Teddy Lupin Headcanon

Teddy Lupin Headcanons (part 1):

-He spends his time between Harry’s, Andromeda’s and Lyall’s house all the time.
-During the full moon, the moon calls for Teddy, because the moon owns Remus’ blood.
-Teddy has “bad” full moons very often, in which he will feel very tired. He would have a headache all night long, his body will shiver, because he is either too hot or too cold. He will spin around the bed all night until the sun starts coming out.

*WHEN TEDDY STAYS AT HARRY’S (Before they have kids)
-Teddy will change his eyes to a light emerald to match Harry’s, while his hair changes to a light ginger tone to match Ginny’s.
-Ginny bakes cookies for Teddy.
-Harry plays with him outside all afternoon to make him as tired as possible.
-When the sun starts setting in the horizon, the three of them sit down at the kitchen table and make drawings while eating cookies.
-Teddy feels exhausted from all the playing and he falls into a light sleep on the couch as soon as the last ray of sun is gone.
-Harry then carries him very cautiously to Sirius’ old bedroom.
-Teddy will wake up every hour calling for Harry. His back hurts, his head, his arms, everything hurts. Ginny will prepare warm compresses and sing lullabies for him.
-Teddy finally manages to fall asleep around 5 am. He sleeps holding his black stuffed dog.

(I apologize for my not so good English)