hi everyone!! 💓💓  i’ve been waiting to reach my goal to post another follow forever, and I reached my 2k goal this morning!  I love my mutuals lots and I wanted to share them w/everyone :) also I’m really sorry if this messes up your notifications !! 

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Christmas Confessional

It’s the holidays (Christmas), and Narukami receives more texts in a row from Yosuke than usual, the last one asking him to call him right away.

Series: Persona 4

Pairing: Yu Narukami & Yosuke Hanamura

Rating: Safe. Nothing nsfw, just Yosuke’s mouth.

Word Count: 1764

AO3: link

Comment: This is a trade (kind of?) with lurvie, since she asked for a cute fanfic and motivated me with art. (I’m kind of easily motivated with art moreorless…) But yes. It’s kind of rushed at the end, but that’s because it’s late and I wanted her to at least read it before she went to bed.

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[pt. 3]

hi everyone!  it’s fawn (youngjai/choiyoungjae) and i’m back with my second follow forever ♡ i wanted to wait until i reached my next goal, but i was too excited to wait haha.  so here you go!  fair warning:  i have a lot of mutuals/follow a lot of people so i’m very very sorry if this messes up your notifications!!  it is not my intention at all.  also, i am so so so sorry if i missed anyone!  I split this into two posts so (hopefully) your notifs won’t be flooded!!

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💐 = i love love love you and your blog you are one of my favorite people!!

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ALIEN CREW - Stickers 2016 

finally managed to finish this up, so they´ll be ready for Comic-con crunch in July. Rocking ‘em mass effect characters with vinyl stickers this year, so please  - let me know what you think! 

The stickers will be able in my vendor onward into 2016/17 at my A-alley booth. 

Special, hearty, lurvy thanks to @admirable-mairon who fills out the assistant-role this year. Her efforts are what makes these initiatives possible. 

anonymous asked:

Ummm hello I would love to hear a charlotte's web story

ahem ahem *taps microphone* yes yes greetings fellow meme minions, farmers, and harvesters, and welcome to this brand new segment of @hamiltonmemes’s theatre story time tuesday™.  

In this thrilling episode, I’m gonna yak about my latest show, Charlotte’s Web, where I played Templeton the rat as well as a Barker at the fair. Get ready, this is gonna be a spicy one


     1. During the carnival scene, when I played the barker, I had to announce  contests and give out prizes. When I started the contests, I’d say “Ladies and gentlemen, you could have been anywhere in the world today but you’re here with us at the county fair, are you ready for some prizes, huh?”

     2. When we were in the barn and Charlotte’s spoder babbys made their entrance, all the barn animals had to react in shock and I’d pull a Tjeffs and say “Whaaaaaaat” in my Daveed voice

     3. During the Sunday matinee immediately after templeton’s rotten egg got broken, I ran onstage and screamed “WHERE IS MY EGG” and and when I saw it was “broken” I said “WHO DID THIS CHARLOTTE DID YOU KNOW” and when I went backstage afterwards all my castmates rioted 

• our director for this was the same one who directed beauty and the beast; she’s really not the best director tbh (not to talk trash or anything but she weighs approximately the same as a small rhinoceros and is at least 70 years old and can’t walk like at all, she v thicc)

• this show was a T-shirt show, which meant we wore out show t-shirts as our main costume piece and accessorized according to our characters; we all thought it was gonna suck but it actually wasn’t terrible

• I actually made the hat I wore for templeton since I hated the one the directors gave me; I took a grey beanie and attached felt rat ears and it was 1000x better; not only that I wore crusty ass cargo shorts that belonged to my dad in this show- the things i do to get in character smh

• when I was the barker, I had to taste these two different cakes, one super pretty and one ugly. Then, I gave the award to lady with the ugly one and everyone was like “wtf man the lady with the pretty pink cake should have gotten the prize” and then I point to the lady with the ugly cake and say “that’s my mom” and EVERY FRICKIN ONE IN THAT WHOLE AUDIENCE LOST IT ALL THREE NIGHTS IT WAS PROBABLY THE FUNNIEST LINE IN THE WHOLE SHOW

• On the Saturday show I had to go hang up Wilbur’s medal where the spiderweb used to be and I ENDED UP DROPPING THE MEDAL AND I WAS LIKE “OH NO” “WILBUR COULD YOU DO ME A FAVOR AND GRAB THAT FOR ME” and I had to try and stay 100% in character but apparently everyone thought it was funny and it got a lot of laughs

• okay so there were a bunch of smol children in this show and they all loved me okay there were like 7 older kids my age in this show and I was the favorite of all the smols; this might sound cool but it’s not bc it’s a lot of pressure to be a good example and they all want to play games on ya phone  

• I was senpai to so many lil kids like to the extent where like two pretended to be familiar with Hamilton and memes but really weren’t

• okay smack talkin is done lets do some happy talk instead two of the actually good sweet smols with manners thoughtfully got me a stuffed rat on opening night; bless them ️♥

give me the zuccerman 

• i did periscope broadcasts all through tech week on Twitter #CWTechWeek

• this was actually my last year for the theatre’s summer Junior Musical; like you gotta be between ages 8-16 to participate in the program; so like after closing night a bunch of little kids were like super sad and I think like two were crying and everyone was like “noooo don’t leave you can’t leave you’re too awesome you always do so good” and I’m like “holy frick I wonder if this is how they felt on july 9th”

• one time during tech they were having trouble with the lights and they were down for like 4 or 5 minutes and then the guy who played Farmer Zuckerman started his lines too soon and he ended up having to ad-lib “Well Lurvy, I guess the sun isn’t gonna rise today” and it was hilarious

• I got to keep my styrofoam rotten egg prop and I had my castmates sign it 

• bonus: one of my lines as templeton said “well I hope you’re satisfied” that’s literally what it says right out of the script 

I feel like these are getting longer and longer but yeah up next we can either do The Hobbit or A Christmas Carol; you decide my fellow meme farmers and minions; if you read this whole this ily and here’s a good noodle star ★