lust would be moving too fast

Alternate names for The Last Five Years songs

In Case You Thought This Was Going to End Well (Still Hurting)

The Art of Confusing Lust for Love: By Jamie (Shiksa Goddess)

Could You Maybe Put the Tinniest Bit of Effort into Salvaging This Relationship, Jamie? (See I’m Smiling)

Wow, Life is Awesome and I’m Awesome (Moving Too Fast)

I’m Not Resentful of Your Success (A Part of That)

A Very Odd and Somehow Uplifting Nonsense Story (The Schmuel Song)

I Really, Really Hate It Here (A Summer in Ohio)

It’s Sweet Until You Remember That They Break Up (The Next Ten Minutes)

I Wish Other Girls Weren’t So Hot, by Jamie/ Anxiety and Failure: Auditions, by Cathy (A Miracle Would Happen/When You Come Home to Me)

Okay, I’m A Little Resentful of Your Success (Climbing Uphill)

No, You’re Really Resentful of My Success (If I Didn’t Believe in You)

Back to the Honeymoon Phase (I Can Do Better Than That)

Angsty Cheating: You Brought This On Yourself (Nobody Needs to Know)

This Juxtaposition is Going to Kill Me, Holy Shit (Goodbye Until Tomorrow/ I Could Never Rescue You)

Rocknroll baby•Shawn Mendes


So this is an u l t i m a t e dream of mine because I am a sucker for 70s rock, and just rock music in general send help!!!

Hope you guys enjoy reading this AU as much as I did writing it; song mentioned below is the chain by Fleetwood Mac!! (click me i play)

This probably isnt like historically accuarate, i wasnt alive in the 70s lmao but its just for fun!

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MASTERLIST: more Shawn au’s in here!

He’s playing the guitar, and he’s all tongue in the corner of his mouth, fluffy curls and button down dress shirt.

He’s got the top 5 buttons undone, and she can see the top of his creamy chest, glistening with sweat and little splays of hair. His chest is trained, firm and the hardness is juxtaposed with the dull red fabric of his shirt, soft as it sways around his waist with every move of his hips.

His forehead is coated in water, dripping down his blushed cheeks and she watches as the sweat slips down his sharp jaw line, dragging down the base of his neck and through his pectoral muscles.

He’s jacked, high on something other than alcohol and drugs and she’s sure it’s the music.

She’s sure it’s the bassline, the harmonies and the electric guitar flooding throughout the club she was dragged to. She’s thankful, God, is she thankful – he’s beautiful, rocking out, picking at his Gibson les Paul with his long fingers, drawing out the notes like they’re coming from his soul.

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Title: Valentine’s Day

Author: phenomabombs

Words: 1913

Warnings: none

He was nervous, Derek could tell. He wasn’t sure what gave it away. Maybe it was the fact the young boy’s heart was beating rapidly, stuttering every so often. Or maybe is was the slick shine of sweat over his creamy forehead. Derek’s eyes lowered and his mouth dried out, feeling as if someone stuffed cotton into his mouth. 

Stiles was nude, legs spread, ready to be taken. Derek’s heart soared. He wanted to be taken by him

Derek let his eyes move away from his boyfriend and felt his face twitch as a smile threatened to break free. The room’s lighting was dimmed, the only source of light being the candles placed around the room in clumps. A rosy aroma filled the air. He didn’t quite know where it was coming from, but he didn’t mind. The combination made Stiles look almost ethereal.

“Please don’t leave me laying here.” Stiles finally said, his voice wavering. “I already feel like an idiot.” 

Derek laughed and slowly pulled off his shirt, keeping his eyes locked with Stile’s coffee-colored ones. Keeping his face utterly stoic, he ran a hand down his chest, inching closer and closer to the button of his jeans. He heard Stiles gulp and almost felt his composure crack, but years of practice allowed him to succeed.

His hand slipped into his jeans and he gripped his cock, surprised at how it was already hardening. But how could it not when his angel was waiting for him like… that. 

Derek palmed himself and slowly worked his jeans over his hips, until they were able to drop down without assistance. He was glad he decided to go commando today; boxers would have proven to be a burden. He faintly heard Stiles gasped but paid no mind, stroking himself slowly, sensually. 

He allowed himself to moan, struggling to keep himself from moving too fast. There was something erotic to masturbating in front of his boyfriend, and he loved it.

Finally, he lowered his hand and kicked off his shoes. His mouth watered as he took in Stiles: his rock hard cock, his shaky breaths, his slim, sweaty body. It was utterly beautiful. 

Stiles stared up at him, his eyes hooded with lust. He gulped and parted his lips, releasing a shaky moan.

That was the final straw for Derek. With a loud growl, he crawled onto the bed, his body hovering over Stiles. His eyes flashed back and forth between the vibrant crimson alphas bore and his standard color. He faintly heard Stiles’ breath hitch as he leaned down, capturing Stiles’ mouth with his.

It wasn’t a forceful kiss, no. It was slow and sensual, despite the fact Derek wanted to dominate Stiles completely. But God forbid he scare him. Their mouths danced together for a few more moments until Derek broke the kiss. He pulled back, his lips plump and flushed, matching Stiles. 

Derek just smirked at him as he grabbed the lube once more. His cock had hardened once again. He poured a generous amount of lube onto his member and rubbed it evenly down his shaft, running his thumb over the tip every so often. Stiles swallowed and watched him closely, his lips parted and his skin flushed.

Keeping their eyes eyes locked together, Derek grabbed Stiles’ firm thighs and spread them even further apart, his mouth watering and his eyes glowing red. He pressed a tender kiss to his inner thigh, smirking as he heard Stiles’ breath hitch in surprise before a breathy moan escaped. Derek continued to litter kisses on the insides of his thighs, smiling with an air of accomplishment as faint bruises began to appear.

“Why’d you stop?” Stiles asked softly, craning his neck to look down at Derek.

Derek raised an eyebrow and looked up, a knowing smile on his face. Instead of responding like a civilized person, the grip he had on Stiles’ thighs tightened and he flipped him over. Stiles released a surprised shout and gave Derek a foul look, frowning. Derek paid no mind to him though. His hands firmly grabbed Stiles’ asscheeks and he parted them. He felt Stiles’ shiver as he leaned forward, giving his crack a generous lick.

Stiles gasped loudly. “What the hell are you doing?” He asked, his voice sounding somewhat frantic.

Derek pulled back and frowned. “Do you want me to stop?” He asked quietly, keeping his eyes locked on his target. He heard and smelled Stiles’ confliction: his increased heart rate, his fear mingled with the scent of his arousal. Finally, Stiles’ swallowed and shook his head.

“No.” With that, Derek dove back in, his tongue prodding at the ring of muscle before moving to explore the rest of his crack. Stiles was mess of moans, enjoying this far too much. Finally, Derek pulled away, causing Stiles to whine with disappointment. “Why’d you stop?” He asked.

“Lube?” Stiles froze and reached above his head, grabbing the small container of lube he bought the day before. He began to hand it to him before he paused, an idea sparking in his mind.

“W-wait. I want to do something for you.” Immediately, a frown engulfed Derek’s features, causing Stiles to release a breathy giggle. Derek was frowning for two reason; first, whenever Stiles wanted to do something for him, it was usually bad and second, Stiles was actually stuttering.

Intrigued, Derek nodded, watching Stiles as he got to his knees and turned around. He crawled forward and bent over, letting his ass protrude into the air. Slowly, Stiles reached forward and gently grabbed Derek’s member, giving it two gracious pumps before he took him into his mouth.

Derek gasped as he was suddenly engulfed in warmth. His hand made its way into Stiles’ hair and he clutched it, forgetting to be gentle. He felt Stiles flinch and he loosened his grip, murmuring a small “sorry”. Derek stared down at him, his lips parted his surprise as he watched Stiles bob with ease.

“Have you been practicing?” He asked quietly, his words more of a groan than a normal tone of voice. Stiles’ vibrated in response, the vibrations sending hot bolts of pleasure straight into Derek’s bloodstream. Derek hissed and threw his head back, feeling himself growing close with each passing bob. “I’m close.” He warned. Stiles pulled back and began pumping, looking up at Stiles with an extremely innocent look. With a quiet groan, Derek pumped a few streams out, which, much to his embarrassment, landed on Stiles’ face and torso.

Stiles released him and cocked his head, running his tongue around his lips to gather some of Derek’s essence into his mouth. He swallowed and shrugged. “Not bad.” He murmured. Derek snorted and pushed him down using his shoulders.

“Lube?” He asked quietly. Stiles frowned and handed it to him, wondering how the hell Derek was going to fuck him while he was soft. Much to his surprise, Derek didn’t apply the lube to his cock; no, he applied it to his fingers.

“What are you doing?” He asked curiously. Stiles had watched porn before hand to see what to expect. No one used lube on their hand… or dick for a matter of fact. Instantly, Stiles frowned and Derek heard his heart spike.

“Relax.” Derek said gently and spread Stiles’ legs once again. “I need to prep you so I don’t hurt you later.” Stiles relaxed and nodded slowly, understanding what he meant. Derek was rather large. Derek got to his knees to get a better angle and slowly slipped a single digit into Stiles.

Stiles first thought was to get away. The feeling was extremely uncomfortable and it showed on his face. Derek didn’t move, watching his face to see when it was okay to add a second finger. Eventually, Stiles nodded and Derek added the second finger gently.

Slowly, Derek began working his fingers, spreading them and fingering Stiles at the same time. Over time, the feeling started to become more pleasurable and Stiles began making small noises of pleasure. His hands gripped the sheets tightly until his knuckles lost color. This went on until Derek was satisfied with his work and he pulled his fingers out. Stiles groaned with frustration and glared at Derek with accusing eyes. 

Derek just smirked at him as he grabbed the lube once more. His cock had hardened once again. He poured a generous amount of lube onto his member and rubbed it evenly down his shaft, running his thumb over the tip every so often. Stiles swallowed and watched him closely, his lips parted and his skin flushed. Derek positioned himself at Stiles’ entrance and wetted his lips. Slowly, he slid the tip in. 

And holy shit. That shit hurt. Stiles cringed, instantly causing Derek to stop. “Tell me when you’re ready.” He murmured huskily, wanting to just ravage him and claim what was his. Stiles swallowed and squeezed his eyes shut, before nodding. Derek slid forward once again, only stopping when Stiles made a small squeak of pain that made his chest hurt. 

“We don’t have to do this.” Derek said softly, leaning forward to kiss the few tears that slipped out of Stiles eyes. “We can just, uh, cuddle. Yeah, cuddling sounds good.” Stiles laughed slightly and shook his head. 

“No, I want to do this. Nothing is more romantic than having your first be on Valentine’s Day.” He whispered. Derek frowned and nodded. 

“Tell me when I can move.” He murmured. Stiles gave him the affirmative and he slid forward another several inches. Derek was surprised that Stiles didn’t stop him again. With a small sigh, he waited, letting Stiles adjust to his length and thickness. 

Stiles had never felt so full before in his entire life. It was a peculiar feeling, really. He wiggled his hips, smirking to himself when he heard Derek’s breath catch in his throat. “I’m ready.” He whispered and looked up at Derek with a small smile.

With a tender kiss to Stiles’ forehead, Derek began to roll his hips, focusing on pleasing Stiles. Stiles’ face screwed up at the odd sensation, trying to get used to the feeling. Derek switched his angle and thrusted forward. Stiles gasped and arched his back, digging his nails into Derek’s forearms. 

“R-right there. Oh my god, right there!” Stiles moaned. Derek growled, his teeth elongating past his lips. He continued to rut his hips against Stiles, the sound of skin slapping skin filling the air, mingled with the sound of Stiles’ moans and his own growls. Derek groaned and leaned down, carefully pressing his lips to Stiles’.

Stiles writhed with pleasure, feeling like a mess. Derek wrapped his hand around Stiles’ cock and slowly stroked it, assisting him to his peak. “I’m… I’m…” Stiles arched his back with one last cry and came all over Derek’s hand a stomach. He fell back limply and shuddered, breathing hard, feeling spent.

 Derek’s thrusts became more and more ragged before he thrusted deep and released himself deep inside Stiles. He swallowed and pulled out slowly, falling down besides Stiles. Instantly, Stiles curled up against him, his nose tickling his chest. 

“Sorry.” Derek murmured, reaching up to brush a stray hair away from Stiles’ face. Stiles’ smiled before bursting into tears. Alarmed, Derek sat up and began looking him over frantically. “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” He demanded to know, his thumbs brushing the tears again. 

Stiles laughed and shook his head. “No. It’s just… it’s just… I love you so much.” It felt like a giant weight was lifted off of Stiles’ chest. Fuck, did he love Derek. His own sourwolf. 

Derek paused and let a smile grace his features as he laid back down besides Stiles. “I love you too.” He whispered and captured his lips in a steamy kiss.

caught M.C

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First Smut of 2017!!!!! Whoo, Happy New Years everyone :) I hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Years. So in celebration of the new year here is some Michael smut, this would have to be my favourite smut that I’ve written so far. Shout out to that Anonymous person who said they liked my smuts, you made my day so thank you.

warning: smut

word count: 2500+

summary: Michael catches you touching yourself to him and decides to give you a hand.


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Heaven and Hell

Request: “I seriously love your one-shots, but then again, I love any blog that worships the Winchesters. Anyhow, do you mind doing a one-shot where the reader is Castiel’s angel daughter, and you’ve always been told that demons are reaaally bad, but you end up reaaally interested in the King of Hell?” by coolfangirlblogging

and “Will you PLEASE do a reader x crowley fic? I don’t have any specifics in mind, but I would love to see one! Thanks!” by mscthulhumarvelhorrordanddgirl

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Words: like 1200 words

Warnings: smut, swearing

A/N: It plays during Season 10 but before the 19th episode! The reader is Castiel’s daughter and has met the boys in Season 5 maybe? So they are like a family to her.

Also I don’t really know if I did a good job writing it, I found it kind of hard because I’m not really into Crowley x reader that much :), since I’m more of a Dean/Sam girl. So I really hope you like it!

I stood next to the elder Winchester and the altar. Candles enlightened the dark motel room, wet red paint stained the floor in the shape of a devil’s trap.

I was scared, but kind of excited at the same time. I would get to see the King of Hell. A demon like no other.

I knew demons were bad. That’s what my father, Castiel, had taught me. That’s what all the other angels had taught me. Dean and Sam had always told me to stay as far away from them as I could, because they were nothing but violent trouble.

Ever since I was young, I couldn’t help but be fascinated by those evil creatures, those tortured human souls that were the complete opposite of what I was. I was fascinated by their ruthlessness, they were so unforgiving. They were just interesting individuals, like wild animals in a human vessel.

I had met a few of those hell-soldiers before, some small crossroad demons – and they weren’t very smart. But the King of Hell…

I hadn’t had the chance to meet him yet, but everyone said that he was cleverer than the other demons. Shrewd and villainous.

The Winchesters and my father sought help from him, they needed someone to translate an ancient book that could maybe help getting rid of the Mark of Cain. I knew that my father wasn’t very pleased about it, he hated Crowley, he didn’t trust him, but he had no choice anymore. 

We were all desperate. We just wanted Dean to get better, we just wanted him to be free. Free from the mark, the constant struggle, the violent feeling that seemed to burn him alive. I loved Dean, he was like a brother, always called me his “little angel.”

We all wanted to protect him at all cost, save him, keep him alive and keep him…human.

So there we were, conjuring the King of Hell, hoping he’d help us.

“Hello boys,” suddenly, he appeared. A challenging smile decorated his face, he wore a black, expensive looking suit. I didn’t know what I’d expected, but I was kind of overwhelmed when I saw him. He was handsome, looked provocative. 

I was an angel, just like my father, so I was able to see behind a demon’s vessel, I was able to see their true faces. But with him, Crowley, it was different. I didn’t know why, but I just couldn’t see behind his vessel, couldn’t see the damaged darkness of a tortured soul. That made him even more fascinating and mysterious to me. He was not just another demon – he was special. 

And very attractive.

“What do you guys want from me? Kinky little foursome maybe?” he mocked, taking a step towards us, “And who’s that young lady? I haven’t met her yet. She looks like an angel.”

It had a double meaning and I smiled. He was so sassy, yet flirty.

I knew that I was supposed to hate him, I was supposed to find him unbearably terrible. But I didn’t. Not at all actually.

“I won’t talk to you, if you keep me in this useless devil’s trap, ladies,” he stated. Sam looked at Dean, at my father, then he smeared one of the red lines, setting the demon free.

My family and Crowley started talking about the mark, about a cure and the crypted book. In the end, the demon agreed on translating it for us, winking at me. Castiel clutched his fists.

“Don’t look at her,” he hissed, protectively pushing me behind him. The King of Hell chuckled, his glance caught mine and we looked at each other intensely for a few seconds, before he snapped his fingers and disappeared.

I exhaled loudly, my heart excitedly beating. I’d met the King of Hell. And I wanted to see him again.

I was alone in the bunker the next evening, the boys were out at a bar. I sat in the library, reading the Men of Letter’s notes about demons.

My thoughts wandered to the extremely hot demon that I’d met, to his sharp, sarcastic words and his beautiful eyes that could turn black. There’d been some kind of tension between us, I’d felt it. But how was I ever going to see him alone? Castiel would kill me if he found out that I wanted to meet him again. That I was curious about how his touch felt, his lips against mine. Jesus Christ, he was probably a demonic bomb in bed. Probably rough and wild and animalistic.

What was it like to kiss a demon?

In that moment, he appeared. Just like that. I gasped in surprise, letting the book in my hands fall to the ground. He smirked at my reaction. 

“Hello, darling,” he greeted, sitting down on one of the wooden chairs next to me. I ran my hands through my wild and messy hair to make myself look better, shifted in my seat in agonizing excitement. Shouldn’t I be scared? I really wasn’t.

“Hello,” I replied, my voice low, shaky, nervous.

“I saw the way you were looking at me yesterday. Very inappropriate for an angel, don’t you think?” he teased, bending forward, only inches separating our faces. I felt his hot breath on my lips.

“Not all angels are good, huh?”, he almost touched my mouth, “Are you a good girl, Y/N? A disciplined little angel?”

The electric tension between us was killing me, I gave in to my desire and crashed my lips onto his. The kiss was heated, contradictorily aggressive but gentle at the same time, it made me moan into his mouth, made fire burn inside of me. Hell, kissing a demon was great. So different. But great.

“Oh, I see, baby girl, you’re a bad little angel,” he growled, digging his fingers into my waist as he began to bite my neck. “Sexiest little angel I’ve ever seen.”

His hands explored my body, touching me everywhere.

“Stand up,” he ordered and I obeyed. Then, with a snap of his fingers, I was naked. Cold air brushed my skin and sent shivers down my spine. I felt a little insecure and exposed at first, but when I saw his eyes devouring the sight of my bare skin, I relaxed. He wanted me. Now.

He removed his own clothes, too and I sat down on his lap, straddling him. His hard length pressed against my womanhood. We shared another wet and needy kiss, then he thrusted into me. Hard and rough. He stretched me out completely, filling me up and I groaned loudly when he started pushing into me fast. 

His lips swirled around my nipple, taking it in his mouth, intensifying the sensations. I moved up and down, pulling his hair unwaryly.

“Oh, fuck!” his husky, dark, voice was filled with lust, his grunts and my heavy breathing filled the room.

“Shit, faster, please…I…I’m so close,” I begged, the tension inside of me grew harder, I knew I would explode soon. He thrusted into me hastily.

“Come for the king, baby girl,” he groaned. And then I lost it, clenching my walls around him, sending him over the edge, too. He was panting, heavily breathing into my neck.

“Angels” he said, “are not so bad after all.”

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For the entire day I've been thinking about the phone booth scene but it's the bird au and I've been thinking if Maes is carrying Elicia or not

Thank you for that WONDERFUL image….

But I don’t think he would have brought her to work that day. He knew he was doing something slightly dangerous and that he was going to be there late. I don’t think he would have brought her in that day if he knew either he’d be putting her in danger or he’d be there past her bed time, he wouldn’t have brought her in.

…however… If he had, he probably wouldn’t have escaped Lust. Penguins can’t move very fast, and he was already stabbed. Whatever chance he had of escaping would have been thrown out the window had he been carrying Elicia around on his toes. Also, in that situation Elicia would probably die too considering the fact that they couldn’t leave witnesses.

…but i’m not cruel enough to do that. Instead, here’s a cute pic of penguin hughes and baby penguin elicia!

The 7 Deadly Sins Challenge for Sims 4

I decided to start creating sims4 challenges because I enjoy watching them so I’m also going to tag my favorite simsies that I would like to see playing this.


you need all the expansion pack to be able to play this.

recommended life span: LONG but you can do NORMAL too if you move fast enough for everything to happen.



You’re a person that likes to jump from a relationship to another and can never settle down. Being extremely reckless, you end up with plenty of unplanned pregnancies and children but you’re a terrible mother. You’re a secret agent and you’re always busy, so the children want to move out of the house as quickly as possible. Your only real hobby is playing the piano and you even neglect your children for it.


- hair color: dark red or dark pink

- traits: Romantic,  Music lover, Hates children

-  complete aspiration: serial romantic

- reach the top of the Secret Agent career

- reach level 10 in skills: Logic, Charisma & Piano

- has to have 7 children with 7 different men/women (full household), as soon as they reach young adulthood move them out, keep the next heir in (or move the next heir in the household in case your founder is male)

- have at least 3 children with a younger person than the founder.

- you cannot adopt

- you can hire a babysitter

- you may never get married or live with the boyfriend or girlfriend


You’ve been treated wrong by your parent, your childhood has been a mess, but you decide to stay with them to make their elder years better. To cope with the disappointment and depression you started eating a lot, so you’re slightly overweight and you absolutely hate working out. After your abusive parent dies, you move in with the other parent (if alive).


- hair color: dirty blonde, caramel color

- traits: Gloomy, Glutton, Clumsy

- complete aspiration: master chef

- reach the top of the Culinary career, Chef branch

- reach level 10 in skills: Cooking, Gourmet Cooking & Baking

- eat mostly fatty junk food and always cook a big serving.

- marry a gym mentor or someone that is an athlete or loves going to the gym

- never work out

- name your kids after food

- as an elder have a small bakery (get to work expansion)


All you want is money and you will reach for the most unorthodox ways to obtain what you want. After your parent dies, you sell the bakery to get the bucks. You want to move in into the Goths residence to demolish it and build your own, so you get married to the current person that lives there and you spend all your life getting the funds to afford a bigger, more modern mansion. You get money from selling things you stole or crafted but you never had a real job.


- hair color: platinum blonde or gold

- traits: Materialistic, Perfectionist, Kleptomaniac

- complete aspiration: mansion baron

- never have a career, get money from crafting at the woodworking table, paintings and from stealing.

- reach level 10 in skills: Handiness/Woodworking & Painting

- marry a Goth or someone that lives in the Goths mansion (you can move in there sims from the gallery)

- have only 2 kids, one wanted and one unwanted, the unwanted one is the new heir and has to move out when reaching young adulthood.


You’ve always been the unwanted child and you have been kicked out by your parents with only 500 simoleons in your pocket. You move into a starter house, getting nothing from your wealthy parents, you have to start everything from 0, but you just don’t have the mood for it. All you like doing is watch tv and play videogames, you hate working. The only things that gets you money is fishing ocasionally. Your partner will divorce you and take the children with them, afterwards you adopt a child (not baby). When the child reaches teen years, they will work part time to be able to afford the bills, will do all the chores, while you do nothing. You have a fish collection in the basement.


- hair color: dark brown or black

- traits: Lazy, Slob, Loves Outdoors

- complete aspiration: angling ace

- not having a career, getting money from fishing and video gaming options (livestreaming etc)

- reach level 10 in skills: Fishing & Video Gaming

- collect every type of fish in your basement

- must have at least children with the partner that is going to get divorce

- after the divorce adopt a child (not baby or toddler) that will be the next heir


You have been treated like a slave by your parent, you grew up to be uncontrollable when it comes to anger and rage. You’re trying to release your anger by working out but it doesn’t always work. You have a loving partner and 4 beautiful children with them, you love them all but they can’t help but piss you off. To escape the family life, you have an affair that your partner has no clue about, that ends up with an unwanted pregnancy. The oldest child didn’t want any siblings, him/her being the next heir. You have a room in your house that is full of sport equipment.


- hair color: orange, bright red

- traits: Hot Headed, Mean, Family Oriented.

- complete aspiration: bodybuilder

- reach the top of the Athlete Career

- reach level 10 in skills: Mischevious, Fitness & Wellness

- have 4 children with your wife/husband

- have an affair, a lover that happens to get you pregnant/ get pregnant by you which ends up with a 5th child, your partner thinks it’s theirs (if the wrath sim is a female) / your partner will never find out about it (if the wrath sim is a male).


Your parents decided that they wanted more children after you were born, were you not good enough? There was a huge competition between you and your siblings. You grew up to be unsure of yourself and always wanting more, a better career, a better partner. You went through a lot of different professions and you just couldn’t make up your mind. You’re also bisexual, you like both men and women, so you try to experience different things.


- hair color: forest green, lime or olive green.

- traits: Jealous, Noncommittal, Creative

- complete aspiration: renaissance sim

- get through at least 3 careers (you’re only able to quit a job after you’ve reached level 3 and the career choices stands in you)

- get married to a same gender sim then divorce

- after the 1st divorce get married to an opposite gender sim and conceive only 1 child

- divorce for the 2nd time after the baby was worn, you keeping the child.

- spend the rest of your life with the child and with a roommate that you have a “friends with benefits relationship” (ocasionally romantic interactions without them becoming a real girlfriend or boyfriend)

- you do not sleep in the same bed as the roomate, but you both have double-beds.


Your parent has been neglecting you but the roomate spoiled you, giving you everything you have ever wanted, ever since you were a little toddler. You became pretentious and you want nothing more than a pretentious career, partner, home, & children. You want to become an entertainer and you absolutely love playing the violin. You parent’s roommate supports you, but your parent not so much, so you have a best friends relationship with the roommate. Move out into an appartment to pursue your celebrity dream.


- hair color: baby blue or navy

- traits: Foodie, Squeamish, Snob

- complete aspiration: city native

- get at the top of the entertainment career

- reach level 10 in skills: Singing, Violin & Comedy

- marry a snob person & have all your children be snobs

- name your children after gems and precious stones.

challenge ends after the pride sim dies.

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September 27 is a special day for a special everlarker @deinde-prandium, I hope you can help her celebrate with a little something special?

Originally posted by maritvg

I think we can manage that! Happiest of birthdays @deinde-prandium (I hope it’s a birthday, the ask doesn’t actually say). This little piece of everlark goodness was crafted especially for you by @xerxia31. Enjoy!


by @xerxia31

Rated M

He’s got her backed against the bar, right up in her personal space, and even from here I can see the wild, panicked look in her eyes.

I finish the rest of my beer before I saunter over. There’s no real rush. He’s not a serial killer. And she’s not in any danger. No, Katniss Everdeen, my best friend of more than a decade, can handle any threats to her physical safety just fine.

What she can’t handle is being flirted with.

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Love, Lust, and Little Angels Pt. 3

Pairing: Castiel/reader

Fic Masterlist

Summary: Cas informs you of some rather important news; the boys get to hear it in the same day too! (oh boy)

Warnings: none that I can think of (for once)

A/N: Is this moving too fast? idk.

Tags: @joanne-egberp @lolurnotsamwinchester @xleeleeboox @imaginelotr @tala002 @mittcci @fandommaniacx @trashforwinchesters @bkwrm523

Originally posted by inacatastrophicmind


You stared at Cas, eyebrows furrowed. “What do you mean ‘it’s not the food?” you asked warily. Your hand flew to your stomach. Maybe you were sick, you thought. He is an angel, he would be able to tell. Cas sighed, standing up.

“You’re not sick either. I believe what you’re experiencing is usually labeled ‘morning sickness’.” he replied steadily.

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Leader- Sehun Mafia Smut

Author: Admin B

Word Count: 1,619

Warnings: mafia au, smut 

Genre: Smut with slight fluff

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“Sir asked for you not to see him right now ma'am” the guard blocked the large wooden door. You turned on your heels rolling your eyes, you sighed out loud allowing the well built male to be aware of your annoyance. “Tell sir to come out and tell me that himself” the mans face stayed blank and his sight stuck ahead of you. “If you don’t want to lose your job I suggest you move out of the way right now” your voice changed from the polite tone that you usually spoke in. “Ma'am” the voice in which he spoke with was almost as if he wanted you to sympathies with the situation he was In. “Move” your piercing stare was enough to make anyone move. You returned back to your cheerful smile as he allowed you to enter the room. 

“Thank you”

 You knew the staff weren’t fond of you. Your demanding attitude, the way you got what you wanted all the time, how you treated them. But you had stopped caring. You were happy, well most of the time. Walking into the room the door was a clear example of the sheer size. The room was as big as the garden of many wealthy people. To say you had money was an understatement, well you didn’t have money but your significant other did. You had been with Sehun since high school. Before the days you could dine with the food people would use for a years worth of expenses, before the money, before the drugs, before guns. When it was just you two against the world. He stood with his back facing you, his body was stuck in a dark grey suit his hand running through his soft hair, his deep voices calming sending directions to the hundreds of men that followed every single one of his commands. He ruled with his power of the entire city and you ruled alongside him. Your heels made loud noises as you walked towards him, his head turned around to see but his attention stayed on the being on the other side of the phone. His glare at you from the other side of the desk almost looked as if it was disciplining you for disobeying his orders but you didn’t mind. Everyone followed the words he said. Every single person. He needed someone that was different from the rest and that happened to be you. Your sweet innocent smile couldn’t stop his from almost chucking on the line. Your bratty spoilt attitude was somethings he couldn’t resist. He was madly in love with you. The word no never left his lips when he addressed you, you had a way of breaking him even when he thought he was unbreakable. Every single movement you took towards Him put him on edge, despite being with you for nearly 10 years, every second with you sent adrenaline ripping through his veins.

 You sat yourself on top of his desk, waiting patently for him to finish his conversation, the dress you were wearing rode up slightly revealing your skin. You saw his sight set upon the exposed skin and you began to innocently bring the Dress up further. You saw him gulp down, the words that spouted from his lips registered in neither of your minds. Your jumped off the desk and made you way to stand in front of him. You saw him mouth the words don’t to you but you just smirked. You weren’t doing anything, your hands lay on his tie as you began to loosen it ever so slightly, his spare hand grabbed both of yours and brought you into his chest. The smell of him was something you found addictive nevertheless it was intoxicatingly blissful. You never failed to be shocked by his actions, one minute he looked as if he wanted to rip you to shreds with his bare hands and other times It was as if you were his most important possession. You closed your eyes and enjoyed being in his arms, his free arm snaked it’s away around your waist drawing small circles on the lower parts of your back. His head was lowered and leaning on your shoulder, you needed him. Both you and him were occupied with work for what felt like eternally. You forgot the last time you had made love, it was always memorable but the rare occurrence of the action made it forgettable. Your hand grabbed his butt and squeezed it. You saw him hold back the laughter which made you mirror his actions. You were laughing into his shoulder. You brought yourself back and towards his ear. 

 "Don’t make a noise" you brought yourself back into him and felt his hardened member, the outline of his dick pressing into your bare core that was hidden with just a thin dress was enough to make you moan aloud. You began to rub yourself on his crotch allowing your core to wet, “fuck y/n I’m on the phone” he covered the line and whispered in a dark tone into your ear. “Get off it then” you were in a playful mood and were determined to get something from him. Your own touch no longer pleasured you enough. “It’s important” you rolled your eyes at his pointless words, pulling yourself back you knew it would take a lot for him to resist you in a submissive needy state, your hands reached the zipper on your dress and slowly pulled away the tight clothing revealing you in your naked bare form. His eyes enlarged and you saw the saliva almost drip from his lips. Turning around you began to walk to your shared bedroom that was hidden away from the rest of the house. You could hear his heavy steps following you, his slow replies to the other voice on the phone assured you that you had got his attention. Lying on the bed you saw his tall figure still standing at the doorway. Your hand snaked it’s way between your legs, there was something about him watching you commit these acts that turned you on to the point you were going to cum in that instant. Your fingers found their way to your entrance as you pushed them inside it was In that instant Sehun abruptly ended his phone call. “I’ve got to go we shall continue this later. Accept my most sincere apology sir but I have a situation to deal with” you heard his voice due to the pleasure causing your eyes to shut. “Y/n why can’t you ever let me work” he sighed as he began to slowly strip himself of the clothes he was wearing. He was methodological and clever in the bedroom as how he was in the street. “I just want you to fuck me” you didn’t hide your need or want for him at all. He chuckled at your need. “Your wish is my command princess”

 Crawling in between your spread legs you resumed your passionate make out session. “My one weakness” he muttered sweet words that made you lose yourself in his blissful arms. “I love you so much you know that right?” He paused himself as he hovered above him. Your eyes that has been fluttering rapidly by themselves quickly awakened. You caressed his warm cheek. You had never thought such a love was possible, you stared at the man that had given you every precious memory that you had ever had. Good and bad. You wanted him not just sexually but in every single way possible and he never denied you anything. You loved him the second you set eyes on the failing student in a top school, or when he made his first million. He was yours and you were his. Your love was consuming, the danger forced you to live with each other in that moment and with no time to reflect you felt your life being ripped out of your reach but he made time stoppable. You traced his hair down his soft skin, his eyes set on yours. “I love you more than you could ever imagine Sehun” you slowly pressed your lips against him in a more composed manner. The thirst you had for him had become contained by the want for his love. His hands roamed along your figure almost as if his current actions were the only remaining memory he would have of you. Your bare body was laid for him, and only him. He sat up quickly removing his trousers and underwear. Positioning himself at your entrance he began to thrust hard and fast in too you. “Holy fuck Sehun” you moaned out loud, you were sure that many of the staff that moved around the large manor would hear but you didn’t care. You were lost in the lust and pure bliss of his body. “So tight” he became sloppy and tired just begging for his body to hit the peak and over flow. You felt the knot within your stomach tighten harshly as your orgasm ripped through you. You screamed in pleasure as Sehun quickly came around you.

 He fell on top of you. Your sweaty bodies sticking together as you relished and enjoyed the moment. He rolled over and brought you over to him. He was gentle and Caring as he was aware of your sore core. “That’s gonna be sore” you chuckled at the words he choose to break the silence with. “I love you Sehun” you stated directly ahead of you avoiding his eye contact but you could feel him shifting position To see your face he loved the hair from out of your eyes. “I love you too”

I Won't Teach Him How To Dance With You

I’m not gonna teach him how to dance with you

Papyrus had come home one day, asking him to teach him how to waltz. When asked why, the response had left to be desired.

‘I want to dance with my boyfriend!’

So Papyrus, his sweet precious brother, had a boyfriend. Someone had taken what was his, what his non existent heart longed for. He knew these feelings weren’t right, but who would care? There were worse things than lusting over your brother.

So when the day rolled around the elusive demon-boyfriend came over to watch Papyrus’s lesson, he made sure to keep them apart.

he doesn’t suspect a thing, I wish he’d get a clue

He never once let them practice together, with the excuse of ‘saving it for the perfect dance’. When he taught the boyfriend, he might’ve gribbed the shoulders too hard, moved a little to fast.

I’m not gonna teach him how to dance, dance, dance, dance

The day of the dance arrived, sponsored and held at Grillby’s. The tables were moved to free up the floors and a buffet ran along the bar, courtesy of Grillby and Muffett.

one, I’m biting my tongue

Sans gritted his teeth, watching as that dirty brother Stealer approached Papyrus, whom had been talking to Undyne about the importance of glitter in ones spaghetti sauce. Although amused at his brother’s antics, he couldn’t help the bitter anger as his rival grabbed the tall skeleton’s hand.

two, he’s kissing your hand

A small growl escaped him at the sight. Was he not good enough for Papyrus? What did this guy have that he didn’t?

When they headed to the dance floor, Sans had finally had enough. He fled the party, not noticing the worried eyes following his departure.

three, oh why can’t you see?

He wasted no time with the walk home, simply taking a short cut straight to his bed. Finally by himself he let the tears flow, not hearing the front door opening and closing over his cries.


He ignored the footstep coming up the door. Papyrus knew he always locked his door, he wouldn’t be able to come in. Just as Sans had thought, there was a knock on his door.

“BROTHER?” He didn’t respond. Papyrus would just assume he’s asleep and go to bed himself. He felt a bit of guilt, knowing there would be no story time tonight.


He heard a loud sigh, and what sounded like bone scraping against wood. Was Papyrus sitting outside his door? Why?

“Brother,” Gone was the usual loud voice, a hushed tone in it’s place. It didn’t sound right.


“Sans, why did you leave?”

He sighed, knowing he wouldn’t be getting away from this one.

“I just didn’t feel too good, bro. Probably just had to much grease for these old bones. Don’t worry about it.” He tried to sound like his soul hadn’t been shattered just a few moments ago.

“Skeletons don’t get sick, Sans.” Crap.


“Brother…do you love me?”

His heart seized. Did his brother think he didn’t love him? Had he seen how he acted? He immediately opened the door and hugged his brother, he caught him in his long arms.

“Of course I love ya, bro!” more than you know.

Papyrus liften his brothers head with a hand to his madible and spoke softly.

“It’s okay, Sans.” He couldn’t be more surprised if Papyrus kissed him. Oh. He was. Their skulls clinked together gently, Papyrus letting out an affectionate ‘nyeh’ as he pulled away. Sans stared in shock, not really comprehending the situation.

“B-but your boyfriend?” The taller let out a series of chuckles, shaking both their frames.

“I was trying to get over my own feelings for you, brother. I had thought they were one-sided, but now I see I was wrong.”




“Yeah bro?”

“I love you too.” He couldn’t have been happier.

Holy shit! Finally here we go. This was a request by @sososhady hope you liked it! There goes my creativity for the night.