LUSH - How to request samples online!

When making an order, on the check out page before going on to making the payment there is an option to add a delivery request, this is where you can ask for samples!
In the picture I have asked for specific products, but instead you could ask for something to help dry skin, or something relaxing for example and Lush will pick out products they think will be most suitable.
I usually ask for 3 if I want to try specific things. You can have samples of anything apart from bath bombs, oils, melts and bubble bars, and of course no kitchen items. And remember to be polite!!

source : instagram @/paolaalejandra
I love this photo I found on the popular page! & all of these products look to die for! Super excited to be trying the new Oxford Street products soon & test out the new “B Never To Busy To Be Beautiful” shower gel as well!😍🚿

Lush cocktail with some Dolly’s mixtures for bubbles! 💕