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One word spells

Inspired by this by @tytysdeliveryservice I made a couple of my own portmonteau spells. Here they are!


chat (French, ‘cat’) + amour (French, ‘love’)

To make a cat more affectionate towards you, to make a cat lovable, to positively affect your relationship with a cat.


veritas (Latin, ‘truth’) + tongue

To prevent lies. To make somebody speak truth.


crave + away

To prevent cravings. Could also be used to help cope with unrequited love or crushes etc. (treating lust/romantic interest as a craving for a person)


fleur (French, ‘flower’) + bloom

To help somebody or something reach full potential, to encourage. Can also be used literally, to help flowers bloom.


veni (Latin, past tense of ‘go’, literally ‘I arrived’) + punktualny (Polish, ‘punctual’)

To come on time. To prevent being late.

Re: Nicotero’s Comment

I don’t think any of us are surprised that a member of the show shut down the possibility of a future Daryl/Jesus romance. We’ve all been saying since day one that Desus was a long shot for a variety of reasons—many of which are unfortunate, but sadly a reality with the way LGBT+ couples are handled in popular media. No one here (at least anyone I’ve come across) has claimed otherwise. I mean, what other highly-rated television show has made one of their main and hugely lusted-after male characters interested in other men? Plus, how in the world would merchandising explain Daryl kissing a dude to all the people they want to sell this???

Anyway, I digress. 

My point is, we all know Desus most likely isn’t happening on the show. That’s barely news. That’s not the problem with what Nicotero said. What I do see as an issue is how he said it within the context of the larger conversation—a drunken cruise panel where moments before Nicotero had less of a reaction to Norman joking about Daryl literally fucking a tiger. So actual bestiality is no biggie, a joke or whatever, but a fan yelling out about Daryl and Jesus warrants some uber-declarative statement with multiple exclamation points? Not a good look, man.

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I Aspire to be as fucking EXTRA was Alexander Gideon Lightwood

- this guy in his early 20’s, who’s really only ever had feelings for one person in his life - a guy that was closer than a friend, closer than a brother, legit emotionally, physically and psychologically linked to him in every way - a connection that would confuse any teenager in the world, especially one isolated in a training institute where everything from the food you eat to the classes you take are about making you into the best soldier you can be, an angelic warrior - a hero in the shadows

At a young age he made the choice to ignore his feelings and do what he was told - Emotions are nothing but a distraction - and as time went on he got used to it. He watched Jace chase skirts, he felt Jace’s attraction, his interest and lust through their bond, but he knew it would never be directed towards him.

So Alec got over it. Shadowhunters ruled with  their heads, not with their hearts. He grew up working closely with his sister and parabati - never paying attention to anyone else, until he met The High Warlock of Brooklyn.

Magnus Bane shined like the sun and Alec was blinded by him… Magnus immediately understood what Alec was hiding and he didn’t think less of him for it. In fact he liked Alec, he made that clear from the start. As they spent time together, they helped each other. This caused them to grow to care for each other on top of the undeniable attraction and connection between them.

Then Alec’s birthright came into play - he was expected to get married and head the New York Institute. This was the career he was always supposed to have as the eldest child, the first born son. He’d trained his whole life for this. It wasn’t about his feelings for anyone else, it was about what was expected of him. It was about restoring the Lightwood name. It was about honor, duty, family.

But when the moment of truth comes, Alec can’t marry Lydia, he can’t deny himself forever. He’s gay, he’s always known that. And Magnus is there… offering Alec everything he ever wanted. All he had to do was step off the altar and take it.

So he called off his wedding, refused the future that was planned for him - stepped down in front of his whole world and went to Magnus. It should be noted that this was clearly Alec’s first kiss and he grabs the fucking High Warlock of Brooklyn, who most people avoid touching at all, by the lapels and proceeds to make out with him like he owns this powerful, ancient warlock and Magnus Bane is just like… finally.

All I want to happen in the Trials of Apollo is for Percy to be dragged into Apollo’s mess (because Meg is important and young and Percy doesn’t have the heart to leave her in the hands of the sun god) and then I want Percy to immediately regret because Apollo is a flaming bisexual who doesn’t know when to shut up nor what constitutes as personal space.

I mean… His name is Lester… and all I can think is MOlester… and we all know from the stories that Apollo can’t take a hint. Or a direct No. However, he would know when he’s about to cross a line and would stop, but he’d just be fascinated with Jackson’s scarred skin and wind swept hair and he’d just have to make up poems on his eyes and physical form. Percy would probably not care and just ignore him in hopes that he’d eventually stop.

god… ok c/elesg/ami is a bad ship

anonymous asked:

Hi! I have a question. I'm trying to sort out things about love, taking Jesus' example and I fell more deeply in love with Him. But explaining what is 'love', since it is a choice, what do you think about the 'falling in love' thing that often happens to teenagers? It's not a choice, you can't help it, you can't make it go away, it's purely a feeling, which love is not. What is it?

Hi friend,

I wouldn’t categorize the thing you’re talking about (perhaps lust rather than love?) purely with teenagers. After all, while it may be true for some, I’m sure there are also plenty of teenagers who have truly fallen in love. I know a handful of married couples now who met and fell in love as teens. 

Here’s an article on what the Bible says about love, and another on what it says about lust, if you’re interested. 

All my love,


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What do other F0xs think of cyan? Do they like her too,

Fell!F0X: She’s interesting~
Lust!F0X: Better if she’s with me~
Dust!F0X: Meh
Horror!F0X: Who dat ?

capricious-shinigami  asked:

hair ear nose cheek shoulder waist over the heart butt hip stomach wrist knee chin thigh <3

Hair: Yearning
Ear: “I want you to hear me out.”
Nose: “You’re so cute.”
Cheek: “I want to tell you I love you.”/Deep affection/Devotion
Waist: Possessiveness/“You are mine.”
Over the heart: “I love you.”
Butt: Sexual attractiveness/lust
Hip: Interest
Stomach: Fun!/Silliness/“Wanna go cause some trouble?”
Wrist: Fear of losing you
Knee: “Don’t worry, I’m here for you.”
Chin: Beauty/attractiveness
Thigh: Sympathy/empathy

                 for a moment we were alone …

          THE FLUTE OF champagne drowns easily down the length of his throat—-he craves more, though. a hand waves aloft, catching the azure hues of the bartender, her thin frame waltzing over eagerly to serve the prince. ángel knew that the brunette behind the counter was enchanted with the idea that a prince was noticing her figure. little did she know, he was not a prince to swoon over her lust. he was not interested, and it’s a reality that many hopeless individuals realize late during the night. prince charming is not for me. 

his throat was burning from the taste of bourbon. against his lips, though, the taste of rose champagne settled for he only serves his people. while walking down the hall of the hotel lobby, he fixes his apparel, runs a hand through his dark mane, and he takes a deep breath to release the moment of seducing a young lady in the closet of a hotel bar. how not so royal of him to do.

when approaching the elevator, he was wishing to return to the bar. he did not throw back enough shots for the moment. he tried so hard to forget her. he tried so hard to let her go just as she easily left him behind. when ángel no longer felt her against his frame, his thoughts rumbled with wonder as to what he did wrong. people always pointed their finger at him for being bad. did she finally realize he was bad too? nonetheless, that is not what pained his the most.

          princess vivienne left him to be in marriage with his own twin brother, andrés. 

the elevator came down, and ángel stood tall with his focus drained forward. nibbling his lesser lip, the silence resting over them, the door opened and no one came out. before he stepped in, though, he decided to be a gentleman in a small degree. allow her to go in first. “after you.” 

after you … the first thing he said to her in nearly three to four years. 



Body language of Lovers-the face

Lovers are so comfortable around each other,that they even tend to touch each other. Josh gently stroked jens cheek pretending to brush off an eyelash. Jennifer´s Hands are always all over josh´s body-and along with that his face.

Licking the lips is a sign of affection and a sign of lust,sexual interest.