KDTHUNDERTHEFUCKUPINYOFACE. INYOFACE!!! (that’s gota be what he said afterwards with an MOFO on the end) Game changing play. Series changing play. World changing play. KD took the rock, ISOd and told the world “Ima bout to pudda team on my back, Greg Jemmings style. TOUCHDOWN!” That’s why he’s the best scorer in the NBA. That’s why he’s the man. The smoothest cat in the NBA. And that’s why the Thunder are winning the ‘ship. Boomshakalaka.

KD likes rap. Big Sean is rap. They both do it. Big. “I put dat weed in the earth and pass it yep thats alleyoopin.”

BIG SEAN - I DO IT (or he said that)

“I’m Quagmire I fuck hoes, my cashflow I giggity-giggity it.”

…and it’s kind of like THIS

Hated dubstep a year ago…But it’s kind of like anchovies. Once you get the freshest ones (Marseilles whaddup), it’s simply delicious.

Thanks to my man Drew for the image!