lush shit

god dammit i love not being feminine. i love not spending my money on makeup and razors and all that extra shit that Lush sells. i love not wasting my time trying to be as smooth as possible and trying to get my eyeliner “on fleek”. i love wearing shorts that don’t ride up my fucking crotch and wearing shirts that don’t hug my breasts and wearing shoes that don’t pinch the fuck out of my feet. i love being a good example for young girls. i love answering my little cousin’s question, “why don’t you shave?” even though i get my fair share of shit for it, it’s worth it to be able to let girls and other women that it’s okay to exist in your natural state and be comfortable with yourself.


1. C O C O N U T O I L that bitch is a lifesaver!! buy yrself a big old jar of organic pure coconut oil (its cheap!) and rub that shit on your eyebrows before you got to sleep theyll be thick & bomb!! do the same w yr eyelashes!!! got stretch marks? first of all those bitches are normal & natural & u should totally love yourself & them but if you wanna fade em/make me less noticeable rub coconut oil into em every night that shit works miracles! use it as shaving cream for silky smooth skin or even just rub it all over ya bod after you shave!!
2. treat yo self to a face mask every night you deserve it! they can be pricey but it’s so worth it, yr skin will be soft and glowy and clear and feel hella refreshed!! i swear by
-rosy cheeks by lush: that shit smells so good and it’ll make ya face soft & rose scented!!
-love lettuce by lush: aaa its so soothing & it feels like an exfoliater!! love that shit
-clay mask deep pore cleanser by zion health: omg i use this shit every night it is so fucking refreshing… be warned if youve got sensitive skin it burns a lil bit but it feels so good & clears up skin!
3. cliché but skincare is so important! i use neutrogena rapid clear daily pads & neutrogena oil‑free acne moisturizer in pink grapefruit every single morning bc ive got hella acne… i wipe the pads on my forehead & chin & let that settle in and then moisturize my whole face!!
4. massage bars from lush are h e a v e n l y i use tender is the night every day!! but if you can’t afford that then tbh coconut oil has the same effect!
5. sugar scrubs work wonders on yr lips!! exfoliate those fuckers then throw on hella lip balm you’ll thank me later!
6. shave in the morning!! hair grows quick so don’t shave the night before & let all ya hair grow back before you even go out!! (also- ALWAYS use a new, sharp razor!!

that’s all for now ! have fun bein hoes!! love yourself!!

Imagine when they get back to Earth Lance takes Keith to a lush store for the first time, and he lists off what the things are while Keith is jokingly acting to be ‘bored’ but is really intrigued and they get some really nice lip balm, lip scrubs and awesome bath bombs and them just on a date shopping in general and later on using the bath bombs and bubble things and just being all cute and stuff and Keith asking after the bath if they could like, go to lush or more shops like those and Lance MELTS, doing basically the same thing Keith was doing earlier that day when watching Lance’s face light up when explaining stuff.

Five Things

I was tagged by anon. Thanks again!

Five things you’ll find in my bag:
1. An assortment of crystals. Lately it’s been tigers eye, blue goldstone, howlite and amethyst.
2. Lipstick of some kind. Always.
3. Earbuds & my ipod. Music is life.
4. Tea. Often it’s a tea blend I make myself or else something from DavidsTea.
5. My protection spell bottle.

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:
1. A large collection of herbs in jars.
2. Vinyl…so much vinyl.
3. Band flags all over my walls.
4. Cup-O-Coffee face/body mask from LUSH. I LOVE that shit.
5. A tall, ornate, light sea-green glass bottle filled with moon water.

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:
1. Publish some poetry.
2. Find a comfortable pair of combat boots.
3. Learn to properly sword-fight.
4. Travel.
5. Find someone that gets me, that really, truly gets me. (Which I did. Bleh <3)

Five things that make me happy:
1. Growing plants.
2. My boyfriend. 
3. Reading.
4. When I can just ignore everything and listen to my music uninterrupted.
5. When I can bond with someone through a mutual morbid sense of humor.

Five things I’m currently into:
1.  I’ve been listening to more Nargaroth than usual, but they’re just so good ;-;
2. Classical art and music memes.
3.  Burst blogging at 3:30 a.m on my main blog @themechanicalgarden
4. Hanging out with my cat by the side door while she looks through the screen door.
5. Sewing herb pillows for spells. Still experimenting.

Five things on my to do list:
1. Find a damn job, I’ve been looking for ages.
2. Work through my anxiety and re-learn to drive.
3. Start being more active, i.e: going for morning walks again, start lifting weights again and get back into yoga.
4. Save up for my next tattoo, when I have the money.
5. Figure out what I want to do for a career.

I tag: @tootle-strudel-pancake-noodle, @cutiekoa, @norwegianmisanthrope, @sirenslullaby, @leprozorium and anyone else who wants to do this!

  • Aries: Dick's Sporting Goods
  • Taurus: Home Depot
  • Gemini: Chuck E Cheese
  • Cancer: Target
  • Leo: American Apparel
  • Virgo: Office Depot
  • Libra: Sephora
  • Scorpio: Victoria's Secret
  • Sagittarius: Bass Pro Shop
  • Capricorn: Pet Supermarket
  • Aquarius: Hot Topic
  • Pisces: LUSH

UHHHHH CHOICES so my mum is either gonna buy me lots of shit from lush or a microphone and i Cannot Decide Which One I Want

like i own no products of any kind so lush would be Lit but also a microphone would mean better videos from yours truly,,,,,,,,d e c i s i o n s m a n