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Here it is my new Vampire!au featuring Yoo Kihyun. Special thanks to @kimnamwho and @sugaspiano for being my betas and giving me feedback. Hope you guys enjoy!<3

Word Count: 2.4k

Caution: Smut Ahead 

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Dark eyes swept the faces in the sea of people below. Bodies moving in sync to the hypnotic beat that blasted through the speakers. The smell of sweat and booze was almost too overwhelming for the man, but he stayed. He stayed because this was his hunting ground. He ignored the world around him as his sharp eyes scanned the crowd to find his next victim. 

And in the moment his eyes locked on another, he knew he had found his next meal.

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He Saves You


I lock the front door of the diner, whistling the soft tune playing quietly through my headphones. I slip the key in my work bag, making my way down to my block. I would have normally had Harry pick me up from my shift, but he’s been tired from recording and writing lately, I didn’t want to add something else to his plate.

Nodding my head to the music, I walk past a couple of teenage boys on a near by park. They don’t seem harmful, so I decide to cut by them.

“Excuse me” I whisper, smiling at them as I cut through their group.

“Hey, hey, hey. What do we have here?” one of the guys asks, stepping in front of me.

I take a step back, keeping my gaze on the ground as I shake my head. Harry always taught me that if paparazzi’s were to ever come in my way, to simply ignore them. Even though these boys aren’t paparazzi’s, I have no other plan to get away from the situation. 

“I have to go see my mum” I lie, shrugging my shoulders. 

They all suddenly swarm around me, forming a circle around where I stand. I don’t look up, but I immediately begin to panic. I’ve never been in this situation before, but I know what I’m getting myself into, and I don’t even know how to save myself.  

“You can’t just expect us to find you, and let us walk away without a little souvenir.” One of them says, pushing me into another the arms of the guy behind me.

With much fear and desperation, I lift my head to look into his dark, lustful eyes. The fire behind them burns through me, making me whimper. The look he gives me causes chills to rise upon my skin. 

“Please let me go. I’ll give you anything of mine, just please let me go without any harm. Please” I cry. 

The man tilts his head, observing my actions, taking short strides over to me. I want so badly to back away from him—run away from him, anything to get out of this position, but my body’s trapped in another man’s hold, with what felt like hundreds of other eyes looking right at me. His arms wrap around my waist once he was close enough, giving my body a slight squeeze to push me closer to him. 

i try to pry his hands off of me, but he refused my attempts.

“No. Please. No” I sob. 

I try to escape from the man’s hold, but he only squeezes harder. I swear, I can already feel my wrists becoming swollen and bruised with every movement I make.

“Now, darling,” the man coos, placing fallen hair behind my ear, “who said we were going to hurt you?”

He hooks his arm around my waist, cupping my bum in his hand, rubbing it, his eyes closing with increasing lust.

“We’re gonna make you feel so good, baby girl.”

I fling my legs up, nearly squirming to get him off. By now, I’m screaming, my throat raw and sobs raking through my chest. 

"No! Please! No no no! Please!” I scream, flinging every part of my body that wasn’t being held down.

“Fucking bitch!” the man yells, trying to work his way around whatever movements my body was making. 

“Stop fucking kicking!“ 

I suddenly feel a horrible sensation on my cheek, and I’m nearly wiped out cold. My head is thrown to the side, and I can feel blood dripping down to my neck already. All the energy I had before was punched out of me, knocking every bit of my strength with it.

The man in front of me pulls me away from the tight grip that was on me previously, and I almost think he’s given up on me. However, he throws me against a street pole merely the second he gets a hold on me. I grunt from the impact on my back, my head hanging from the pain. 

"Who the fuck do you think you are?!” he screams in my face, lifting his arm onto my throat, tightly pushing against my neck. 

I gasp for air, trying to find any way to get air into my lungs. My hands claw at his arm in attempt to push him off of me, flinging my legs to try and kick him, but he only holds tighter. 

I can’t get out of this.

“Did you think that was okay?! Pulling that shit on me?!” he roars. 

He squeezes onto my neck even tighter than before, and the only thing I can feel is the mixture of blood and sweat dripping from my face. They are the only thing reminding me I’m still alive. Everything else is dark, everything else is silent.

I can still feel the vibrations from his screams, and the tightening of his grip. But everything is slow, and somewhere along the emptiness surrounding me, i notice my body isn’t fighting anymore. I’m hanging between life and death, half of me is already dead, I feel it, and it’s coming closer and closer every second.

“I can’t lose you, don’t you do this to me.” I hear a voice cry out.

Compressions are being pushed on my chest, and I’m being pulled into awareness with each movement.

I jolt up, taking in as much air as my lungs can fill. I keep gasping for air, just so that I can get my breathing back. I feel my heart pumping in my chest, almost banging against the bones. Everything is hazy, whatever happened and whatever’s happening is all a blur. 

I open my eyes, adjusting to my surroundings. But all I see is Harry, his green eyes drowned in tears. His face is covered in them, and he looks like a mix of relieved and absolutely terrified.

“Oh God” he cries out.

He lifts his hand off my chest so that it can rest on my cheek, and the second he does so, he begins to sob. He holds onto me as if his life depended on it, and his voice sounds strained with every noise he makes.

“I thought you were gone. He was choking you so bad, I—I thought I was too late. I was too late. You weren’t—y—you didn’t—I—”

I shake my head, placing my shaking fingers in between his. 

“You saved me.” I cry out, kissing each of his knuckles, “You saved by life, that’s all that matters.”

He cries harder, burying his face in my neck. I can tell he’s still scared by what’s going on. Every part of him is shaking and sweating, and he keeps mumbling incoherent words under his breath.

“I’m bringing them to court, Y/n. I got their license plate number. They’ll be arrested, I swear it.” 

I squeeze his hand.

He shakes his head, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“If I wasn’t here, looking for you, I—I can’t imagine what would have happened if I didn’t come looking for you. I just didn’t like you walking from work alone. I was gonna meet up with you half way, but when I saw what was happening, Y/n, I couldn’t breathe, everything happened so fast I—”

“No, no. Stop it, it’s okay. You saved me. You saved me. That’s all you should be thinking about.”

He presses his lips in a line, and chokes out another sob. He’s still holding onto me, even tighter now. 

“I’ll always save you.”

Million Dollar Man

Sehun X Reader
Inspiration: SoMo and Drabble prompt #8: “I’m not joking.”
Word Count: 3010
Genre: smut
A/N: When it mentions the song, play it (if you’d like). I’d like to make it known that this is NOT a bash at sex workers in any way, I am a massive advocate for sex workers and their rights and for stopping people from being complete douchebags to people just because of the job they have to support their lifestyle and families. 

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You followed behind him quietly, tucking the wad of hundreds he’d handed you back in the club you’d met up in into the purse you’d bought with some of your extra earnings from the last week. There was no shame in your game; the stacks of hundreds in your safe back home attested to that, and you appreciated the benefits of your job. Your work was lucrative, and you’d excelled in the practice. Half the time you didn’t even half to work, your regular clients usually paid in one night what used to equal a month’s pay when you first started out.

Your current client, Oh Sehun, had become quite the regular these past few months. Half a year ago you’d met him for the first time and the meet-ups had become progressively more and more common as time wore on. When you told him you already had a client planned for the day, or the week, or more, he’d sent you a check with twice whatever they were paying almost immediately. He never offered an explanation and you never asked for one, until today.

He’d called to ask about seeing you Friday of the next week, and you’d sympathetically told him that you were already booked. Without a word he’d hung up, and your agent had called you less than five minutes later saying that you’d been booked for every available day that month, and the extra money that came along with it payed for every day off of work you had. And then some. He’d paid triple what every other man had paid, which meant that for the entire month, you were his.

You followed him into the elevator without a word, black dress fluttering around your thighs with every long stride you took. You both relaxed against the wall as the door closed with a ding, exhaling as the elevator hummed with its ascent. Without looking at you, his hand found yours, lacing your fingers together tightly. Your eyes fluttered shut as you let out a soft breath, leaning against his body. He didn’t think twice, nuzzling his nose into your hair where he kissed you softly.

Sehun was almost always like this with you. Sometimes you thought he wanted company more than he wanted sex. You’d come over and all he’d do is strip you down and pull you tightly against his body where you’d lay for hours on end. He’d talk to you about your favorite things, your dreams, how you’d gotten here. At first you were angry, he should have known not to intrude upon your personal life, that this wasn’t how the kind of relationship you had was supposed to go, but you quickly got over that. You felt the most comfortable with him, he never pushed you. His hand never snuck down your pants without permission, he never put you in situations he knew you’d be unhappy in. At the same time, he pushed your boundaries without you even knowing. One second you’d be fucking against the headboard, the next you’d be completely restrained, growling at him to let you go.

The lift shuttered to a halt, opening to the floor of his penthouse. He started walking, tugging your hand as his long legs left yours in the dust. The door swung open silently, the blonde haired man shrugging his jacket off and hanging it up before reaching for yours. You obliged, sliding off the overcoat before handing it to him gently, fingers sliding across his.

You smiled up at him, immediately heading towards your favorite part of his home with a euphoric expression on your face. You reached out, hands flattening against the cold glass as you pressed against the floor-to-ceiling window, staring out at the glowing lights of Seoul, alive beneath your fingertips. He walked to you silently, stopping centimeters away from your body, close enough to feel his warmth but not close enough to be intrusive. He was used to this ritual.

When you finished drinking in the beautiful world around you -though you doubted you’d truly ever be sated- you turned towards him. He was watching you, observing you as you observed others. He could honestly say he loved the way your mind worked. You were more than just a body to him, more than a sex object he could purchase whenever he felt the urge. He bought you because that was the only way you could be near him, and he despised every dollar that left his account because of it. He didn’t hate it because he didn’t want to spend money; you were worth what he payed and millions more, he just wished because around him was more than a job to you.

You stood in silence, watching one another. Today was off, you decided. He wasn’t acting like he usually did. He was more somber, more wary. Usually Oh Sehun was a funny, charismatic man. He made you comfortable and happy, never imposing or overstepping. Right now he was cold and closed off. You didn’t like it.

You huffed, hooking your fingers in the belt loop of his pants, pulling him towards you. You leaned back against the window and wound your arms around his neck. “What’s wrong?” You murmured, looking deep into his eyes. What you found there was frightening. The deep brown of his irises held no lust, no greed, not even admiration. He looked at you less like a client, less like a user of your body, and more as a person that truly cared about you. You heart warmed before your brain took over, locking the foolish beast back where it belonged, caged behind the bars of your ribs.

He watched you as the realization settled in and the bars shut down, unsurprised. It’s not like you could leave, you were his for a month no matter what. He figured he should go ahead and get what he had to say out of the way, though. He wrapped his arms around your waist, spinning you to face the window.

Instead of launching into some speech about love or some shit like that, like you thought he would, he started laughing. “Look at how small they are,” he sighed wistfully, gesturing down at all the people on the streets. He opened his mouth to continue the thought, no doubt about to launch into some meaningful speech about how we walk past people every day and they’ve each got their own lives that you’ll never know about, and how bad that scares him, but he didn’t. Instead he pressed a soft kiss to your forehead, whispering a chaste “I’ll be back.”

He returned minutes later with a remote and two plates of your favorite fruits. You sat together, knee to knee, hundreds of feet above the rest of the world. The night wore on, the hours laced with laughter and tender smiles. You almost felt like a normal human being with him, like this moment with him was your choice and not decided by the amount of dollar bills he was willing to give up to have you. When your plates were clean and your lips were stained a strawberry red, you leaned into him.

He tilted his head to rest on yours, winding one arm around your waist to rub soothing circles into the top of your thigh. “Do you ever want to move on from this job? You’ve made enough, you don’t have to do it anymore.” He spoke randomly, feeling you turn to stone beside him. Every muscle in your body locked in place and you sighed. “Sehun.” You whispered with warning dripping from your tongue. He took it in stride, barely pausing before he continued. He took a deep breath and in one breath, forced out words you hoped you’d never have to hear. “I love you, and I’m not joking.”

You leapt into the air, tears gathering in the corner of yours eyes, each droplet a plead. Each salty pearl sliding down your face begged him to take back his words. He couldn’t feel this way about you, if he said it out loud you couldn’t see him anymore. Clients and workers could NOT have a relationship. That was a rule of the trade. You didn’t want to have to put him in the past. The younger boy made you happy, made you feel alive and whole and like you weren’t nothing but an escort, a glorified prostitute. You felt far worse because you when those words crossed his lips, butterflies exploded in his stomach. You didn’t love him but you felt way more for him than you should and that terrified you.

Don’t do this to me,” you begged, and he watched you with a blank expression. He stood with an almighty woosh, confidence blooming in his chest. “No, listen to me. I’m not asking you to do anything about it, I don’t expect you to. I just needed you to know.” With every word he inched towards you, and with every step he took forwards, you took one back. “I needed to know that you would walk down the street and feel loved, that you could pass by this building every day and feel inside your soul that I will always be here for you, waiting.”

Your back hit glass and it felt as though your spine was hollowed and filled with ice water, a chill permeating throughout your body. Your breathing was light and uneven, betraying the absolute panic drenching your very soul. You didn’t want to lose him but you didn’t want to get attached, either. He looked away from you for a moment and clicked a button on the remote in his pocket, the room filling with the beat of one of your favorite songs, a cover of Planes by SoMo.

Sehun knew you well, and knew that after he told you how he felt you’d shut down completely. He’d planned for it to happen, and he also knew you well enough to know that sex was enough to make you stop thinking about it for the time being. He needed you to open up to him, and a good fucking would make you forget; it would make you feel secure within yourself again.

He gripped your waist gently with both hands, spinning you around to face the neon lights spanning for miles. He dropped to his knees before he planted his hands on your calves, kissing upwards and following behind with his hands until he met the thick hem of your dress. He brushed his thumb across the tender flesh of your upper thigh, his cold breath wafting across the slowly forming wet patch between your legs before he lifted the hem, pressing a soft kiss to your cloth covered folds. He continued his way up your body slowly, exposing your white lace panties. These were his favorite pair in you, the delicate white making you look an angel while the lace exposed enough of your beautiful skin to tempt him.

“Have you ever read ‘The World Is Yours’ on a blimp?” was mouthed on your exposed shoulder before the dress was pulled free of you at last, and without hesitation he pressed your body up against the glass completely. The cold of your body as it pressed flush with the glass was a sharp contrast to the heat unfurling in your belly and the heat of Sehun as he pressed himself tightly against your back. Just above the defined curve of your ass, you felt his hardness as it pressed against you. He skimmed his hands up your side sensually, raising your arms to cross them above your head, palms on top of one another on the glass. “Keep them there,” he purred in your ear before his hands ghosted down the front of your body to dance above the lace of your panties. He slid his hands between your thighs, using his foot to spread your legs wider. There you stood, legs wide with your ass out, chest arched forwards so your torso leant against the glass. The position was crude and you felt turned on thinking about how you must look right now, spread wide for him. “Scream as loud as you want, as loud as you can” he taunted against your racing pulse, sucking at the smooth skin he found there.

His slid two fingers through your folds, immediately finding the wet sticky mess he had caused between your legs. He spread the wetness he found there slowly, circling your clit slowly as the fire grew within your belly. You sighed in pleasure as he picked up his pace, rubbing harshly at the bundle of nerves until you were panting heavily, fogging the glass in front of you. He reached deeper between your legs, slipping two fingers to hook into your pussy, the heel of his hand adding pressure against you. He pumped his fingers slowly, moaning into your ear when you started flicking your hips forward so his fingers would pull in and out of you faster. You needed more.

He conceded, adding another finger as he sensually slid his cum soaked fingers in and out of you. His other hand crawled up your body to where your breasts, heavy with need, were pressed tightly against the glass. He cupped one in his hand, kneading the soft flesh gently before brushing his thumb back and forth across the pebbled nub as his fingers pulsed in and out of your core.

He curled two fingers within you, scraping across your delicate walls. Your legs shook, knees buckling and the hand on your breast dropped quickly, wrapping the muscled arm attached around your waist. He repeated the motion and you let loose a throaty moan, eyes closing as your pressed your face against the glass, overcome with pleasure. He sunk his teeth into your shoulder, lapping at the bruise that formed almost immediately after and you whimpered his name. He withdrew his hand from your cunt to rub quickly at your clit with his whole hand, the hardened nub shooting millions of sparks across your body. Your mind filled with warmth, the ball of heat in your stomach snapping. Every exhale was a loud, shaky moan and every inhale was a pant that echoed throughout the room. You moaned his name as you came, his fingers returning to your core to capture the cum as it poured out of you.

He pulled his hand out of your ruined panties and you listened as he sucked your juices from each finger. His lips met the shell of your ear and he groaned, “You taste so fucking good, princess.”

He pulled your hips backwards, pressing a hand down on your spine so you were bent at nearly 90 degrees, legs wide. He stepped backwards, admiring your cunt as small drop of cum fell from your clit to his floor. He slapped your swollen heat without warning, your thighs jerking at the pain. You cried out, whole body going weak as the pleasure nearly made you cum again. He grinned behind you, “You like that, princess?” He growled, the next spank he landed on your throbbing cunt even harder. Your knees buckled again, your muscles unable to listen to your brain as euphoria took over. He grabbed you, steadying you once more. “You still on the pill?” He asked and you nodded. Within seconds he had torn off his jeans, burying himself balls deep in your cunt.

His strokes were slow but strong, each one pressing your face painfully against the glass. He filled you completely, hitting every spot within you that made your world spin. The neon lights outside of the window of his high-rise faded to black as your eyes shut, pleasure consuming you completely. “Oh” you moaned, drawing out the word as his cock thrust into you. He grunted behind you as his thrust increased in speed, every thrust shoved you forwards until he gripped your hair in his hand, pulling your head back almost parallel with your body. With his other hand he slapped your ass and you clenched around him tightly, the handprint burning long after his hand was gone.

He leant back, watching as the swollen lips of your pussy parted around his painfully hard cock. You whimpered as his fingers gripped the skin of your hip tightly, bruises painting everywhere his fingertips met as though they were a paintbrush. His hand left your waist to pinch at your clit and you screamed his name, your orgasm hitting you like the wave of a tsunami. Pleasure filled you from your head, scalp burning from his grip on your hair, to your toes as they curled against the cold wood of his floor. He groaned as he came apart as your pussy clamped down around him, filling you with his hot seed. Your eyes slammed shut, hips bucking backwards as you tried to get him to fill you up again. “Fuck, yes” you whimpered, chanting the words over and over as stars burst behind your eyelids and you swore to god your heart stopped completely. He fucked you through your orgasms slowly, your cum mixing with his as it dripped from your sopping cunt. He pulled out of you after you’d both steadied your breathing, kneeling down to lick your swollen, soaked, pulsing heat clean of all juices. When he was done he tugged off his shirt, sliding it over your arms.

He gathered you in his arms, carrying your drained body into his bedroom where he tucked you under the covers before crawling in next to you. You smiled contentedly against his chest, too fucked out to be upset by his words earlier. When your breathing had evened out and your mouth had dropped open like it always did when you knocked out, he figured it was safe to speak again.

“This is just day one, princess. I have twenty nine days left.”

Just the Right Amount of Awkward - Dallon Weekes x Reader

purrpale requested: can you write a dallon imagine please? where y/n and him are a couple and really fluffy/smut stuff happens and its really really cute?? thank u :-)

I actually love dallon weekes because he’s just kind of like an awkward lanky teenager, but then I remember he’s married and has kids and it just makes me happy. anyway there was no real plot requested in this just fluff/smut so i went ahead and improvised if you want something different then just go ahead and send me another request. thank you lovelies xx.

Word Count: 906

Warnings: brief smut

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The blue color of the sky perfectly matched that of his beautiful eyes. I run my hands down from behind my head in his lap through the soft grass that I am currently laying in and onto my stomach. I listen to the soft melody of my boyfriend playing his ukulele. We haven’t been together for too long, but I already feel so comfortable in his presence; I feel like I can be myself around him. 

‘When the moon feel in love with the sun’

I hear his sweet voice begin to accompany his soft ukulele, it lulls me into a peaceful calm.

‘All was golden in the sky’

My eyes shift from the sky to the the singing face of my boyfriend. he looks so perfect sitting under this tree on the green hill with my head in his lap.

‘All was golden when the day met the night’

I turn my head to look out from the hill. I can’t help but think how beautiful the city is from way up here. Away from the cars and the crowds the city scape looks beautiful against the blue lightly clouded sky. I sat like this thinking or awhile, I was so deep in my thoughts that I hadn’t noticed that Dallon had finished the song and was now trying to call my attention.

“(y/n), (y/n)” His voice sounds far away. “hey (y/n) you awake?” I pull out of my musing and sit up to look at him. When I turn he smiles down at me sweetly which causes me to reciprocate unconsciously.

“Yes, sorry I was just thinking.” I say softly still adjusting back to reality.

“About what?” He inquires. 


“What were you thinking about.” He asks again sweetly, smile still clear on his face. 

“Oh” I say blushing a bit due to the content of my daydream, causing him to chuckle a bit. “I was thinking about us.” I look back at the city avoiding his gaze.


“Yes,” I look back at him. “It’s just that the last couple of months dating you has been so wonderful and I was thinking that maybe you and I could take the next step in our relationship.” At this point I am sitting on my knees facing him, his hands in mine. 

Dallon gives me a confused look. I raise my eyebrows and look him up and down before realization hits, earning a cute little ‘oh’ to escape his lips. 

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you to say that.” He says sweetly before leaning in. Our lips meet briefly in a sweet peck before he pulls back, but his lips linger just out of reach from mine. My nose brushes against his softly. My eyes shift from his own to his lips and back again. He bumps my nose with his playfully and I can’t help but smile. Finally his lips reconnect with mine. Unlike the previous kiss this one is longer and more passionate. 

Soon Dallon lays my back onto the grass. Hovering above me he takes the initiative and the opportunity in the brief pause where the kiss is broken to take my shirt off. He tosses my shirt lightly to the side before reconnecting our lips. My hands run up the sides of his torso under his shirt while his explore my chest in light squeezes and caresses. 

The kiss is getting more heated and Dallons hands seem to become more needy. Slowly he moves his hand from my breast behind my back. As he does so his lips travel from mine down to my neck and collar bone. I enjoy the feeling of his soft lips on my skin without realizing the struggle that is happening behind my back. 

After a couple more seconds Dallons lips stop moving against my neck and he puts his head in the crook of my neck sighing defeated. I turn to look at him hand moving to run through his hair a concerned expression painted on my face. Sighing again I see an embarrassed blush grow on his face.

“I-” he hesitates “I can’t undo the clasp of your bra.” I start to giggle and he sits up immediately pouting like a child. How this man can go from passionate and filling me with intense lust to a pouting baby baffles me. 

“Hey don’t laugh” he pouts “that thing has like three hooks on it” I laugh some more, and he gives me a sad look.”

“I’m sorry baby” I sit up and run y hand along his arm. “I can’t help it.” He’s still giving me a face. I roll my eyes and an idea pops into my head. Leaning into his ear I whisper.

“If you help me get my shirt, we can go home and I’ll take it off for you.” The speed at which Dallon retrieved my now grass stained shirt and now had my arms up pulling it over my head made me laugh even more, except this time he was smiling and laughing with me. 

When my shirt fell over my head I pulled the hem to waist and when I looked up Dallon places a quick kiss on my nose causing my to blush as I hadn’t been expecting it.

“You’re beautiful.” He says standing offering me his had. “Now let’s get home, I do believe we have some unfinished business.” I take his hand and stand up. Neither of us pull our hand away after I’m standing. We walk back to the car together hand in hand. 

Little did I realize that later I was going to be the one getting laughed at. It turns out it is really hard to undo the clasp of my bra.   

Sorry this took so long I’ve had school work and rehearsals to go to that have been blocking up my schedule, but I will try my best to get some request done in the next few days while my schedule is somewhat free.


Gerard turned off the water fixed his hair. He Tightens his bright pink tie and opens the bathroom door. He walks over to the church doors, waiting for the bells to ring and cue him to walk in.
*Ding Ding*
He walks, or should I say Strut, down the isle. He stops and looks at you, wearing a short black skirt and a cute lacy long sleeve shirt. He bites his lip and looks away quickly.
After the sermon was over, Gerard Was shaking hands with other families. You walk over to him and you say hello, accidentally interrupting. “One second,” Gerard says to the single looking mother he was talking to. “I need to talk with someone quickly.” He says, turning and facing you. “What is it Y/N?” He asked politely. “I wanted to stay because I feel bad that I said gods name in vain, I-” he cut you off and whispered in your ear. “I already know that’s not the only thing you did.” His voice was raspy and low. “Meet me at my office. You’ve been a bad bad girl…” He pulls away and starts to talk to other people again.
Your heels click as you walk to his office, you knock on the door to see if he was there before you. He opened the door and slammed it quickly, dragging you in then pushing you ageist the wall, putting your hands above your head. “You’ve been a very sinful little slut, haven’t you Y/N?” You wanted this to happen, but at the same time you were kind of scared. “Answer!” His voice was a bit louder. “Y-Y-Yes.” You mumble. “What was that?” He starts to kiss your neck, gnawing on it. “Yes!” You say louder than before. “Daddy is going to have to teach you a lesson not to tease him.” He growls. “Y-Y” you couldn’t fishing what you where going to say. “Now it’s my turn.” He pushes his hips towards yours, rubbing his erection on you. “Confess your sins.” He says pushing harder. “S-Saying gods name in v-vain.” You say in a moan. “And l-lusting over a man.” You say.
“Good girl…” He coos, pulling away, still holding on to your wrists he guides you to his desk. He lifts you up and puts you on it. “Lust isn’t the worst sin. Teasing me is the worst.” He says, hooking his long fingers on your skirt, pulling it down slowly. “Shit, Y/N your soaking.” He says smirking. “Who did that?” He whispers. “Gerard…” You Moan. “That’s right kitten, me.” He takes off your lacy shirt and kisses down your chest to your stomach, and down to your hips and panties. “These must go.” He said slowly pulling them down with his teeth. His tongue attacks you, going in and out faster then you could imagine. His hands massaging your boobs. “Gerard…I-I’m close.” You say.
You feel him pull away. “Good, now you know what teasing is like.” He says. He starts to strip, until he gets to his boxers. “Come over here” he says. You walk over. “Get on your knees, now.” You do as he commands and look up at him, waiting. “Pleasure me.” He says. You nod and start to lick him through his boxers. “Uhhh, Y/N..” He moans.
You slowly pull his boxers off, seeing his cock spring out.
You grab it softly and lick the tip, sucking poking, then taking it all in. Bobbing your head and finishing it by popping it out. “Sit on me.” He says. You slowly start to lower your self until Gerard pushing you down quickly and lifting you up and putting you back on the desk, thrusting so fast it make you dizzy. He made his hands to your bra and took it off. His pace quickened as you got to your high. “Gerard I’m gonna.” You released and so did Gerard.
He flops on your chest. “I’m so sorry, this was wrong.” He says. “It’s fine I’m 21, alright no worries.” You giggle as you massage his hair. “I love you so much.” He says.
“I love you too.”
((Sorry for how short it is))

Bad Boys do it Better

Anonymous said: After that Shownu smut I need a Wonho one. She comes from a high class family and her family thinks she is innocent while he comes from the ‘worker’s class. 

 Thank you for the request. I hope you’ll enjoy this. 

 Warning: Smut 


Originally posted by 1eegeon

You are smart, innocent and sweet. You came from a high status family. Your father was a surgeon and your mother owned a very successful name in the clothing industry. You where the only girl, youngest of five siblings who all protected you and took care of you. Your father had already talked to a friend of his who had a son your age. While your mother had been introducing you to another young man who worked in her company. You where the pride of the family.

You currently had the palms of a worker at your house on your ass, palming you and groping you hard while his tongue was roaming in your mouth. Your untouched lips where being bitten and sucked by his own as you could feel his manhood rubbing against you. 

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Imagine...Make Up Sex With Sam

Originally posted by relationshipaims

Request: I was wondering if I could get a Sam x Reader based off the song Addicted by Saving Abel?

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: smut (oral), language

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CS ff: “Q&A”

Rating: T for language

A/N: Once, the lovely creature @pompeiiablaze did two sketches: Here’s one, and here’s the other. And they made me want to write a thing. This was supposed to be a little Christmas gift to Pom, but that failed. So now it’s just a slightly belated Birthday gift. For Darling Pom, sorry it took me so long to get my shit together. xoxo

Summary: 3B finale divergence/missing scenes: what happened between the shots of rum that Emma and PastHook were drinking.

“What are you boys playing?”


“Passing closely, I hope.”


“What’s wrong Captain, can’t hold your rum?”



Emma knew damn well what she was doing when she loosened the laces at the top of her corset. She knew damn well, because Hook’s eyes, her Hook (no, not her Hook, her Hook – the Hook she came here with) was exasperated and jealous of himself, clearly exuding what he thought of her plan to get and capture his past self’s attention. He stalked out of the place, temperamental and brooding pirate on the loose, and she practically shoved her chest into Captain Hook’s line of sight. Funny thing about that? He stared at her eyes the whole time.

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the lightbearers :::: chapter 11

summary: Steampunk AU. When bounty hunter Emma Swan is commissioned by Robert Gold, powerful and mysterious president of the Royal Society of English Magicians, to take down notorious airship pirate Captain Killian Jones, it lands them in a web of political and magical intrigue, dark secrets, and the dangerous London underworld - as well as their unwanted attraction to each other. Multi-chapter, slow burn.
rating: T (will go up)
status: WIP
available: and AO3
previous: chapter 10

Despite her utter and absolute conviction that coming here had been a terrible idea, and the pirate lying to them about it had been an even worse one, Emma could not deny that the sunrise over Monaco was a spellbinding sight, bathing the steep shoulders of the city and its glittering cauldron of sea in a fragile rose-gold radiance. There was plenty of magic woven into its making, come to that. With France’s draconian policies on practical magic being well known, all those who could not content themselves with theoretical research into strictly controlled and approved topics had fled here to Monaco, which was no less Catholic but much more willing to turn a blind eye to their presence, so long as they spent plenty of money. It was not quite so accepted as to be practiced or studied openly, but the expatriate French magicians got their haven and the principality got their protection and generous patronage, and thus far nobody had appeared in any rush to upset the apple-cart. Wealthy guests were also willing to pay lavishly for the magicians to craft them their own custom fantasy adventures – explore the lost depths of Atlantis, fly a Persian carpet through the night sky, ride with cowboys and red Indians in the American Wild West, and much more. Emma thought, however, that if she ever had the money to spend on such an extravagance, her own request would be much simpler. Make me a home. Make me a place with parents who loved me and didn’t leave me, with my son, somewhere we were all happy and safe and together. That was the greatest fantasy of all.

She leaned on the rail of the Roger, eyes gritty, sleepless and uneasy. She had swiftly gotten tired of being cooped up in the stuffy cabin with a fuming Elsa and a muttering Will, and wandered the ship from stem to stern until the crew asked if she needed anything, in a tone that heavily implied she was getting in their bloody way left and right and could she please get out of it now, thanks. Thereafter she had confined herself to her present location near the bow, eyes flicking up every few minutes to see if Hook was in sight yet. Midnight, she’d told him to be back by midnight, and he had seemed sincere in promising that he would. But as she had already learned, that was the maddening thing about him, shiftless as sand, changing loyalties here and there as he pleased. Not that she would ever trust him, not that he had any reason to trust her… he’d sold them to Jafar and booked it, he must have, but then why leave his beloved ship behind, with crew and cargo and precious prisoners still aboard? It didn’t make any sense, even for someone as relentlessly self-interested as him. Unless…

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