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In honor of Stefan’s clean bill of health, I’ve decided to do a giveaway!!! Check out that sweet, sweet Robbie style scarf. You know you want to be seen rocking that Rotten aesthetic. I’m also including a bottle of Vanillary perfume from LUSH because it smells like cake/Robbie!!!

To be entered to win;

•Must be following me and @thatbluesuitedblowhard

•Every reblog is an entry (reblog as many times as you’d like!!!)

•Likes count as an entry!!!

•If you make me any Glanni related art/content that counts as FIVE entries!!!


the drawing will be February 24th when I wake up!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE 💜💜💜


Today was an awesome day- the grand opening of a new Lush store that is only an hour away from where I live! This is the Destiny USA store in Syracuse, NY. Before today, all Lush stores were about three hours away from me so I was not able to frequent them as much as I would like. This store is beautiful, the staff was on their A game and I left with some goodies, including free fresh masks from all the black pots I had been saving. Plus, this week I was finally able to nab Karma shower gel from the Lush Kitchen as well as Plum Rain and 29 High Street shower gel. Very good Lush week!


1. I use grants toothpaste, bamboo toothbrush, org cold pressed coconut oil all over my body in the shower, dr broners on my face at night (I prefer Aqua marina by lush morning and night tho), organic care shampoo and conditioner, a clay and Manuka oil soap that I used to use on my face but don’t anymore so it’s just sitting there….

2. I loved the Aesop ‘amazing facial cleanser’ and I use lush’s vanillary gorilla perfume most days !!! Or si by Giorgio Armani … And hurraw lip balms are the BEST !!!!!!! I fucken love them

3. Aqua Marina by lush (fave always), hemp and lavender blemish salve that I put on pimples (when I get them) of a night time, Aesop facial toner that I rarely use but still love, I make my own dry shampoo that I sometimes use, sukin facial oils (jojoba, Rosehip, avocado, almond etc), andalou rose facial cleanser (this is my second bottle! I loved it when I first tried it when I first went to the U.S last year…. But Aqua marina works best for me). Deodorant and Sukin moisturiser

4. I don’t face mask often but when I do I use one of these two clays or just oats !!!

5 - 6. Some of the makeup products that I use when I wear makeup ….. UD all nighter setting spray, Milani bronzer, luma highlighter (or watts up by benefit), CK shimmery pot cream eyeshadow stuff , stilla highlighter, ABH contour kit, ABH brow wiz, NYX liquid lipstick, some mascara idk what brand I didn’t buy it, nars concealer !!!! I apply stuff with elf brushes and a beauty blender.

LUSH Cosmetics Ask Meme
  • Northern Lights: What's your favorite sort of lighting?
  • Sakura: Do you like going on picnics?
  • Sex Bomb: Who was the most appealing person you've ever seen?
  • Big Blue: Do you know how to swim?
  • Granny Takes a Dip: What was your grandma like when she was a kid?
  • Phoenix Rising: What always gives you ideas?
  • Comforter: Where are you the most cozy?
  • Sunny Side: Are you a morning person?
  • Karma: What won't stop happening in your life?
  • Star Light Star Bright: What do you get everywhere?
  • Honey I Washed the Kids: Have you ever babysat someone?
  • Rock Star: What song do you know all of the words to?
  • Milky Bar: What was the last thing you got online?
  • Whoosh: What do you do when you need to clear your head?
  • So White: Do you like snow or sun?
  • Olive Branch: After a fight, are you the one to make peace?
  • Ro's Argan: What makes you feel pampered?
  • You Snap The Whip: What makes you feel in control?
  • Seanik: Do you like taking the long route?
  • Trichomania: What's your hair regiment?
  • Jungle: What's something that looks weird, but works for you?
  • H'Suan Wen Hua: Do you have a wild past behind you?
  • Dirty: What's the one part of your routine that really wakes you up?
  • Mask of Magnaminty: How often do you share your stuff?
  • Angels on Bare Skin: What's the softest thing you've ever touched?
  • 9 to 5: Would you rather work your own schedule, or have a set one?
  • Celestial: What's your favorite sort of sky?
  • Breath of Fresh Air: What do you use to unwind?
  • Cupcake: Who's the sweetest person in your life?
  • Popcorn: What's your favorite thing to snack on?
  • It Started with a Kiss: How did it end up like this?
  • Atomic: What's your favorite spice?
  • Celebrate: How did you celebrate last time?
  • Buffy: What always kicks your butt?
  • D'Fluff: Do you care about shaving?
  • Lemony Flutter: Ever thought about licking your Lush stuff?
  • Stepping Stone: What's your favorite pair of shoes?
  • From Dusk 'Til Dawn: What was the last all-nighter that you enjoyed?
  • Shades of Earl Grey: How do you take your favorite hot beverage?
  • Silky Underwear: What is your favorite piece of clothing?
  • The Greeench: What was your favorite childhood book?