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Skin-care routine: BEFORE and AFTER makeup application


•I always start with cleansing my face. Right now I’m using the Aqua Marina Lush cleanser (which I really regret buying👎🏾)
*But I also use an artisanal all-natural soap after I use any cleanser.*
•I use Witch Hazel as toner with cotton pads after cleansing💯
•Then, to make my skin extra smooth for my makeup application I mask for 15 minutes with the Cup O’ Coffee ☕️ from Lush (this leaves my skin like a baby’s bottom, and my makeup look more flawless)
•After masking I apply Witch Hazel again (I love to tone lol) and I also spray my face with the Ole Henriksen Truth facial water 💦 (the orange 🍊 one)
•I then proceed to moisturize with my Belif Aqua bomb🌊
•SPF (If I know I’m going to take a lot of sun I use the TarteGuard☀️, but otherwise I skip this step because it makes me too oily)
*the purpose of the before care is to make my skin soft and ready for makeup*

•I remove my makeup with the Garnier Micellar water 💦 (this stuff is so amazing)
•I now started to use a cleansing oil after the micellar water (The Burt’s Bees 🐝 one I posted previously)
•And I cleanse my face with the same Lush product and artisanal soap
•after cleansing I like to exfoliate (right now I use the St.Ives Blemish control apricot scrub but I’m in the process of making my own scrub)
•I tone my face with the Witch Hazel✨
•and I apply the L'OREAL charcoal mask (detox and brighten😍)
*the point of the after care process is too take out all the makeup and gunk from my pores and make sure they’re squeaky clean*

I usually go to sleep after taking off my makeup so I then apply my nighttime products🌝🌚


Very exfoliating, charcoal cleans out pores, not too rough if you use as instructed (mix a tiny amount with water into a paste, lasts FOREVER!!! I’ve had mine for several months and I haven’t even made a dent!! (Careful- it may leave a gray residue on your skin, which comes off very easily with water and a little makeup remover or other cleanser)
HERBALISM CLEANSER: Amazing for oily skin!!! Not too abrasive, but very good at balancing the skin and oil production
CELESTIAL MOISTURIZER: Very good for putting over an oil or serum!! Very moisturizing, but won’t clog your pores!! Not too heavy for those with oily skin!
SKIN DRINK MOISTURIZER: Heaven for dry skin!!! It’s very thick and rich and does a great job getting rid of dry patches! (Smells a little odd because it’s made with sesame oil and avocado, but TOTALLY worth it!)
BREATH OF FRESH AIR TONER: Very refreshing!!! Not much for acne, but good for balancing oil production in the skin!
TEA TREE TONER: Great for acne or oily skin!!!! Super refreshing and healing!

Charity Pot Body Lotion

Price: $5.95/1.7 oz $22.95/7.9 oz

This is my little pot of heaven! When I last went to Lush, the lovely lady at the cashier register asked if I want to donate $5.95 to charity and in exchange, get a small jar of Charity Pot lotion, I was intrigue. I opened the jar immediately to check out the scent, then the lady applied a little bit of it onto my hand, that moment, I was hooked. 

This lotion has almond oil. ylang ylang oil and fair trade cocoa butter to keep your skin moist and supple. I am very particular about my lotion because I don’t like the greasiness that most lotion gives when you apply them onto your skin. However, this little jar changed how I view lotion. The consistency is very light and creamy, it applies like a dream, and the skin just soak everything right up, no greasiness here. It also has a very delicate nutty, chocolaty scent that I just absolutely adore. 

Since I started using my Ro’s Argan body conditioner, I don’t really feel the need to use lotion after my shower anymore, however, on the day that it slips my mind to use Ro’s Argan in the shower, I always reach for this little jar to help my skin looks more alive. 

Another plus thing? EVERY SINGLE PENNY that you pay for the jar, excluding tax, goes straight into whichever charity it is that the picture show on your jar (Mine is to support the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals). So you get to pick your cause, give back to the world and still get a lovely lotion as a reward for your kindness. How much better can it get? 

Rating: 10/10. I don’t have anything bad to say about this lotion. I’m so glad it was offer to me at the counter, and it feels really good to give back too. I’ll definitely recommend this to my family and friends and repurchase this once I run out. 


Lushlover 0620


I want to celebrate reaching 2.5k followers here. It’s amazing, I honestly thought I’d stop gaining followers when I reached 10😂 I want to thank you guys for your love and support. I’ve seen how you have enjoyed my blog and this is just a little something I want to give you as a big thank you❤️

I’m giving away these 14 things:

•two Lush Bath Bombs
•St.Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub
•a Cucumber Cooling peel-off mask
•L'BEL Hydra Calme moisturizing refreshing eye gel
•L'BEL deep moisturizing facial lotion spf 20
•Nourish Organic pure Hydrating Argan Face Serum
•Cover FX Mattifying primer
•Too Faced Better than Sex mascara
•VS Aqua Kiss Fragrance Mist
•CyZone Invisible Mascara and Brow Gel
•VS Amber Romance fragrance mist
•Clinique Makeup Pouch
•The Gospel according to Coco Chanel by Karen Karbo


In order to enter you must:
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Yes it is international.

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Doesn’t the bubble table look beautiful?

Cup O’ Coffee face mask

To start off with, this mask has an extremely strong coffee smell. I literally felt like I had poured myself a cup of coffee when I opened the pot. I, personally, love the smell of coffee so this was a major plus for me. I love that this mask doesn’t have to be kept in the fridge and has a much longer shelf life than the refrigerated masks. This mask is very exfoliating because of the bits of coffee that are in it.

After leaving the mask on for ten minutes, I wet the mask with water and slowly scrubbed the mask off of my face. After completely cleaning my face off, my skin felt incredibly smooth and very clean. My skin did smell like coffee even after removing the mask for probably about an hour, which was a total plus in my book. All in all a wonderful mask that I would definitely buy again.

Rating: 8/10


This is my face mask collection😍(I need to make it bigger) There are different face masks with different purposes. I like to buy face masks that will help me with my oily/acne prone skin, pores, and dullness😋 

 *For Acne* The L'ORÉAL black charcoal mask and the Queen Helene mint julep mask are the ones I like to use when my skin is breaking out🍕. I had the GLAMGLOW Supermud clearing mask and I can firmly say that the L'ORÉAL one is an exact dupe. Once you have it on it starts to draw out dirt from your pores and that’s why the mask creates black dots where you most have open pores🍉. I don’t usually use the Julep mask for my entire face, instead I apply it directly onto blemishes. Using it as a spot treatment dries the pimple out since the mint in the mask is pretty intense. I also like to multi-mask with these two by applying Julep on my cheeks and forehead and the charcoal mask on my nose and chin (where I tend to get more blackheads. They both have amazing results.  

*For Pores* I’m a big fan on peel-off masks. Anything that will prevent me from standing up and washing off again😂 I use the cucumber peel-off mask as a nose strip…except for my entire face. This is a mask that is better to apply after you have washed off the “main mask”, since the peel-off will go deep into your pores and draw out anything left behind (just like a nose strip)🌚 The L'ORÉAL red algae mask claims to be for pores, but I honestly have not tried it enough to tell you if it works. Although I promise that for you guys I’ll make sure to use it more often to give you a more detailed review✨ 

 *For hydration💦* Even though my skin is oily, I sometimes experience some tightness after cleansing that a toner won’t fix. So I decided to buy a mask that will give my skin an extra hydration boost. Like I said before, the Oatmeal Avocado mask is new to my collection. Just by using it one time, I fell in love with it💖 Not only does it have an incredible smell, the mask served up to its purpose and gave me the subtle hydration I needed. 

 *For brightening☀️* I received the Cup O’ Coffee Lush mask as a birthday gift. My first impression was how delicious it smelled ☕️. This was my first Lush mask and I was so excited to try it. When I tried the mask it was like love at first try. It left my skin so very smooth (that’s why I use it before makeup 💄 application). But overtime, I noticed it did brighten my skin. I sometimes use it while I get ready for school, so that my skin looks luscious throughout the day. 

These are all my masks 🎭 but they definitely won’t be the only ones…


So this is my Lush Oxford street haul. I spend a total of 20 hours in the bus just so I could take a look at the new products. It was amazing. That shop is just heaven on earth. Please message me if you’d like to know more about the products I got!


me with my new #gayisok soap bar from lush. I’m very excited that they released this. not only does it smell amazing, it stands for something great. love this so much.


the “mask of magnaminty” or the “mask of mag”

I have really been looking forward to this review for a while now and have really put some effort into trying and experimenting with this product and now I can say that this is my all time favourite product from lush

After trying it and using up a whole tub,I took a trip to lush to repurchase another tub and the lady at lush asked me if I wanted a self preserving one,I thought why not and maybe it might be better as the non preserving mask of mag only has a shelf life of 4 months if I can remember correctly.

mask of mag:this product really became my holy grail,I would use it every other night(as I wanted to give my skin a break,but that was my personal choice and I’m sure if you used it every night it wouldn’t do any harm)it really helped calm and smooth my skin and I noticed a difference in the look and feel of my skin.
As soon as you put it on your skin,you realise how thick the mask is(personally I love the texture of this face mask compared to the fresh face masks)you could spread it out but I feel to get the best use out of it you need to have it reasonably well covering the skin.
It smells minty and is quite an overwhelming smell(smell it next time you are in a lush store!!!)and you can slightly feel it tingle like you can feel it getting to work on your skin it’s quite a weird sensation.
I leave the mask of for around 15-20 mins before washing off with hot water and a flannel,moving the flannel in circular motions to make my skin extra smooth.
Sometimes I would need to moisturise my skin after using but it depended on how my skin was acting that certain day!

Self preserving mask of mag:this product is very similar and the differences were noticeable,the self preserving mask of mag doesn’t dry to the point where it gets hard and you could almost pick it off(I wouldn’t advise that though) like the normal mask of mag does,the colour was also slightly lighter,but it did do the same goodness to my skin as the regular mask of mag.

The small pots(for £5.50) lasts me around 2 months which I think I reasonable for the amount I use it,even if I just had a breakout on my chin I could just apply the mask there instead of my whole face!
Next time I get chance to repurchase this product I will stick to the normal mask of mag as I like it better than the self preserving and be purchasing the bigger size tub for (£9.75) so I can treat my skin more often and for longer.

I would recommend this to lots of people,especially people with acne or inflamed/red skin(the mask is very cooking on the skin)as I feel it targets these problems well.
I wouldn’t recommend the normal mask of mag to anyone with sensitive skin as it dries quite quickly and could be quite violent on sensitive skin when being washed off,however the self preserving mask of mag may be a better option as it doesn’t dry the same way the regular mask of mag does,so would be more gentle to wash off.
(My friends/family who I have recommended this too agree with me and love the product just as much as I do!!!!)

Please if you fancy trying a new lush product or even want to purchase your first lush product give this face mask a go!
10/10 product from lush I can’t wait to repurchase it