Hey everybody! @bikerackonfire and I are working on a project that partially involves us giving out advice on the internet. I was wondering if any of you had something on your mind you wanted help working out. It can be anything! We are tough and smart ;-) Feel free to send your wonders and woes to All submissions will be kept anonymous. For further anonymity, I suggest you send in from an inconspicuous email address or refrain from using names of people or locations. From simple to convoluted, from serious to ridiculous, your questions will be answered!!!

PS: sorry for the vagueness but more details to come soon! it’s going to be really cool and fun! stay tuned hehe

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Hold Your Own Hand Theme By Lunors


  • Unique Layout
  • Black Shadows on everything heck yeah
  • Lovely sidebar with numbered links.
  • Tool Tips
  • Fun Color Options

I did leave a lot of the options basic because i think this theme is super lovely as is but message me if you want me to toss something in for you.

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