Okay, but everyone talks about James Potter realising Remus and Sirius were meant for each other before they even did. Like he wouldn’t even have blinked when they told him they were dating.

But.. Guys… This man is the father of Harry James Potter. The most oblivious boy I have ever seen.

Sirius was probably lying on top of Remus, furiously making out with him, the two of them rolling around the couch in the common room only to have James walk in like, ‘Hey guys, Remus there is this really pretty girl outside the common room you wanna go talk to her?’

Then Sirius sits up, ‘James?! Remus and I have been dating for like a year now???’

James is standing there all confused like, ‘Wait Padfoot.. you like guys??? Since when????’

What if a werewolf’s fur color depended on hair color.
A blonde would have light fur, and a brunette darker. Seems normal, right?
Now imagine Sirius and James playing a prank on Remus, giving him pink hair for a week.
The week, however, was split by the full moon.
Sirius, James, and Peter trying to control a pink werewolf on the night of the full moon.
You’re welcome.

If you blame Lupin for not taking the potion, you also need kind of need to blame Snape. Lupin left when seeing his friend, students, and what he thought was a deadman. and when straight there without thinking. Snape also saw this when he came to give Lupin his potion, and did the exact same thing and still goes down there to meet Remus without giving him the potion, or having any real backup plan against a werewolf set to transform and what he thought was a mass murder. Both did not think at all.

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Omg... Remus in Beauty and The Beast... when he turns back into a man... the parallel being him after a full moon. 😭

Tears slipped out of the corners of your eyes as you clutched Remus’ limp body. The villagers had left him in very bad shape. Blood was gushing and his breathing was slowing. 

“Remus, please,” you whimpered, grasping at his fur. “Don’t leave me.”

The stag, dog, and rat that also inhabited the castle paced around the two of you, the dog whining softly. With its snout, it nudged at Remus’ unmoving carcass. 

“I love you,” you sobbed burying your face in his soft fur. “I’m sorry I never told you.”

Light streaked through the sky and Remus was lifted into the air by some unseen force. Before your eyes, Remus transformed from a self-described beast into a handsome man. 

Returning to the ground, the lean man with sandy-brown hair stared at his hands in awe. 

His eyes hesitantly met yours. The same warm brown eyes that you had grown so fond of now inhabited the face of the stranger before you. 

“(Y/N), it’s me,” he admitted softly. 

“Remus?” you asked, your voice shaky.

“You broke the curse,” he mused, still unsure of his newly reclaimed status as a man. 

“I did?”

He nodded, a smile playing on his lips, “You said you love me.”

“I meant it,” you blushed, your eyes suddenly very interested in the ground. 

He took a step toward you, a hand tentatively reaching out to cup your cheek, “I love you too.”

Remus slowly brought his lips to yours. The kiss was soft and sweet. A long time coming. You probably would have stayed locked in that position for ages had you not been interrupted by a chorus of whooping. 

Pulling apart quickly, you saw three boys rushing toward the two of you. 

“Thank God!” said a tall, ebony-haired boy. 

“We thought we’d be stuck that way forever,” clarified a messy-haired boy with glasses hanging off the tip of his nose. 

“We are eternally grateful, (Y/N),” added a mousy boy. 

“The confidence you all had in me is astounding,” Remus joked as the boys tackled him in a bear hug. “I believe you’ve met Sirius, James, and Peter, though admittedly not in these forms.”

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I was thinking about the AU thing where Wolfstar raise Harry, but send him to a Muggle primary school so he has some kind of normal childhood, and this happened.

Harry is six years old, and it’s his primary two parents evening. This year, Remus is able to come along, because it’s not close to the full moon. While he and Sirius are in talking to Harry’s teacher, there’s a few other kids out in the hall waiting with their parents.

So, little Harry is sitting on a chair, waiting for Uncle Padfoot and Uncle Moony to finish talking to his teacher, when he hears one of the kids say something about Sirius’ hair, or his leather jacket or something. Soon, the other kids join in, talking shit about Harry’s “weird uncles”.

Their parents don’t say anything- they’re judging Remus and Sirius too, but for slightly different reasons. So, the kids continue tossing insults around, and Harry’s sitting there getting increasingly angry, trying to stay calm, because he’s been promised a McDonalds if he can behave himself.

He’s doing well, too, but then one of the kids says something about Remus’ scars, and Harry just snaps. Before anyone can do anything, he turns around and punches the kid. Its at that point that Remus and Sirius come out and see what’s happened. Harry goes straight up to Remus and hugs his legs, explaining that he didn’t mean it, but the other kid wouldn’t stop being mean, and he had to do something about it.

After the necessary apologies and explanations are made, Remus and Sirius take Harry back to the car and they go home. Whilst Harry does get a stern talking to about controlling his temper, he does get his McDonalds in the end, for getting a good report, and for standing up for his family.

Dear Journal,

Today we had defence against the dark arts. It usually is my favorite subject but today the professor said we were talking about werewolves. I instantly sat straight and looked around. I felt like everyone knew. Sirius layed his hand on my thigh and i looked at him. He had a comforting smile on his lips and he mouthed me something.

“You’re okay. It’s okay.”

He was trying to calm me down but i was so nervous. I took a deep breath and tried to stop my leg from shaking.

“Everyone open their book to page 394 please.” The professor said.

I open my book with shaky hands and tried to listen. I was thinking about the full moon coming up in two days. I was looking around, trying to figure if anyone knew.

“Mr.Lupin?” Someone asked. It was the professor.

“I’m sorry what was the question?” I managed to say.

“Are werewolves able to recognize people they know when they are in their werewolf form?” The professor asked, a little annoyed.

“N-No.. No they don’t..” i said, feeling sick.

“Good.” And the professor continued talking.

I felt like my troath was tightening. I just wanted to disapear. I put my hand on Sirius’ and he looked at me.

“Are you okay?” He whispered.

“No.. I want to get out of here..”

“I’ll ask the professor if we can leave okay?”

“Don’t.. They’re gonna know if you say i’m sick..”

“Trust me.. Professor? I feel really sick can Remus take me to the bathroom?” Sirius said, his hand in the air, trying to look sick.

“Heum.. sure Mr. Black. Ask your house mates for the homework boys.”

When we were out of the room, I sat on the floor and started sobbing. Sirius dropped on his knees and took me in his arms.

“It’s okay baby.. No one noticed.. you’re okay..” he said.

“I’m s-sorry..” i mumbled.

“Don’t be love.. it’s okay.. i hate seeing you like this..” He said, stroking his thumb on my cheek.

“Thank you f-for getting me out of there..”

“I’m an amazing actor right? Come on let’s go to the dorm okay?” He said, helping me stand up.

We layed down in bed and Sirius brushed his fingers in my hair. He let me wear is big sweater so I could be all comfy.

“Are you feeling better?” He asked.

“Yes.. You’re the best boyfriend ever.”

“Stop you’re making me blush!” He giggled.

“I love you Pads.”

“I love you Moons.”

February 27th 1976

Remus Lupin x Reader- What’ve You Got There?

Request: Feeling kinda bummy so some Remus angst would be lovely. Maybe where he becomes very snappy and harsh right before the full moon and the reader gets hurt by it bc she just wanted to help but takes it as him not wanting to be around her? Thanks in advance!! ♡♡♡

Warnings: Fighting and angst (but it’s all good in the end we chill)

Word Count: 726

A/N: This is really cute idk ~BB

It was a two day until the next full moon and Remus was getting quick tempered. You and a couple of friends went to Hogsmeade and you thought that it would be nice to bring Remus back some chocolate. You ran up the stairs and knocked on his door.

“Rem?” You waited a few seconds and when you didn’t hear an answer you decided to open the door to see if he was ok. “Remus?” You called as you walked through the doorway. You looked toward his bed to see him lying on his side, blankets and pillows thrown to the floor. You sat down on his bed and touched his arm lightly. “I bought you chocolates.” He shifted to look at you and when he saw your face he looked back towards the wall.

“Go away.” He mumbled, traces of anger in his voice.

“Come on babe, look at me.” You reached out to touch his hair when he turned around abruptly, almost knocking you to the floor.

“I said go away!” He yelled, voice echoing off the walls.

“I just want to-”

“And I just want you to leave but we can’t always have what we want!”

You got up from the bed seeing potential danger in the situation and took a few steps back. “Rem I-I just- I thought I could help.”

“Well you can’t!” He roared, getting off the bed. “You never can! You just make things worse!”

Hot tears stung the back of your eyes as you kept walking backwards away from the man that stood in front of you.

“Calm down! You need to stop Remus!” As you kept walking, your back met with the door and Remus trapped you against it. He leaned in and his eyes met yours. You searched them in hope of finding some regret but there wasn’t, just pure anger and annoyance. He snarled.

“And you need to leave.” He opened the door and you were thrown to the floor, almost falling down the stairs. You propped yourself up on your hands just to see Remus slam the door. You finally broke as you got up, tears running down your face. You ran down the stairs and headed to your room which thankfully was empty so you could cry your eyes out in peace. The next few days were mostly spent trying to ignore Remus because of the fight you had. You caught yourself wondering what you did wrong or why you weren’t good enough one too many times so you thought you could use a day out to yourself. You first went to Hogsmeade but it reminded you too much of him so you left and instead went to a small muggle cafe that your parents used to take you to all the time because you loved the pastries they sold. You were sitting at one of the tables reading and drinking your coffee when you heard footsteps from behind you and a hand on your shoulder. You turned around to see Remus standing there, a hand behind his back and an apologetic look on his face.

“What are you doing here?” You question looking down and shifting uncomfortably under the hand that lay on your arm. He took it off with a sigh and sat down beside you.

“I am so so sorry y/n. I was a total jerk and I shouldn’t have done what I did. It has never been that bad I-” He looked down and started playing with the hem of his shirt. “I don’t know what got into me.” You took his hand that was resting in his lap and intertwined his finger with yours.

“It’s ok Rem. Really is. I know how much trouble you go through.” You shifted your glance to his hand that was still behind his back. “What’ve you got there?” He looked up at you and smiled, taking his hand from behind his torso and putting the familiar shaped box on the table.

“Just the chocolates that you got me. I thought we could share them though I already ate most of them.” You laughed and kissed him on the cheek.

“I don’t mind, love.” A grin appeared across his face as he took one of the chocolates and put it in your mouth.

“I love you so much baby.”

“Love you too Rem.”

Lupin Day Coming Soon

Hello there, Lupintinc folks ! Remember that this week, March the 3rd is upon us ! March the 3rd is Lupin III’s day in Japan, to celebrate the franchise, and also because Kanichi Kurita, the current voice of Lupin, was born on March the 3rd ! So if you want to draw fanart, write fanfics, publish a 5 pages long meta-analysis or just share GIFs, it’s the best time to do so ! ;)

Dear Journal,

Tonight everyone wanted to spend some time together. We realised that summer was approaching and our time together was getting smaller and smaller. We all sat down in the common room. Sirius, Marlene, Peter and I were sitting on the long couch, James and Lily were sharing a love seat and Regulus and Sophie were cuddled on the soft carpet. We were all remembering ourselves some good memories and Lily took out a cute painted wooden box. The small box was filled with polaroids of us since 1st year. Lily passed us a few and I recognized a young Sirius on the first one. I snuggled closer to him and we looked at a few old pictures.

“Do you remember this day Pads? Lily made us flower crowns!” I giggled.

“Oh Merlin yes i remember this! When was it.. 4th year?” He asked.

“I think it was! It feels like forever ago.. You looked kinda hot with this flower crown!” I giggled.

“Look at you! You were blushing so much!” He said, kissing my cheeks.

It was a sunny day during our 4th year. We had just finished our last exam of they year and we all decided to spend our last day by the lake. James, Sirius and I were throwing a muggle football to eachother while the girls were picking up flowers. Marlene arrived with a picnic bag full of sandwiches and deserts and she called us so we could come eat.

“I’m starving! Thanks Marlene for the food!” James smiled.

“Yeah thank you Marls!” Sirius said.

“No problem everyone! Now let’s eat! We worked hard this year.. so let’s celebrate!” She smiled.

After eating, I took some alone time and walked to the dock. I sat on the edge and took a deep breath of the fresh air. I was going to miss this place. I could hear bird noises from the trees around the lake. My feet were touching the warm water and the soft wind was brushing in my hair. I heard a few steps behind me and a few seconds later, Sirius was sitting next to me. Remeber, at that time, we weren’t together…

“It’s beautiful here..” he said.

“It is. I’m going to miss it this summer.” I said.

“Can you imagine! Next year we’ll be in 5th year!”

“Yeah.. it’s crazy..”

I looked at him and he had his eyes closed. The orange colour from the sunset was shinning on his soft skin. His black hair were flotting in the wind.

“Are you going to visit me this summer?” I asked him.

“Of course I will Moons! You can also come to James’ in July.. i’m sure he’ll agree. Do you really think I would let my best friend alone all summer?” He smirked.

When he used the word “best friend” it warmed my heart. Sure i wanted us to be more than that but Sirius always liked girls…

“Boys! Come try our flower crowns!” Lily screamed.

“Oh no! Here we go!” He laughed.

He stood up and handed me his hand. I took it and he helped me get up. I felt shivers go through my fingers.

“Here, this on is for Sirius, this one for Remy and the final one for Potter!” She giggled.

I looked at Sirius and he was so cute. His hair were messy and full of flowers. He caught me staring and I looked down, blushing. CLICK!

“Lily! Did you just take a picture of me?”

“It’s for the memories Remus! You’ll thank me one day!” She giggled.

Back to now, we looked at all the polaroids Lily took. From our first day to last week. I’m hoing to miss this place.

February 27th 1976