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So glad I had this amazing bath this morning! 💗😛🛀🏻👍🏼🌊
D'Fluff is amazing for shaving cream, if your tired of cuts or bumps from regular shaving cream this works like magic with moisturizing and the perfect slim cut for every spot you’d like to d'fluff 😉 & enjoy the fresh strawberries you’ll smell in this product because it’s made with real strawberries!!
Mask of Magnanimity is perfect for if you’ve had a long week and you want to relax! This face mask is one of my favourite for the bath because of the fresh mint smell that comes with it! You can leave it for 5-10 minutes and then be given a smooth and refreshing face!
Ocean Salt is by far one of my top favourite products of all time from lush and I always get smooth and amazing smelling skin after I use it! It’s made with actually vodka which goes into your pores and opens them up! Ten out of ten for this product!
Twilight Bath Bomb is always a pleasure when it makes an appearance to the bath! With the pink and blues swirling out of the delightful lavender smelling bomb, it makes rough days slowly drift away! One of the most popular Lush Bath Bombs, it’s no surprise everyone and anybody wants to get their hands on it!
Ultraviolet is an Easter bubble bar that is packed full of aromas of lavender! This bubble bar was my first bubble bar I’ve ever used and I’m always amazed at the amount of bubbles created from such a little use of the product! I do wish it was an all year round product, however I just gives me some room to try another products as well!

My Life’s a Beach Shower Scrub and Candyfloss Showder I managed to snag from Oxford Street.

Candyfloss is very sweet, similar to the likes of Snow Fairy and Rockstar but no way in the same scent family.

Life’s a Beach on the other hand shares itself with an already existing LUSH scent: Vanillary.

Both are glorious in their own right. What do you think?

Head to @lushspapoole to grab some Oxford Street exclusive products
Does our Bath section look any different to you 😉? SURPISEEEE! Oxford Street has made its way to little old Poole. We are now lucky enough to be able to offer you all a selected range of Oxford Street exclusive products 😍🌈💖 #lushspapoole #lushpoole #29highstreetpoole #29highst #lushltd #lushspa #crueltyfree #instalush #instalushie #lushtime #oxfordstreet #lushoxfordstreet #lushexclusive #mua #beauty #bathart #bathbombs #bathbomb #Lush #LushUK #bblogger #london #british #vegan #experimenter #theexperimenter (at


Today this bearded man received a box of wonderful lushlimited goodies from almost-a-gentleman,

An exquisite hand crafted wooden box with new “Lush Fresh Handmade Grooming Supplies” on the top logo and inside the hashtag to follow #LushMen.

My Vegan box contained Grass Shower Gel, Veganese Conditioner, R&B Hair Moisturiser, Ocean Salt (Self-Preserving) Face and Body Scrub), Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash, Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar and Dirty Hair Styling.

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