Cool&Well-Dressed Presents LURK: The End To All Mediocre Art

Off rip, LURK shows solidity. Eight collections deep and they’ve all been straight crack. These days, it takes a lot for an independent brand to put out that many collections and continue to be dope. With lookbook features from the likes of Chicago’s own Fredo Santana to the unique graphic design style of its founder Lurkchild, the Los-Angeles based clothing brand never ceases to amaze. In this quick Q&A, Lurkchild and I speak on how he linked with Santana, his interest in the skate industry and what it takes for a brand to survive in 2015.

King Phill: I remember you guys had an ODB tee; that shit was too ill. How’d you come up with the design for that?

Lurkchild: That’s a good question. I was chilling with this model from NEXT and we rolled two backwoods. She was bumpin’ some Wu-Tang and I was just staring at this Misfits Vinyl I have up in my crib at the hallway. Anyway, I’m high as fuck and I just pictured the graphic perfect in my head. I designed it right there in what seemed like minute, showed it to her and she told me it was sick. I presented it at the following LURK meeting and we ran it in the next collection.

King Phill: How do you choose concepts to base your collections around?

Lurkchild: At the end of the day, as an American, I am a product of the U.S. soil. Branding, consumerism and the basic concept of capitalism have been subconsciously embedded into me during a brainwash. My youthful nature likes to rebel against that side of my brain by participating in subcultures like Hip-Hop, Punk, skateboarding, and psychedelics. What ends up happening is a strange mix of these ideas is created into a strange millennial mutant called LURK and then we put a price tag on it and sell it.

King Phill: How’d you get Fredo Santana for a lookbook? That’s dope as fuck.

Lurkchild: That’s a funny story. He actually reached out to me via DM’s on Twitter for some business that I can’t discuss publicly. Long story short, we ended up kickin’ it and he told me he was interested in me doing some designs for Savage Squad Records; then the LURK thing just came up naturally, then the photo shoot happened. Shout to Big Boss Fredo and Glo Gang for fucking wit ya boi.

King Phill: Out of every collection you’ve released, and possibly one you’re working on now, which one was/is your favorite?

Lurkchild: That’s funny; I love all my collections because a piece of my soul is embedded into each garment. Down to the older adolescent collections. I’m proud of our EXPLOIT collection we dropped for Fall/Winter ’14. I feel like it represents the brand the best and has the most progression.

King Phill: That “Destroy Club” Varsity Jacket was pretty dope too; do you plan to get into more outerwear pieces?

Lurkchild: Thanks. Timing is key at LURK, so we haven’t even dropped a hoodie yet. On purpose, just wait on it.

King Phill: I’ve seen the hiphop influence in some of your designs, do you pull influence from other music genres?

Lurkchild: I pull influence from everywhere and I like to pay homage to it. I happen to be the type of person that can bump some Crass and then right after play some new Future. My designs reflect that.

King Phill: The Pre-Spring/Summer ’15 Collection was pretty ill; I really dig the indigo tribe graphic. What do you have planned for the full Spring/Summer ’15 collection?

Lurkchild: I can’t give away too much, so just expect some more wavy images and sounds.

King Phill: Do you guys have or plan to get a skate team?

Lurkchild: Yes, we will grow and take over the skate industry; just kidding. But yeah we have a very special project coming out regarding skateboarding that I can’t disclose too much info on right now. We have to. My twin and I have been skating since we were jits man; I owe my life to skateboarding honestly. We’re about to go skate after this actually. What I can say is that shredding will occur, ya’ll better get ya clips up.

King Phill: I honestly see this brand lasting for a long ass time; you execute simple and complex designs really well. What do you think it takes for a clothing brand to last and survive in 2015?

Lurkchild: I want all clothing brands to die in 2015. LURK doesn’t pay attention to trend analysis or market segmentation; we stay true to ourselves. We don’t allow popular culture to dictate who we are. We’d rather dictate popular culture.