I’m gonna fuck him

Today Morn mourns a legend the only way he knows how- by raising a glass in solemn silence in his memory. 

Rest in peace Leonard Nimoy. Thank you for all the greatness you helped to bring into this world.


Seems the road less traveled Shows happiness unraveled And you got to take a little dirt To keep what you love That’s what you gotta do…If you could only see the way she loves me

Hello, all boys, girls and other mysterious life forms! It’s time for the first ever Adventures of Morn giveaway!

You see, there was an unfortunate accident with Morn on the planet Mudd. He got himself cloned while he was too drunk to think rationally and now he needs to find that poor (also an alcoholic of a) sod a new proper home. Which means that one of YOU can get your very own Morn if you are lucky :)


Rules for the giveaway:

1) You do not have to be following Adventures of Morn in order to participate, but it would be mathematical if you did, because Morn loves attention ;)

2) You have to reblog this very post. You can reblog as many times as you want, but only once will do too as the reblog won’t be the winner defining element per se. (However, the more reblogs, the happier Morn will be :)

3) After you have reblogged the post, go to this address: and fill out the poll with your tumblr user name and other appropriate info. Only do this once! The poll list will be out of which I will find the winner with a random number generator once the time comes.

4) Have your tumblr ask box open so I can contact you in case you win the giveaway.

5) No giveaway blogs allowed to enter!

6) Everyone else from Earth to the Delta Quadrant can enter!


NB! In order to make your doodle poll entry count, YOU HAVE TO reblog the original giveaway post at least once on tumblr and confirm that you did so in the poll.

NB! The first entry in the doodle poll is my own and it will be ignored when choosing the winner. It’s just there to set an example :)

I chose to have the participants entry list on doodle instead of tumblr, because I have seen so much trouble with giveaways on tumblr that I just didn’t want to risk things becoming a mess.

The giveaway will end on the 30th of September and the winner will be notified on the same day. If I do not get a reply from them in 48 hours another winner will be chosen.


Good luck!

A female host vs a male alter
  • Lurian:We should become an art model
  • Me:They want healthy bodies for that stuff you know
  • Lurian:I'm healthy, good looking, I think I would be fun to draw
  • Me:Sorry to disapoint you honey, your host is female, fat and scarred, no ones going to want to draw that and they can't see your peen no matter how evident it is when the both of us are out.

Exclua os problemas da mente, valorize as coisas boas que te acontecem durante o dia,e o final de semana..
Pense nelas…
espere coisas boas…surpresas agradáveis..
Faça por onde..
Lembre-se as vezes é sorte, mas na maioria das vezes é merecimento!

Renata Medeiros

Morn: “Now, I have seen all sorts of weirdness during my travels in the wide and wondrous universe, but this takes the cake… what in the name of Saurian Brandy is THAT?”

Stalker: “Um… it was a… birthday gift… from a friend…”

Morn: “I see…”