luscious thighs

  • Jimin: *looking for a chair* oh no, where ever will I sit
  • Yoongi: *gesturing to all the empty seats* literally anywhere, every seat is emp-
  • Jimin: *sitting on Jungkook's lap* oh well, I guess I'll just have to settle for this
Heavy Petting (M)


Genre: Smut, Cathybrid! AU

Word count: 4k

pairing: Jimin x reader

Warnings: rated M, sexual content, language, cat/human hybrid, (reverse?) thigh riding, sub!Jimin

A/N: part of cathybrid!BTS miniseries!

others:  Yoongi   |   Taehyung

fluffy drabble based on this oneshot

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Who Needs A Kit?

It Looks As If Kieran Foran Has Sucked His Shorts In Training Today, As He Shows Off His Toned Legs, Muscular Hindquarters, And Thunder Thighs, All The While Demonstrating Incredible Stamina, Strength, And Overall Athletic Skill.

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Gym Inspiration

Manly Man In Grey Tights For A Gray Monday!

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Tequila (requested)

❀ genre : smut ❀

❀ pairing : yoongi x reader ❀

❀ word count : 3196 ❀

❀ mentions of : sex, drinking, oral sex, gagging, dirty talk, overstimulation and foreplay ❀

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Testosterone Thursday

Henry Slade Sets My Heart Aflutter!

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Hope Part I

Genre: Smut (Oral) [The Vampire Diaries AU! Part I]  

Word Count: 2500ish

This is dedicated to my sweet strawberry jelly @nomoreghostie-anon​ who is finally done with her finals!! I honestly had such a great time during my exams and talking to you is the best part of my day!! I hope you like it and I’ll be writing future parts for it so consider yourself warned ;) 

I love you Sofii~~ 

P.S Guys check out her moodboards, they’re absolutely fantastic!!

You lay in your bed, your body covered with warm sheets and hands wrapped around your waist. It should’ve been happy and peaceful morning, the perfect start to the perfect day but you were nothing but haunted by your own thoughts.

A slave to your own mind.

Jeon Jungkook is a vampire.

You repeated it in your head again. And then again. Trying so desperately hard wrap your head around the fact that your fiancée, the man you have loved and have lived with for so many years and are going to be with for the rest of your life, has been alive since the Victorian Age.

Your mind recalled the events of last night which were nothing but a blur, the rush of it all sending your mind into overdrive yet again and filling it with thoughts you didn’t want to think about.

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Thunder Thighs

Stuart Hogg Will Strike Lightning With His kicks For Scotland!

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Playtime (M)


Requested by: Anon :D  I hope you’ll like this <3

Characters: Bambam (GOT7), You (Reader/OC)

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Warning/s: Virgin, Playful sex :p

Length: 2390 words

Plot:   You are best friends with Bambam and he invited you to come over the dorms to play his newly bought video game. When the two of you started to play the game, something in him sparked and he felt so aroused, so he decided to play a different game with you instead.

A/N This is going to be different from the other smut fics that I’ve written before (maybe because it is Bambam hahaha that fluffy little muffin) so if you are expecting something kinky or dom levels – this is not for yah – also got no time to proofread so I apologize for any mistakes.


“THE WALKING DEAD MICHONNE?  Are you effin’ serious Bammie?”  You yelled over the phone as you grabbed the towel from the bedside table.

“Yes, __________.  You heard me right.  I got it!” Bambam giggled over the phone and you whined.

“Can I come over?  Do not play that video game without me Bammie I am so gonna kill you!”  You shouted as you pick up clothes from your closet – ready to leave the house once Bambam says yes.

“The hyungs and Yugy are not here – so you can definitely come over and let’s play this video game together!”  He approves and you smiled widely.

“Alright, give me 20 minutes; I’ll be right there, okay?”  You said and you hang up the phone before he can even respond.  You are waaaay too excited because you are a huge fan of the Walking Dead and you are more than happy to know that your best friend has it already and you two can play it.

You wore your favorite denim shorts and a white tee – your usual get up.  You didn’t dare to put any more make up since it’s just Bambam who would see you any way.  You grabbed your sneakers from the shoe rack and once you had them on, you picked up your bag from the floor and sped out of the house.

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All I Want For Christmas Is…

Jacob Schum…Nicely Wrapped Up And Packaged Under My Tree For Me To Unwrap!

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Man Of The Match!

While I’m Gutted That England Lost, Hat’s Off To Dan Biggar For The Fine Performance That He And Wales Showed Tonight!

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