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What kind of marriage life would each gom member have? Also what kind of husband and father are they? Headcanons?

Sorry that it’s taking a long time to do these, but I haven’t forgotten about them! -Admin Mari

Akashi Seijuro

  • It would be a pretty comfy and lush lifestyle, but by no means is it something over the top or Kardashian-esque.
  • Since he took over the family business, he’s a really busy man, but he always makes time for you and the kids (if you have kids).
  • Honestly, you two would be a power couple and have a really strong marriage; people are always in awe and are quite envious.
  • Akashi is a caring and gentle husband, but he exudes this silent strength that brings you peace of mind. He’s a complete family man because he knows what it’s like to be lonely, even within your family.
  • He gently yet sternly reprimands the kids when need be. He probably gives them lots of advice since he’s pretty wise, and talks in metaphors sometimes.

Midorima Shintaro

  • Definitely a comfortable and modest life style too. He’s a doctor so you guys are pretty well off, but he’s pretty frugal with money too, unless it’s lucky items.
  • That slight tsundere part of his personality never changes, even after marriage. It’s still easy to make him kind of flustered over certain things, and you probably do it just to tease him.
  • Also a family men and even though he’s busy, he’ll make time for you and the kids. Even if he had a long shift at the hospital, he will never fail to call you.
  • He was pretty clumsy with his kids during their early years because he wasn’t entirely sure how to handle them. He probably secretly read a lot of how-to books.
  • He’s got high expectations for his kids because he always wants best for them. He doesn’t pressure them, but he definitely makes it obvious that he wants them to at least get good grades. (”Don’t be like your uncle Aomine.”)

Kise Ryota

  • You guys would definitely have an exciting marriage life. It’s never a dull moment with you two, whether it be going out on a date every weekend or going on a spontaneous road trip.
  • Probably have an IG account to document your lives and stuff, and there’s a bit of a following on it. You guys take the best pictures tbh.
  • Kise is an attentive, talkative, and caring husband. At times, he can be like a little puppy and it’s hard to resist. 
  • Also, he’s kind of useless when it comes to household chores except for vacuuming and folding socks.
  • Incredibly weak when it comes to his kids and will cave instantly. That’s why the kids go to him first if they want anything because they know he’ll buy/do things for them behind your back. (”Just this once. Don’t tell anyone I bought you this, ok?”)

Aomine Daiki

  • Surprisingly, a normal marriage life. Very relaxing and stable.
  • You both live a modest life, in a nice small home that’s perfect for your family. Safe neighbourhood, good income, etc.
  • Camping trips or going out into the countryside for the weekend is definitely a common thing. 
  • He’s still as lazy as ever tbh, that hasn’t changed at all even after marriage. He takes naps a lot, sleeps in, etc. But he’s a family man too, no doubt about it.
  • He’s a lazy, easygoing dad. He’ll just be like “no, listen to your mother” because let’s be real, you’re the boss. 
  • Teaches his kids basketball and how to catch crayfish and beetles. He’s super active with his kids and would rather teach them these types of things.

Kuroko Tetsuya

  • Very stable, relaxing, and loving marriage life. It’s very normal in the sense that you guys don’t do anything over the top.
  • You guys are a terrific team as a couple and people are really amazed at how you guys work like a well oiled machine.
  • Picnics and walks in the park are a regular occurrence. The both of you belive that the you don’t need to go anywhere far or have huge events all the time to show your loves for each other.
  • Kuroko is the patient, quiet, understanding father. But, he scolds the children gently when need be and they know to listen to him.
  • He loves reading his kids bedtime stories; that’s definitely his thing every night, hehe.

Murasakibara Atsushi

  • Honestly, it’s a pretty normal marriage with Murasakibara too. Nothing too lush, but nothing too over the top and lush.
  • You are the one in charge of the house, hands down. You’re definitely more responsible and Murasakibara is more than happy to pass that onto you. He trusts your judgement when it comes to crucial decisions (and he does give his input too).
  • Going on food adventures is totally a thing and you guys pick places out together, and keep note for the future.
  • Omg, you’re basically raising a house full of children because he’s that type of dad. The kids love him because he’s always in on the pranks and he always buys them snacks.
  • He leaves the scolding to you, but 8/10 times he’s getting scolding along with the kids, ahaha.

the vegetarian lifestyle - overusing lush products, taking a heAp of selfies that will never see the light of day and eating a bucket of KFC mashed potato bc aye it’s not meat

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I thought I would show you what I use for my face, hair and body hygiene in the bathroom as a fresh low waster (one week done now!). Of course I have a lot of unnecessary stuff, a lot of plastic and single use products, but there will be change! I guess this is mostly for myself since I want to see how things change in my life and how my consumption will be affected by living without continuing to use as much junk.

Let’s see then!

(Click the pictures for more info <3)

I know I’ve got a far way to go with reducing my plastic consumption, but again, that’s why I wrote this post, to highlight the fact that there’s so much stuff we’re buying on a regular basis that we don’t even think about, I sure didn’t. 

Well, of course I’ve always wanted my products to (as much as possible) be organic, eco certified and CF, but I never thought about the plastic. There are some stuff that’s good here, I like lush’s recycling policy and don’t mind shopping there, I absolutely love Lush’s Full of Grace (my solid serum) and it’s even package free if you just bring your own to the store. 

What I’m looking forward to the most is to make my own skincare in the future - body butter, toothpaste, day cream and even shampoo.

I’ll write a new post about the products I use continuously, that way we can see if there’s a change, and how my journey develops after a couple of months at a time. 

What happens to Akira from here? (VRAINS theory)

I really hope that if and when Akira is fired from SOL, he goes to the only person he trusts for help: Ema Bessho. 

Like, think about it. If SOL fires him, that’s going to look bad on his resume. Seeing how VRAINS has been logical and business-oriented, it’s possible SOL might have made Akira sign a no-competition contract that forbids him from working with any other company that can be considered as SOL’s “rivals”. If being fired isn’t bad enough for his reputation, than a no-compete clause will definitely keep him from a lot of good-end, legal work. And, without a well-paying job, Akira’s going to lose out on the income that most likely supported Aoi’s and Akira’s lush apartment and lifestyle. Akira, knowing this, and most likely kept from any good paying job, will have to sell his apartment to maintain some capital and move somewhere else until he can find another home for him and Aoi.

That somewhere else might just be with Ema Bessho. If it comes to the worse case possible and Akira is labelled as criminal for his “misdoings”, Akira will be driven to ask a favor from his one and only ally: Ema. Since he clearly is comfortable with piling favors upon her (Ema insinuates this by mocking him in episode nine with something along the lines of “oh, you want another favor from me?”) he would naturally go to her in order to hide away and maintain a sanctuary for Aoi in the meantime. This would also help set up a dynamic between Aoi and Ema (who, as the show has sort of implied, have not ever met each other before) as well as maybe to help insinuate what type of relationship Akira and Ema had in the past. It would put them closer to each other and maybe even force Akira to realize how he fucked up with her in the first place (if he isn’t already well aware of what he did to her pre-show).

What’s more, I want Akira and Ema to become a team. I want Akira, after getting a bad rep from being fired from one of the most prominent companies in Den City, to work alongside Ema as Ghost Boy (or whatever name he chooses) as an information treasure hunter. I want Ema to show him the ropes of her job, to help him out as her soon-to-be partner while also giving their relationship a second chance now that Akira has no job to obsess over instead of her (if we assume that’s what drove them apart in the first place).

 I also want Ema and Aoi to develop a relationship of conflicting interests, of a rivalry in both real life and VR in regards to Akira and their own goals respectively. I want Ema and Aoi to bond as sisters, for Aoi to come to respect Ema as much as she does her brother and for them to, later, work together in order to save Akira from danger.

I’m really hoping VRAINS takes this route and that we get to see more of the Zaizens and Ema working alongside each other like a little family. Hell, they could be their own faction in the SOL vs Hanoi vs Yusaku war, working all on their own to get to the bottom of the truth before ultimately allying with Yusaku’s group through Aoi.