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Gaming Things that make you RAGE #338

Jak and Daxter: Snowy Mountain Lurker Cave

submitted by: Jackie


The annoyance comes in 3 ways: 1)The onslaught of Lurkers is annoying on its own. 2) The sound those hopping Lurkers make is a key example of the Most Annoying Sound. 3) The place is filled with Dark Eco boxes. You run out of Red Eco or forget to pass through the vent on your way in, you’re screwed.


The Curious Case of Rick and Michonne

I’ve decided to come out of my lurker cave to talk about Rick Grimes and Michonne from The Walking Dead, aka my new favorite couple. It’s mostly because I’ve really, really noticed the not-too-subtle racism associated with the pairing. And frankly, I don’t understand it at all, which is frustrating me.

It also personally gets to me because I was the child of an interracial couple. My dad was dark skinned and my mom is blonde/very pale. As a child, I got teased and asked tons of questions because people thought that their relationship was “weird” and “creepy.” Which are the same words that people are using the describe Rick and Michonne’s relationship. I’ve seen creepy, I’ve seen weird, and I’ve seen that the writers should make it clear that they’re “just fucking.” Or that their relationship “came out of nowhere.” Or there should have been more overt flirting beforehand.

I don’t agree with this. I mean the episode opens with Michonne in a damn robe that’s low cut talking to him in his room. Most would assume that they were already doing the do already. But I liked the way that they were handled and I’ll go into why now.

When Rick met Michonne, they were both in very bad places. Michonne was wounded and had recently lost her boyfriend, best friend and son Andre. She’d kept them as zombie pets to remind her of her guilt. Rick was in the midst of going out of his mind over his death, and his only won Carl having to put her down. So obviously, when he met her, he didn’t trust her and she didn’t trust him, but the chemistry between them was honestly palpable to me. Before I watched the show, I figured that there was some sort of offscreen subplot in which they were secretly banging, and my sister (who watched the show obsessively) told me that they were just good friends. I think that it started really building in the season 3 episode “Clear,” where Michonne, Carl, and Rick go on a supply run in his hometown and run into Morgan. I mean there was such palpable tension and Rick seemed angry af for no real reason, honestly. And when she got up and he scoped out her butt, it seemed like one of those primal “dude notices girl is attractive and tries to hide it” moments. By the end of the episode, he seems kinda like flirting with her and accepts what Carl says about her being one of the group.

Throughout the rest of the season, it’s clear to me that Michonne made him feel something, even if he was unaware of it. Just because of how quickly he folded about giving her to the Governor, even though he knew what that would mean eventually. I really, really noticed it on the first episode of season 4, where she comes back and he’s just SO happy to see her and wants her to stay. And her giving him a shaver, like gurl, I see you.

But truthfully, in season 5 it became very, very clear that Rick hated hurting Michonne and this is when I believe that his friendly feelings for her changed in the romantic type. You don’t just completely change your POV and direction (going to Washington, going to Alexandria, trying to give the gun to her, folding because you’re afraid that she’ll be upset) if you’re not already there.

But here’s where a lot of people don’t understand the complexities and subtleties of adult relationships. His relationship with Jessie was the byproduct of his unresolved grief about Lori. But we all knew that Rick and Lori never worked for a reason. Rick is honestly too much of an alpha for most women. He’s got this need to go off and protect if he feels like you can’t do that, whereas Lori wanted to protect herself and family in a more traditional sense. I didn’t like Lori but I don’t fault any type of woman because we’re all different and none of us are wrong for it. But Rick needs an alpha female by his side. A woman who is a leader so that he’s not always leading and doesn’t always have to be in charge.

Jessie wouldn’t have lasted long before it became strained, but with Michonne it was easy, simple, and natural because Rick obviously liked her for awhile, but was respecting her space. I don’t see this as a hook up, but a long term, life thing. And just because Michonne isn’t a traditional (she’s still beautiful) Euro centric beauty, doesn’t mean that it’s weird. It just means that you might be projecting something into it.