make me choose: @nevillelonbottom​ asked Flitwick or Trelawney

I frequently act as though I am not possessed of the Inner Eye, so as not to make others nervous.

you will have 15 minutes to
complete this portion of the exam.
each correct response is worth 20 points.
begin at the first sight of clouds.

does it make it any easier to know
that the light that blinds you
is made of
fragments of color? 
how about now?

predict, based on the actions of the
expired narrator, how she will respond.
[can this really be the same story? are you

refer to the diagram on the left.
knowing that the equation of the
parent function is f(x)= sin(θ), 
why do you stray?

how do you sleep at night?
do you sleep at night? 
can you sleep at night?

for 50 points, recall the rules.
then, recite them. 
if your voice shakes, you will be penalized.
there is no place for you here. 
[when i blink, can you bring her back?]

this is the final portion of the exam.
[don’t look so
unsettled. don’t break.]
calculators are not permitted from this point onward.

what do you lack? [what have you lost?]:
a) serendipity; you are not better than
the monotonous. than the miracles.
b) voice
c) skin / armor / cells / atoms. [what of
the traces of iron? what of form?]
d) the strings of promise

[yes, this is real.
you can trust me.]

[stop. there is nothing 
poetic about trembling.]

how do you feel?

how do you feel?

—  two-way looking glass, s.z.h. (insp)