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The Advantages To Never Skipping Leg Day

1. You Look Great In A Pair Of Tight Trousers.

2. Your Legs Look Sexy In A Skin-Tight Square Cut.

3. You Balance Well On A Slippery Surface, Whilst Looking Alluring In Budgy Smugglers.

4. Legs Are The Key To Endurance, Speed, And Stamina On The Rugby Pitch.

Never Skip Leg Day!

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“c’mon sweetheart, i know you want me” the disgusting man whispered in your ear. you glared at the man, ripping your arm from his grasp 

but he was far to quick and gripped it harder this time. you whimpered in pain, but he took it as a sign to keep going

“i knew you liked it, slut” . hearing these words leave his mouth made you scowl, and seethe with anger. he was dragging his open mouth closer to yours making you squirm more violently in his grasp.

suddenly, a dark voice made the both of you freeze.

“what do you think you are doing?”

your face lit up immediately with a smile.

the man turned and looked at ivar, his fear leaving and was replaced with amusement.

“i, little man, am allowing this whore to sleep with me, she has been begging for me all night.”

you scoffed at the man, feeling a wave of nausea hit your stomach.

by the look on ivars face, he knew the man was lying.

“ well, i am glad to say that this whore, belongs to someone else”

the man looked at you then, grinning widely revealing missing and rotting teeth.

“oh, really?. who might she belong to then, hmm?”

ivar licked his lips, casint a long glance at you, then simply said


the man then cackled with laughter. his whole body bouncing. 

you could see ivars eyes become darker and darker with every passing moment.

“y-you?, a cripple?. i think you are mistaken, boy.” the man continued to laugh and shake his head at ivar.

ivar hummed gently, then flung his axe at the man. 

the axe pinned the man by his shirt to a wooden pillar. the mans hold on you lessened and allowed to to break free from his grasp.

you walked over to the stool that ivar had perched himself on and stood between his legs, looking him lovingly in the eyes.


“let us get one thing straight” ivar paused, grasping you by the hips and turned you around in his arms, making you face the putrid man.

“you see these hands?, they are mine” ivar said gripping your small hands in his.

“these lips” he paused once again and turned your face roughly towards his, a smirk forming on both of your mouths.”are mine” he pressed his hot mouth against yours.

he moved his hands lower.

“these, are. all. mine” ivar growled, his large hands overlapping your breasts, he squeezed them with every word. you moaned softly letting your head fall back.

“these long, thick legs?. they’re mine” ivar said, massaging the flesh of your thighs.

you smiled darkly at the man who was looking at you and ivar with a look of fear.

“and this?, all mine” ivar whispered this time to you, and only to you. his hand cupping your wet sex. fingers gently prodding your clit.

“you see, she is mine. she sleeps in MY bed, she wraps her luscious legs around MY waist, she screams MY name at night in bed, I am the one to take her home at night. she is MINE  to kiss, she is MINE to love,  she is MINE to fuck, SHE. is. MINE. don’t you forget that”.

the man nodded fearfully, his whole body starting to shake.

ivar whipped you around by the waist and pressed you hard against him, lips inches apart. he gripped your hair tightly in his fist and pulled you even closer to him. his eyes staring into yours.

”you are mine, understood?”

The Girl Next Door [Tom Holland Smut]

Request: “ #695 for tom holland 😛 [[know you’re busy but i feel u, take your time]] “ [anonnymous] 

Words: 1.7+k

Rating: Explicit

Trigger warings: Smut, cheesy romcom story lmao

Summary: You just wanted to take a shower and relax in bed after a rough day.

A/N: This was supposed to be a drabble but I made it into a full imagine to fulfill the thirst of my sweet sinful followers that have been requesting Tom Holland. Y’all give me life. I hope you like this. Also I wanted it to be short but whoops. 

As soon as you walked into your apartment you slipped out of your shoes and started peeling off your clothes. You knew your room mate wouldn’t be home at that time and you couldn’t care less if your creepy neighbor was staring at you through the window. Not today. You were too tired to think about it. Too sweaty to stay on this hideous polo shirt that was the bookstore uniform. All you needed right now was a nice shower and lay in your bed reading one of those erotica books your sister gave you because not even your brain were working right to read anything with depth. You needed to relax.  

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|| the perfect mistake ||

y'all wanted fuckboi!peter smut and I’m here to deliver ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

this can be seen as a sequel to || absolutely || and || needy ||. Peter and the reader are around 18-19 years old and they’re in college ♡

**do not plagiarize/repost this story**

warnings: smut


There was something dangerously delicious about having his girlfriend of two years over at his place.

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1. Feel sexy underneath.
You don’t need a significant other to wear fancy underwear for. Throw on a matching set of a bra and panties. Wear as much lace as you want. You’re seeing it. Feel sexy for you.
2. Remember to moisturize.
You are the one living in that skin. You have a beautiful soul to keep warm, so take care of your skin.
3. Shave or don’t shave.
Do whatever makes you feel the sexiest. If you like your leg hair wild and free, then do it. Let yourself be as you once were before you knew what society made a razor do to young women. Love your skin. If you like your legs shaved, then baby take your sweet time as you do it. Feel every inch of your luscious legs and smile as you appreciate the feeling of your body.
4. Take millions of selfies.
Worship your body, your face, your everything. Your soul leaks through these photos. Each selfie is a shrine built to worship your own unique beauty. Do not be ashamed of it. Share these photos with the world or keep them hidden, but do not fear them. Embrace the power and freedom that comes from loving yourself enough to take a selfie.
5. Nourish yourself.
Eat cake or eat carrots, eat what makes your body and soul feel good. Exercise whenever you want to. Don’t do it because you feel like you have to: do it because your body screams for the endorphins. Don’t deny yourself food out of fear. Only do it when you really, truly, deep in your soul, do not desire it. You are a wildfire and you are allowed to eat up the world, as much of it as you choose. If you want something, consume it. If not, burn on, wildfire.
6. Get lost in nature.
Take a buddy to the mountains or simply lie down in your front lawn, just allow yourself to be consumed by the world around you. You were once a part of the earth, so remember to embrace every bit of it. Allow yourself at least 10 minutes of peace a day in nature. It will leave you feeling more grounded than ever before.
7. Say no.
I cannot stress this enough. Your ability to say no defines you. You are a strong, empowered individual, and if you disagree with something or don’t want something, do not be afraid to say no. That is your RIGHT. No one has the right to coerce you into doing something you do not want to do. Do not let the concern of hurting their feelings injure you in the long run. Say no and I promise you, you’ll be better for it.
8. Be independent.
Being single leads to a type of freedom that some people are unaccustomed to. When you are single, you are truly independent. Make decisions for you. Be selfish, in a way. Don’t let others stand in the way of your burning soul, your true wildfire. This is your life and you must live it for you. Do not allow others to dictate how you should or should not live. Let those people go. Be free of those restrictions and burn on.
—  a few things i learned after being single for almost a year (

Gym Inspiration

Manly Man In Grey Tights For A Gray Monday!

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What Are The Chances (Pt 3)

Pairing:  Chris Pine x Reader

Warning: Smut!! I wrote smut! Oh my god.. Please tell me if it’s terrible!! 

Summary: Filming finally wrapped on Star Trek. You are Chris having been dating for a few months now, but haven’t taken it to the next level. While doing interviews, Chris and you can’t seem to stop flirting, let’s be honest, it’s adorable.

A/N: Again, I LOVE SOFIA BOUTELLA. I think she is amazing. In fact I like her some much, I decided to steal her life… ish… for you, the reader. <3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Word Count: 1377

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