: to order, email me at with the one you want, PayPal email and shipping address.

Remaining quantities are: 3 fries, 3 fancy ass nails, 2 blue eyes, 4 gold eye, 2 confetti mouth, 3 glitter tongue, 3 black girl magic, and 2 fuckboy tears. Get em while they’re still available!