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We all know How whipped Jeon is, but what about Jimin? Isn't he like that to all members? The loving eyes, the silly smiles? What makes jimin interections with jungkook special?

Sure Jimin’s a sweetheart spreading love all across the globe. But when it comes to Jungkook, Jimin’s love reaches a whole new level of unreachable heights we mere mortals can’t even dream about. His special kinda love is reserved for his special Kookie and it’s clearly noticeable…

// the way JM looks at JK


// the way JM touches JK

// the things JM asks JK


// the things JM (proudly) reveals about JK


// the way JM gets hyper-aware around JK

// the way JM ogles at JK

// the fact that he practices late with JK & likes to spend his off-time with him

// tweeting on special days only with JK

// the way JM gets jealous over & around JK

// the way JM leaves no opportunity to touch JK, be it high-fives or hugs

// JM’s thirst for JK



// JM’s bias towards JK

// JM trying to fake (?) kiss JK multiple times


// JM melting around JK

// things he does to JK


// the way JM acts when he sits beside JK during fansigns

// the way he responds to JK’s lusty gestures

Jimin got Jungkook whipped for him and he fuckin’ knows it and fuckin’ loves it! And I bet my sorry trashy life on it that he doesn’t do any of this with anybody else.



Jimin wants Jungkook to be his bride as much as Jungkook wants Jimin to be his. Rumor has it that they’re already married and just returned from their honeymoon in Hawaii.

[NOTE: I don’t own any of the images/GIFs used in the post. The links to the original sources are provided below the images/GIFs for further reference. This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the times JM has treated JK specially. I highly suggest you go through the links and find even more “proofs” to satiate your thirst (you should be prepared to remain thirsty, though, since it’s never enough. HAHAHA)]

[UNRELATED SIDE NOTE: I want to be reborn as @gayjikookadi in my next life. Their GIF quality is higher than my life.;-;]

I will admit to some EXTREME gratification when Jack spied Elizabeth and Will kissing through the glass and said “That’s extremely revolting.” He still loves her thank you very much good night.

i…… actually never realised how much i love tyler until scotty posted his one mil thank you video……..