Lush is the only way to fight off winter moods. PT 2. which came first?


Very exfoliating, charcoal cleans out pores, not too rough if you use as instructed (mix a tiny amount with water into a paste, lasts FOREVER!!! I’ve had mine for several months and I haven’t even made a dent!! (Careful- it may leave a gray residue on your skin, which comes off very easily with water and a little makeup remover or other cleanser)
HERBALISM CLEANSER: Amazing for oily skin!!! Not too abrasive, but very good at balancing the skin and oil production
CELESTIAL MOISTURIZER: Very good for putting over an oil or serum!! Very moisturizing, but won’t clog your pores!! Not too heavy for those with oily skin!
SKIN DRINK MOISTURIZER: Heaven for dry skin!!! It’s very thick and rich and does a great job getting rid of dry patches! (Smells a little odd because it’s made with sesame oil and avocado, but TOTALLY worth it!)
BREATH OF FRESH AIR TONER: Very refreshing!!! Not much for acne, but good for balancing oil production in the skin!
TEA TREE TONER: Great for acne or oily skin!!!! Super refreshing and healing!


LUSH Spa // NYC, 2016

Hey, guys! So I finally, finally, FINALLY got to go to the LUSH Spa! I chose to do the Synaesthesia treatment, which I’ve been dreaming about since it launched a few years ago. The treatment is designed to merge your senses, much like synaesthesia does in real life. As someone with mild synaesthesia, I always thought it would be interesting to experience this spa treatment, and now I have!

First of all, I want to start out by saying that the NYC spa is GORGEOUS. The spa is designed to look like a kitchen, complete with reclaimed wooden fixtures and a beautiful ceramic sink. I’ll be posting more photos from the spa, so keep an eye out for those! Second, my spa therapist was Sarah Ferry and she was absolutely amazing. She made the treatment feel like a choreographed dance. It was incredibly graceful. 

Synaesthesia is a customised spa experience that is built around how YOU want to feel. When you walk into the spa, your therapist will ask you to choose one of the words that are written on the wall. I chose “enlightened”. While Sarah went to prep the room for my treatment, I got to pick out an essential oil from the shelves (but I wasn’t allowed to smell it). The oils are labelled with words or phrases like “curious”, “calm”, “muscle”, or “detached”. I chose “achieve”. The word from the wall decides which massage bar is used for your treatment, and the essential oils are used as well.

The room itself was sparsely lit with essential oils bubbling away in beakers, and the treatment’s soundtrack - a mix of a 52-piece orchestra and bird song recorded over a 24 hour period - was playing through a sound system. For this spa treatment, you remove as much clothing as you feel comfortable with (in private of course) and your therapist will leave the room until you’re under the towel. 

The treatment itself is 80 minutes of ultra-relaxing massage. You get to choose between a stomach massage or a hot stone placement. I chose the stones because I don’t like people touching my stomach, but I’ve heard good things about the stomach massage from co-workers. 

My favourite part was near the end, during the facial massage. Sarah used one hot stone and one cold stone on either side of my face and then switched them during the massage. It was really refreshing and I felt super relaxed afterward. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I definitely recommend it. 

After the treatment was over, Sarah left the room while I got dressed, and when I went back out into the consultation/kitchen area, she had a cup of hot tea waiting for me. Some of the “achievement” essential oil was mixed in with the tea! I also got to take home one of the Enlightenment massage bars and an Enlightenment bubble stone. They smell amazingly herbal, and I’m so excited to use them at home!

Overall, it was the most relaxing thing I have ever experienced, and I felt like a new person afterward. The treatment’s soundtrack was so great that I even bought a copy of it in the store before I left. If you’re looking for a quality spa experience or even just a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, definitely check out the LUSH spa!


Let’s start off with a current product, and one of my favourites. The Kiss lip scrub is currently in the valentines range and is my favourite scrub of the lot. Like all of the lush lip scrubs, you apply it to the lips, rub it in and lick it off (all are completely edible). It’s very sweet tasting and leaves your lips silky smooth, getting rid of any excess skin. I actually purchased the lip scrub last year and this year took the opportunity to repurchase it because I loved it so much. 

I give ‘The Kiss’ lip scrub a rating of 10/10 

Tips for if you like Lush but don't like spending lots of money

I thought I’d just compile some basic things about ways to enjoy Lush products if you don’t have a lot of money. These may be things people already know but I thought I may as well share my knowledge :~}

Cheap products:
*Trial size of their Charity Pot lotion- £1 (you pick it up from the counter and the money goes to charity)

*Tea tree toner tabs- £1 (per tab). They’re like little tablet sized bathbombs for your face. You put one in hot water and then put your head over the bowl, covered by a towel. It’s meant to help clear your skin and stuff. Also “You can put the water from the bowl in a spray bottle and store it in the fridge for up to a week; use it for a refreshing spritz whenever you need.” It’s their cheapest toner tab.

*Dirty Toothy Tabs- £2 per box. They are a box of solid toothpaste tablets that you crunch up in your mouth then brush your teeth as usual. They do work, I’ve tried them. They taste minty. They’re the cheapest of their toothy tabs.

*Ickle Baby Bot bath ballistic- £1.95. It’s their cheapest bath bomb and it’s blue, lavender scented and shaped like a robot.

*Creamy Candy bubble bar- £2.60. It’s their cheapest bubble bar and it’s pink with a cute flower and smells of candy floss.

*Soft Coeur and From Dusk Till Dawn massage bars- £4.95 each. These are the two cheapest massage bars and they both smell amazing.

Value for money:
*Most Lush products tend to be value for money, but if you want a sort of all in one product that lasts more than once I’d recommend Fun. Fun costs £5 and is like a lump of play dough. It comes in red, blue, pink, yellow and green (all differently scented) and can be used to make bubbles when crumbled under a tap, used as a solid shampoo, a soap, and they even suggested you can wash your clothes with it. I’d recommend storing it in a dry container because otherwise it can melt into a gloopy mess. Also you can actually make models with it like play dough!

Other tips:
*Samples- you can ask for free samples of any product in store, apart from bath bombs and bubble bars (to my knowledge), and they’re happy to oblige. I’d recommend asking for samples of Fun, and samples of their face masks :} also my friend tried a sample of the D’Fluff strawberry shaving soap and she was able to shave both legs with one sample. You can also ask for samples when you order products online, just write which samples you’d like in the delivery instructions box when placing your order. Be aware that you do have to pay for shipping when ordering from them online, though.

*Bath bombs- if you don’t want to use a whole bomb for one bath you can place it in a food bag and bash it with a rolling pin to break it into smaller pieces, so as to save some for your next bath.

*Bubble bars- bubble bars aren’t really intended to be used whole, you only need crumble some of it in to your bath under running water. Some people place a lump in a tea strainer and hold it under the tap when they run their bath.

Feel free to add your own tips and tricks!!


the “mask of magnaminty” or the “mask of mag”

I have really been looking forward to this review for a while now and have really put some effort into trying and experimenting with this product and now I can say that this is my all time favourite product from lush

After trying it and using up a whole tub,I took a trip to lush to repurchase another tub and the lady at lush asked me if I wanted a self preserving one,I thought why not and maybe it might be better as the non preserving mask of mag only has a shelf life of 4 months if I can remember correctly.

mask of mag:this product really became my holy grail,I would use it every other night(as I wanted to give my skin a break,but that was my personal choice and I’m sure if you used it every night it wouldn’t do any harm)it really helped calm and smooth my skin and I noticed a difference in the look and feel of my skin.
As soon as you put it on your skin,you realise how thick the mask is(personally I love the texture of this face mask compared to the fresh face masks)you could spread it out but I feel to get the best use out of it you need to have it reasonably well covering the skin.
It smells minty and is quite an overwhelming smell(smell it next time you are in a lush store!!!)and you can slightly feel it tingle like you can feel it getting to work on your skin it’s quite a weird sensation.
I leave the mask of for around 15-20 mins before washing off with hot water and a flannel,moving the flannel in circular motions to make my skin extra smooth.
Sometimes I would need to moisturise my skin after using but it depended on how my skin was acting that certain day!

Self preserving mask of mag:this product is very similar and the differences were noticeable,the self preserving mask of mag doesn’t dry to the point where it gets hard and you could almost pick it off(I wouldn’t advise that though) like the normal mask of mag does,the colour was also slightly lighter,but it did do the same goodness to my skin as the regular mask of mag.

The small pots(for £5.50) lasts me around 2 months which I think I reasonable for the amount I use it,even if I just had a breakout on my chin I could just apply the mask there instead of my whole face!
Next time I get chance to repurchase this product I will stick to the normal mask of mag as I like it better than the self preserving and be purchasing the bigger size tub for (£9.75) so I can treat my skin more often and for longer.

I would recommend this to lots of people,especially people with acne or inflamed/red skin(the mask is very cooking on the skin)as I feel it targets these problems well.
I wouldn’t recommend the normal mask of mag to anyone with sensitive skin as it dries quite quickly and could be quite violent on sensitive skin when being washed off,however the self preserving mask of mag may be a better option as it doesn’t dry the same way the regular mask of mag does,so would be more gentle to wash off.
(My friends/family who I have recommended this too agree with me and love the product just as much as I do!!!!)

Please if you fancy trying a new lush product or even want to purchase your first lush product give this face mask a go!
10/10 product from lush I can’t wait to repurchase it

Review: Lush Roots Hair Treatment

If you’ve seen my Nioxin hair care products review, you’ll know that I’m having a bit of a hair dilemma; the dilemma being, I think I’m losing my hair. Full disclosure, I’ve spent the last ten years getting my hair bleached, blow drying it every morning and straightening it to within an inch of it’s life on the reg. So I haven’t exactly “taken care of it.” The Nioxin was the first thing I ever tried to try and regain a little thickness with my locks, and when it didn’t work, I decided I was going to have to get serious and take more drastic measures. Like… I no longer blow dry my hair anymore (shock!) or use a GHD on it (horror!) I’m embracing my inner French Girl and going it au naturale.

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Doesn’t the bubble table look beautiful?

Standing up for the rights and equality that all people deserve in the LGBTQ community!!!! ❤️🌟 spread the word and the love people! Today I’ve chose to use the LOVE soap with SUNNYSIDE bubble bar teaming up some beautiful citrusy scents! We have the lemongrass, Sicilian orange and bergamot oil in the LOVE soap and then we have orange, tangerine and lemon in SUNNYSIDE!!! Oh, and it’s golden 🌟😘.


Karma Komba Shampoo Bar 

Hello again! Look what we have here… a shampoo bar! This shampoo bar is AMAZING. I love this thing with all my heart. It’s my first and only shampoo bar from LUSH and I purchased it when I bought the Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair shower gel back in early August. This thing is made to last forever. It’s supposed to give you about 90 washes (if I recall correctly), but I would say for a short haired person like me, this will last indefinitely. I’ve had this bar over a month and it has barely changed in size/shape; I wash my hair with this about 3-4 times per week. You’re meant to wet your hair and then take the bar and glide it over your hair very briefly - just doing this gives you so many suds and bubbles, it lathers incredibly! 

The scent of Karma Komba is absolutely awesome. It’s right up my alley, with its incense-like, bohemian, sweet and woody scent - just like the rest of the Karma range. For those who have not been blessed yet with the scent of Karma, it is advertised as having a citrus and patchouli scent with pine added for extra woodsiness. This is a very true description. The most distinct scent in this to me is definitely patchouli, which is what contributes that exotic incense sort of smell. The pine is also a pleasant woody addition to the scent; it is not overwhelming but is instead tucked away under the layers of sweet incense. The orange is what makes it smell so sweet and lovely; without the orange I would say the scent may be a little too harsh/herbal. Overall, it has a very clean scent, which is surprising as most incense-type scents are very musky and heavy. 

As for how Karma Komba makes your hair feel, it’s good. It doesn’t have any amazing qualities that would help repair really damaged, dry hair, but for someone like me with healthy yet thick hair, it’s great. The oils in it are said to help detangle hair and I conclude that said statement to be true; it definitely makes your hair feel smooth. It’s mainly just good for cleaning your hair, which is all I need from a shampoo. 

Despite all these wonderful qualities, there are 2 things that should be known with this bar. One, being that the scent, however lovely, really does not stick in the hair very well, especially if followed up with a different-scented conditioner. Two, you HAVE to take care of this bar in order to achieve its longevity. I have a little wooden soap holder that I leave outside my shower so I can let it dry out between uses. When I’m not using it, I keep it sealed away safe inside one of those LUSH metal shampoo bar containers. A word of warning about these containers - open them BEFORE you get wet in the shower. These things are impossible to open with wet hands. 

All in all, I love this shampoo bar and would definitely repurchase when the day finally comes where it’s all used up. For one bar it’s $11.95, which I think is a great price for something that will last so long. It’s a must-have for all the Karma freaks out there - like me! 

Overall rating: 4.5/5 

Cost: $11.95/1.9 oz bar 

Purchased: August 2016

Lush Herbalism Review

A few weeks ago I got a sample of Lush’s Herbalism, and after using it for a week I ran out to get the full size 

External image

I have oily, acne prone skin, and since I have been using this for 3 weeks now, my skin is better than it’s been in about a year! I cannot say enough good things about this. It’s very slightly exfoliating and leaves my skin feeling very clean.

I was a bit thrown off at first by this cleanser. I originally found it a bit messy and tricky to use, but I got used to it after the first week. I also originally hated the smell! But now it’s really grown on me.. It’s a very natural, herbal smell.

External image

Overall rating: 10/10

I will continue to repurchase this!