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omg wait this would be so cute. what members of svt do you ship your favorite writers with? i know i have a few ideas hahah

haha, thanks anonnie~ after finishing this, i thought that i should write ships lol. i don’t interact much with other writers aghh so yeah. 

@princeshushu from @neoyeppuda: i ship dear sweet clar with joshua (duh) because would you just look at their sweetness and kindness to other people? i also ship her with chan because why not? they’re both sweet kids that actually plot deaths after dinner time. i swear to you all, clar can get evil with her angsts agh.

@straziya from @neoyeppuda: i ship lani with wonwoo. i see lani as that type of person who understands the companionship silence brings and wonwoo is the perfect person for that. gee!

@dreamingseventeen: i ship rose (i call her rose in my mind) with seungcheol because i think seungcheol would love a sweet independent lady beside him aw. like, can you see him trying to be that dashing prince for rose? aghh

@kingyu97: i ship feesha with mingyu. i don’t know her much but i can see her as that sweet soft-hearted lady and i think mingyu likes a girl he can cuddle with and be crazy with, muttering weird jokes to each other.

@chillihansol: i ship hanni with uhhhhh (this two-timer makes it hard for me to find her a boy ugh) minghao. i dunno, i see hanni as this person who doesnt give a fvck and is also soft and adorbs as hell so yeah i think i can see minghao dating her aghhh.

@babyjagihoney: i ship this sweet person with mingyu aghhh. i find them very sweet and kind and just someone cuddly (ya know what i mean?) and i think mingyu would love that.

@dong-hyucks: i ship admin jade with dk because…because i can imagine it. i also ship jade with jeonghan because they’re both sweet and nice af.  i ship admin cj with hoshi because they’re both hardworkers and are very energetic (admin cj does sound so energetic) and i dunno i see them smooching and cuddling and lurving each other.

@dest-writes: i ship her with seungkwan because i can see her with seungkwan lol. i just think i cans see this wonderful writer waking up to seungkwan’s voice and watching stand-up comedies with him at 12 midnight asafds.

@choco-seventeen: i recently discovered her blog.i ship her with jun aghh. i dunno she sounds so angsty and cute. i see jun teasing her, tickling her, ruining her mood, and peppering her with kisses and she pretends she doesn’t like it but she’s actually screaming about it in her blog.

@hansolmates: i ship this lovely person with hoshi even if i know she’s hansol biased aghh. i don’t know i just see her being with hoshi. i see hoshi placing headphones in her head and he plays the song and she’s just nodding to the beat and when she smiles, hoshi just smiles because he’s happy she enjoys it. lol.

@seventeen-teen-teen-trash: i recently discovered this blog too. and i ship this person with woozi because they sound so chill and soft at the same time. and they were so sweet with me when i was an awkward bumbling mess so yeah.

@wonuz: i haven’t been in their blog for a while ghadasf. but i love love love their text posts (that counts as writing, right?) and they’re just so sweet. i ship them with wonwoo aw because i find wonwoo to be the type of guy who needs their sweetness, niceness, and adorableness aghh.

@wonwoo-stop​: i ship her (do i use her/ them for you, hun?) with mingyu because their both crazy agh. like i really love her wild imagination (i told her that once, i think.) and i find mingyu being adorable and cuddly with her and i think mingyu likes the fact that he’s towering over her. i see them running in the hallways of hotels laughing and making phone call pranks.

finally me (i saw your second ask, thanks!) um i ship andromeda with hansol. lololol. i dont bias vernon or something but his personalities are a lot like the boys irl that i crush on. musically-inclined, wonderful, open-minded, smart, funny, has a beautiful smile, has beautiful eyes too, has a lot going on his mind too. i dunno, i just see vernon in the studio room with andromeda while they both listen to remixes and different songs from different genres. i see them complaining to each other about the life of being a student. i just see them being comfortable together. like they’re both each other’s other half.

Okay, so I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. This picture is just something small, which probably won’t get an awful a lot of views, but to the people who do see it; you’re beautiful. It’s as simple as that. You’re not perfect, fuck, no one is. You could say that a pretty model you see looks perfect, or your mom is perfect, or your brother, but the truth is, no one is. And that’s what’s so beautiful about us. We’re not perfect, we all have flaws, but guess what? They’re what makes you, you. Everything about you is beautiful, your personality, your image, your body, your smile, everything, don’t let people tell you otherwise. So stop hating on each other, don’t hate or be jealous of that boy that has a natural tan, or that girl who has a smaller waist than you, embrace what you have and love yourself. You don’t need to be bigger, or smaller, or have straighter/whiter teeth, or “nicer” eyes, because you really are beautiful, and people do love you, not just for your beautiful outside, but for your beautiful inside too. There’s no point in moaning about something that you can’t change, or something that you can change and just won’t. So, for the last time; you are beautiful, smile.