Timing is everything...or so I'd like to believe

I’ve been watching this show
It’s like watching you and me
I don’t know why we are being so low
When we both know us is the key

Why are we fighting this
Why do we always have to wait
When all I think about is your kiss
You know darn well this is fate

I know I may sound angry
But I promise it’s in good gesture
I want whats best for you and me
To finally absolute in our pleasure

I know I sound truly selfish
I can barely deny what my heart crave
I’m also acting jealous
I’m just trying to be brave

You are all I have in my mind
Day and night you are always there
And for once I know I’m not blind
I know you love me when you stare

Your touch bring shivers down my spine
I can barely talk when we lay eyes
I want you to be mine
So we can stop living in lies

Everything happens for a reason
I know that already
I dislike waiting for every season
When we are becoming necessary

I remember everything from every moment
It’s always lurking deep within
Haven’t you notice
How your words crawl on my skin

I can even feel when your down
I know I sound insane
Even though you’re far away in another town
I can’t help but feel your pain

You’re pushing me away again
That’s when I know we are getting closer
Making it pour like acid rain
Yet I feel as if you want closure

Tell me what I need to do or say
I’m starting to sound pretty desperate
When all I do at night is pray
And yet time is being suggested


He is every song in my music library
He is the party songs
The ones that make you dance
The ones that make you wish you could be young forever
He is the lonely songs
The ones that don’t see
(Or I guess hear..?)
The light of day
But are on repeat the second insomnia
sweeps me off my feet
He is the love songs
They stick to my skin like sugar
And are dancing through my head
For the rest of the day
He is every song
In my music library
And he isn’t even mine

Map of Dante’s Hell.

Dante’s Hell is structurally based on the ideas of Aristotle, but with “certain Christian symbolisms, exceptions, and misconstructions of Aristotle’s text.” Dante’s three major categories of sin, as symbolized by the three beasts that Dante encounters in Canto I, are Incontinence, Violence and Bestiality, and Fraud and Malice. Sinners punished for incontinence – the lustful, the gluttonous, the hoarders and wasters, and the wrathful and sullen – all demonstrated weakness in controlling their appetites, desires, and natural urges; according to Aristotle’s Ethics, incontinence is less condemnable than malice or bestiality, and therefore these sinners are located in four circles of Upper Hell (Circles 2-5). These sinners endure lesser torments than do those consigned to Lower Hell, located within the walls of the City of Dis, for committing acts of violence and fraud – the latter of which involves, as Dorothy L. Sayers writes, “abuse of the specifically human faculty of reason”. The deeper levels are organized into one circle for violence (Circle 7) and two circles for fraud (Circles 8 and 9). As a Christian, Dante adds Circle 1 (Limbo) to Upper Hell and Circle 6 (Heresy) to Lower Hell, making 9 Circles in total; incorporating the Vestibule of the Futile, this leads to Hell containing 10 main divisions. This “9+1=10” structure is also found within the Purgatorio and Paradiso. Lower Hell is further subdivided: Circle 7 (Violence) is divided into three rings, Circle 8 (Simple Fraud) is divided into ten bolgia, and Circle 9 (Complex Fraud) is divided into four regions. Thus, Hell contains, in total, 24 divisions.


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