Oh, oh! You know what we did while we were gone from tumblr? We went to a LC event. (unofficial one so she could run solo, but still!) My first time as a ‘handler’ so please don’t judge my release technique too harshly. XD

But we’re so ridiculously proud of our sweet little Emmy (Tinniwinnies Hemera Black Lady) grabbing 2nd place in the novice class at Borzoiringens Sydsvenska Mästerskap!!!

This was her second run so she’s a little tired at the end. (She gave us all a good scare on the first run when she caught up with the lure twice and then came and threw herself howling at my feet once she finished. But she wasn’t injured, thankfully, she was just being a very happy drama queen. XD)

I really wish we could do this more often. She was SO happy all day, I can’t even describe it. :3


Drone footage of whippets lure coursing

So… We went lure coursing last night.

Did he follow the lure all the way, sprinting full out? Of course not.

But what he did do is even more amazing in my book. He ran away from me, and towards the watching crowd. He focused his attention on the lure, not on the new place or the other dogs or the cars or the horse or the people or the… You get the picture. He was willing to get out and try something entirely new, and last but not least… He enjoyed himself.

I’m so proud of this dog and all the training we’ve done together.


‘Fjodor’ from this post has grown into an athletic young man who enjoys lure coursing. Here he is seen doing a test run at the beginning of a coursing competition in Slovenia in March.

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no but if you were to crossbreed a borzoi with a dachshund so the result is simply a short-legged borzoi, then they'd actually be chinese dragons

On an interesting note, there is one case of dwarfism in borzoi from recent memory. His name was Bilbo and he looked like a basset hound wearing a borzoi suit lol. Here he is as a puppy (top and middle are siblings, bottom is Bilbo) :

And here he is as an adult with almost all of his siblings!

He still ran lure courses and lived a happy life as a short boy :) 


Mouse ran for Best In Field today against a Rhodesian Ridgeback and an Italian Greyhound. I slipped her late, but she actually took an early lead before running out of steam around halfway - still finished the course, behind the others… this was her first weekend ever lure coursing and I am thrilled with how she performed!