luscious thighs

All I Want For Christmas Is…

Jacob Schum…Nicely Wrapped Up And Packaged Under My Tree For Me To Unwrap!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Thunder Thighs

Stuart Hogg Will Strike Lightning With His kicks For Scotland!

Woof, Baby!


Gym Inspiration

Manly Man In Grey Tights For A Gray Monday!

Woof, Baby!


Saturday’s Stud

From The Size Of His Trunks, It’s Clear That Michele Campagnaro Never Skips Leg Day. And From The Junk In His Trunk, Neither Does Olly Woodburn.

Woof, Baby!

12th Doctor Night Cap Bonus... Got to love those veins.

Okay it is probably just the medical geek coming out here but as I was going through some screencaps I found some delightful images of some veins that most Phlebotomist would love.  These are for all of us who work, or have worked, in the medical field these are for you. 

However, even if you didn’t work in the aforementioned job field, there are other aspects to enjoy, fluffy hair, fine thighs, and luscious lips.

Attn @tardisnamedjack 

Nighty Night and Kissy Kiss My Dear Followers….again

Testosterone Thursday

Santa Came Early!

Good-Looking, Athletic Man In A Skin-Tight Kit, Showing Off A Hot Bod. Especially Taken With Those Thunder Thighs. 

Of Course Those Bands Could Be Used For Some Tie Up Games!!! But What To Use For A Gag?

Woof, Baby!

After Dinner pt.2

I stare in amazement of what I have just witnessed. Seeing the fluid movements of your body rising in ecstasy. Seeing the violent jerks and thrusts as your orgasm ripped through your body, your moans almost screams as your body gave itself up to passion. The shakes and shivers as you ride through the waves of passion and desire.

As I stand back watching your body calm, i feel the stir in myself as my hunger for you increases. I move slowly back to the foot of the bed laying a hand on your ankle. You gasp once again and purr “Oh Baby…” as i slide my hand up your calf as i slowly remove the velvet cuffs from your ankles. My hands caress your body as they slowly move up your legs, across your luscious thighs to your hips. I hold you there as i slowly kiss your abdomen, my hands rubbing as they hold you. I move to your chest, kissing your breast, tasting your nipples as my tongue travels in circles around your areolas. I can feel your breathing quickening again as my mouth tastes your collar, your shoulder and your neck. I can still feel you wet against my leg as I am becoming painfully aware of the binding fabric of my boxers.

I slowly remove your velvet wrist bindings as i kiss harder against your neck. I feel you grinding against my thigh adjusting yourself to eventually rub against my boxer covered cock. Your hands burst free tearing to remove my shirt until your nails find purchase in the flesh of my back. You moan as you enjoy your new found freedom. Your mouth hungrily tears at mine as your hands move to my hips desperate to free me of my boxers. As my boxers drop you gasp grabbing my ass as you feel my skin touch your soaked pussy. Having been caught up in the moment, I snap to my senses as I realize what’s happening.

I hear you gasp and whimper as i grab your hips and flip you face down. “I gave you some freedom Kitten but you are mine to take, not the other way around”, I whisper sweetly in your ear as i rest my hand on the back of your neck holding you lightly but firmly in place as my other hand cups your pussy, raising your ass up higher in the air. I hear your voice weakly tremble “I’m sorry Sir…” and my head swims, this was a moment of acknowledgement that made my heart pound in my chest.

Aching to take you right then i manage to hold back. Still holding you down, i slowly begin massaging your wet lips with my fingers as my thumb rubs in circles against your taint. Slowly as your body begins to move in rhythm i slide my fingers in as my thumb tip slowly pushes against your other hole, causing you to whimper loudly as you squirm at the sensation. I lightly kiss your ass cheek and bite down as i work you back to a moment of ecstasy. I wet my thumb in your flowing nectar as i push it deeper into you. Your body trembles as i see you flatten further against the bed, pushing your ass higher in the air, fucking my hand with both holes. Unable to wait any longer i remove my hand from your neck finding your hair. I pull back arching your neck up as i replace the fingers in your pussy with the head of my throbbing cock. “Is this what you are waiting for Kitten?” I growl in a low voice as i pull back harder on your hair. I feel you stretch to take me in as you moans of “Yes Sir, Fuck me please….” come in broken fragments. Deeper and harder I stroke, fingers of one hand wrapped in your hair while the thumb of my other hand is still in your ass. My fingertips of that hand are digging into your ass cheek,leaving angry red fingertip prints that you will still feel and see tomorrow. Your whimpers and moans mix with my low grunts and groans as you feel every inch of every thrust, just as I feel every grab, every quiver, every spasm as I drive harder and deeper.

Your legs begin shaking as your moans turn to gasps and I quickly flip you to your back once more. My own body ready to explode as i rip the blindfold from your face, my lips tearing at your mouth as I thrust hard and deep again. My hand finds your jaw as i move your face so that we stare eyes locked. I don’t even have to tell you, that I want you to see who is claiming you, as you stare deep into my eyes as we both give in to the torrent of passion. Your back arches in waves as your orgasm washes over you like a tidal wave. The heat rises from deep in my loins as my cock explodes deep inside you. We grasp each other pulling each other tight, mouths and bodies locked mixing breath and moans, squeals and grunts as we both ride through the storm.
When we are both finally spent, we roll to our sides still in an embrace. With one arm around you and the other rubbing the thigh you have thrown over my body, i kiss your forehead as your head rests on my chest. You rub my hairy chest as you absently stare where your fingers are playing. I notice a smirk on your face as you raise up to stare into my eyes. “What are we going to do for breakfast Sir?”, you giggle playfully. I smile back at you as i move to kiss you again. “Whatever you want to Kitten. Whatever you want.”


Man Of The Match!

While I’m Gutted That England Lost, Hat’s Off To Dan Biggar For The Fine Performance That He And Wales Showed Tonight!

Woof, Baby!