lust interest

Touch my muse! Touching is a quiet way of conveying your feelings, so tell me how you feel with your touch!
  • Top of head: Sibling affection/parental affection
  • Hair: Yearning
  • Ear: "I want you to hear me out."
  • Nose: "You're so cute."
  • Cheek: "I want to tell you I love you."/Deep affection/Devotion
  • Neck: Dislike/Hate/Disdain
  • Shoulder: Worry/Concern for other/Fear
  • Waist: Possessiveness/"You are mine."
  • Over the heart: "I love you."
  • Butt: Sexual attractiveness/lust
  • Hip: Interest
  • Back: Wanting to kill/will betray you one day
  • Stomach: Fun!/Silliness/"Wanna go cause some trouble?"
  • Forearm: Indifference/Don't particularly care for
  • Biceps: Aggravation/Irritation/"You are an idiot."
  • Fingers: Friendship/amicable
  • Wrist: Fear of losing you
  • Knee: "Don't worry, I'm here for you."
  • Chin: Beauty/attractiveness
  • Thigh: Sympathy/empathy
  • Calves: "I will cause you pain."
  • Feet: "I will serve you forever."/Deep devotion and and feelings of servitude/extreme fealty
One word spells

Inspired by this by @tytysdeliveryservice I made a couple of my own portmonteau spells. Here they are!


chat (French, ‘cat’) + amour (French, ‘love’)

To make a cat more affectionate towards you, to make a cat lovable, to positively affect your relationship with a cat.


veritas (Latin, ‘truth’) + tongue

To prevent lies. To make somebody speak truth.


crave + away

To prevent cravings. Could also be used to help cope with unrequited love or crushes etc. (treating lust/romantic interest as a craving for a person)


fleur (French, ‘flower’) + bloom

To help somebody or something reach full potential, to encourage. Can also be used literally, to help flowers bloom.


veni (Latin, past tense of ‘go’, literally ‘I arrived’) + punktualny (Polish, ‘punctual’)

To come on time. To prevent being late.

Benedict Cumberbatch on Sherlock/Irene, @LFCC (29 July 2017):

“Was that love? Was that lust? It was another form of obsession in a way for him. He couldn’t let her go as was explored as John questions him.

“It was probably better that that’s there in the world and he doesn’t really want to acknowledge it. It’s a secret for him.”

Source link: http://www(dot)express(dot)co(dot)uk/showbiz/tv-radio/834615/Sherlock-Benedict-Cumberbatch-BBC-Molly-Hooper-John-Watson

Re: Nicotero’s Comment

I don’t think any of us are surprised that a member of the show shut down the possibility of a future Daryl/Jesus romance. We’ve all been saying since day one that Desus was a long shot for a variety of reasons—many of which are unfortunate, but sadly a reality with the way LGBT+ couples are handled in popular media. No one here (at least anyone I’ve come across) has claimed otherwise. I mean, what other highly-rated television show has made one of their main and hugely lusted-after male characters interested in other men? Plus, how in the world would merchandising explain Daryl kissing a dude to all the people they want to sell this???

Anyway, I digress. 

My point is, we all know Desus most likely isn’t happening on the show. That’s barely news. That’s not the problem with what Nicotero said. What I do see as an issue is how he said it within the context of the larger conversation—a drunken cruise panel where moments before Nicotero had less of a reaction to Norman joking about Daryl literally fucking a tiger. So actual bestiality is no biggie, a joke or whatever, but a fan yelling out about Daryl and Jesus warrants some uber-declarative statement with multiple exclamation points? Not a good look, man.

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→ immortal!reader x exo; aeon’s lovers

♔ masterlist

You smiled, pointing to the heap of pictures in your other hand, gesturing to the picture on display on the top. “This is me on the great wall, I think this is actually in the more recent years; not too long ago,” You paused, moving the photograph down on the coffee table to reveal the next underneath. “and this is me in Macau. This was in 1977. A trip I remember vividly.”

Detective Do was in a daze; his full attention on the many photographs lining the coffee table and the thick bundle in your hand that was almost too fat to hold with one hand. Moscow, Kabul, Manila, New Delhi, Zurich, Paris, Oslo, Brasilia, Hanoi, and Nairobi. Dancing, writing, traveling, eating, driving, skydiving, learning, observing, kissing and swimming. 1950, 1962, 1969, 1972, 1976, 1979, 1982, 1984 and 1986. He was being presented with so many experiences and travels in the form of old photographs; the latest ones being 2 years old and the earliest being 70 years old.  

“And here,” You suddenly whispered, glancing down at the next photograph appearing on top of the bundle. A picture of you in front of the very familiar  Gyeongbokgung Palace. Kyungsoo’s eyes widened at the image, and he looked up into yours. “is me in Seoul, 1987. Just a few days before I met the young university student, Kim Jongin, who was only 19 at the time.”

“He was your next lover?”

You nodded, placing the photo down onto the coffee table. “This is the next chapter.” The new, revealed photo was of you and a young, handsome man with tan skin, black hair and a lean body. He was kissing your cheek, his strong arm slung lazily around your waist as he held you against his chest. You were in front of the Namsan Seoul tower sometime at dusk. 

“Kim Jongin, handsome as you can see, as well as young, showed me a good time for a few weeks until I decided that I just wasn’t able to tame the stallion and let him go… I let him go.”

Seoul, South Korea, 1987

The only lights illuminating the late night of Seoul was the dim lights that hung over the small street, casting a cloudy glow over the many different booths selling food. You admired the slightly gloomy image, finding it nothing short of beautiful. It was a late Friday night, but you weren’t worried about time as you munched happily on your yakgwa, an old favorite of yours. 

You skipped along, drying your hands on your jeans when you were done eating before you dug your hands down into the pockets of your denim jacket. The rows of booths were soon coming to an end, and the dim lights turned into little-to-no lights, yet you were not afraid. You stopped underneath a single lamp when you heard whispers and hushed chuckles. 

“Who’s there?” You asked. The people observing you paused, seemingly surprised that you actually spoke Korean before stepping out from behind a corner. They were students, university students; four boys and two girls. The boys were all lean, two tall, and the girls were pale, short, cute.

“Hello,” One of the boys greeted. “we didn’t mean to spy on you, Miss.” 

You waved dismissively. “No worries, that’s alright. But what are you all doing up so late?” You smirked, causing the group of students to all laugh. One of the boys, tall and tan, stepped forward.

“And you? You’re no older than us.”

With his words, you were once again reminded of your state and sighed. “Oh, believe me, I am.”

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There are people who are interested/in-lust with Spidey/Peter but becoz Spidey has a secret crush on Deadpool, he is oblivious to the attention (which adds to the appeal since everyone thinks he’s so sweet and innocent). Dp flirts heavily with Spidey but believes he has no chance with him. So others are always quick to talk down and kick out Dp, thinking that it’ll impress Spidey and he’ll be grateful for chasing away the perverted freak. They get confused when it just drove Spidey closer to Dp

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Boruto Ep. 27 Recap

“A Shinobi Bout of Friendship”

  • LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS NEW OPENING!!! There’s so much goodness!!!
  • I like how they highlighted all the characters & put their names next to them
  • But most importantly…teenage Boruto!!! Jdixhbsbsjdkkd! He was the Uzumaki swirl on the back! Finally! Yasss! Embrace your roots! His jacket is so cool! I want one! Where to cop?!
  • Also, they highlighted Shino, Anko, Konohamaru & Kakashi, so we about to see a lot of them in the upcoming episodes. (So excited to see more of hay silver haired angel)
  • This boy, idk his name & who cares but he got the audacity to be talkin spicy with blonde hair & black brows! Omg! Offensive!
  • Lmao Inojin is all about a perfect time to read someone. He doesn’t miss a beat.
  • Mitsuki’s eyes glow in the dark. He can’t get any cooler, can he???
  • My nephews are so talented!!!
  • What kinda ninja are these Hidden Mist mfs?! Didn’t they do their research on their opponents??? Cause if they did, they would know that they are sickening & their parents are LEGENDS! But I mean, get your ass whooped by prodigies if ya want.
  • I already knew Kagura was Yagura’s grandson but that whole thing where he snaps & gets blood lust, that’s interesting. I wonder what that attributes to. Cause wasn’t Yagura under Obito’s control the whole time this Blood Mist situation happened?
  • “Are you really genin?” LMAO! Mitsuki didn’t even break a sweat.
  • This ain’t the first or last time my bad ass kids will have other nations SHOOK! I’m so proud.
  • Aww. Mitsuki considers all his classmates his friends?! #BorutosImpact
  • It upsets me knowing ALL that Naruto went through to establish world peace & mfs don’t know how to act & wanna fuck that up. I want the hands. Line them up.
  • Omg Inojin’s jammies are so cute! Lol
  • Mitsuki doesn’t have jammies cause he doesn’t have to sleep. I’ve concluded.
  • This shinobi card game is giving me uno vibes. Might get into a fist fight depending what card you draw.
  • Kisame’s son gotta chill. Like, your daddy made his own sharks eat him. That’s not what you want in your life.

FMA 2003 is so realistic and doesn’t play around about serious things like Izumi’s condition, which is what killed her(which is something I didn’t like about Mangahood as a whole, is the inappropriate humor). In Brotherhood, there are so many things they left out, and the whole story is rushed af.  Also, 03 at least cared about not making their villains like Lust and some of the others completely evil and not only were the ‘heroes’ like Ed and Roy not completely good by the end(Mangahood Edward bothered me because he’s too virtuous), but 03 actually challenged Edward’s morals and taught us to not be too reliant on your set philosophy; equivalent exchange. And by the end of the series, Ed and Roy are willing to give up their goals, something we rarely see in anime, but happens all too often. I’d just like to point out that Brotherhood has flaws, and flaws you people don’t want to see. Sure, there’s Olivier and more characters, but some people connect more characters to being “better”? Olivier was nothing but a mix of various tropes, and is actually rather cliche. Lust, Izumi, Roy, Edward, Envy, Sloth, Winry and numerous others had a whole other level of character given to them in 03(not to mention Winry actually making use of herself aside from fixing Edward’s Automail. Even if she can’t fight, she uses her head to do research along with Sheska on Huhges’ killer), and that’s something I really respect about it. And honestly, Brotherhood(though Mangahood too) shoved itself into the ditch in the final fight. Not only are the graphics actually rather cheesy, but everybody is just screaming and hoping for Edward to save them, which not only goes against Edward being a “Tiny insignificant human”(and was kind of annoying to listen to)(03 made Edward have less control over his situations which I liked), but they have no excuse for. I mean, sure, some of them were injured, but I highly doubt they were ALL THAT injured. Also, 03’s versions of the scenes tend to be a lot more emotional, the sound tracks may have been more epic in Brotherhood, but they were more beautiful, and feeling-provoking in 03. And let’s be honest, most of the females aren’t given much screen time in Brotherhood, to actually grow attached to them. Mei did have potential, but it was wasted when she began to revolve around Ed and Al. There was so much wasted potential in Brotherhood and Mangahood. I loved 03, because of how they took advantage of plot-holes, like the Library being burned down, as they literally gave Scar and Lust a very interesting scene in that. Most people who haven’t seen FMA 2003 in years do tend to say that Brotherhood was better, but then after rewatching it, they remember why they loved 03, and sometimes start to like it even better. 03’s ending is also complained about, but I think it’s beautiful, and went right along with the lesson of the series, the world isn’t perfect or fair, things don’t always work out the way we want it to, but with that lesson in mind, we can still carve our own path and find happiness despite it. And I think Winry was more independent in 03.

Not to mention that she realizes that despite missing him, she knows that Ed will never be happy until he accomplishes his life goals and lets him go each time, and with no fuss.

It’s why I think her letting him go for good in Shamballa is such a great, if sad beat, story wise. She finally understands that no matter how she and Ed feel about each other that his altruism and need to help people will always be put over his feelings for her, and so she lets him go back to our world. Not because she’s mad, but because she loves him and wants him to be happy.

While the scene in 09 was a little sad, I think her subtlety in 03 in her acceptance of Roy killing her parents was so human and a brilliant change. She basically said “I don’t want to hurt him, because I know he’s not a bad person.” because she knows that Ed and Al have been helped by him and it was amazing.  Also, Winry doesn’t revolve around Ed and Al in 03(but in mangahood, she was brought all the way out to Fort Briggs just to fix Edward’s Automail and to be used against him by Kimblee or something. In Essence there was nothing good about Mangahood Winry that wasn’t shown in 03, and in any other scene that’s not, she’s just used as a plot tool to drive Edward’s character. 03 Winry was actually respectable at points.) Plus, the scene where she almost undressed in front of Ed kind of bugged me. It was nothing but forced fanservice. 03 Winry, meanwhile, is truly independent, especially considering her conversation with Roy in the script:

Mustang passes by with a cane. He passes by a lone girl. He realizes it’s Winry.

Mustang: …
WInry: It has been a while. It seems you chose a very remote station.

Mustang: It seems I’ll be parting from that station as well.

Winry: You’re quitting? The military?

Mustang answers without a word.

Winry: To stand at the top of the military, and to change the nation, to make sure another war doesn’t break out. Wasn’t that your dream?

Mustang: For that dream, there were many casualties. Hughes was one. ….Edward Elric was another. I have no right to even talk about dreams.

Winry: Ed… isn’t dead.

Mustang looks up in surprise.

Winry: Al… has always believed that, and even now he’s looking for a way to see him.

Mustang: …. That… must be hard on you.

Winry glares sharply at Mustang.

Winry: It is hard, but even so we’re moving forward one step at a time. What else can we do besides that? We’re still alive.

Mustang gives a short laugh and walks off. Winry continues to glare at his back.

Judging by the script, I realize that Winry is probably the reason Roy came back to help everybody.

Also, how they dealt with the effects of genocide in 03 was haunting. They didn’t sympathize with the killers and showed just how unjustified what they had done was at points. Basque Grand was truly corrupt in 03 and it was something that made sense. He wasn’t just some background character, he was one of the ones leading the genocide. Roy being ordered to kill the Rockbells showed how evil the military is that they would kill their own doctor just for helping “the enemy”. Scar killing the Rockbells was simply way too predictable and makes him a total hypocrite. Not to mention I felt he was pretty inconsistent(to see him just turn over working on the side of the people who massacred his people was kind of cringe.)

peace talks

things i want out of life rn:

- magnus and alec playfully flirting

- downworlders teasing and being friends

- acknowledgment of magnus and alec’s roles in the shadow world

(ao3 link)

The thing about the official New York Downworlder-Shadowhunter alliance talks that Magnus was particularly grateful for, aside from the fact they were happening at all, was that the representatives for all races were reasonable, professional men, men Magnus knew. It also helped that Magnus’ personal relationships with each of them was at the lowest level an acquaintance, and at the highest… well. His hand had spent the entire meeting stroking the thigh of the representative he considered closest to him.

Alec was in leader mode, and embodied the role with the ease of someone slipping into their most comfortable clothes. Since he’d been officially named as Head, Magnus had noticed a calmer air about him, as if some of the burden on his shoulders had been… not removed, but validated. Seeing him like this, not radiating power as Magnus did, but rather quietly control it, made Magnus’ heart fill with pride. And maybe it also made Alec even more attractive to him, the Jay-Z to Magnus’ Beyoncé.

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Mi Luna Part 1 ‘The Woods’

– The reader piques the interest of a demonic clown plaguing a town called Derry. Never in his existence has he encountered someone as fascinating as you, and he quickly realizes he wants to do more than devour you. Can it be possible to tame the beast or are some relationships too impossible to work out? Story is written in second person, aimed at a female audience. Contains smut, gore, and language.– 


A girl trembles in the moonlight in nothing but a long cloak. Her breasts rise and fall with each breath as she makes her way deeper into the forest; dry leaves crunch under her brown,leather shoes worn soft with age. She crosses her arms over her chest as a drop of dew from an emerald leaf plops down upon her nose. She looks up, gazing at the moonlight as it dances through the silhouetted trees. She pauses, completely unsure of why she is walking in the woods in the first place especially after hearing that menacing laugh call out from the darkness ahead of her. The girl turns back the way she came and pulls the hood of her cloak over her head. A voice, his voice, cries out to her and freezes her in her tracks.

“Come to me,” the voice calls softly in her head.

Temptation has led her to this fate, and she must go willingly now or she will be taken by a force as fierce as a tidal wave. She lowers her head and darts off further into woods against her will as if hypnotized. It started with one forbidden kiss in a dream. She had dreamed she was at a carnival surveying the sights, sounds, and smells. The girl had purchased some cotton candy and was about to take a sweet bite when she saw a clown in a silver jumpsuit with orange pom pom buttons waving at her from a few yards away. The crimson smile the clown gave her made her blood turn to ice yet stirred a fire within. It was his smile that set her on edge; it looked like an upside down scream. Something inside her head shouted that this clown was dangerous, but the fire burned hotter. The clown gave a little laugh and beckoned her with a finger to come hither. She obeyed and suddenly before she could reach the clown, he was standing right in front of her! She was alarmed, but the clown placed a gloved hand in the small of her back and prevented her from backing up. He leaned over towards her right ear, his breath tickling the hair on her ears and making the butterflies in her stomach lurch higher. She had felt dizzy and swayed, but the clown’s grip on her was like iron. His lips were so luscious and his eyes a strikingly bright blue. Before she knew what she was doing, she threw one arm around the clown’s neck and had kissed him….kissed him! The clown growled softly against her open mouth, and then little did she know, she was his.

The lush, black velvet of her cloak glides back and forth across her nipples, taunting. She feels the spark land in her most intimate place, and she closes her eyes while trying to ignore the heat spreading across her breasts, hardening her nipples to pebbles.. A twig snaps under foot, bringing her back to reality, and she looks up startled.

“Run! I need to escape!” she quips at herself silently. Just as she turns around again finally coming to her senses, she meets his amber eyes and is frozen in her tracks.  

He smiles seductively at the trembling girl. “Oh, not yet,” he muses to himself. “I will have her more than trembling.”  The girl was his now, and he was going to make sure to possess her. He steps closer to her, feeling her body heat radiate through the chilly night air. He leans his head to her neck and inhales her sweet scent. His silver jumpsuit rustles slightly, and he sees genuine terror in her eyes. He smiles his crimson grin again and cackles in the night. Fear. It is coming off her like a musk. He can also smell her desire, her need; and he is going to make sure that her desire for him is never fully satisfied…or her curiosity. Never in all his millennia of life has he come across someone as fascinating as her. If Pennywise had been honest with himself at the moment, he would realize that he was afraid too, afraid of how transfixed he was on this woman. He never had any interest in lustful thoughts or sex, and yet here he was standing with his cock rock hard and pressing against his jumpsuit.

He reaches up with a long, gloved hand, unclasps her velvet cloak, and watches it cascade down her shoulders, her supple hips, her buttocks, and then her calves until it finally pools at the forest floor. Her eyes widen in fear but also lust. He wasn’t sure which feeling excited him more, her fear or the heat pouring off her from between her legs. Her nipples instantly pucker in the cool air, and his cock twitches in anticipation.

He reaches out, cupping her left breast and hears a barely audible moan escape her lips. “Come here,” he commands as he nestles his hand on the small of her back and pulls her in closer and looks into her eyes. She wants this, secretly, and he knows. He is here to satisfy her desire and her him. He kisses her frantically, tasting her sweet, plump lips and massages her breasts. His crimson face paint smudges off onto her chin, and he chuckles against her mouth. She begins to rock her hips into him unknowingly causing the bells on his jumpsuit to chime, and he lays her down onto the cloak that has fallen onto the ground.

His throbbing cock is dripping with precum like a poison and moistening his jumpsuit. When he is ready, he will will away his clothes. He draws one taut nipple into his mouth and feeds, piercing her skin and suckling her blood. She cries out in pain but also in pleasure thus only exciting him further. He edges her legs apart, and she grips the cloak in her fists, whimpering. Sliding down, he is now between her legs nudging them apart. The ruffles of his collar tickle her thighs and she actually laughs out loud. He leans his head forward smelling her unique scent, and smears more of his blood-red face paint down her thighs. It drives him so mad that he has to take a moment to restrain himself from holding her wrists down and forcing himself into her. That would break the enchantment upon her, surely. Not yet, but he couldn’t wait much longer. He never felt the desire to have something as bad as wanting her right now. Her fear was making his head swim, and he gazes up at her from between her legs.

“Noooo,” she cries out for the first time and pulls her legs together.
“Yes, mi luna. I’m going to drink from you.” He pries her legs apart again and plants his lips around her pulsating nub before she can protest again.
She thrusts her hips against him, crumpling his white ruffle collar and jingling the bells once again. She moans into the night sky, her cry echoing out into the woods for miles. He swirls his tongue against her delicate skin, lapping at her, tasting her, and driving her to the brink of absolute hysteria. He slides a gloved finger deep inside her tight, wet pussy, and feels her squeeze his finger firmly. He growls against her wet labia, lost in the torrents of pleasure and fear pouring off her and mistakenly closes his eyes. The dream he created in her mind fades, and reality comes crashing back.

*   *   *   *

You wake up with a start, your body drenched in sweat, a dull ache in your groin. You groan, the dream already eroding from your mind like a morning fog escaping sunlight. “Those eyes,” you ponder. So orange or were they blue? Yes, the most deadly blue eyes you had ever seen! You sit up in bed, feeling the covers slip off your body and realize you are naked underneath them. You shake your head and wonder how that is possible, since you fully remember donning your favorite pajamas before bed. Suddenly, the clowns pale face swims into your mind. A mixture of emotions floods your senses, and you feel slightly panicked. You give a nervous laugh and think to yourself, “Whoa…did I really get eaten out by a clown!?”

to be continued…..

anonymous asked:

The Reader (you) meets Stefano during his first exhibition in Krimson City. He's frustrated; most critics so far have dubbed his work as "sensationalist", or like a cheap horror film in a different medium, appealing to shock value. But when you tell him that you have an appreciation for macabre art and the effort that goes into it, it's the best thing he's heard all week. He offers to take you to dinner. No, you won't not be his next project. Dead people can't appreciate his future projects...

You were standing there, mesmerized by the unique, bloody and gory photograph.

It was one of the many times you were in Krimson’s City Art Gallery, but sadly, latelt nothing caught your attention. All the other works of ‘artists’ were just plain boring, every one had something in common with the other, you were sometimes starting to think that they were copies of one another.

But not this one.

These art works were different, in the litteral meaning of the word. There was something that attached you to it, like a moth to a lamp. It was gory, full of blood and, well, macabric, but the first time you laid your eyes on the photographs, you couldn’t take your eyes off of them.

Your eyes wandered to the name of the artist that was engraved into the frame of the photo, Stefano Valentini, it said. Hmm… Interesting, so forgein and unique, just like his art.

Suddenly, you were pulled out of your thoughts when you heard the clicking of shoes on the white marble floor. You turned around elegantly and were met with the sight of a tall, lean raven haired man in a expensive-looking dark blue suit and red scarf tied in a french knot.

As the man neared you could almost sense a strange, almost dangerous aura emiting form the artist, but you also had another, even stranger feeling that you could feel safe around the mysterious man.

Ah~ I saw that you spend quite some time looking at my photos. I take that as a sign that you…like them?”

The man, Stefano, said with a neutral voice, but even someone dumb would figure out that there was a smugnes, or even joy hidden behind his careful words. You smiled lightly and once more looked at the man’s works.

“Of course I like them, there is… Ah, how could I say it… I feel like there is something behind it? It’s just so fresh, it’s original in it’s own sense, something that isn’t a hundredth copy of one and the same piece. And believe me, I can appreciate true art when I see it.”

You told him truthfuly and turned towards the photograph again, but there was something different with him now. In his visible eye you could see a storm going on, various emotions made way throught his beautiful cyan eye, but then he spoke with barely contained joy. ‘Like a child’, you thought.

“Ah~ Finally someone that appreciates true art! I knew form the first time I saw you, that you’re different from these… Philistines. They couldn’t be able to see true art even if it was showed down their throats- Oh, excuse me, I overdid, didn’t I? And where are my manners, I am Stefano Valentini as you propably already know, and what’s your name, mio carissimo?”

Stefano asked with his deep Italian accented voice that shook you to the core. You held out your hand towards him and said,

“I’m (Y/N) (L/N), nice to meet you, Stefano”

His name rolled off of your tongue smoothly and you could swear you saw him shudder lightly. Then, you felt a hand gently grab yours and a pair of warm soft lips make contact with the back of your hand. You gasped softly in suprice, no one did something like this to you.

But the most interesting thing that happened, is that Stefano didn’t let go of your hand, but gently pulled you towards him so you were almost touching. The male smiled at you and tucked a stray strand of hair behind your ear and then lowly said,

“So, (Y/N)~ What would you say to me taking you out for dinner hm~? I can sense that we have a lot in common, and I’m sure that we could even learn a bit from each other, and… Maybe we also could get to know each other better. So, what do you say?”

Stefano was now extremaly close to you, not even three inches away, you could smell his expensive colonge and if you leaned in now your lips would definitely touch.

But you did the exact opposite, you smirked smugly and gracefuly stepped out of Stefano’s embrace.

“I’d love to meet up with you, Stefano. And yes, I’m sure we have a lot in common and a lot of interesting conversations are before us.”

Now you could see it in his eye clearly as day, there were three emotions clearly dissplayed in his eye, lust, interest and… adoration?

“Perfect~! I’ll pick you up tommorow, 8 o’clock. I can’t wait to meet with you again, il mio fiore.”

Me too.”

This was the only thing you said with a lovely and warm smile, before you turned around on your heel and leaved Stefano alone in the almost empty gallery.

The only thing you didn’t see was the giant, maniac smile that appeared on Stefano’s face when you were out of sight.

You were perfection in Stefano’s eyes, true, beautiful perfection. A masterpiece. Stefano knew from the start when he first saw you that you were the one. The one that would be his muse, his light in the dark, the love of his life.

And he would never allow you to get hurt, not even he would dare to hurt such a perfect person, because you know what they say, dead people can’t appreciate true art.


This is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL potion to make others attracted to you. Not necessarily romantic or sexual just for people to be drawn to you. But it can be interpreted those ways

Note: You don’t have to have EVERY SINGLE ingredient for the spell to work. You could probably just take four or five ingredients and it would work. BUT IF YOU WANT THE POTION TO BE THE ABSOLUTE BEST. EVER. THEN USE ALL THE INGREDIENTS. And remember to use this sparingly you only need a little bit for it to work since it’s so powerful. One swig should last you at least 24 hours.

Ginger (Optional)
Paprika (Optional)
Mint (Optional)
Dill Seed
Orange Peel
Vanilla Extract
Tea (You could just use chamomile tea)
Poppy Seeds
A Piece Of Yourself (Lock of hair,fingernail,spit,etc.) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT

Light Purple, Dark Blue, Red Orange, Light Red, Silver, Gold
If any of your ingredients have or are this color the spell will be more powerful (Example: The bowl you mixed it in or jar/bottle you keep it in etc.)

Best Days To Do It:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

How To:

1.Heat the water until it’s boiling

2.Take all the fruits or pieces of fruits (Including the orange peel) and put them in

3.Let the fruit soak for a minute

4.As they soak stare at the mixture and visualize your intentions

5.Next put in all the plant ingredients except for the chamomile tea if that’s what you’re using

6.Stir and continue to visualize

7.Sprinkle in all the herbs and spices

8.Stir and visualize

9.Put in the rest of the ingredients saving the tea for last this is only so that the potion wont taste super gross (It still won’t taste good though so be ready for that)

10.Continue to stir and visualize

11.Finally take that piece of yourself and hold it close to your heart and say

“With this final ingredient, I complete this potion
May all those who see me who see (Your full name here) become infatuated and enamored with (Name again/Nickname+lastname if you have one)
Love, lust, interest, and admiration

With this it is complete”

12.Now strain your potion and let it sit for a little bit

13.Take a swig when you feel you need it

Zodiac Advice for the Heart in 2017

Aries: Take time to get to know them before you open up, Make sure they are worth your time and your heart- protect yourself a little better.

Taurus: Life is long and Life is hard. Swallow that famous Taurean pride and spend it with the one you love, stop complicating it with overthinking.

Gemini: Patience has never been your strength- but take a deep breath and just wait. They’ll realise what you already know.

Cancer: Your gut instinct is as always right, bite your tongue until your house is in order and then challenge them about the secret. It might not be what you think.

Leo: This is the year you’ll meet your match, you’ll know when you do because they’ll be the only person in the room louder than you.

Virgo: You need to calm your heart and stop expecting your relationship to be as perfect as it is ‘supposed’ to be. No relationship is and what you have is pretty damn close, just enjoy it.

Libra: This will make you uncomfortable but this is the time you need to be alone. Not isolation, but take a break from everything your juggling and focus on who you are for a while.

Scorpio: Listen to that intuition, it’s not wrong. Focus your attention to your family and your love, you always knew that most couldn’t be trusted and they are just stirring the pot.

Sagittarius: You need no advice. If you haven’t met them yet, you’re about to and you know better than anyone how to please your lover. What a wonderful year you have ahead!

Capricorn: It’s been bubbling for a while and if you were waiting for a sign this is it. Cut away those distractions and focus on your love, they need you right now but have not wanted to ask for fear of distracting you from your goals.

Aquarius: Pay close attention to your inner circle- your love is there but it’s not the one you think. Look for real connections and not superficial ones based on lust and common interests.

Pisces: A beautiful soul, you give too much of yourself to those who do not deserve it. Unusually, like the Libra give yourself some time alone to work out what you want from your life- not what others would have for you.



“Why have you been avoiding me?”
“My pure, mystifying darling. If only you knew how it tortured me! How I’ve longed to taste that pretty neck of yours.” 
“I see. A chilling thought, but I have no blood to give you.”
“I know. It is a different type of hunger which strikes me when I see you.”

An angel called Helena (Vivien Leigh), and a vampire named Aniko (Greta Garbo) cross paths one night on London Bridge. Though initially wary of each other, they find they are united in their purpose to protect mortal women from the lecherous men who pose a danger to them in the dark. While getting her life’s blood from wicked men is empowering, Aniko is surprised to learn that Helena can teach her about two concepts she had never experienced: happiness and romance. Well-disguised as a mortal, Helena has aroused the romantic (and lustful) interests of humans before, but vowed never to let herself fall unless she met another immortal. This was not the form she expected it to take.

*If Classic Hollywood Had Allowed Non-Hetero Stories

I Aspire to be as fucking EXTRA was Alexander Gideon Lightwood

- this guy in his early 20’s, who’s really only ever had feelings for one person in his life - a guy that was closer than a friend, closer than a brother, legit emotionally, physically and psychologically linked to him in every way - a connection that would confuse any teenager in the world, especially one isolated in a training institute where everything from the food you eat to the classes you take are about making you into the best soldier you can be, an angelic warrior - a hero in the shadows

At a young age he made the choice to ignore his feelings and do what he was told - Emotions are nothing but a distraction - and as time went on he got used to it. He watched Jace chase skirts, he felt Jace’s attraction, his interest and lust through their bond, but he knew it would never be directed towards him.

So Alec got over it. Shadowhunters ruled with  their heads, not with their hearts. He grew up working closely with his sister and parabati - never paying attention to anyone else, until he met The High Warlock of Brooklyn.

Magnus Bane shined like the sun and Alec was blinded by him… Magnus immediately understood what Alec was hiding and he didn’t think less of him for it. In fact he liked Alec, he made that clear from the start. As they spent time together, they helped each other. This caused them to grow to care for each other on top of the undeniable attraction and connection between them.

Then Alec’s birthright came into play - he was expected to get married and head the New York Institute. This was the career he was always supposed to have as the eldest child, the first born son. He’d trained his whole life for this. It wasn’t about his feelings for anyone else, it was about what was expected of him. It was about restoring the Lightwood name. It was about honor, duty, family.

But when the moment of truth comes, Alec can’t marry Lydia, he can’t deny himself forever. He’s gay, he’s always known that. And Magnus is there… offering Alec everything he ever wanted. All he had to do was step off the altar and take it.

So he called off his wedding, refused the future that was planned for him - stepped down in front of his whole world and went to Magnus. It should be noted that this was clearly Alec’s first kiss and he grabs the fucking High Warlock of Brooklyn, who most people avoid touching at all, by the lapels and proceeds to make out with him like he owns this powerful, ancient warlock and Magnus Bane is just like… finally.