I saw this look that Jonghyun gives right to Key and I was like, “Oooh nice!” :D

They first pick up their headsets and walk away together.  Jonghyun then starts the song.  

They walk around each other and he stops, keeping his eyes on Key for a moment.  He then looks forward and sings, “She’s dazzling…” with a playful smile.

Then BAM! snap glance to Key. 

*dies* <3

Cr. vid by ran oh / edited by lusciousvampire

to the smut squad

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So since we were all tagged by warriosforinnocence as sinners that are going to burn in hell, I think we should start thinking about what really matters: who takes the throne?

lusciousvampire  asked:

I love how they were like "let's agree to be totally honest with each other" and it's like, guys, you trust each other more than anyone, but kudos for taking it to the next level and wanting to be über transparent with one another. Love it.👍😀😊😍

I was so happy they had that conversation; like so often in kdramas do they just assume absolute trust

and then 100000 misunderstandings ensue~ so when people actually talk i love it so much

also, when Soo says “what if i dont want to tell you” and So’s like “then just say you dont want to tell me” - because it just shows that there is an understanding for each other’s privacy, so long as they aren’t just straight up lying to each other.

…although…  i should be wary since this drama loves to foreshadow and im certain that the line about not wanting to say everything is just that. 

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85, 62, 38, & 16.

85. Would you ever date someone off of the Internet?

It would depend on the person and the circumstances, but I have before, so I suppose the short answer would be yes.

62. What is the sexiest thing someone could ever do for/to you?

38. Have you ever liked someone you didn’t expect to?

Yep. And she turned out to be my first relationship.

16. Do you have any tattoos?

I have one! It’s on the right side of my back up towards the top (so I can keep it hidden) Here’s a pic. Mark drew it! :)

Awww! Thanks for the questions, doll! <3 ^^

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And omg the howling!!! She's chilling at her desk and suddenly hears howling and immediately tears are in my eyes and I'm like "Oh no they didn't!! Is freaking Wang So outside her room howling?? Ahahaha! I can't even deal this is too amazing!!! 😂"

lool that scene was so cute

he’s such a dork omg

i love them so much <3


I love how Key smiles then looks over to Jonghyun when he starts talking about “sleeping a lot” haha. My mind goes to various places.  And Jonghyun walks over, looking like, “I wonder how you ‘slept so well’; do tell.”  Just the way he looks from the camera back to Key and stares. *melts*  


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