• Sirius and Remus in the common room, lying on the couch, next to the fireplace, relaxing after finishing doing their homework️️️️

  •  Sirius leaning against Remus’ legs while Remus is reading a book️️ ️️

  • Remus unconsciously stroking Sirius’s hair because damn it’s so soft️️️️️

  •  His hand involuntary slipping behind Sirius’ ear ️️

  •  Sirius (half asleep) doing the you-just-touched-my-ear-i-have-to-scratch hysterical, canine-like leg movement️️️️ ️️️️

  •  Remus being fascinated by it and continuing stroking️️️️ ️️

  •  Sirius wriggling and kicking so badly, he falls off the couch️️️️ ️️

  •  Remus laughing his ass off so much his face turns blue️️

  •   Sirius giving Remus The Face Of Betrayal™
    (“how could you offend my pride in such brutal way you heartless bastard”)️️️️ ️️

  •  Sirius probably being mad at Remus for the next two days️️️ ️️

  •  Remus bursting into laugh every. fucking. time he recalls it ️️️ ️️

  •  James (after hearing the story from Remus) mocking Sirius at every opportunity, trying to scratch his ears during transfiguration class and calls him little pups casually️️️ ️️

  • And Sirius just being sincerely done with these two️️ ️️

  •  But he loves them both sO MUCH, GOD DAMMIT he can’t do nothing but just accepting it
My Brightest Star - 1

Young! Sirius Black x Reader

Sirius Black laughed hard, watching his bestfriend James’ face turn a shade of blue. It was something he had eaten.

“I think you should get Lily” Remus said, thoughfully.

“Ok, just a sec” said Sirius, jumping up from the couch and running up to Lily’s dorm room.“Please stay blue, Prongs ! Evans HAS to see this !”

James shot him an ugly look.

Sirius burst into Lily’s room saying, “Evans, you gotta see this-”

He froze to the spot.

Lily’s roommate Y/N Y/L/N was in there, dressing. His eyes fell on her body, her soft curves, her smooth olive skin, and long wavy brown hair that fell to her waist.

Since his was quite a loud entry, Y/N turned almost immediately, covering herself with her shirt, and screaming.

“Black ! GET OUT !” she shrieked, making him stumble back, and close the door in a hurry.

He stood there, actually noticing this girl for the first time. He knew Y/N as Lily’s roommate, but they never spoke.

Y/N was a half-blood, her father being a wizard and her mother a muggle. She was quite an introvert, keeping herself to her books and few close friends, mostly the reason why she wasnt noticed much. At least till now.

                           * * *

Y/N sat on her bed, her burning red face in her hands.

Oh God, it just CANT have happened ! she thought. And that too Sirius Black!

The way he stared. The look of shock on his face. Did he really see much ?

                           * * *

Remus bounded up the stairs, hearing the commotion, and saw Sirius standing in front of Lily’s room, his mouth hanging open.

“What just happened?” he asked, shaking his friend.

“I-” Sirius began, but was interrupted by the sounds of James and Lily’s quarelling.

“Come on !” Remus said, and two darted downstairs, to the common room.

They were soon engrossed in their conversation, eventhough Sirius found his eyes wandering towards the girls’ dorms, every now and then.

He saw the door open and close, making his heart race for some reason. Surely, Y/N wasnt the first girl he had seen that way, but there was something about her. His heart was pounding in a strange heavy manner, watching the stairs - for her.

Y/N came down the stairs, her face a shade of pink, and her hair flying behind her.

Lily looked at her roommate only to see her sulking.
“Hey, you ok ?” Lily asked.

Sirius pulled in a breath, causing Remus to give him a suspicious look.

“Why dont you teach your friend some manners, Evans” snapped Y/N, eyeing Sirius, before stalking out of the common room.

“What was that about ?” Lily asked, looking at the four boys.

All eyes fell on Sirius, since he was the only one who had gone upto her room.

“What did you do ?!?” Lily growled, getting up from the couch. “Sirius !”

“I didnt mean to,ok !” Sirius said defensively. “How was I supposed to know that she was -”

“She was what ?”

“Well, she was changing clothes or something when I kinda ran into your room…I kinda saw…her…” Sirius stuttered.

“SIRIUS !” Lily said through gritted teeth.

Remus and James burst out laughing, followed by Peter.

“Oh come on guys!” Lily said, sinking back into the couch. “Sirius, you have to apologize to her”

“But-” began Sirius.

“No buts ! I am not the only one living there ! You just cant go into a girl’s room that way !”

A smirk spread on Sirius’ face.

“Ok. I will apologize” he said.“Only ‘coz I like what I saw”

“You pervert” said Lily, flinging a book at him.

                              * * *

Y/N was on her way back from dinner with Alice, her other roommate, when she was Sirius coming her way. The other Marauders were at a safe distance from them, but still watching.

Sirius approached her cautiously.

“Y/N” he said, stopping her.
She looked at him, folding her arms against her chest. Thats when his eyes fell on her nose. She had her nose pierced, with a tiny stone-studded nosepin.

“Hello ?”
Y/N was waving her hand in front of Sirius’s face, and he looked back at her, blushing.

“What is it ?”

“I…um…Im sorry” he said, unable to keep his eyes from wandering again. This time it lingered on her brown eyes.

Her eyes caught his grey ones, and after a moment, she said “ Its alright. Next time, you knock”

Y/N and Alice walked off, Sirius turning to watch her walk away.

                               * * *

“Have you seen that thing on her nose ?” he said out loud that night, after the four were in bed.

“What thing ?” Remus asked.

“She has her nose pierced” said Sirius.

“Whats happened to you, Padfoot ?” James asked, squinting at his friend through the darkness.

“Nothing” Sirius replied.

“Oh right” said Remus. “Didnt you see him staring at her all evening, Prongs?”

“I didnt stare” Sirius said, flatly.

“I saw that Moony” James said.

“Mee too” squeaked Peter.

“Shut up” said Sirius, not saying another word.

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119: “It’s not a double date, we’re just third and fourth wheeling.”

  • “I’m so happy you guys finally agreed to go on a double date with us,” Lily says happily
  • Across from her, Remus looks at Sirius with a confused look
  • “It’s not a double date, we’re just third and fourth wheeling,” he clarifies slowly, trying to meet Sirius’s eyes in conformation
  • But Sirius is looking down at the mac ‘n cheese he ordered from the kid’s menu, innocently stuffing his face with carbs
  • James tries to contain his laughter from the other side as Remus sets his fork down in a clatter
  • Lily shuts him up by swiftly bringing her hand against his mouth, eager to watch her best friends (hopefully) admit their feelings for each other
  • God knows it’s been “friend zone” long enough
  • “Care to explain, love?” Remus smiles sweetly, a threat behind those stormy eyes of his
  • When he doesn’t get a response, Remus makes his way out of the booth
  • “I’m leaving. I don’t even know why - ”
  • Sirius cuts him off by gently yet firmly grasping Remus’s arms before he can leave
  • Remus hesitantly turns his head and gazes around his shoulder at Sirius, allowing him to explain himself
  • But what he sees is Sirius pulling himself onto the table, Lily and James moving their plates out of the way with nervous expressions
  • Sirius stands on the table, a picture of pure punk - his leather jacket, black combat boots, and eyes lined with kohl
  • “What the hell are you doing? Get down -”
  • “Hit it”
  • And like a scene from his worst nightmare, Tegan and Sara’s “Closer” pumped from the old jukebox
  • “Oh, no,” Lily puts her head in her hands, not daring to look
  • James, meanwhile, watches his friend eagerly, his camera out and ready to film like a proud father at prom night
  • All Remus can do is watch Sirius as he begins to belt out the lyrics 
  • “All I want to get is…” His eyes meet Remus’s and he winks. “… a little bit closer”
  • And so he sings his heart out on the tabletop of an old 80′s restaurant, the workers and customers alike watching with amusement, clapping along to his horrible voice
  • Sirius grabs his wrist, pulling him up to the table
  • He twirls him around and they move to the beat of the rhythm, Remus laughing at the man he has always loved
  • They reach the final lyric and people around the room are clapping, but all Remus can see is Sirius
  • Before he can process what he’s doing, Remus grabs Sirius’s flushed cheeks and presses his lips to his
  • The shouts and “aww’s” are drowned out by a new love song booming out
  • Sirius and Remus separate, looking into each other’s eyes with identical smiles
  • “Are you ready for another one?”
  • “With you? Everyday”
Sirius at four in the morning.
  • Sirius: how does ink come out of pens?
  • Remus:
  • Sirius: why do muggles use their hands to cook? Like, why do they put so much effort into it?
  • Remus:
  • Sirius: and, like, how do boats stay afloat?
  • Remus: Sirius
  • Sirius: how are muggles so clever?
  • Remus: Sirius
  • Sirius: and, like, fridges. Right?
  • Sirius:
  • Sirius: so, you know engines? What's up with those?
  • Remus: why did I try?

Warnings: RATED M Fluffy smut, thigh riding, light dirty talk, clothed smut etc..

A/N: this is my first smut ever and i hate myself lol, i do want to start this blog up again since i’ve improved as a writer and also i want more friends!! so!!! yes !!! my request box is open!! LET THE FLOOD COME. come to meeee please.

Overview: Gryffindor reader is feeling nervous about graduating when Young!Sirius comes to console her.

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Dear Journal,

Lily and James arrived early. They thought our flat looked beautiful. Lily jumped in my arms and i hugged her close to me. I missed her, even if it had only been a week of us being apart. Sirius made us drinks while we were sitting at the table, chatting.

“We have news!” James said.

“What about?” I asked.

“We found a flat two streets away. It’s ours!” Lily smiled.

“No way!” Sirius screamed from behind the counter.

“Yes way!” James laughed.

“We will be moving in next week.” Lily smiled.

“That’s great! We will see eachother so often now!” I said.

“And we have other news..” James said.

“You’re buying a puppy?” Sirius asked, sitting next to me with the drinks in his hand.

“No, not exactly..” James giggled.

He handed everyone their drinks but Lily denied it.

“Oh I-I can’t have alcohol..” she said smirking.

Then I knew. I looked at her, frozen.

“You’re pregnant..” I said.

“What?” Sirius yelled.

James and Lily were smiling. She was pregnant.

“You’re pregnant!” I said, getting excited.

“She’s pregnant!” Sirius laughed.

I stood up and jumped in her arms. She was giggling in my ear as I held her. I pulled away to look in her eyes and she was tearing up.

“I found out two days ago.. I wanted you two to be the first to know.” She smiled.

“This is amazing. You’re going to be parents!” Sirius said, still shook from the news.

“There’s a baby Prongs on the way boys!” James said.

Sirius and I both hugged our best friend. It was a great moment. Lily was looking at us with tears in her eyes. She entered the group hug and everyone laughed.

“Well, I guess I’ll go make you a virgin drink Lily!” Sirius laughed, walking to the kitchen.

We had an amazing night. Everyone was there. Lily told her news to the girls and Peter during dinner. They were all so happy. They thought our flat looked amazing. When it was getting late, everyone left except Lily and James. I helped Lily put on her coat and she laughed.

“That’s nice of you Remus but I can still put on a coat!” She laughed.

“I know, i know.. I’m so happy for you Lily.” I smiled down at her.

“Have you thought of it?” She asked.

“Thought of what?”

“Kids. I know you always wanted children Remus. By the look on your face, I can tell that you would love to have a kid.” She said, her hand on my cheek.

I looked at Sirius talking with James in the corner of the room.

“I thought of it.. I haven’t asked Sirius yet.. I mean sure he wants a kid too, he told me but.. I haven’t asked him if it could be so soon..” i told her.

“You should talk to him. I know you want to Remus.” She smiled.

“You know me way too well Lily..” I giggled.

“But could you Imagine… Our kids could be best friends and we would grow older and send them to Hogwarts.. Just talk to him. Tell him how you feel.” She said, her hand on my heart.

“I will.” I smiled.

“James it’s time to go! Come on!” Lily said.

“I’m coming Beautiful.”

They left together, hand in hand. When Lily wasn’t looking, James sent us a wink and said “proof I actually slept with Lily Evans..”

We all laughed a lot. It was a great night. Sirius was washing the dishes and I walked up to him. I hugged him from behind and he dried his hands.

“Hey.” He smiled.


“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing. Nothing’s wrong. I-I just.. I’ve been thinking and.. okay well here it goes, I want a kid too.” I said.

He looked suprised but smiled a few seconds after.

“I know. I saw your face when Lily told us. It made you realize you wanted one too, did it?” He asked, brushing a finger on my temples.

“Yeah.. But.. I know you wanted to wait until we were settled in for good… and I understand but.. i don’t know… I just.. I just wanted to tell you.” I said, looking down.

“Babe.. We are settled down. I know I don’t have my job yet but let’s be honest, it’ll be easy for me at healing school. I have healing powers and who fixed you up since 3rd year after the full moons?” He giggled.

“You did.” I laughed and he took my face in his hands.

“I’m ready.” He said.

“You are?”

“Yes. I thought about it all night. I knew you were thinking about it too..” he smiled.

“Oh Pads! I love you so much! Thank you!!” I said, jumping in his arms.

“But babe you must know, addopting takes a while. We need to fill out papers and there’s a lot of wait. So it might take some time.” He said.

“I know! Oh Sirius! I’m so happy! I love you!” I said, kissing him.

“I love you too baby.” He said, smiling.

I stayed in his arms for a few more minutes, whispering sweet words in his ear.

“Come on, let’s go to bed, it’s late.” He said.

We put on our pyjamas and cuddled in our warm and soft sheets.

“I love you Remus.”

“I love you Sirius.”

March 26th 1978

“Y/n!!!!” You heard someone yell from across the hallway. As it was late at night, you were pretty confused of why someone would be basically begging to get caught. Turning around, you saw the four most famous people at Hogwarts.

“James? Sirius? Peter?” You rolled your eyes as they all stumbled around, passing around a huge bottle of fire whisky between them. Even the Prefect took a sip or 30. “Remus? Really? you too?”

“Why not!” Remus said, a goofy smile on his face. ‘Life’s too short, ya know?”

“You’re a much different drunk than i’d thought you’d be,” You muttered, sighing deeply when you realize that they were beyond getting themselves back to the common room. “Okay, let’s get you to your room, okay?”

“Aye baby, when you go to bed could i Gryffindor?” Sirius very sloppily winked, almost tripping as he nudged your shoulder. 

“I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be Slytherin,” You corrected.

“Well Fuck Slytherin!” James screamed. You quickly put your hand to his mouth to shut him up.The last thing you wanted was detention with hung over Marauders. 

Ohmygod you all are so hard to deal with.” 

“Oh we know,” Peter said with a mischivious smirk on his face. The others barked in agreement. You were sure going to be in for it the whole night.

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21+23 please?

  • “W-What are you doing? I’m trying to read”
  • Remus had been reading in the solitude of the common room when Sirius came down from the dormitories
  • He had come up from behind, pressing scorching kisses to Remus’s exposed neck, running his hands down his chest
  • “I might have had a few shots” Sirius grins lazily at his boyfriend
  • “A few?” Remus raises his eyebrows
  • Sirius moves to the front of the loveseat where Remus lounges and kneels before him, his face a few inches below his
  • Reaching out, Sirius trails a finger along his full lips, sensuously sliding it into his mouth
  • He moans with pleasure as Remus’s tongue envelopes the tip of his finger and then he gently bites the pad of it
  • Sirius pulls out his finger and licks it with his own tongue, all the while staring at Remus, who’s watching with uncontrolled lust, with a satisfied smirk on his face
  • “You’re even more cocky when you’re drunk”
  • “Jack Daniels tends to bring out the best in me”
  • Remus opens his mouth with a sarcastic retort on the tip of his tongue, but Sirius snatches his book from his hands
  • Remus glowers
  • “Give it back”
  • Sirius ignores him and drops it onto the coffee table behind him
  • He turns back and takes in Remus sprawled on the couch, from his bright eyes down to his bulging arousal
  • He grins wickedly and climbs onto the loveseat, straddling him around the waist, grinding against him
  • A moan nearly escapes him at the friction
  • Sirius claims his lips with his own, their tongues wet and hot
  • Their bodies move against each other as skin meets skin and hands roam
  • Sirius’s hand moves between them and strokes Remus’s length
  • “What do you want?” Sirius whispers into his ear
  • “Fuck me hard,” Remus pleads
  • Sirius growls and does just that
  • All night long and into the early hours of the morning
Fight (Remus/au)

song for the mood: Jocelyn Alice - Feels Right (Galloway Remix)

- - -

You tie your hair up into a high ponytail, eyes fixed to the front of you. The upbeat music in the background has brought you into a particularly good mood. Then you shake your hands to relax your wrists, picking up the hand wraps and beginning to wrap them around your fists. It’s quite often for you to come to this gym, but you decide to come early in the morning for the first time today. You stretch your body and steady yourself in front of the punching bag. Then you extend your right arm to hit it.

One. Two, three. One. Two, three. You repeat your movement for god knows how many times until you find yourself panting. You then move on to sidekicks, making loud banging sounds in the progress. You are so focused on landing each kick that you don’t even notice the entrance of Remus. His eyes bright up when he sees you. The truth is, you haven’t seen each other in a while since you graduated from Hogwarts. You weren’t close before, but he is still surprised to see someone he knows here.

“Y/n?” Remus calls carefully. “Is that you?”

You freeze in movement and turn around to see who it is. “Remus? Wow, how long has it been?” You grab your towel and wipe your sweat. You can’t help but notice his slender yet toned body under his white t-shirt.

“Almost five years,” he grins lazily, walking closer to you. “You do boxing?”

“I do,” you smirk, “Do you?”

He nods, “Come on, I’ll help you train.”

“Isn’t that too boring?”

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me and sirius are at a muggle hockey game. his goal for this year is to go to every muggle game he can think of. he's acting like an over excited puppy and trying to chase the guy with cotton candy😂