Notes from a small dog: the robin and the lurgy

Notes from a small dog: the robin and the lurgy

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I think she’s gearing up for Christmas… getting in the festive spirit or something. The bags under her eyes would do as overflow sacks for Santa and Rudolph will be out of a job if her nose gets any redder. She’s quiet at present… apart from the constant barking. I think you two-legs call it coughing. Let’s just say that her ‘ho, ho, ho’ has been more of a ‘oh, oh, ergh…’ and that’s without the…

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The symptoms of Lurgi included the uncontrolable urge to cry ‘Yack-a-boo,’ though even during the episode the ailment proved to be an extortionate attempt to sell brass band musical instruments. Milligan was later to make up his own definition in Treasure Island According to Spike Milligan, where Jim Hawkins’ mother describes it as “like brown spots of shit on the liver”.

Lurgi has struck

The entire household is at some stage of fighting off the dreaded Lurgi, so I won’t be spending as much time on my writing for the meanwhile.

Chaos is the last to fall/youngest/most needy of the family, so most of my time will be sopped up by caring for an ailing little lass.

I’ll still be trying to do the daily instants, but progress on my trilogy has tanked.

Thanks to everyone for their patience with me.

Daily Discussion: Forcing them off?

First day back to school and surprise, surprise… Mayhem had a sudden relapse of Lurgi after his near-recovery, yesterday.

Funny how he can be fine on a weekend and sick as a dog on Monday.

Well, I’ve had more than enough of that, this year. I doped him up with all the over-the-counter stuff I could get him to take [Kids’ immuno-booster, probiotics, ginger ale, a decent breakfast and his antacid], and told him that there was no way in hell that he was coming home before school ended, today.

He tried to get more sleep in during the car trip to drop Chaos off. I fed him one of my atomic mints and told him to wake up and tough it out or else.

And I’m dreading the school ringing me, despite the fact that I sent along a note that, distilled to it’s core essence, reads as, “Don’t believe a word my malingering son has to say about his health.”

The kid looks like hell on a biscuit, and most of that is because he won’t apply his chapstick. And though he looks like hell on a biscuit, he’s essentially fine.

I just hope the school believes me on that call.

Is anyone else caught between a rock and a hard place?

So. Struck down, by the dreaded lurgi.

Not really struck down, but certainly feeling washed out. I started t run frm work to the railway station this afternoon, and was puzzled: my legs were fatigued in a few hundred metres, I felt like my heart was about to burst out of my chest …

It wasn’t until much later I realised that it was probably because of this cold my children have bestowed upon me.

I don’t see a 10k happening this weekend. Nor a fartlek. Just something easy and shortish, more’s the pity.

Ugh damned lurgi coupled with stomach cramps means Ive been awake since just before 5am. Had to finally admit defeat and get my sorry bum out of bed. For now I’m going to stare blankly at X Files whilst drinking my nettle and Lemon tea. Ugh.

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A girl, probably no older than Alan, approaches Scott. She is nervous yet in awe of seeing one of her heroes..."H-hi Scott. Just wanted to say that, um, you seem like a really great big brother. Makes me wish I had siblings...c-can I...?" She can't get the words out, but the child steps closer, desperately wanting a hug.

Scott’s wrapping up a rescue when a young girl slips through the crowd control barriers to get to him. For a moment he’s nervous she’s going to have lost her family in the disaster and International Rescue’s going to be playing Guardian Angels to another child, but it seems like nothing of the sort.

“Hey.” he smiles warmly as he stoops, sliding his arms around the stranger to wrap her up warm and tight and safe away from whatever the world’s done to her to bring her to a danger zone. “Thanks. All I hear at home is ‘Scott, eww’ and ‘Scott, why’, and ‘not the hair, Scott.’ so I’m glad you think so.”

Deliverance [7/8]

Here is the penultimate chapter, folks. It is huge, angsty af, and written partially two months ago and partially under the influence of lurgy. So like, yeah. My God I have nearly finished this thing!

You might hate me at the end. That’s okay. I can live with it.


From the start

Chapter Seven: Darkest Before

“Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” – Galatians VI KJV

Lights flicker on, their dim glow reminding Emma of the emergency lighting you sometimes get in offices after dark. They reveal a grey, narrow room without windows or any obvious way to escape. The bonds of light that Hades had used to tie them together back in the apprentice’s house have been replaced with ropes the thickness of Emma’s finger that pull tightly between them all and drag them close in the centre of the room.

David appraises their situation with a raised brow and a sarcastic look.

“Okay. Now what. Do we just stand around and wait for our worst nightmares to pop out of the walls?”

Regina attempts to cross her arms, fails thanks to the thick ropes, and huffs irritably.

“Well that would be the easy option, as that is more or less what an ordinary week in Storybrooke consists of.”

“Is Hades’ approximation a fair reflection of this Storybrooke then?” Liam asks, directing his question to Henry with a smile.

“Eh.” Henry shrugs.

“Mostly.” Sighs David, just loud enough to be heard.

Killian laughs, more brightly than Emma can remember hearing, well, ever if she’s honest.

“There are somewhat fewer conflagrations, and slightly better lasagna. But you will become fond of the place in time. It tends to have that effect.”

He smiles at her and squeezes her hand, and god if she doesn’t just feel so ridiculously happy she could fly. No demon can touch this. No demon can touch them. No way, no how.

Snow clears her throat.

“Uh, guys?”

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Daily Discussion: Ready to resume the rat-race?

The school holidays are almost over and so, thankfully, is the lurgi that’s been plaguing me all week. Sadly, it looks as though Mayhem has caught it.

And he’s had a knack for being sick that simply pains my pecs.

If I send him to school with whatever help I can muster, then there’s a high chance they’ll throw him back because he looks bloody awful. If I keep him home, I still earn bad-mum-points because he’s already spent too long away from school.

I can’t win.

And I need a LOT of quick-fix remedies that I can give this child so he can actually go without being sick.

It’s that bad that I’m thinking of threatening him with honey and cider vinegar again.

Does anyone have some good home remedies for lurgi?

To my four - four! - team mates at work who have spent the day coughing, sniffing, sneezing and spluttering about how ill they are. Why are you at work then? No one - ie me - thinks you are noble and brave for soldering on and powering through. No. We - ie me - are pissed off because I know that whatever lurgi you may have you are now going to pass it on. To me. If you’d just spent a day or two at home that would be less likely to happen. But noooo. ‘I’m less well than I should be’ well GO HOME THEN. Please note - if I do get sick from you all, don’t forget I get in earlier than the rest of you and I am licking each keyboard and mouse so you can enjoy it all over again.

Daily Discussion: Depending on others?

As you may have read in yesterday’s DD, I went down like a sack of spuds, yesterday.

The lurgi still has me in its odious grip, and I’m in no shape to go anywhere or see anyone. So naturally, Murphy’s law has decreed that we need stuff.

I’ve sent my best-beloved off with a long-ish list of things I need and the fond hope that they bring home the metaphorical bacon.

And no way of telling if - or when - they will.

And most of it is supplies I need to survive Lurgi with most of my brain functions intact.

And meanwhile… I am heavily brain-fogged.

Who else is in purgatory with me?

Xenoblade Run 4 - Post 7


Whose Riki? The true hero of Xenoblade Chronicles!

No but seriously, Riki here is party member #6 and he’s also a Nopon, y’know those tiny blueberry people encountered all over the Bionis (thanks Cry for that can’t stop saying it now)

Riki is quite frankly really REALLY adorable and he talks funny which just makes him more adorable. The funny thing is I’m pretty sure he is the oldest party member. Has a wife and kids and all that. Still really cute.

Riki is interesting for a number of reasons. His playstyle involves casting status effects and debuffs on his enemies with his skills Burninate (Blaze), Freezinate (Chill) and Lurgy (Poison) in addition he has the most HP out of any of the party members and can hit really REALLY hard. He’s everything necessary for quite a number of situations in a tiny fluffy package. He does have one noticeable problem though.

If the water is barely up to the other party member’s legs, he enters his swimming animation and you can’t fight while swimming so if you’re out in the water for whatever reason, he won’t be able to help. You could lure the enemies to shore but in situations like the above where Melia and Dunban can easily stand and fight…Riki can’t. Whoops.

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