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Waving goodbye to some lovely products soon! Although were are sad to see some of our favorites go we are excited about what’s coming! We’re making room for amazing things to come, and our inventors need more room on the shelves to share their lovely new creations


               The Thrill Awaits: LUSH Halloween 2015

Sneak Peek at Lush Mother’s Day!

Hello my lovely Lushies! Here’s a sneak peek of North America’s new Mother’s Day Products!

Lovely in lilac, this super-scrummy, sweet and floral shower gel is filled with lustre for a touch of glamour.

We’ve put our trust in the most famous mother of all - Mother Nature - and blended fresh strawberry juice with luscious butters to give you soft, scrummy-scented skin.

Give us today our daily bath and deliver us from uncleanliness with delicate floral bubbles that unfurl like cherry blossoms in the spring.

Bursting with rose petals, this bomb is a floral spectacle in your bath. Soya milk powder blends with orange flower absolute, rosewood and Turkish rose oils for a beautiful, skin-softening experience.

Hope you all are as excited as I am!!

freewildgood  asked:

Hello!!! I first wanted to thank you for giving the push I needed to try out Lush! It's such a welcoming environment and I actually get excited when I run out of a product as it's an excuse to find something new! I was wondering if you have any suggestion for something to use for thigh rubbing! My legs where my thighs rub are really rough and dark and dry so I'd like to try a product to help make that area soft again. Thanks so much!


Silky Underwear is the shit. It’s a dusting powder with ACTUAL BITS OF COCOA BUTTER IN IT. Okay so this magical powder is awesome cause all you gotta do it sprinkle some in your hands, dust the thigh area generously, and voila! you’re legs will be no longer chafing and AS SMOOTH AS BABY DOLPHINS.

You can also use this in your hair, under breasts, in the pelvic and genital area, and to freshen up (light colored) linen and clothes.

*Throws fairy dust into the air cause I’m so excited it’s my fave thing ok.*