That’s quite the entrance for these dapper gentlemen. Isegrim, Lupo and their grandfather Benno look dashing in their three piece suits / tux. 

You might remember that Benno’s not fond of children. He had no problems with his sons but so far he JUST CAN’T STAND his grandsons. It will be a path of trial and tribulation until he’s friends with them.

dai, alla fine, qual è la cosa peggiore che potrebbe capitare? sudare pesantemente, scoreggiare rumorosamente, balbettare, dimenticare l'italiano, cacca poopoo, avere un attacco di panico, svenire. vivrò lo stesso. in bocca al lupo. grazie. crepi. crepi, grazie.


Jeff Buckley’s full performance live at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, 20 years ago today on May 19, 1995 in Providence, Rhode Island. Buckley opened for Juliana Hatfield.

Track List:
1. Chocolate 2. Mojo Pin 3. So Real 4. Last Goodbye 5. What Will You Say
6. Eternal Life 7. Kick Out The Jams 8. Grace 9. That’s All I Ask 10. Kanga Roo