I just spent the last hour and a half watching Taylor receive awards on YouTube, and there wasn’t one speech that she failed to mention how thankful she is for everyone and everything around her.  It’s not just an “oh hey and by the way thanks to the fans” it’s like she’s thanking her friends personally for traveling along the journey with her.  When she says she knows what we’re going through at the concerts or in interviews, it’s not a joke or a comment that lacks credibility, it’s a statement that is portrayed in every single song she writes.  When I was in elementary school, I remember feeling like my friends didn’t understand me, so I listened to songs like The Best Day or Fifteen.  Now I’m going into my Junior year of high school, and I know that in times when I feel alone or I feel like things won’t get better any time soon because I’m not good enough, Taylor went through the same things.  Her music and her character have never failed to work hand in hand to send messages to people saying that “it’s going to be okay” and throughout my life, I couldn’t be more thankful for that.