lush woodlands

The Whispering Forest

“Ladies and gentlemen, several of you may have noticed the new forest that has formed just to the east of Night Vale. It’s hard to say how these dense, piney woods have cropped up in a vast desert waste-scape, nor how they have grown in only a couple of days, but these woods are encroaching quickly on our little town.

Botanists from Night Vale Community College said that this beautiful, lush woodland is called The Whispering Forest – and that, while lovely, should not be approached.” - WTNV Ep. 22

Tory Taber - Midsummer Dreaming                                                                     Acrylic on Paper                                                                                               Framed, 25.25" x 21.25"

“I am happy to be included the Faerie III show, because faeries are one of my favorite subjects. While I have invented many a sprite, this time I have depicted an existing faerie character, Titania, from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In this scene, both the faerie queen and Nick Bottom are under enchantment, and their acquaintance is destined to be a brief one, but I hope the image conveys some sweetness and wonder. It does for me, because I live in a cold, pale place. The time I have spent creating this lush, magical woodland has been a delight.”

– Tory Taber regarding her piece in the March, 2015 Faerie III show.