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Youtuber “apostolos biblia” has uploaded a creditless version of Part IV’s ending theme, "I Won’t Love You if You Don’t Say It Right" (ちゃんと言わなきゃ愛さない Chanto Iwanakya Aisanai).

The track is performed by Enka singer Sayuri Ishikawa and it’s great to see the gorgeous animation in all its glory!


Don’t mind me, just pumping out the tutorials like they’re going out of style.

This is a watered down explanation of what you should have for a basic cosplay makeup kit. If you’re a cosplayer who never really wears or ever wore makeup in your daily life, you might not know much about what you should pick up to start yourself off. If you’re just looking for a tutorial to give you a basic kit for when you want to look good at a con or for a photo shoot, this is for you.

Lupine looks super cute in this video too, so I would…. take a gander…

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The Toonami version of Lupin Part IV has a new promo video, and an air time! The show will begin at 2am on June the 17th. Be sure to catch it on the Toonami airing block of Adult Swim on June 17th!

Lupin/mc is done! That mask was a pain in my butt! Hope you all enjoy it though! I know I announced a short drawing list of upcoming fanart- but the GMS biscuit collection is going to be priority.  A BIG thanks to @guardmesherlock-rowan, for giving me advice on Lupin! Also those who gave their opinions on the Lupin pose post (@808lien  and @mistymoonstorm)!   Please give their pages a look for some great fanfics/art!

Next will be-


-vampire Mycroft/mc



The above video by “THE AnimeHERO“ serves as a decent comparison of the English (Adult Swim) and Japanese dub OST’s for Lupin III Part IV.

To those watching the dub over in the US - how have you been enjoying it? Has the change in music detracted from the experience at all? Has hearing the Pioneer / Geneon voice cast reunite after so long been pleasant? Please let us know in a reply!