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I’m that type of friend who REALLY get’s into a show so after watching the part 2 finale of THE GET DOWN  (already knowing that the show got cancelled while watching episode 4 of part 2) the first thing that pass thru my mind was ‘oh well back to the real world’’ and no i don’t mean like ‘oh is not the 70′s anymore’ but more like I’M BACK TO WATCHING THE SAME TYPICAL WHITE LEAD SHOWS i’m not saying i hate white people but damm if this tipe of shit doesn’t let you know the kind the world that we live in then i don’t know what will, this is coming from someone who’s some of my favorite shows are Friday Night Lights,Sons of Anarchy,Vikings,Game of Thrones,Dear White People,Daredevil,Luke Cage,Narcos,Shameless,Bloodline,Parks and Recreation and it’s always sunny in philadelphia just to mention a few. 


You know the world is fuck up for minority’s when you have to write about shit like this….



Romeo and Juliet 1996 trailer

You really should watch this movie.

To quote from my middle-aged, kinda stuffy English teacher in 2000: “It has such an energy about it.”

It was why he showed it to us.


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“You know why you need trauma to have a system? Because [explanation of how trauma creates a system.]”

That isn’t logical. Yes the explanation part makes sense. But nowhere in that explanation does it, or science, insist that this is the only explanation for all types of plurality. Especially for those of us who are plural but didn’t have one person who split apart in order to cope.

There’s a few people researching other types of plurality right now. Dr. Samuel Vessiere is studying tulpas, Tanya Lurhman is studying tulpas and religious/spiritual plurality, and there’s some who’ve shown interest in studying endogenic plurality as a whole, but that’s still really early. This whole field of research is new. This is undiscovered territory.

Saying that you have to have trauma to be a system and ignoring or dismissing the whole rest of the plural community is kinda like when Europeans didn’t want to explore the Americas. They didn’t know it existed yet, and called people who wanted to go see what’s on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean crazy. (OK so they thought they could get to India that way and that was obviously wrong but still.)

“You can’t go that way, there’s nothing there! All our maps and science says so!”

Well. There was something on the other side of the Atlantic. It just hadn’t been discovered yet (by the Europeans.)

“You can’t be a system without trauma, there’s no way! All the research and science says so!”

Well. There is a way. We endogenic systems are the natives of that undiscovered/underresearched land, telling you yes we exist, no this isn’t India, this is a whole ‘nother land so once you chart this place you’re gonna have to redo your maps to include us.

We’re here, we’ve been here a long time, we’re just waiting patiently for the research to catch up. Waiting for the day when we’ll finally be on the map.

here’s the bottom line, if you put off watching The Get Down, or you didn’t watch it at all? you are part of the problem

Netflix is also part of the problem, for deciding that it wasn’t worth another season.

Baz Lurhman was willing to put the second season off for a few years, but Netflix ultimately axed it. They axed it because shows like 13rw had more viewers.

so instead of being pissbabies every time someone hands y'all any kind of blame, maybe take a moment to realize that you all have been PLEADING and BEGGING for some positive LGBT representation, some POC representation, and this show hands you both on a silver platter and all I hear are crickets?

not only that, but tgd even displayed suicide in a more realistic fashion than 13rw? it displays abused characters, resilient characters, but y'all just had to sleep on it. thanks for nothing.

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Who/what are your artistic influences?

oh man tons. i’ll try to put together a semi-comprehensive list here, but to name a few:

- the legend of zelda (i refer to my copy of the hyrule historia full of scrapped character designs often, because i think zelda does a good job with interesting proportions and use of color) and also loz games are the queens of atmosphere

- @trueka​ their art is just perfection. the vibrant colors and expressions. i also like the heavy religious imagery in a lot of their work

- @mohtz texture god. their greek myth art is my lifeblood. i think they’ve perfected drawing semi-realistic people without falling into the uncanny valley

- the last unicorn, thumbelina, and bambi were my favorite animated movies growing up and i think they continue to have an influence on my art to this day

- alphonse mucha. it’s my dream to draw hair the way he does

- kay nielson. specifically their artwork for the traditional fairytale east of the sun west of the moon. dynamic use of shape and patterns

- @phoebewahl​ is probably…my favorite artist. everything she makes reminds me of home, and i just adore her use of color and the subject of her work. (she also draws fat ladies with hairy legs which i am thoroughly obsessed with)

- i’m not sure if she has a tumblr but @ on instagram. very whimsical and her lines are flawless

- again, not sure if they have a tumblr but @ s.william_ on instagram

- suzanne valadon’s work is phenomenal and a huge influence for me

- over the garden wall

- i also feel like my art takes a lot of influence from music. specifically florence and the machine, fleetwood mac, kate rusby, iron and wine, ray lamontagne, the avett brothers, and lord huron. i also listen to a lot of stuff from the 40′s-50′s

- also old photography and movies. a streetcar named desire, for example. especially shakespeare adaptions like much ado about nothing with emma thompson and let’s be honest - anything by baz lurhman is something i take a LOT of inspiration from

- it’s important to note that my art is still very much in development (and probably will be until i die), and that my art extends into other mediums like dollmaking

If you follow me, please take a few minutes to let me persuade you...


So, I’ve been letting this brew in my head a while, trying to figure out how to put it out there in a way that will be well-received and persuasive, because it’s really fucking important, guys.

Everyday, my dashboard is inundated with posts demanding more POC representation in our media. We’re outraged at the white-washing of popular characters in Hollywood, we bemoan the lack of diversity in the shows we love, we seize on every show that comes along that has more than one POC (and oh my god, if we have more than one ethnicity being portrayed??? Does such a thing exist?)

Of course, just because it has diversity doesn’t mean it’s any good. I can’t tell you how fucking excited I was when I saw Quantico for the first time. It wasn’t just racial diversity, but religious diversity and LGBT representation, and so many female characters–Indian, Lebanese, Black, Gay, Jewish, Cuban, Muslim–and that’s just in the main cast, never mind all the secondary characters who are in most episodes. Sadly, the show itself is a train wreck, and try as I might, I just can’t deal with that bullshit (sorry if you like it. I make an effort not to talk shit about things on tumblr so I’m not raining on anyone’s parade.)

The point is, I’m not saying that we should support things only because they have a diverse cast, but we need to at least give them a chance. Some networks are finally understanding and starting to give us what we want, but it isn’t going to keep up if we don’t WATCH them.

I find it so discouraging and disheartening to see these same blogs, demanding this representation, flat out IGNORING The Get Down. This show is…gorgeous. Revolutionary. Absolutely wonderful and so important. 

I’m not even going to get into the obsession over Stranger Things, which came out at basically the same time, with it’s token black character. That’s a discussion for another place and time. But I would like each of you to consider *why* you haven’t watched it yet? It’s Baz Lurhman, for one thing, so you know it’s going to be visually stunning, with a delightful score and some fun, almost magical, grandiose, sweeping scenes that reach past the screen to grab you. 

At times it’s difficult to watch, the fictional characters in the very realistic setting of 1970s Bronx. There’s drugs, violence, exploitation of women and minorities, homophobia, etc. But it is so uplifting and hopeful, full of moments that make you clap and cheer with joy. Plus we’ve got all kinds of positive representation, not only of a multitude of different POC, but gay, bi, and trans as well.

These characters are complex and tragic and wonderful. And the actors! Every single one of them just terrific, especially the newcomers, but don’t forget they’ve got talents like Giancarlo Esposito, Jimmy Smits, Yolonda Ross, Kevin Corrigan, Zabryn Guevara, and Daveed Diggs supporting them.

Coming up soon, we’ve got Luke Cage on Netflix, too. Netflix is giving us such an awesome range of shows and characters playing in them, but they’re the same as any other network. They pay attention to the numbers, and they’re savvy enough to pay attention to social media, too. If people aren’t watching these shows, they’re going to get cancelled, and eventually they’re going to stop making more of them.

So please, give it a shot. And if you enjoy it, start talking about it. Start showing it other people. It starts out heavy, give it an episode before you make up your mind. Two if you’re going to be fair about it (though I think by the end of the first, most should be won over).

Alright, lecture over. Carry on.


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When did you defend Romeo and Juliet and their love? What all did you say? I'd like to hear it. :)

Ugh, I’m so sorry for the delay in reply, Nonnie, the last couple of days have been a little hectic. But I’m here now, and ready to go. I’ve never actually posted an original post/ask defending Romeo &  Juliet, I think the previous anon was referencing all the reblogged posts I have that defend the story. That being said, this does seem like an excellent time to throw my two cents into the mix.

I have always loved Romeo & Juliet, ever since I was young. I first discovered the play when I was ten years old and even though I didn’t fully understand or comprehend the language, I grew to love the story. I remember that, as luck would have it, the same year I became obsessed with the play, the 1968 film was aired on television and later in the year, the Lurhman version was released into the cinemas. That entire year I immersed myself in the play, the characters and especially the 1968 film and came to know and love the play on so many levels.

As I grew older, I started to become aware of the amount of disdain and condescension that surrounds the play and, in particular, the eponymous lead characters, all of which baffled me and made me wonder why there was such a vitriolic hatred towards the play. Over and over I heard the same arguments - Romeo and Juliet were stupid teenagers, Romeo and Juliet didn’t think things through, Romeo and Juliet got six people killed, if Romeo and Juliet had just been patient and not stupid little children no one would have died. On and on it goes and it is so incredibly frustrating, because it shows how much people either miss or ignore the true warning and moral of the play.

Romeo & Juliet is not a story about two horny teenagers who rashly decided to get married and, as a result, got six people (including themselves) killed. It is not a morality tale against the dangers of sex. It’s not a warning to teenagers on the dangers of acting impulsively, of “forbidden” love, of not thinking rationally. Is it a love story? Absolutely. It’s just not the one everyone makes it out to be. It’s not the story of star crossed lovers and their demise at their own hands. It’s the story about two innocent young people who found each other in the middle of a war, a war which ultimately led to their deaths and the deaths of those they loved. The story is not about the damaging cause and effect of love, but the damaging cause and effect of war and the innocent lives which get caught in the crossfire.

The war between the Capulets and the Montagues influences and shapes every event in the play, which is why it is baffling how often it is ignored or played away as some trivial detail. Nothing in Romeo & Juliet would have played out the way it does had those two families not been embroiled in such a violent and bloodthirsty feud. This feud is what forces the lovers to hide their affair and marry in secret and it’s the catalyst for the duels which end Mercutio and Tybalt’s lives, thus setting into motion the events which lead to the tragic climax of the play.

Had the Capulets and the Montagues not been at war, Romeo and Juliet would never have had to hide their love. It can be safely assumed, given their feud, that the Capulets and Montagues are of similar wealth and status in Verona. Juliet is already been considered for marriage within the play (another fact which everyone seems to ignore when playing the Youth Card in their arguments). Taking these factors into consideration, it is highly likely that, had the war not existed, Romeo could have proposed marriage to Juliet through her father, and the two lovers could have married.

Instead, they are forced to hide their love because of a war they are not a part of. This is the other important factor to remember when looking at the whole play and the effects of war within it. Neither Romeo nor Juliet are directly involved in the feud between their families. Indeed, Romeo expresses despair and anger at the violence which surrounds him (the ‘68 version has a beautifully understated scene which emphasises Romeo’s views on the feud) and while Juliet is aware of the feud and knows she is supposed to hate the Monatgues, she is kept on the sidelines of the war, most likely because of her gender, which allows her to maintain a neutral stance. When the two lovers meet, the fact that they are not ivested in the war between their families is actually what allows them to fall in love and look beyond the feud.

The tragedy of Romeo & Juliet lies not in the “doomed star-crossed lovers” angle which is so often attributed to it, but in the tragic effects of war and the deaths it causes. Romeo and Juliet were two innocent people who managed to find each other, only to have the war between their families tear them apart and end their lives and that is the true tragedy of the play.

I have loads more I could say on the play (there are entire essays to be written about the ageism shown towards it) but I’ll cap it off at this for today.