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Naruto Hip-Hop Crossover [Group1]

Cole Uzumaki x Kendrick Uchiha x Ross Akimichi x Bino of the Sand x Earl Nara x ASAP Rock Lee x Dre Sarutobi x Parappa Hatake x Hopsin Hyuuga x Lupe Aburame

Purchase prints here: (Characters will be updated periodically. Message me if needed.) 

Artist: dotnova 

Hip Hop Love Songs

Rather than doing homework I decided to make a list of some great Hip Hop songs about love and relationships since Valentines Day is coming up. These are just some of my personal favorites, feel free to add to the list if I missed any great songs


Slum Village-Fall in Love

Talib Kweli-Never Been in Love

Mos Def-Ms. Fat Booty

Pharcyde-Passin’ Me By

Common-The Light

C.L. Smooth & Pete Rock-Lot’s of Lovin’

50 Cent-21 Questions

Capital STEEZ, T'nah Apex & A La $ole-Synchronized EXtacy

Pharoah Monch-Bar Tap

Nas-Cherry Wine

J Cole-Power Trip

Lupe Fiasco-Kick Push

Mos Def-Love

Isaiah Rashad-West Savannah

Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson-What’s it Gonna be?!

Blu & Exile-Greater Love

Break up Songs:

Outkast-Ms. Jackson

Kanye West-Flashing Lights

Joey Bada$$-Pennyroyal

Nas & Kanye West-Still Dreaming

Kanye West-Runaway

Ghostface Killah & Ne-Yo-Back Like That

Frank Ocean & Andre 3000-Pink Matter


Jay-Z-Song Cry

Kanye West-Blame Game

Lauryn Hill-Ex-Factor

Gang Starr-Ex Girl to the Next Girl

Madvillainy-Fancy Clowns

If anyone is interested, I’ve created a Society6 account that has Cole Uzumaki, Kendrick Uchiha, Earl Nara, and A$AP Rock Lee for sale. I’ll add more to it when I can but I did what I could in my spare time at work. I’ve also added a link within my Tumblr page.

Artist: dotnova

  • Controlla (feat. Popcaan) [Original]
  • Drake
  • Unknown Album

In early April, one of Drake’s songs from his album (then thought to be called Views from the 6) leaked.  It was titled “Controlla” and it featured well-known dancehall artist Popcaan.  An amazing song… only downside is that it was a rather low quality leak.  You can hear it attached.  A few days ago, Drake’s tracklist for the newly titled Views was released, and “Controlla” was on there.  I was super excited!  Yesterday, the album dropped, and it was the first song I listened to… WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!  Popcaan was completely removed and replaced with a Beenie Man sample and new Drake verse.  While it was high quality, the sacrifice doesn’t seem worth it!  YouTube removed it, so if you want to hear the newest version, buy Drake’s new album, Views!  :-)

This is not the first time this has happened.  

Back in college, Lupe FIasco released a song produced my Pharrell… it was heavy in bass and called “Horn Synth”.  The verse was very promising, but it was merely a snippet.  Here it is:

 I long awaited a full version… And about a year or so later, Travis Barker dropped an album that had a lot of rappers on it and I happened to listen.  I stumbled upon this:

Sound familiar?  YES, it’s the completed version of the song… except, it’s called “If You Want To” and has drums on it now.  I don’t dislike them, but I personally preferred to hear the heavy bass on the beat.  It was swanky.  

With that said, sometimes the demos / snippets / rough cuts can be better than the final product of a song.  Don’t experience it, it can be disappointing.  

This album was never going to be an easy pill to swallow given it’s dire roll-out over the last year or so. Fans were toyed with over cancellations, cruel livestreams and questionable twitter antics, and it was unlikely anything was set to ever repair the rift Fiasco had created. 

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