my home for the last three summers & this one as well is Camp Lurecrest.
they are in desperate need of staff for the summer.
there are several positions for
Male Counselors
Both Male & Female Cross Trainers (counselors in training for rising seniors & seniors who have just graduated high school)
Head & Assistant Cook
Outdoor Adventure team: those who run high ropes elements (previous training not required)

Camp Lurecrest was founded in 1948, and is in the beautiful mountains of NC, it’s on Lake Lure (think dirty dancing) and just minutes from Chimney Rock (think Last of the Mohicans).

it’s an incredible camp for people of all denominations. Jesus moves in amazing ways on that mountain.

all positions are PAID. and honestly, I’m making more there than I would in a “real job.”
the summers I’ve spent there have greatly changed my life.

please consider using this summer to change YOUR life, as well as influence the lives of so many children & teens.

please reblog, tell your friends, spread the news!
message me with any questions.

what I did this summer and why:
For the past two months I have been on top of a mountain, next to a lake, in the woods, with no a/c, water pressure, 180 screaming children every week, and spotty wifi.
Because it changed my life as a child. I worked at a summer camp that though small, has played a key part in my life.
I spent the whole summer wiping down 4-5 tables [where 8 people sit] three times a day. Cleaning bathrooms, windows, serving food, mopping, cleaning out refrigerators. We’re basically the kitchen slaves of camp. [i did get paid but not much]
There’s something different about being around 70 like-minded, Jesus-loving, Chaco -wearing, kavu-carrying, eno-hanging, people, all close to my age.
I’m so thankful for the time I spent on top of that mountain, and already missing the staff I worked with.
I’m much more diligent in my daily devotions and my desire to grow closer to The Lord.
Some of them know me better than some of my friends back home. They welcomed me with open arms and smiles.
I can’t wait for next summer.

Camp is amazing I’m having an amazing time even though I’m so exhausted.
Highlights of the week
2: having a kid ask if Jesus was made of money and rainbows
3: road trip to Asheville and chocolate lounge date with my counselor tonight
4: listening to the camp chef’s niece and nephew [ages 3/5] yell/sing Wagon Wheel into the mic in the dining hall
5: just loving the mountains