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Fujiko Series

I’ve been re-watching the Fujiko series (first time watching the sub of this adaption, which is just as good as the dub if not better.) I wish this series would get more attention from the community. I understand that a lot of people have a bias towards this series because they like the “light-hearted, goofy” Lupin, but man, this series has a lot of substance. Takeshi Koike’s direction really hit the nail on the head of exactly what Lupin III is supposed to be. It was never really intended to be overly goofy, silly, and campy. (i.e Part II). The franchise was intended to have more grit to it, like the original manga. This series really brought that back to the surface. Between the actually series and the two movies (Jigen’s Gravestone and Blood Spray of Goemon), the core of what Lupin is supposed to be has really shined. It’s very enjoyable. The edge to it really adds so much. I mean, they are criminals after all. Hopefully this series will round out with a full-length movie concentrated on Lupin himself, since the rest of the cast has gotten their spot light. If you haven’t already, give it a chance. 


I decided to complete my Fujiko with weed redraw of @meitantei-lavi to train my sequential art skills.

Here is the original comic:

Original idea by @meitantei-lavi

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Check out the first proper trailer for the upcoming Inspector Zenigata TV drama! The series will begin airing in Japan on the 10th of February, 2017.

The bong scene in Chikemuri no Ishikawa Goemon seems to have made quite an impact on Lupin III fans ! Here is my redraw of the first panel of @meitantei-lavi‘s short comic parodying a famous Vine.

Here the link to Lavi’s original work:

Art by me, Shin Red Dear

original idea by @meitantei-lavi

Lupin III is property of Monkey Punch & TMS

New Lupin Movie

Just finished watching Goemon’s Blood Spray (thanks to the help of @shin-red-dear ). I thought it was just as good as Jigen’s Gravestone. They lived up to the brutality and edginess, and delivered some of the best action scenes I’ve ever seen within an anime. I really hope that they make another one that is actually centered around Lupin to finish out what has been my favorite adaption of Lupin yet. 

Here’s a quick sneak peek at the final cover artwork from Discotek Media’s Lupin III Part II DVD box set!

The artwork featured is based on the title animation of Part II and was created in collaboration with Personasama over on Twitter.

The first part of this set, which features episodes 1 - 40 of the red jacket series, will release in the US on December 20th. Three more parts are to follow, releasing sometime during 2017.

[Source: Brady Hartel @ Twitter]

Yet another boring “american portrait” of Lupin the Third doing nothing except looking at the viewer suggestively. Not very inspired but I like it because 1) I didn’t use any reference and 2) I inked it with my new pens and I like the result. ^^

Red jacket and green tie. The quintessential Monkey Punch version !

Art by me, Shin Red Dear

Lupin III is property of Monkey Punch & TMS