lure cap

Sweet Cheeks

A/N: Inspired by Amy Hazel’s 2016 Pole Theatre Performance. She is my favorite pole artist. (Video obviously includes pole dancing and some stripping, down to pasties. So mature audiences only. You have been warned.) I absolutely love the amount of skill and physical strength that goes into it and how so many people may it look effortless. *Cough* Not me, I’m an uncoordinated, spastic klutz *Cough*

“So, you’re a stripper?” Pietro watched you over his glass.

“Occasionally,” Tony interjected. You chided him, but smiled at your friend/business partner/boss.

You shook out your hair behind you. “I prefer the term pole dancer, but why? Are you interested in a private party?”  

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Language, sexual situations/innuendos/conversations

Words: 1,924

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When I get Teleport, I’m tempted to go back to every single town and check in all of the ovens. I checked in a few of them, but I missed a lot, and the ovens have some of my most favorite flavor text out of any game I have ever played. It would be kind of fun to have a sort of recap of the journey right before finishing the final lighthouse, too.

The Lure Cap doesn’t seem like it increases the encounter rate by a whole lot, though, unless it doesn’t work when equipped by someone in the second party.