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I’ve been talking about Richonne Jr. for a minute...

And folks were hating, talking about they weren’t ready for all that.  And then Andy rolls up with this:

“Despite all of the perils and horrors lurking around every corner, Rick actor Andrew Lincolnsays having a new child with his new love Michonne fits the overall goals of Rick. In an exclusive interview with, Lincoln spilled the details which will have the online shippers going wild.

“Oh, yeah. Without a doubt,” Lincoln said of Rick and Michonne having a child. “I think the whole point is to start again and to restart and it’s about the future, and it’s obviously the next generation and, as far as we can tell, we’re outnumbered undead to human a lot. It is about repopulating the world. I think that they make a terrific couple and I don’t think he would hesitate. Also, maybe in a couple of episodes time, there may be a jump ahead in the curve and maybe setting themselves to that job at hand."”

Carol Writes Letters To Daryl: Part 11

I have not done one of these since East aired, but the last three were crap so I thought it was time for another one. That episode last night gave me ideas for probably two more of these. By the time Season 7 is over… I don’t even want Season 7 to be over. 

With all her available time at her safe haven, Carol finds plenty of time to write letters to the man who never came home to her. 

Dearest Daryl,

Ew. That’s such a cheesy opening. Can I start with something better? Do you remember when I called you Pookie the first time? Of course you do. That was different you. A whole other world life for me.  I don’t even think I remember the woman I used to be, the same woman I think you fell in love with. 

Spending so much time alone in this house has given me alot of insight to things I never got to really think about. Like how the entire time we were together at the Prison, all the signs were there of how we both felt. Neither of us just had the guts to actually say it, and now we’re here. Past Terminus.. Past a life I would’ve wanted for the two of us if we were to ever end up together. That’s what you deserve. You of all people deserve happiness.. you deserve the world. I would give it to you if I could. 

There was a man I met here at The Kingdom. He’s nice enough. I trust him. But there was one thing he said the night I decided to leave that has resonated inside my head since. 

  ”Where there is life, there is hope, heroism, grace and love. Where there’s life, there’s life. I hope that’s not what you’re walking away from.” 

It took me a few hours to sit on what he said. Because it made NO sense to me! I walked away from Alexandria because I couldn’t kill for people anymore. Not for Rick, not for Sam… I couldn’t bring myself to lose another child. Not after all the ones I already lost. So I left. No one noticed I was gone… Until Morgan did. 

That’s what I had run away from. You. I had run away from you because I was so afraid to just feel it in front of a crowd of strangers, people who have never experienced the horrors that lurk outside those god forsaken walls. I ran away from you because if I let myself realize I was so deeply in love with you, I wouldn’t be able to kill to keep you safe. To make sure you stay alive and stay mine. 

My Daryl Dixon. 

I guess that’s the point of this trivial letter. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t catch you in time before you ran out that gate after Dwight, I’m sorry I didn’t take off my mask for you to be the woman you fell in love with. 

I’m sorry the world is so unbelievably cruel in nature. But there’s one good thing that came out of the apocalypse. ME and YOU. Us, together, fighting the good fight. Let me tell you, Mr Dixon… You are my reason to keep going. Just the thought of seeing you makes me shiver with excitement. I live and breathe for when that moment will come. 

I love-

Hold on a moment. Someones at my door. 

xoxo - Carol Dixon

Art prompt: anglerfish species offshoot that hunts humans and mermaids, so instead of a shiny thing luring prey in it’s a grosteque characture of a mermaid because the low light means these alluring mermaids look great from afar, but close up there are… mistakes (limbs a little too long, eyes too big, ect).

Six alternative doors in your house

1. If you reach under your bathroom door, you may be able to extract a small brass handle recessed into its lower side. Closing the bathroom door and pulling the handle should enable you to open the door upwards instead of sideways, revealing a long dark chute leading down into the depths of the earth. This is the Sundries Disposal, a feature installed in most houses built after 1975 by order of the Global Mystical Court. Should mystical forces need, for whatever reason, to take over your house, the chute is intended to help them dispose of any of your fixtures and fittings that do not fit their taste or decorating requirements. We do not recommend venturing down the chute as it is our understanding that the goblins at the lower end did not agree to have avocado bathroom suites dropping on their heads at regular intervals and are somewhat irate about the matter.  
2. If you can get into the right dream, you should be able to find that door in your hallway; that is, the one that leads to the top floor of your house, the floor that is only there in dreams. The contents of this floor may vary, but do try to get in when the library is in residence. It has a fine collection of books that their authors only ever dreamed about. Sometimes that door leads to a lift instead. Do not, whatever the temptation, take the lift downwards below the bottom floor of your house.  
3. If you lever the skirting boards of your house away, you may sometimes be able to discover doors used by the little people. Whether these are readily discernible or not depends on just how little the little people in your house are, as well as how fast they are at removing doors. In some cases, doors used by the little people may also have been repurposed by use for the very little people. If you open a little people door to find a host of smaller doors behind it, it is likely that your house has very little people. Be sure to leave gin out for them in the summer, when they are in danger of evaporating.
4. Many sofas these days have vents into an alternative universe located at the far end of the crevice down the back of the seats. This is a hygienic measure, designed to save your living room from the unpleasant odours that can arise from crevice crumbs. If you take apart your sofa, you may be able to widen these vents into a passable orifice. This is one reason that sofa disassembly and recycling is usually recommended to be done by a qualified technician. The alternative universe is, however, rather nice at the time of year if you do not mind getting covered in crumbs.
5. If you remove all the doors in your house and put them in a big pile with some sexy music playing you can sometimes get them to mate. Be sure to provide any pregnant doors with a warm, safe and dark environment. Once they have whelped, the baby doors will distribute themselves around your house. Baby doors usually lead to cupboards, but you may often find one or two upstarts which open onto secret passages instead.
6. Is there a door in your house that you and all the other inhabitants and visitors have been ignoring? You know, because it leads into hell or has been enchanted by an evil fairy or is behind that elephant in your living room or something? Think really hard about this. Ignoringness is the sixteenth superpower and is tremendously hard to beat. However, if you can defeat it then you too can bask in the knowledge of the horrors lurking within the heart of your home. In fact, if you have an elephant in your living room it may well be standing there precisely so as to hide the door. Elephants do this a lot. It is part of their wider service to a world they love.


I’m surprised there’s never been a sitcom with this set-up.

He’s a giant, transforming, alien robot at least 20 times older than the human race itself who’s dropped out from a crusade of pangalactic genocide to become a playwright and avid gamer.

She’s an attempted genocide survivor and former student activist turned badass operative defending the planet against the cosmic horrors that lurk beyond the obsidian void of space.


the monster never stops lurking under the bed. 

there are some nights when it feels gone, you finally feel alone and free and gone from the childhood memories of terror but it all comes back when the lights go out and you’re jumping at the slightest sounds and you know it’s fake but you can’t help yourself even now; you are too old for fairy tales but this is a tale you can never outgrow. 

there is a vault in the back of your mind guarded and locked, sealed shut and this is where horror lurks but somehow, somehow in the dead of night, it can pick the locks and open its coffin where you left it for dead, but it is not dead, no, it is living and breathing down your neck and this what it’s like to be afraid.

azrielever  asked:

Solangelo Persephone and Hades AU. With the twist that "Persephone" doesn't know he's been kidnapped.

this has been in my inbox for ages. bc i kept adding and deleting backstory. ugh. so much potential so little time. (pt. 2 comes tomorrow ;) )
also only very loosely based on persephone’s myth. but I have a plan. 

In the light of the fire, the prince looks angelic. His tan skin glows otherworldly and hair frames his face like a halo. The golden circlet sitting atop the young man’s curls glints in the warm light of the room.

The Ghost King feels absolutely enchanted.

It’s not just the prince’s beauty that lures him in, or his warm, melodic voice. It has only been hours since his guards have brought the young man from the forest and yet, Nico feels as if he has known the prince for years. He doubts if father, if he was still alive, would approve of such infatuation.

Why he had been wandering alone along the borders of the Ghost King’s realm, however, was still a mystery. The woods were cold, especially now that it was winter, and the wild of Nico’s realm unforgiving. Not a place for a princeling, surely.

“I cannot stay for longer.”  The prince says sadly but makes no move to get up or away. “My father will be looking for me.”

The prince’s pose seems relaxed and , in a way, he looks as if he belongs here. Nico shakes the thought away, the very notion of belonging in a place like this is ridiculous.

Another glance at the young man and it strikes Nico that the reason the other is not moving is because he does not wish to leave. Or maybe not so soon. Nico knew from the start he could not keep the prince here, but a strange flicker of hope licks at his heart.

Surely, the Ghost King had the power, the influence and means to trap a princeling in his country. If Nico was to be this selfish however, both their people were bound to be the ones suffering the consequences.

The prince’s family was influential, their kingdom vast, rich and powerful. They would stop at nothing if they thought Nico had imprisoned their child.

“It is cold outside.” Nico reminds quietly and turns his gaze away from the young man.

It isn’t a lie, although it may be an excuse.

The Ghost King has gotten his name from the unforgiving, icy lands of his kingdom that too easily became a death trap for unknowing travelers and adventurers. His castle is too far from the borders, where the world would brighten again, become more welcoming to its inhabitants. The prince knew nothing of the horrors that lurked in the dark.

A sad place, really, although Nico felt right at home in his barren land.

“Stay for the night. In the morning, I will gladly escort you to my border.” He suggests after a moment of silence passes.

The prince’s safe return could wait for one night, could it not? As much as Nico tried to convince himself, he knew he was walking a thin, dangerous line.

“My fires will keep you warm and my servants will have a room prepared for you.”

Nico does not mention food, does not mention the fruit of his garden - the only beautifully alive thing at home in his realm. Was it tempting fate not to tell the prince of the curse that trapped unwilling souls here? Or was it keeping the prince from making this decision himself?

Of all the myths around his person and his country, this was the one Nico was least willing to share.

Across from him, the prince smiles, slow and  warm, before he nods.

“I would be honoured to be your guest tonight.”

The room is quickly prepared.

Nico has chosen a space high up in one of the towers that overlooks the gardens. It’s warmer there, easier to guard and offers the one nice view in the trist landscape of Nico’s kingdom. Nowhere else will one find flowers and fruit this colourful and inviting.

He accompanies the prince through the hallways and up the stairs. Nico’s long coat drags behind him up the stairs, his gloved hands stay clasped behind his back.

Their conversation stays light - court practices, hunting, neighbouring countries they have visited - until they reach the door to the room Nico has had prepared. The prince turns to him, instead of opening the door, with a strange smile on his lips.

“You’re nothing like the stories make it out to be.” He says and Nico blinks. The - what?

A slender hands comes to rest gingerly half on his chest and shoulder. Innocent blue eyes meet his, and Nico isn’t sure whether he should step closer or flee.

A thin, dangerous line.

“My father and the King would like me to think you’re a monster.” He continues on, quieter now. Nico doesn’t understand where this comes from after an evening of nothing but polite conversation. “But I can’t find even a grain of evil in you.”

“Maybe…” Nico begins. His voice sounds deeper than he means it to be, catches around the edges. The prince has caught him off guard and it shows. “Maybe you haven’t looked deep enough.”

A shadow crosses over the prince’s face, but it’s gone as fast as it comes.

Nico could never have fathomed that, instead of a reply, the prince would crowd into his space. Nico goes perfectly still when the prince’s hand, previously on his shoulder, settles on his neck.

This time, Nico knows he should leave.

Instead, he allows the prince to press their lips together.

Nico doesn’t understand what the prince hopes to achieve with this, but as his eyes fall closed, he finds he doesn’t care. His lips move before Nico tells them to, and his hand settles on the prince’s side on it’s own accord.

A thin, dangerous line, and Nico has fallen off the wrong side.


So here’s the “Godzilla, the Series” version…

Figured I’d merge the original Tristar script, The 98 cartoon and the Godzilla Power hour into one narrative. It begins with the original script, as shown by the Chimera(Gryphon) up there, before the humans begin to follow Jira as she sets out to find her place in the world. Along the way, they uncover more secrets about the alien race that created Jira, about the Chimera probe, and whether or not others may lie buried in the Earth, and other, far stranger things. They try to help acclimate Jira to the modern world and avert a destructive conflict between man and monsters as more and more titans surface, some friendly, some very much not.

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fic: vignettes (bernie/serena)

Fandom: Holby City

Pairing: Bernie Wolfe/Serena Campbell

Rating: PG-ish.  Nothing too naughty, anyway.

Summary:  Three little things.  And Serena’s hat.


1.  Nomenclature

“So, what are we?” Serena asks one night when they’re in bed.  She’s trying not to watch Bernie read and failing miserably.  Her own book is open on her lap; her gaze is fixed on Bernie’s features, following each line and committing it to memory.  It’s far more enthralling than the thriller she promised Jason she’d read because he wanted her opinion on the rather gory injuries in it.

Bernie’s head turns, her mouth opening and closing wordlessly.  It’s the first thing anyone’s said in ten minutes and she’s caught a little off guard by Serena’s question.  She frowns, faintly amused.  "Serena, are you having an existential crisis?“

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