Sunny Side-orange, tangerine and lemon

This is the first bubble bar that I have tried. It smells very citrusy but it isn’t too strong. The scent sticks to you for a good amount of time. I broke mine down into 3 parts because using the whole bar would have given me way too many bubbles! It turns the water a goldish color and there are sparkles floating everywhere! No worries though, they don’t stick to you! At least they didn’t for me! I give this bubble bar a 9/10, it is currently my favorite bubble bar from lush!


Dragon’s Egg-Lemon and Bergamot

This is a really exciting Bath Bomb. It goes crazy! At first it gives off white foam and then orange and then some glitter at the end!! The water turned orange with a lot of glitter! It smells nice and it’s not too strong. It didn’t leave any residue on my tub so I was happy with that! It has little confetti’s in it that tend to get mushy but I don’t have a problem with that really. I enjoyed this one so I’d rate it a 7/10. It isn’t my favorite scent wise but it is really fun to watch! Here are some videos of it exploding in my bath tub. Video 1 Video 2


Phoenix Rising-Spicy apple and cinnamon

This bath bomb is a really fun one. It has purple, pink, and green colors in it with gold sparkles. It also has some cinnamon sticks in it! It smells absolutely amazing! My bath tub turned a nice pink although it usually turns purple for other people! It surprisingly didn’t stain my bath tub or my skin! My skin felt so soft and smelled really nice after.  I would give this one a 9/10. This is bath bomb and So White are my two favorites! Here is as video of me throwing this bath bomb into my tub!