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Door 21..........The Comforter forum special fragrance!

I mentioned in my last post that I had received my forum special fragrances's and I am so excited to tell you about The Comforter  I was certainly most excited about this perfume as this bubble bar was one of the first products I had ever tried from Lush so I have a special place for it in  my heart.

This fragrance definitely smells exactly the same as a brand new batch of the comforter bubble bars straight out of the box!!! It has a very strong berry scent filled with blackcurrants! For all of you that have never had the opportunity to smell a fresh batch, imagine opening a concentrated bottle of ribena and taking a big sniff- it smells just like that. 

As soon as I put the perfume on I found it very strong but as the day went on it mellowed into a more creamy, fruity blackcurrant smell. I could smell it all the way on my train journey to work and found it very comforting and uplifting.

I would score this perfume 4 stars out of five as I felt it lasted on the skin brilliantly, was true to the product but maybe a little overpowering to wear everyday.

Rebecca x