lure or bait


“You can’t kill me like this! We had a deal!” she plead again, her anger still boiling in her voice.

Chat was about to argue back, when he noticed tears on Marinette’s cheeks. Despite her anger flaming in her eyes, her cheeks were moist and her lips trembled. She was afraid.

@niuniente is back at it again with another good fic called ‘This Time I Might Disappear’ and I’m here just dumping my trash art on it. I M  S O R R Y


Everyone should read it

“Last thing before casting a line: name the bait on your hook after somebody you cherished.”

“To say goodbye?”

“If the person you name it after cherished you, as the superstition goes, you will catch the fish.”

“And what did you name it?”


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Roy Mustang Q&A (Character Guide Translation)

from pages 122 - 123 of Fullmetal Alchemist Character Guide

T/L notes[comments/additions]. I did not translate literally, as usual, but I tried my best to keep the essence/tone of the sentences.


Four men + α (with no girlfriend) will answer questions about Mustang! Let’s reveal the secrets of the Colonel!!

Q: With whom did he spend his 30th birthday?

HAVOC: Somebody finally asked! [lit. trans.: I’ve been waiting!]. He was so proud that he celebrated every year with everyone, but only for his 30th birthday, he was alone and lonely, and went home and drank all by himself. Colonel Mustang — the king of popularity — drinking alone!! He was busy with the transfer to Central, and that’s on top of the mess with Barry, right? Moreover, he was confined in a military hospital so he could not make an appointment for a date. Serves him right!

FALMAN: While he [Mustang] was in the hospital, a bunch of visitors arrived at the headquarters [looking for him]. There weren’t any for the second lieutenant, though.


Q: Is it true that he is the type [of person] hated by dogs?

FUERY: Instead of saying hated, I feel that it is at the same level as being regarded with dislike. In his attempt to make the dog obey, the colonel approaches it bossily, which in turn, makes the dog wary of him.  He tried to lure it with bait before, but it seems he failed. So even the colonel has his weak points…

Q: Is it true that he has a habit of sleeping with his mouth open?
[it comes with the picture of Roy in the Archives Room with Szieska waking him up]

FALMAN: It’s true. While on duty, he is quite focused on showing that he is finishing his work that is why he is exhausted. I’ve also heard of a testimony that he was sleeping while hugging a pillow and was drooling with his mouth open in the nap room of the Eastern Headquarters. [this is based on Havoc’s report from Roy Mustang Observation Diary]

Q: How does he code his research notes?

BREDA: It seems that everything is [coded with] female names. Furthermore, his notes are written as a date diary. Well, in that case, he has to come up with women’s names one after the other.

Q: Did he really steal someone else’s girlfriend?

HAVOC: Some guys were jeering [at Mustang] when he fought Ed in the parade grounds in the past [in Flame vs. Fullmetal battle]. That would be unjustified resentment from a misunderstanding if the break-up line was “I have someone else I like.” Even so, I understand the desire to think that the girlfriend was stolen. Me too… *tears*

Q: Is it true that his drawing [skill] is bad?

FUERY: Rather than saying he is unskillful, [we can say] he is as good as an elementary school student. An alchemist is someone who can draw a perfect circle with his bare hands, but this is quite interesting. Edward seems to have the same level of drawing skill as the colonel.

Q: Is it true that his type of woman varies [i.e. he has a wide scope]?

EDWARD: He is on the same level as everyone else!! This is annoying~ You’re right. The Colonel smiles at any woman — no matter who she is —  and he says the sweetest things to her that teeth could fall off. He’s a scary bastard. I think older women are no exception.

Q: Which part of a woman is the most attractive?

MUSTANG: Wow. I would say a woman is attractive no matter where you look at, I can’t decide. *laughs* But if I may dare say, it’s the “thigh.” [yes, I triple checked the translation, it’s not the leg, but thigh!!]. With that said, Havoc…


I really like the questions from this Q&A (OMG, the first and last Qs killed me!!), but translating Edward’s answer was such a pain. His speech pattern is so informal, I got confused with the words several times!!

I was laughing my head off while translating because Team Mustang (especially Havoc) is epic <3 Falman’s replies are very polite. Fuery’s answers are kind and cute. Havoc’s bitterness and snarky comments are absolutely hilarious. Ed is being annoying and angsty, while Roy is smooth as silk as usual.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. There are still some interesting Q&A pages I’ve bookmarked from FMA Institute DX that I’d like to translate. I hope I find enough motivation to do them!! Until next time~

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is katai dead

Ha, I doubt it. In detective fiction, foul play is suspected when there’s no body/corpse presented. And while Katai is only a supporting character in BSD, the way he was set up and introduced seemed to strongly hint that he might play a bigger role in this arc. To me, it doesn’t make sense that he’ll leave us so soon.

Some possibilities:

1.) Alive and brainwashed, joining Winter Soldier Hawthorne. By far the most popular theory from what I’ve seen. Kunikida hasn’t broken down yet thanks to the support of his colleagues, something that derails Fyodor’s plans. Katai is a close friend and an Agency member, so having to go against him might further serve to mentally break Kunikida as well as rattle the rest of the members enough to momentarily confuse them. An advantage to Fyodor because right now, ADA is killing it against the mafia and giving them a weakness will even the field once more. More chaos=the better it is for Fyodor to hide his tracks.

2.) Alive, but not brainwashed. Instead, as a precaution, Katai will be used as bait/lure/hostage. It won’t be far-fetched if Fyodor pulls a Katsura and have Kunikida choose between Katai and say, another bunch of orphans. (Because Asagiri likes killing them off for some reason or another.) Or ask Kunikida to shoot/incapacitate for good an Agency member in exchange for Katai’s life. No funny business with Yosano and if he fails to do what Fyodor wants in a certain amount of time, it’s game over. Yes, just like that iconic scene in Psycho Pass. Another blow to Kunikida’s ideals.

3.) Alive and not brainwashed, but is forced to work for Fyodor to do some more shady shit. Maybe ushanka-san decides to target Agency members’ family or innocent civilians while the Agency and Mafia are duking it out to make Katai choose between helping Fyodor or letting them die. Heck, he might have the same sniper who shot Dazai locking in on Gin while in the middle of their “negotiation” and he just casually lets this slip out of conversation. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

4.) A less plausible scenario, but the one that I want to see the most is that Katai escaped. Fyodor is meticulous and wouldn’t be sloppy (as Ace can testify from the grave RIP) but with all the creative uses of abilities lately, I’d imagine Katai’s ability might be able to help him out somehow. Maybe as long as he’s under the futon it can be bulletproof as well? He can heal faster? Using the devices in his home he set up an illusion and bolted out of it while Fyodor was caught off guard? The possibilities are endless!

5.) Katai is deader than dead. By far the least exciting fate for our NEET friend, but one that would raise the stakes even higher in BSD now that we know Asagiri isn’t shy about killing off a character.

scanlation credit: Dazai Scans

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not only MP, now also misha said that cas will be back but we must consider there are also alternate universes, this is making me more nervous I don't want an alternate cas , all the character development and his history with dean lost, it's so upsetting :(

Yeah, I’ve had questions along this line, but I haven’t been able to really answer formally. Along these lines and also in my inbox this morning: (AN: all things in italics are other anon messages… sometimes my inbox helps me out with anons sort of answering each other… Eldritch Inbox):

Hello, i’m sorry if you answered this already, but i do have a question about a certain theory going about about the idea of an au!cas (possibly the one who got killed?) I guess i’m kind of confused about it and was wondering if you’ve either already spoken on it or can expand on the idea? thanks :)


Im worried now theyll just exchange Cas for AU cas and think thats fine because we still have the same actor. The flash did the same thing had the character leavd and brozgh the guys alernative version to stick around


While I can see them (hopefully) using AU Cas in good way for a few eps (tho it doesn’t make sense because there would be no reason for JimmyCas in the other world, but they often don’t address stuff that doesn’t make sense well) I don’t think they would decide to not bring regular Cas back. They have 2 seasons left. I don’t think they would get rid of 1 of the mains. 50% if you counted Crowley. Tho they did that with Angel and the relationship on that show in the last season. Hmm.

Okay, I really, truly 100% honestly don’t think they’re going to use AU Cas at all as a replacement for OUR Cas. If the show is going to open up more alternate realities, I can see OUR Cas (and Sam and Dean) meeting those alternate universe versions for an episode here and there, if only to MIRROR what our Cas is going through, but WHY would they bring Cas THIS FAR in his story, to the point where HE HIMSELF has developed and grown and learned SO MUCH ABOUT HIMSELF, and been prodded by practically EVERY CHARACTER EVER about WHO HE IS and WHAT HE WOULD CHOOSE TO BE if they were just gonna toss him out and bring in replacement copies with entirely different life experiences?

We don’t just love the concept of what would essentially boil down to a random character wearing Misha’s face, WE LOVE OUR CAS. Who we’ve watched struggle FOR NINE DAMN YEARS to get to this point in his understanding of humanity, his compassion, his sense of family, and his LOVE for the Winchesters… like two steps before he was ready to make some BIG FINAL CHOICES for himself… And I can’t think of ANY reason for the writers to just erase ALL of that and start over with a “blank slate” version of Cas. Honestly if that’s what they’re planning to do, I would forever be officially done with this damn show.

Talk about your Jump The Shark moments.

BUT! Considering the Cas we saw on screen looked identical to our Cas, down to the coat and tie, and the fact that the Apocalypse AU didn’t look like they had a Dillard’s, I’m assuming that we have not met a Castiel from that AU. What reason would he have for looking like Jimmy Novak in our Castiel’s outfit when AU Bobby looked the way he did, and when AU demons LOOKED like demons (not possessed humans), and when we heard AU angels were human-hating monsters too… Something tells me AU Cas would look NOTHING like Jimmy in suit and tie. It just makes no logical sense.

Even MAGIC in that AU didn’t seem to work properly. Crowley’s spell didn’t seem to be what closed the portal. It was the nephilim’s birth that closed it.

Which brings me back around to the beginning of the line (just like the structure of the episode, and the meta-ness of the title– a song that ends at the beginning…)

Kelly grabs Cas’s hand, after he’s seen the AU that the nephilim SHOWED HIM SPECIFICALLY, of what the world without the Winchesters would look like– remember in 12.09 when Cas was ADAMANT that the world needs every last Winchester? And he was willing to break cosmic-level deals to make sure the world could keep its Winchesters? To me, in this scene where Kelly needs reassurance about Castiel’s “vision of the future” the nephilim showed him, that is something that’s ALSO forefront on his mind:

Kelly: Tell me again. Tell me again what you saw.
Cas: All right. I saw… I saw (he closes his eyes and concentrates on Kelly taking his hand in 12.19, exactly as she just did now)… I saw the future. (flashback to 12.19, with the nephilim’s power flowing through Cas and lighting his eyes up gold). I saw a world without pain, or hunger, or want. I saw the world that this child– that your child– will create. And it is a world without fear, and without suffering, and without hate. I saw paradise.

As he finishes recounting the memory for her, the lights flicker and we hear the Impala pulling up outside. Like the nephilim was alerting Cas to the Winchesters’ presence.

And then Cas learns that Lucifer isn’t in the cage. He can’t even believe it at first. So that’s something the nephilim obviously didn’t bother informing him about… Dean asks Cas if he’ll be able to torch Lucifer the same way he torched Dagon, and Cas attributes that 100% to the baby (who’s a little busy being born at the moment…). But in 12.19, Cas said it was a combination of their powers… so what’s the truth?

Even as Cas tells Dean that it was only the nephilim working through him, he heals Dean in a way that is VERY DIFFERENT from every other time in history. I’m not the only one who noticed. I refer you again to my inbox:

I think it’s interesting that literally seconds after Cas tells Dean he doesn’t have the nephilim’s power at his disposal, he heals Dean’s leg with the nephilim’s gold light. It makes me wonder if Cas has some of the nephilim’s power within him that could save him. OR when Cas healed Dean, maybe that power transferred to Dean. He seemed oddly invigorated after he was healed, ya know? Like more so than usual.


Hi so when I was watching the second ep after Cas first left the alternate dimension I noticed he seemed a bit off. Do u think there’s any way that he was like possessed or something?

BECAUSE YES! HELLO! I’ve been saying that the nephilim has somehow been using Cas since 12.19. Maybe it’s not “brainwashing” or “mind control,” but I’ve been struggling to explain the nuance here. Maybe more like “infection?” or “poison?” In a similar way the Lance of Michael “poisoned” Cas in 12.12, But that’s not even right.

Like the Angel Tablet was able to direct Cas to protect it over everything else, even his relationship with the Winchesters, I think the nephilim has that kind of power over him. And that for whatever reason, he Chose Cas as his protector.

Cas also tried to prevent Sam and Dean from going out back and seeing the portal in the first place. And then he downplayed it while also being mesmerized by it. But he’s absolutely certain that Jack OPENED the door, and that he will close it too.

Cas then goes up to talk to Kelly alone, and she asks him what’s wrong… and it looks like he’s SINCERELY HAVING DOUBTS. While Dean’s downstairs telling Sam that he has faith in US… 

WE DO NOT SEE WHAT GOES DOWN BETWEEN CAS AND KELLY aside from him holding her hand AGAIN and sort of robotically saying, “Don’t worry, it will be fine. Remember, paradise.”

Did he tell her about the portal between worlds, and the horror on the other side of the doorway her child had opened? When Crowley showed up at the exact right moment, seemingly already knowing about the portal and exactly how to close it (in theory?) When Lucifer shows up out front (seemingly NOT already knowing about the portal?).

And Lucifer’s reasoning is the same as Amara’s was, and the same as Jack the Nephilim’s is– “I can do better than god, so I’m gonna burn the place down and start over to make the world just how I want it.”

Right before Cas attacks, Dean says, “See you on the other side, boys.”


The other side of the house… the other side of the portal.


I think that’s what the nephilim WANTED. And also why he waited SO LONG to close it… because Crowley’s spell was never going to work there. But the nephilim wanted Sam and Dean and CAS TOO on THIS SIDE OF THE PORTAL. I think that AU was the nephilim’s solution to shoving Luci back in the cage. To send him to a world where his vessel bloodline is extinct. A world he can’t possibly destroy any more than it’s already destroyed. He wanted an apocalypse, that’s what Jack gave him.

Cas is knocked out in front of the house. I’m sort of enamored with the idea that he’s still unconscious out there, and the Cas we saw in the rest of the episode was nothing more than a construct– an illusion sent by Jack to act as a lure, for whatever reason. Because his actions after this are a bit confusing…

Sam and Dean lead Lucifer around to the portal and then cross over to lure Luci through. Dean plays bait while Sam and Crowley work the spell (why on THAT side of the rift? Why not on the “right side”?

Sam pulls Dean away to the rift as Crowley sacrifices himself, and for some reason they just stop there? They stand around watching Crowley’s demise. YET SOME VERSION OF CAS THAT DOESN’T EVEN RESPOND TO DEAN, JUST PUSHES PAST HIM AND SAYS NOTHING, just charges through the rift toward Lucifer, and then seemingly just– walks up to Lucifer, stabs him, and then turns right around and comes back out again?


We see Lucifer completely unaffected by the bullets Dean shot him with in the AU, as if Cas hadn’t been expecting Lucifer to be able to follow him out for some reason…

Kelly’s body has mysteriously returned to the bed after the light flash, and Jack’s huddled in the corner of his nursery staring up at Sam with those creepy yellow eyes.

I think Jack’s been using Cas all along, ever since 12.19, and I have seen nothing to break me of that belief.

It’s as if every time Cas gets near Sam and Dean, Jack loses a little bit of that control though. But Jack understands that Dean is both necessary as a motivation for Cas (he does everything for the Winchesters, not for heaven, not even for himself), as well as a potential risk. It’s as if Dean is what’s opening up Cas’s “doorways to doubt,” that he told Dean about in 4.16, right after Uriel told Dean that he was Cas’s “weakness.”:

DEAN: What’s going on, Cas? Since when does Uriel put a leash on you?
CASTIEL: My superiors have begun to question my sympathies.
DEAN: Your sympathies?
CASTIEL: I was getting too close to the humans in my charge. You. They feel I’ve begun to express emotions. The doorways to doubt. This can impair my judgment.

Then in 4.18 Cas relents and gives Dean the nudge in the right direction he needs to stop Sam from making a deal with Lilith (which could’ve potentially STOPPED the apocalypse, but that was before we knew killing Lilith would START it… but feels almost like a test of Cas’s loyalty to Heaven as much as anything, because that entire EPISODE seems in retrospect like a strange loop of Chuck getting to know the players in his own game), and leads directly to him being dragged back to Heaven Boot Camp for reprogramming.

When Cas comes back at the end of the episode, he’s changed. He serves heaven again, not man, and certainly not Dean…

I think Castiel’s “death” in 12.23 is serving the same sort of function. I’m thinking of it as Jack’s answer to Heaven Boot Camp. I am still absolutely convinced that Jack has been influencing Cas’s actions since 12.19, and that Cas is imbued with Jack’s power (hence the golden light when he healed Dean). There is no other explanation for it. Why else give Dean that little cut on his face that we got to see healed with that weird gold light, if it wasn’t to tell us that it was Jack’s power that healed him? It wasn’t clear in 12.19 because Cas was healing an internal injury beneath Dean’s jacket. We didn’t see that healing at work, because we were supposed to be asking ourselves whether or not Cas was being controlled by Jack still… but NOW WE HAVE VISUAL PROOF.

Why would Jack go through all this trouble to keep Cas close while keeping the Winchesters away unless they (or Dean, really) were interfering with that control somehow? Like Cas and his doubts in s4? And even in s5?

Like every time Cas has been “programmed” in Heaven one of his primary objectives was to STAY AWAY FROM THE WINCHESTERS? Like in 7.17 when he was Emmanuel. One day with Dean and he remembered EVERYTHING. Like Naomi controlling him in 8.17, where one day with Dean and he broke free of her control, only to be ruled by the angel tablet and immediately feel the need to run away from Dean again.

We even learned that CROWLEY spent most of s6 trying to convince Cas to stay away from Sam and Dean. It was the foundation of his entire plan to crack purgatory for the souls… 

Instead of bringing Kelly back to the bunker in 12.19, KELLY (under the control of the nephilim already) STOLE THE IMPALA and ran away from the Winchesters. And then when Cas fell under Jack’s power he booped them unconscious and fled.


Because all of heaven, earth, hell, and purgatory KNOW that Cas needs to be kept away from Dean if they want to use Cas for their own ends… and that’s exactly what Jack wants. But how can he sever Cas’s connection to the Winchesters?


He doesn’t have a Heaven Boot Camp with the Dentist’s Chair of Horror.

My guess? The Cas we’re going to see in 13.01 is going to be disturbingly familiar to the Cas at the end of 4.20. Instead of serving Heaven, he’s going to be all aboard the Jack bandwagon. Because Jack still needs SOMEONE, but he needs someone whose faith in him is unshakable. And as long as Cas has ties to the Winchesters as anything more than a symbolic reason for following Jack’s plan for bringing “paradise” to the world, a symbol he’d been willing to sacrifice himself for, then Cas’s loyalty was always in jeopardy.

But resurrected as something NEW, bearing Jack as the source of his power instead of Heaven or God or wherever angel Grace is hooked up to as a power source, he may have much greater control over Cas.

At least, that’s how I’ve been thinking of it…

(and I suspect that Cas will be restored to himself by midseason, and Jack will have effectively moved into Big Bad territory by then…)

M is for Marriage

According to the laws of England, you must be married a full year before you can file for divorce.

Harry’s well aware of this, as is Eggsy, because it comes up during their briefing several times, offered up as a point of contention if Eggsy so wishes to protest against this ludicrous mission.

“It’s a full year of being legally married,” Merlin warns, “under your real names.”

Eggsy shrugs. “It’s just on paper, yeah? It’s not like it’s going to change anything important.”

“Of course not,” Harry says, and the words are cold and sour on his tongue.

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VOCAB - In Altre Parole

Un lessico dalla mia lettura dal capitolo Il Riparo Fragile. Le parole in corsivo e in grassetto fra parentesi sono come appaiono nel libro. 

  • ragionevole - reasonable, rational 
  • traballante - unstable, wobbly, shaky
  • nitida - clean, tidy, spotless
  • scarno (a) - gaunt, skinny, bony
  • penuria - shortage, scarcity 
  • aria - air
  • recinto - fenced area, enclosure
  • esigenza - need, necessity, requirement 
  • padronanza - mastery, fluency, competence 
  • slancio - leap, jump, impulse, outburst 
  • inchiodare (inchiodata) - to nail down, slam on break 
  • attrarre (attrae) - to lure, bait, attract
  • intrappolare (intrappolata)  - to trap, snare 
  • vagheggiare (vagheggia) - to long or yearn for, to dream of 
  • indagare - to inspect, to examine
  • sgomentare (sgomenterebbe) - upset, alarm, dismay
  • sconvolgere (sconvolgerebbe) - upset, disturb, mess up

If I could any animal
Become postmortem, I
Would like to be a fish, and drift
About low tides and high.
They’ll lure you with their baited hooks,
They’ll trap you in their trawls.
They’ll sear you in their pots and pans,
And stick your scales on shawls.
If I could any animal
Become postmortem, I
Would like to be a bird, and fly
Across the boundless sky.
They’ll fell and devastate your home,
They’ll taint and blight your air.
They’ll strip you of your feathering
To stuff the winter wear.
If I could any animal
Become postmortem, I
Would like to be a deer, and run
Through thicket, glade, and rye.
They’ll blind you with their beaming lights,
They’ll limit where you roam.
They’ll hunt you on Thanksgiving Day,
And hang your head at home.
If I could any animal
Become postmortem, I
Would like to be a cat, and dwell
With comfort ever by.
They’ll scorn you for your idleness,
They’ll seldom heed your mews.
They’ll amputate your private parts,
And scar you ’til you bruise.
Then there’s not any animal
Without a threat in life–
Not even humans are exempt
From hazards, harm, and strife.
Thus if I any animal
Become postmortem, I
Would merely want to be with you,
For, then, I’ll never die.


Day 9: Tea

AN: So, this is a backstory of Day 7: In-Laws

Hinata just exited a public bath, stretched her arms a bit, as she saw a lady in need of help. She quicken her pace to offer help, to carry some of the groceries the lady brought from the local market.

She greeted her with a smile then offered her slender yet muscular arms and petite figure to help her carry some of the grocery bags. The lady was delighted to see teenagers were still being respectful and helpful. “Oh thank you!” She gave her a two, then three, then four grocery bags. Hinata managed to be on balanced, the bags were not as heavy as they seemed though.

She somehow looked familiar. The unknown lady’s hair was darker than hers, the unknown lady’s hair was longer than hers, and the unknown lady’s skin complexion was yellowish-paler than hers.

Since the lady was nice enough and started a small talk, Hinata introduced herself which made the lady think of her sons immediately.

Hinata found out the she was Sasuke’s mom and her name was Mikoto. Through their short minute wall, Mikoto already shared a quarter of her experience as the only female in the Uchiha household, on how the infamous Uchiha brothers were like inside the house, and more embarrassing stuffs that Hinata cautiously listened to. Well, she did not have any idea how Uchiha female fight or prowess any powers.

And through their short minute walk, Hinata only shared that she and her son do not have any interactions enough to have them labeled as friends yet she considered him as a friend though, she reassured the matriarch.

“Oh-okay then, how ‘bout tea in my house?”


“Yes, tea! It’s like a mother-daughter bonding time! You know living with 2 men and a half is-” Mikoto knew her husband and sons well, well Sasuke being ‘the half’.


“Oh don’t be ridiculous! Ah-Hinata, Fugaku and Itachi… And even Shisui would love this! Oh-and Obito too!”


And they suddenly stopped in front of a very traditional house yet some were already modern design of the Uchiha household. Mikoto entered first then motioned her new daughter to follow her inside. “We’re going to drink tea!” Mikoto shouted across the living room, leaving Hinata in their foyer where she dropped the grocery bags for awhile as she remove her sandals.

A deep voice answered and echoed in the household. Maybe it was her husband, and suddenly Hinata could hear Mikoto’s high-pitched voice, she was very excited for this tea and mother-daughter bonding time.

As Hinata was about to grab the grocery bags, sudden thumps of footsteps were heard all over the house. She peeked to her bangs and saw an older, and more appealing version of Sasuke. She tried to smile but ended up biting her lower lips.

“You’re Hinata right? I’m Itachi, I’ve heard mother’s squealing all the way from the second floor.” She courteously nodded.

“Come on. I’ll help you on that… And welcome to our humble home… Mother’s tea is everybody’s favorite…”

And Hinata was left with just a grocery bag. She was even more confused than her existence when she followed him to the dining area. Did it really took that long to remove her sandals, and that small talk with the other older Uchiha?

Her eyes widen as she saw the tea were prepared, there were visitors, and chattering. The dining area was jam packed. It was like a random Uchiha family reunion but with a sole Hyuuga with the side.

“I’ll get that…” Another Uchiha greeted her as he grabbed the last grocery bag from her hands. “Oh-It’s Shisui, by the way…” She shook hands with him then shared an awkward short laugh. “Have a tea..”

Hinata had small talks with almost every one, and with even the late ancestor of the Uchihas, Madara Uchiha. He later disappeared to her vision and imagination. Then Mikoto motioned her to seat beside her, as they drank tea together, to continue their small talk from earlier.

Hours have passed and everybody was still enjoying her company and so was she, enjoying the hospitality given by the Uchiha Clan. She clanked tea cups, raised tea cups with almost to everybody. Hours have passed and every body was waiting for him, for his return.

Nobody heard him entering.

As Sasuke suspiciously entered the kitchen and dining area, all eyes landed on him and also did her startled opal eyes and every body went silent. “Oh no…”

And Mikoto cheerfully sipped her tea, as if she lured the bait directly to him.

Inspecting some cages  carrying lure, bait, tools and snares. I used the cages to transport everything in one setting since I’m trapping along one creek system. 

Didn’t finish setting everything yet, and I got some coni’s to set still, and more snares, but I’ll be adding more tomorrow and Monday. I have asthma, so I have to always take things lightly. Especially when setting traps, because it is a lot of work and time consuming. It began to rain on us, and Jon’s mesh vest proved to be a thorn magnet. 

You’re A Catch

Tagging @blindbae @alicemoonwonderland and @itshaejinju just because I can

It was just you and Noctis. No Gladio, Ignis or Prompto, just the two of you taking a relaxing little vacation in Galdin Quay. It wasn’t very often that the future King of Insomnia got away from the capital and this mini fishing trip was just what the two of you needed.

Although you were quite nervous. You’d never gone fishing a day in your life, but this is what Noctis wanted and you loved him. There was no one else in your life you’d rather share this moment than Noctis.

You waited patiently as Noctis purchased the bait and lures from the local shop. His shiny midnight colored hair swayed in the gentle breeze that floated of the shoals. You couldn’t help the lingering look you cast upon the young prince. He was the most handsome young man you had ever laid your eyes on.

“Y/N! Hey Y/N, what are you staring at?” Noctis asked as he walked up to you

“The most handsome prince in the world.” You smiled, taking a few items from his hands

With your hands full, you looped your arm through Noct’s and walked towards the end of the dock together. It only took Noctis a couple of minutes to set up his rod and reel with lure and bait. You on the other hand, had no idea what you were doing. Noctis looked your way and saw that you were becoming increasingly frustrated with not knowing what to do.

“You’re a mess.” Noctis chided as he set his rod aside and shook his head

He moved to where he sat beside you. From that point, your boyfriend showed you how to properly attach the lure. Noctis took the bait and laid it in your hand. You gave him a skeptical look.

“You didn’t think I was going to do everything for you, did you?” He sighed

You took the creepy crawler in your hand snaked it through the hook. Noctis gazed at you with a proud smile. He knew you could do it. Seeing his smile always brightened your day.

Noctis took your hand and the two of you rose from your position. He took his fishing pole and flicked his wrist as if he was a professional and. Heck, he probably could be a professional if wasn’t the next in line for the throne. The lure landed some yards away from the dock and that smile that you loved so dearly spread its way across Noctis’ face. He just looked so happy being able to let loose for a little while.

You tried recreating Noct’s moves, but it ended horribly. Somehow the fishing line became slack enough that yards of it had wrapped its way around your body and you looked to Noctis for some help. Help is the exact opposite of what you received and instead your boyfriend began to laugh.

“Noct! It isn’t funny! Help me!” You shouted, your cheeks turning red from embarrassment and anger

“Ok, ok I’ll help you. Just calm down,” Noctis sniggered “Man, Prompto would’ve totally taken a picture, but since I’m a nice guy, I won’t.”

“If you take a picture of me, you won’t even have the chance to take the throne because I will have killed you.” You spat as you gave Noctis a death glare

“I get it. No pictures,” He chuckled as he laid his pole on the dock

After Noctis helped untangle you and restring your pole, he wrapped his arms around you from behind. His slender hands were perched over yours as he showed you the correct technique to cast your line. Your shoulders were stiff as you made unsure movements that caused your line to only venture out about 3 feet from the dock.

“Relax.” Noctis murmured in your ear

You did as he said as you reeled back in your line and tried again. This time you hit not too far from Noctis’ lure. You gave your boyfriend a gleaming smile and he responded with a pat to your back before he returned to his own pole.

For the next couple hours, the two of you continued to fish on the shoals with no luck. You kept throwing your line out and nothing seemed to bite. You had even tried a different bait and lure.

As the harsh summer sun beat down on the two of you, you began to grow tired. You wanted to give up and this god forsaken heat wasn’t helping. Honestly, you were surprise Noctis didn’t want to go back to your room to take a nap until supper. That’s when it happened.

There was a sudden tug at the end of your line. You squeaked when you felt the tug and that caught Noct’s attention. Your eyes screamed for him to help you and that’s exactly what he did. He wrapped his arms around you once again and urged you to reel in your catch. He helped you pull back as the seemingly big fish continued to resist.

Pull and pull as you might, it had been 20 minutes since the fish had been hooked on your line. You and Noctis were at the end of your rope. The two of you were wore out and you wanted to give up, but Noctis wanted none of that.

“If I can’t handle a measly fish, how will I ever be able to be the king Insomnia needs?” He smirked

Finally after much anguish, the fish jumped into the air and you guys were able to catch a break. You reeled with all your might and a with a thud the fish flopped onto the dock. You fell to the dock in complete exhaustion and saw Noctis do the same. After a minute, the two of you finally looked towards your prize, an Allural Sea Bass. It had probably gotten caught on a rock and that’s why it took the two of you forever to catch it.

“I’m proud of you.” Noctis smiled as he wrapped an arm around you

“Thanks.” You replied with blush dusting your cheeks

You wanted to cook your prized fish, but ended up releasing it back into the sea because neither of you could cook worth a damn. The two of you ended up going back to your hotel room and took a nap. When you woke up, you decided to have a late supper at Mother of Pearl before you retired for the night and cuddled each other as you watched a couple of movies. This getaway couldn’t have started out any better and you were glad that Noctis was here by your side the entire time.

5 amazing Glow in the Dark Creatures.

I Recently read About these amazing glow in the dark creatures in the newspapers and thought it was worth sharing

1.  Saprobe Panellus Stipticus, Fungi:

Found in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, the bio-luminescence emitted by the Saprobe fungi that grows on decaying wood is called Foxfire (not firefox).Also called fairy fire, it emits green light.

2. Firefly Squid (Watasenia Scintillans):

Japan’s tiny “Firefly” squid emits a blue biol-luminescence. These emissions allow the firefly squid to communicate with other members of its species, warning them of predators and to lure fish into its bait.

3.  Glowworms:

Found in the Caverns of New Zealand and Australia, glowworms not only emit light to attract prey, but drop sticky silken thread from cave ceilings. This thread creates a cool visual effect similar to looking at the stars on a clear night.

4. Crystal Jelly ( Aequorea Victoria):

Found off the coast of North America, Crystal Jelly amits a green-blue glow with over 100 tiny, light-producing organs surrounding the body. It is collected for its luminiscent photo-proteins which are used as bio-markers in research studies on genes and to detect calcium.

5. Dinoflagellates

Found in both fresh and salt water, Dinoflagellates can produce a brilliant bio-luminescence. When they are disturbed, either naturally or by man-made waves(boats, swimmers, fishermen) the water surface lights up with a beautiful blue glow.

Pretty amazing-nature Huh?…

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5 amazing glow in the dark creatures.

I Recently read About these amazing glow in the dark creatures in the newspapers and thought it was worth sharing

1.  Saprobe Panellus Stipticus, Fungi:

Found in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, the bioluminesence emitted by the Saprobe fungi tht grows on decaying wood is called Foxfire (not fiefox).Also called fairy fire, it emits green light.

2. Firefly Squid (Watasenia Scintillans):

Japan’s tiny “Firefly” squid emits a blue bioluminescence. These emissions allow the firefly squid to communicate with other members of its species, warning them of predators and to lure fish into its bait.

3.  Glowworms:

Found in the Caverns of New Zealand and Australia, glowworms not only emit light to attract prey, but drop sticky silken thread from cave ceilings. This thread creates a cool visual effect similar to looking at the stars on a clear night.

4. Crystal Jelly ( Aequorea Victoria):

Found off the coast of North America, Crystal Jelly amits a green-blue glow with over 100 tiny, light-producing organs surrounding the body. It is collected for its luminiscent photo-proteins which are used as bio-markers in research studies on genes and to detect calcium.

5. Dinoflagellates

Found in both fresh and salt water, Dinoflagellates can produce a brilliant bioluminescence. When they are disturbed, either naturally or by man-made waves(boats, swimmers, fishermen) the water surface lights up with a beautiful blue glow.

Pretty amazing-nature Huh?…

Title: Kidnapped (Part 2 of Devil at your Door(neice of claire! reader x Matt))

Summary: Reader is grateful for not having to join Claire in the creepy basement for laundry, only to be kidnapped from Claire’s apartment to be used as bait, luring the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen in. 

Warnings: Mentions of kidnapping and blood

Word Count: 1033

A/N: Hi!! Hope you enjoy this! It’s currently late and I’m heading to bed so if there are mistakes, I’m so sorry! I’ll make sure to edit it tomorrow:) Enjoy!!



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