Okay hello darlings, I’ve deciding to make my first faves page!!


  • mbf me (it’s better chance you’ll get in)
  • Must have a beautiful and amazing blog (all styles are welcome)
  • Reblog this, whatever how much you want!
  • Put a link somewhere on your blog x

Higher Chances:

  • talk to me, i dont bite :)
  • tag a post with #lustalla telling me why I should make you my faves and tell a little about yourself!
  • REBLOG whenever you see this post !!


  • Through this, you will meet new friends and gain more followers
  • She made this banner
  • I’ll pick when I’m happy with the notes
  • You’ll be featured on a fab page if chosen xo


PICKING TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don’t delete the text, pretty please! It won’t show up on your blog xx

Hello beautiful people of tumblr! Daniella and Mette decided to collab, and make a network! This is a network for all you topshop lovers out there ^.^ So if you wan’t to be considered, keep reading! xx

What do i have to do?

  • Follow vibrantlux and lustalla (you will have no chance of getting picked if you don’t, sorry)
  • Reblog this post
  • Love topshop!
  • Be fabulous (jk, we know you already are)

What do i get?

  • A spot on the fabulous network page (under construction, sorry guys)
  • 2 new besties (aka the admins, we’re super duper nice, promise)
  • An optional group chat (if enough people wan’t one)
  • Promos to gain!

How can i improve my chances?

  • Follow Daniella on twitter (@youngbiebers) and message her here ;)
  • Follow Mette on instagram (@mettejen) and message her here ^.^
  • Follow Mette’s other fresh blog (freche) and indie blog (purc) and message her :)
  • Talk to us, we won’t bite ya ;)
  • Participate when we’re doing promos
  • Reblog this post 5844685627495 times!
  • None of this will guarantee you a spot, but it will make us notice you more ^.^

Anything else i should know?

  • We’ll choose 15-25 blogs, depending on the notes
  • We’ll choose when we’re happy with the notes
  • The banner and badge was made by vibrantlux

Have fun reblogging lovely people! We love you <3