me with my new #gayisok soap bar from lush. I’m very excited that they released this. not only does it smell amazing, it stands for something great. love this so much.

No Drought Dry Shampoo

Great for when you’re either too lazy to wash your hair of don’t have time for a shower! My hair is pretty oily so this is great to have for those panicky moments when I realize my hair looks greasy, especially while traveling. Grapefruit and lime oil give the powder an uplifting citrusy scent so you not only look clean, but smell clean too. I find it best to massage it near the roots at night so while you’re sleeping it can be absorbing as much oil as possible and not leave your hair powdery looking. Some people will even dust this inside shirts or in their bed to absorb oils from their skin too!


Doesn’t the bubble table look beautiful?

Cup O’ Coffee face mask

To start off with, this mask has an extremely strong coffee smell. I literally felt like I had poured myself a cup of coffee when I opened the pot. I, personally, love the smell of coffee so this was a major plus for me. I love that this mask doesn’t have to be kept in the fridge and has a much longer shelf life than the refrigerated masks. This mask is very exfoliating because of the bits of coffee that are in it.

After leaving the mask on for ten minutes, I wet the mask with water and slowly scrubbed the mask off of my face. After completely cleaning my face off, my skin felt incredibly smooth and very clean. My skin did smell like coffee even after removing the mask for probably about an hour, which was a total plus in my book. All in all a wonderful mask that I would definitely buy again.

Rating: 8/10