I was tagged in a thingymabobdoodle!

These are the rules: Rule one: always post the rules Rule two: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones Rule three: tag 11 people and link them to the post Rule four: actually tell them you tagged them

I was tagged by defiantlybrashbecarefulnow :)

1. Favourite band?
Right now it’s All Time Low

2. Middle name?

3. Best book you’ve read? (Twilight doesn’t count.)
Peter and the Starcatchers

4. Favourite Tumblr blog?
Umm, I really love every single blog I follow equally. So all of dem :3

5. Favourite hobby?
Either sketching or painting.

6. Any special or hidden talent(s)?
Uh, I can sing and scream, does that count?

7. Favourite band ship?
Jalex 4 eva

8. Last text you sent? (Who you sent it to & what it said)
To Terrence: Sorry I passed out.

9. Favourite store?
Journey’s or Hot Topic

10. Tattoos. Yay or nay?

11. How are you today?? :)
(Really tell me, I care!)
I’m good, really tired though.

(I probably won’t tag 11 people but I’ll probably tag like 7-9ish)


1. Favorite song?

2. Is there a special meaning/ reason it’s your favorite song?
(If so, tell why)

3. How is your love life/ current relationship?

4. Where do you wish you were right now?

5. Last person you called?

6. What do you do in your free time?

7. Are you doing anything exciting in the next month?
(If so, what?)

8. Describe your favorite color as elaborately as possible.

9. How much are you into video games?

10. When is the best time to wear a striped sweater?

11. Are you happy with your life right now?