Un lupo vicino al mare, nella riserva Lecceta a Torino di Sangro. Parte il Piano d’azione locale
Lanciano (Ch). A documentare la scoperta del lupo è Mirko Di Marzio, zoologo e ricercatore: "Grazie ad alcune fototrappole utilizzate per il monitoraggio dei mammiferi abbiamo registrato il ...

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Iv been trying to ride like you all my life!!


The Handplane Hoedown Manly Style // Filmed a little back in April. Little waves but rad times

Filmed by Ecto handplanes

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Lupo Di Mare hand planes are all custom - meaning that there is no standard model or design. All hand planes are made from Recycled or reclaimed material. Photos are true to quality but your design may differ.

Lupo Di Mare hand planes are made by local surfer and body basher Ben DiDonato - who fell into making handplanes. He made one for his self which led to a mate wanting one which led to there relative wanting, leading to a friend of a friend who is a magazine editor… Lupo Di Mare has be fortunate enough to be featured in 3 magazines, 1 movie and 2 Body surf festivals/exhibitions.