lupe fiasco hip hop saved my life

Whether it be melodies that give you inspiration for your muse, or songs that get you into the writing mood, pick 10 SONGS you find give you the urge, the drive, or the creativity to write for your muse. Then tag your favorite people to get an insight into their musical inspirational feels.

1. I Wonder : Kayne West 
2.  Piano Sonata No.8 in C minor : Beethoven 
3. Wrote My Way Out : Hamilton Mixtape 
4. Two Birds, One Stone : Drake 
5. Anything Chopin … I have a whole playlist just dedicated to Chopin
6. Getting Better : The Beatles 
7. Mr Carter : Lil Wayne 
8. Hurricane : Hamilton 
9. Sorry : Beyonce 
10. Hip- Hop Saved My Life : Lupe Fiasco 

tagged by : @donapirata ( thank you love ! ♥ ) 
tagging : @suntrusted , @criedhard, @patriotread, @scionfallen, @braverydefined, and @tarnishedtrust ( & anyone who reads this !!! ) 

my mix

Big poppa - Biggie  

Studio Lovin’ - Wiz Khalifa 

Sweeterman - Drake 

Life Changes - Casey Veggies

Too Young - Post Malone 

White Iverson - Post Malone 

Hip Hop Saved my Life - Lupe Fiasco 

Angel - The Weeknd 

90210 - Travis Scott 

Electric Body - A$AP Rocky 

Devil Pray - Madonna

Tupac - Cali Love 

Rococode - Banks 

Wayne Wonder - No Letting Go 

Primetime - Janelle 

X - Chris Brown 


‘Cause music makes everything better

Lupe Fiasco-Hip Hop Saved my Life.